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Quake III: Arena (PC) 27/08/2000

Quake 3 isn't yet fully appreciated

Quake III: Arena (PC) Speaking as an experienced hardcore gamer on all levels single, LAN, and WAN, Quake 3 is as good as I expeceted it to be. The follow up to Quake 2 had to be something special. I mean, it's like a Director shooting a new movie after after finishing a classic like Taxi Driver or The Godfather. It is trying to follow up from near perfection, which is exactly what Quake 2 was. ID have this time centred the game around Deathmatch style gameplay and have upped the AI of the bots in the game to enable a single player experience on par with high level multiplayer gaming. I think the main reason Q3 isn't as popular as perhaps you would have expected it to be, is the level of hardware your system needs to be packing in order to fully appreciate the total picture. A system with anything less than a Voodoo 3/64MB RAM/400Mhz just won't cut it when it comes to playing the game with any quality of graphics, which is the major jumping point from Quake 2. Another aspect that makes Q3 unpopular is the level of lag and rates of ping recieved when playing the game across the internet using a standard 56k modem. I feel that with the way computer technology grown from day to day, Q3s popularity can only grow. ...

Darlington in General 24/08/2000

Darlo is mint

Darlington in General I live in DArlington, the home of the steam train, in the North East of England. It is a great place. Loads of crazy shops, a cool market, a top notch sports complex, several high tech technology colleges, affluent areas of rich greenery etc. etc. The best thing about Darlington is the weather. Whenever it is said to be raining or snowing or even sunny any where else in the country, Darlington remains foggy. I don't know why that is. Bad things about Darlington include: The ABC cinema, Run down KFC, football team, posh people, sunday traders and pest control; many many flying ants. ...

Dove Antiperspirant Deodorant Cream 24/08/2000

dove cream deodorant

Dove Antiperspirant Deodorant Cream I bought this product because it was the only one left in the store. It cost ninty nine pense and turned out to be the best deodorant I have ever bought. To this day, almost three years after I orginally parted with my ninty nine pense, I am still using the same stick. It's incredible! My friends say I have BO, but what do they know. Sure, I have sweat patches on all my T-Shirts but it come out in a cream - which is novel and an alternative to a hard man's flamable spray. Plus, this deodorant tastes better. I would highly recommend any other psychopaths out there to buy this product. ...

Eyes Wide Shut DVD 24/08/2000

eyes wide open

Eyes Wide Shut DVD I recently read some of the other messages posted pertaining to this film and realized that Kubrick left many viewers with a lot of questions. I myself was in their shoes the first time I saw this film. I had consumed a few beers and fell asleep a couple of times. By the time the movie finished I thought it was a complete waste of time and money. However, by chance I saw it two days later on TV. I was then able to see it in its entirity and fully understand the film. I recently purchased it on DVD and saw it for a third time. I must say that this is a movie one must see at least 2 times with full attention. Basically, the film is about temptations and fantasies. Tom Cruise is very upset when he hears that his wife has unfaithful thoughts towards another man. This causes him to go through a spell where he too has unfaithful thoughts. Immediately after the encounter with his wife(Kidman), he is kissed by one of his clients...but does not give in. It later is revealed that the only reason she did this is because she was hyserical over the death of her father and Cruise bears a strong resemblence to her finace. Cruise then comes moments away from having sex with a pretty prostitute. He doesn't and it later turns out that the prostitute has AIDS...message he shouldn't cheat on his wife. Cruise's sexual pursuits later even take him to a bizarre sexual party, where it is clear he doesn't belong. The bottom line is that while both of them had unfaithful thoughts, neither of them ...

Entrapment - DVD 24/08/2000

Entrapment: special edition DVD

Entrapment - DVD The DVD is quite hard to find in the special edition version so it might be worth something in years to come. However, I'm not sure if it's the lines that she was given, or the way she performed them (a little of both, most likely), but Catherine Zeta-Jones is embarrassing as the sugar-coated Gin Baker, who seems to be doing nothing more than a bad Audrey Hepburn impression. Sean Connery doesn't fair much better with his "lonely crook with a heart of gold" character. The two of them together are laughable as "romantic" leads. Their chemistry is abysmal, and Sean Connery comes off more as an abusive father, rather than a sensual lover. Although most of the movie consists of this idiotic affair to forget, there are a few fairly entertaining action sequences. Sadly, they're spread thinly out over the two hours, and we're forced to watch the stuff in-between to get to them. This intrigue picture isn't intriguing enough to justify its two hour plus length.

