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Silverline Precision Torx Screwdriver Set 20/02/2011

Value for money Precision

Silverline Precision Torx Screwdriver Set Introduction- My large array of electrical gadgets from Satnavs,Pda's and mobile phones not to mention numerous handheld games consoles(two of which belong to my boys).It would only be a matter of time before i may need to gain access to the inner workings of them for a bit of diy maintenance (obviously when the product is out of its warranty).Well this was the case with my old SPV M3100 smartphone which has since been replaced by a nice new HTC wildfire but i though i would have a poke around inside to see if i could solve the white screen issue with it's display. The first stumbling block i encountered was the little screws that looked like they had an hex type head (allen key type shape) but in fact it was a star shape hence why i needed to buy the torx screwdriver set. The Product- The set of screwdrivers comes with complete with 9 precision screwdrivers in sizes T4, T5, T6, T7,T8, T9, T10, T15 and T20 with T4 being the smallest (an it is very small indeed) and T20 the largest.This range of sizes should cover most small electrical items in your household from games consoles to mobile phones which require the star like torx fitting to give you access to the internal workings.The soft grip handles are very comfortable to hold and give good grip when in use and the hardened steel blade should give the product a decent life span with occasional use. Using the product- I found using the product to be easy and comfortable in use with the handle giving good grip to ...

KWorld PC to TV Video converter 23/01/2011


KWorld PC to TV Video converter INTRODUCTION- The Kworld PC to TV is a product that allows you to connect your computer to your TV allowing you to view your media or use you TV as a computer monitor.It not only allows you to connect your PC but will allow you to adjust resolution and colour of the signal to give the best image reproduction. WHY WOULD I NEED IT? Well for me i purchased the product because my pc monitor stopped working and while i was waiting for my new monitor to arrive i need to access my PC.These days with some people having a new model of TV with a HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) input you can connect your PC this way as long as your graphics card also has a HDMI out connector (most modern cards do).In my case i had a graphics card with a HDMI out but my older Sony TV did not as it wasn't HD so i had to find a way to connect my TV to my PC and thats when i purchased the Kworld PC to TV box. WHAT DO YOU GET? In the box you get the PC to TV box (looks like a really small freeview box ),USB power cable,VGA cable,S-Video cable,AV cable and user manual.Basically you get everything you need to be able to connect your PC to a TV in a matter of minutes and i found that it did only take me a matter of minutes to get it setup and working. SETUP As above i unpacked the product had a quick look at the Quick setup guide plugged the box into my PC via the USB cable (used to power the unit so no need for a power adapter).Then i used the VGA (square looking connector that you find ...

Philips RQ 1250 /16 /17 /32 Senso Touch 3D 16/01/2011


Philips RQ 1250 /16 /17 /32 Senso Touch 3D INTRODUCTION- In the world of electric shavers you have two main choices to make between the two main types of electric shaver.You can choose between a foil type shaver made by the likes of Braun or you can opt for a rotary shaver made by philips.My personal preference is for the rotary type shaver,having used both types in the past i find the philips range to offer the best balance of performance and durability over the foil type system. THE PRODUCT- The Philips Senso touch offers a rotary shaver that uses the latest technology to give an easy to use product that offers a close and comfortable shave combined with ease of use and cleaning.The product is durable in use and performs very well at giving a close and troublefree shave time and time again. The main feature is the three rotary heads that use a patented lift and cut technology along with three specialised tracks on each head to catch both long and awkward hairs and shorter stubble to ensure a very close shave in quick time.The heads are able to flex to the contours of the face keeping them in close contact to help improve shaving performance,giving greater efficency and comfort. The product is also a sealed wet and dry shaving system allowing the use of water and/or cream and gels to minimise skin irritation and also allows th unit to be cleaned just by holding under a tap of running water. The Senseo is a rechargeable shaver that has a quick charge option allowing you to charge the unit in 60 mins allowing ...

HTC Wildfire 11/01/2011


HTC Wildfire Introduction- The Wildfire is HTC's budget offering in their range of smartphones,classed by many as the smaller brother of the ever popular and performance rich HTC Desire.The Wildfire is a feature packed product that offers an option for those of us who can't or don't want to spend a small fortune on owning the latest smartphone but like the features one of these products can offer for everyday use. The Phone- The Wildfire is a very similar size and design to the Desire being slightly smaller and some would say ergonomically better to handle than its bigger brother.This mainly due to the product having a smaller screen at 3.2 inches compared to the Desire which has a 3.7 inch screen.The Wildfire uses a 528mhz CPU compared to the 1Ghz fitted into the Desire and these are the two main reasons for the budget price of the Wildfire compared to the Desire. Features- In my opinion the features avalilable on the wildfire are exceptional for it's price tag and the Android operating system offers a very user friendly interface that has an impressive range of apps available in the Android marketplace.I found the 5 mega-pixel camera good when in use but the lower resolution screen did present a few problems as the image did look a bit blurry and pixelated.However when viewed on a PC the overall quality was ok in normal conditions.The LED flash fitted on the phone was not that good and did make subjects look a bit white washed if used in close proximity. The HTC sense ...

