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The Picture of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde 05/04/2012

Dark, Interesting and Intensely Gripping!

The Picture of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde I have read the book over and over again. I always find something interesting in the book. “The Picture of Dorian Gray” is one of the quintessential classics I think. All the characters are unique and their personalities have been portrayed in a distinctive way. The book is quite dark and depressing – it is about the young man Dorian Gray who trades his soul for eternal beauty and youth. He gets obsessive about beauty and vanity. It is Lord Henry who influences him; Henry is indirectly responsible for the disastrous course Gray’s life takes. The book basically traces Dorian Gray’s moral disintegration and how he plunges into debauchery and immorality. “The Picture of Dorian Gray” is touted as Wilde’s most popular work and understandably so. Artist Basil Hallward is besotted by Dorian’s beauty. He is so obsessed with his beauty that he paints a full length portrait of him. Basil thinks it is his best work ever! During the course of painting, Dorian meets Lord Henry at the studio. Lord Henry is a hedonist who has a curious influence on gullible Gray. Dorian Gray is easily manipulated, naïve and gullible. He takes great interest in all that Henry says. Dorian stars to become more and more self-absorbed and vain under Henry’s influence. There comes a point when Dorian falls in love with a small time theatre actress. She ends up killing herself because of Dorian’s attitude and indifference but he conveniently distances himself from the blame. He also ends up killing Basil ...

Dyson DC24 BALL ALL Floors 24/03/2012

Ideal for Cleaning

Dyson DC24 BALL ALL Floors I am very particular about cleanliness. I can do without the refrigerator, I can do without the air conditioner but I cannot imagine a single day without my vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaner is one appliance that I am heavily dependent on. I trust Dyson for all my cleaning needs. It works amazingly well in my opinion. Moreover, it is compact and it doesn’t weigh too much. This is the best part about using the cleaner. Since it is light weight, I can carry it anywhere I want and use it for long hours. Dyson is ideal for those with muscular problems – it will not aggravate their condition. Dyson vacuum cleaners are available in a multitude of sizes, models and makes. Most of their models are reasonably priced. Rest assured that they will not create a dent in your budget. Dyson Ball DC24 All Floor Cleaner is a case in point – the compact lightweight cleaner is reasonably priced. In fact, I also made hefty savings on it. It is complete value for money – highly functional and usable. The vacuum cleaner is fairly easy to use. Thanks to the easy-to-understand instructional manual, anybody can read the instructions and use it. As a matter of fact, electrical appliances need to be user-friendly. Using them shouldn’t be a Herculean task. Dyson scores in this respect. I am also thankful to their customer service staff – they really helped me make a well-informed decision. They reverted to all my queries and sorted them out. The vacuum cleaner comes with a telescopic handle. This handle ...

Holiday Inn London Kensington Forum, London 20/03/2012

Comfortable Pleasurable Stay

Holiday Inn London Kensington Forum, London I stayed at Holiday Inn for a week. While I didn’t have an exceptional experience, it wasn’t even bad. I had a comfortable stay! I wasn’t inconvenienced for anything – food, drinks and the service in general was up to the mark. I used to enjoy the morning breakfast. It was healthy and delicious and you could also eat to your heart’s content – baked beans, scrambled egg, white toast, juices, pudding, marmalade, cereals, etc. The breakfast was filling and enjoyable. I also liked the décor of the hotel. It wasn’t too flashy, neither too simple. It was appealing in my opinion. The décor my room was visually attractive but it could have been better. The rooms are all well equipped with modern amenities. The hotel room I stayed in was spacious and comfortable. It was also very well maintained and clean. It was always a good feeling to retire into the hotel room after all the shopping and sight-seeing. I was relaxed and comfortable! The overall look and feel of the hotel is welcoming. You do feel invited by the gracious hosts. They make you feel special. They greet you with amazing politeness – they are well trained and well behaved. It makes a guest feel wanted and special. In fact, they were also very helpful. Whenever I needed any of kind of help, they were more than happy to help me. Whenever I needed a taxi or any information about exploring London, they were more than forthcoming. I would also like to mention that I didn’t have to pay through my nose for the stay. This hotel ...
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