Enemy Of The State (DVD) 24/08/2000

I got bugs in my shoes

Enemy Of The State (DVD) In this intelligent action packed thriller, Will Smith plays a upper-class labor lawyer whose life is going fairly well until he has a brief encounter with an old friend on the run from somebody. Will Smith was unknowingly given a tape that contains the assassination of a well know politician from his friend. Now Smith must use all of his intelligence and abilities to keep one step ahead of a corrupt politician, played by Jon Voight, and the National Security Agencies new high-tech surveillance equipment. In order to stay alive and stay ahead Smith takes on the task of befriending the paranoid conspirator Brill, Gene Hackman, who's life consists of finding conspiracies in our U.S. government. Once these two men join together they are `Enemies of the State'. This movie has a relatively to learn easy plot despite the look and feel of the film. I can not remember a single slow part of this movie, which helps those who get bored easily by complicated story lines always stay entertained. Like most of Will Smith's movies, he always manages to be funny throughout the film no matter what has happened to him. All the jokes were funny and help relieve some tension created in the audience by fast moving action scenes. These big name actors do a great job acting in this movie. They also do their best to try not to sound cheesy when describing technical equipment, thus making the film more believable then pretended. As you can suspect from most Jerry Bruckheimer films' there is a lot of ...

The Wizard Of Oz (DVD) 23/08/2000

yellow brick road

The Wizard Of Oz (DVD) Everything I like about this movie has already been mentioned by everyone else, so please don't get mad at me if I repeat something. This is one of my absolute favorite movies of all time. I didn't see it consciously until I was about nine or ten, but it hooked me right away. I absolutely love watching this movie about the fantastic world of Oz, which was enriched by reading the book afterward. I do understand why the book had to be abridged for the movie as it would have all been too long to put in there, but it would have been nice to see the Quadlings and the Town of China People in it. Well, I also love the music, which I used to have memorized. Judy Garland was an especially good singer and actress, and every time I sing "Over the Rainbow" to myself or others, I find myself copying her. My personal favorite was, of course, Bert Lahr as the Cowardly Lion (I can still say the "Put 'em up, put 'em up" scene by heart). All in all, it is one for the ages.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (Collector's Edition) (Live Action / Animated) (DVD) 23/08/2000

I did it, I framed him!

Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (Collector's Edition) (Live Action / Animated) (DVD) If I had had this video when I was 8 or 9, I think I would have watched it as much as or more than I watched any other video that I had at the time. It's quite an extraordinary film. I'm 21 now, and I found it very exciting and involving throughout. The only problem is that it always seems like the episodes in the film happen a bit too quick, making it pretty obvious that it was adapted from a much longer novel. Episodes that seem very important only last for three minutes or so. And they never did free the rabbits in the pen at the farmhouse. Still, it's a great movie. While not for the very young children (there is a bit of violence and gore), I think any kid 8 or above would really love this film. Learn that you don't have to just buy videos of recent films for children. Some of the older films are much better

Toys (DVD) 23/08/2000

Toys - play with me!

Toys (DVD) What might have been a nice story about a struggle between good and evil toys is let down by a small, but crippling, flaw: the "good" toys aren't. Sure, the Zevo factory turned out no guns, no replicas of World War Two tanks, no violent arcade games. Their toys lacked all traces of violence - a virtue, but an entirely negative virtue. There wasn't anything GOOD about the oversized, sticky-coloured plastic, ugly, gimmicky trash that they sold to children, and there was no disguising this. Most of the toys looked as if they wouldn't be out of place in a horror movie about demonic animated dolls. All looked crude and under-designed. How can we be expected to cheer for them?

Toy Story 2 (DVD) 23/08/2000

Toy Story 2 - best review

Toy Story 2 (DVD) I'm a Disney fanatic anyway and loved Toy Story the original, so naturally I went into this movie knowing I would like it. Actually, I'm sort of ashamed that I waited so LONG to see it! Everyone I talked to, even people I wouldn't expect to like something like this, had said it was "better than the original." I don't usually like to rate Disney sequels like that, but let me just say that I LOVED TS2! I don't think it would have been nearly as good without the history of the first movie behind it, but I do think they took the story further this time and it was even more moving than the first one. The first one was about an exciting adventure, but not to the extent of the second one. I love these sorts of emotional journey/adventure movies, especially when Disney does them. The part where Jessie sings about Emily is a tear-jerker! They didn't have anything quite like that in the first Toy Story. But I do recommend that if you're going to watch TS2 for the first time (which is probably no one 'cause everyone's seen it already), that you watch the original again first to have everything fresh in your mind. There are a lot of references to it in the second movie, that won't be nearly as funny if you've forgotten those things in the first. It will maximize your enjoyment of Toy Story 2

