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Macromedia Drumbeat 2000 22/07/2000

The best for ASP

Macromedia Drumbeat 2000 Drumbeat is the easiest way to do ASP. Just create your database in MSAccess or whatever, then create an ODBC data source. Drop some components onto the page, and that’s almost it. It’s a bit weird because all the pages are done using absolute positioning with CSS and script, but you can go through the source and get rid of this afterwards. The biggest problem with this software is that you can’t edit the code whilst still using Drumbeat – you have to do it afterwards. But its great at generating skeletons of pages that can be customized afterwards. Watch out and wait for Dreamweaver UltraDev though, because this promises the best of both Dreamweaver and Drumbeat… 22/07/2000

Good Site is the first site I check for downloads as it has thousands of programs, and there are so many affiliate sites that the download speed is always fairly high. It is packed with shareware, so you only have to pay for the download time (if that) and also there is a massive range of commercial programs… One disadvantage of this site is that you have to select which site you want to download from, which is a bit tedious, but you can select the fast ones so its OK. Just start there whenever you need to download something...

Macromedia Fireworks 22/07/2000

Very good

Macromedia Fireworks I use Fireworks as my only image editing tool nowadays. I first tried it out because I had Dreamweaver, and it integrates well with this. I discovered that (using its export tool) you can save images as loads of formats, and it encodes them REALLY efficiently. I used to use Paint Shop Pro, but realised when I used it for a while, that this is rubbish in comparison with Fireworks. And its worth the money too. The installation size is small, and the program is really stable as well. Get Dreamweaver and Fireworks, and if you are doing web development you don’t need any other tools.

C++ Builder Personal 6 Complete package 22/07/2000

GET IT. It's the only tool you should use...

C++ Builder Personal 6 Complete package I have used all of the first 4 versions of C++Builder, and I have to say that every single version of them has been excellent. They are the only tool I use for C++ development, and soon they will be bringing out a version for linux, so you can write programs for both platforms… The Builder is free every so often on PCPlus, so you don’t have to pay for it. I personally bought the Professional version of C++Builder 1, and since then have been getting the free ones. I do a lot of development in OpenGL, and found the Builder very useful for creating wrapper classes for OpenGL. Also, the Win32 SDK comes with it, which is indispensable. GET THE C++BUILDER NOW.

HP OmniBook 900 22/07/2000

Very good

HP OmniBook 900 I bought this product second hand, and found it to be very satisfactory. The laptop had lasted very well, and was in excellent condition (i.e. the build quality was good). It is a very stable machine as well, and the hardware support from HP is excellent. My only gripe with this laptop is the connection for the external CD drive, which has a flimsy cover over its port. The double mouse is very good and the screen is excellent quality. I would definitely buy one of these again if not another HP laptop.
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