Toy Story (DVD) 23/08/2000

Toy Story - best review

Toy Story (DVD) Toy Story is truly the 1st movie of it's kind. I don't know what it's really called but I think digital animation best describes it. 3D toys delighting both children and adults alike. Not only is the film irresistibly funny it is also has a clever story and unlike many movies of today you can watch this one over and over. The voices are done by a host of popular names that we all know and love. Some of the most popular being Tom Hanks as Woody, Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear, Don Rickles as Mr. Potato Head, and John Ratzenberger as Hamm. Jim Varney even lends his hilarious voice as Slinky the Dog. The story is about a boy (Andy) that gets a new toy (Buzz Lightyear) for his birthday. Andy's previous favorite toy (Woody) feels forgotten. After a series of mis-adventures the two find themselves away from the home and must learn to work together to find their way back. The film is followed by a sequel "Toy Story 2" which is just as popular if not better than this one. A film that is Truly Magical.

Strange Days 23/08/2000

A masters opinion

Strange Days "Strange Days" is one film I like better every time I see (I own it on DVD), which is rare for me. This is one of the edgiest and most violent movies of the decade, so if you don't go in for that type of movie don't waste your time -- but the violence is only rarely exploitative (how many times can the Lenny Nero character get beat up?), and the film manages a superb level of tension throughout, and will keep most people guessing right until the end. The movie is an absolute feast for the eyes, ears, mind and senses, the "Blade Runner" of the 1990's. Rolling Stone magazine called it "a dazzling visionary triumph," and I am inclined to agree (I'm not afraid to give praise where it's due). The last 15 minutes of the film manage to create an atmosphere rarely seen in the movies -- you'll have to see it to understand, because I can't explain it to you in a short review -- but if a lot of tension and violence (including a particularly grotesque rape/murder scene) won't turn you off to a movie, this is one I highly recommend. I believe I have reviewed this film before, and I'm now upgrading my review to 10/10 -- taken as a whole, this movie just does not take any wrong steps. Production values are among the highest I've seen in a film, and it's obvious that a lot of thought went into every second of the script. Here's a film you not only don't have to turn your brain off to enjoy, but will enjoy more with your brain turned ON. Highly recommended.

Pokemon - The Movie 23/08/2000

Pokeballs ate my fish

Pokemon - The Movie Being the father of a Pokemon fan, I wasn't expecting too much out of the movie. I figured I'd take my son to see it and it would be wasted time for me. I was wrong. While the Pikachu Vacation thing at the beginning was obnoxious with the stupid chanting pokemon segways, the movie itself was good. I really liked the fact that the movie had the message that "fighting doesn't solve things". Ash gave his life to prove that to the engineered pokemon and regained his life when all pokemon realized that. The message and lesson my son took away from the movie was great and I hope that the next one isn't just about fighting.

Matilda (DVD) 23/08/2000

Matilda - pro review

Matilda (DVD) First of all, this is a great fantasy film for people of all ages. The characters are wonderfully imaginative and funny, but there was something that kept nagging at me. Then I figured it out. Aunt Spiker (?) looks exactly like Faye Dunaway in "Mommie Dearest," only with nasty teeth and a British accent. Did anyone else notice that? Anyway, I think the movie is great. I don't like one thing, though. Roald Dahl always has everything start out so depressing. I mean, in this James has a horrible life (well, he lives with a Mommie Dearest lookalike, maybe that's it). His characters always have to overcome massive odds that are always against them. When they overcome them, you'll feel as happy as they do.

Free Willy 2 (DVD) 22/08/2000

free willy 2

Free Willy 2 (DVD) Compared with The Big Blue, Free Willy 2 just have the ocean in common . The rest is more related with Baywatch, except in Baywatch when you're bored you can check out pieces of meat and here it rather deals with fish . Even if the commercial target is the young audience, must the screenplay be a total nonsense ? However, some scenes are so much ridiculous (the guy chatting up the girl by smooching a whale, or recognizing Willy just by hearing his ultra-sonic waves, or practising rodeo on the whale) that you sometimes forget a little how much you're bored . The wreck of the oil tanker is so credible that we can wonder if James Cameron wasn't inspired by it to make Titanic . As for the suspense at the end ... it's unbearable : will the kids die by burning slowly and atrociously in the oil fire or not ? Really, it's terrible . I don't even explain to myself why this movie isn't forbidden to people over 8
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