Elonex ONEtplus 29/09/2009


Elonex ONEtplus ### introduction ### With the price of notebooks dropping rapidly and the increased consumer demand for small,compact and portable products this offering from Elonex offers a;; the above for a price tag of no more than £100. ### The Product ### Overview- The Elonex is a Linux based mini notebook aimed primarily at the educational and older student market available in a range of modern colours like black,white,red and pink but to name a few.Email and office software makes the product an ideal solution for the needs of students both young and older and backed up with media software allowing the playback of mp3's and videos gives a good flexibility for use.A built in Wi-Fi adapter gives connectivity to the internet both at home and on the move. ### Performance ### Operating system- The elonex uses a Linux based operating system and comes pre-loaded with various software that i mentioned above.The software performs well but there are no bells and whistles and you don't get a WOW feeling but you do get microsoft compatibility with the office package which i found quite useful. Processor- A 400mhz processor is what powers the product and to be fair it does let the overall performance of the product down.Some of the office applications can be a bit sluggish and it is not advisable to try to run more than one application as this can slow everything down to a crawl.Media playback both audio and video is acceptable but only as an added extra and as a ...

Dell Studio Hybrid 22/09/2009


Dell Studio Hybrid Introduction- The Dell Studio Hybrid Desktop is the first product to be aimed at the media centre market.Products aimed at this market are produced to perform more from an entertainment angle rather than a work perspective.This means that the hardware is configured to connect and perform with video and audio products found in the household thus making the product the centre piece of your multimedia setup(this is the reason for the tag media centre pc). Dell is a company that is well known for building systems to the specification of the customer,so you will be able to change some of the system hardware to the which will allow you to customise the product to your own requirements. The Product- As i mentioned above the Dell Hybrid is a Media Centre PC which is designed to function as both a PC and Home entertainment in the comfort of your living room.It will allow you to connect all your audio and video hardware to one central hub where you can playback,save or manipulate your media.You also are able to access your Internet functions such as web browsing and email just as you would on your PC. Features and Benefits- The Processor-Mine came with a intel core duo processor T8100 which is very fast an allows for smooth efficent operation of the hardware and software.It had no problem running the included Windows Vista Home Premium edition. The memory- 2GB of memory also helps to maintain smooth operation and is a good compliment to the operating system ...

Topfield TF5810PVRT 09/09/2009


Topfield TF5810PVRT Introduction- With the digital switchover in full swing Personal Video Recorders(PVR) with built in freeview tuners are sure to become a must in most households.The Topview is packaged with two tuners to allow you to record one channel while you watch another.With some nifty little features it is sure to be a viable alternative to Sky+ without the added expense of a monthly subscription(you just have to love the free aspect of Freeview especially in the current economic climate). The Product- As i mentioned above the TF5810 is a Personal Video Recorder or PVR for short which is fitted with dual Freeview tuners allowing you to record video and audio to a hard disk much like a video recorder used to do.With features like an electronic programme guide,HDMI output,digital audio output and a USB port the product is feature rich and user friendly.A solid built quality makes the Topview a very desireable piece of kit which is backed up by impressive performance and ease of use. The Features- HDMI output-This allows you to connect the product to an High Definition TV and the picture quality is fantastic compared to some other brands.The images are crisp and clear and vibrant colours make viewing a pleasure.The audio output is equally as good and you have the option of connecting to a external sound setup to take advantage of the digital audio output. USB port-With a USB port included on the rear of the unit you have the option of connecting the unit to a pc which ...

Microsoft LifeCam VX-3000 30/01/2009


Microsoft LifeCam VX-3000 Introduction- Having recently purchased a budget laptop for my daughter i have been looking at purchasing a webcam for her so she could speak to her nan and grandad who have rcently moved away.My first instinct was to purchase a cheaply priced model off ebay,bargain one webcam purchased for £5.It was a shortlived celebration as i discovered that the laptop did not have a built in mic and neither did the webcam (budget laptops can be a pain).So back to ebay and a slightly more expensive webcam with built in mic,hooray i think not it was a brand that was alien to me and i just couldn't figure out how to configure the damn mic to work. With quite a nice collection of webcams and a smaller bank balance i decided to go against my principles and opt for a Microsoft webcam after all it had to be easy to install and use. The Product- The vx-3000 is a member of the microsoft lifecam range which is touted as being exceptionally good at relaying life like high quality images and excellent quality audio.It also claims to install and function seamlessly and quickly with windows and especially windows live messenger.Bold claims considering my past webcam experience but just what i was looking for (fingers crossed). The Features- I am just going to list the main features here as i could bore you to death with those listed in the manual. 640 x 480 pixel video resolution Built-In Microphone Automatic Face-Tracking Software Optimized for Windows Live Messenger ...

Braun TA 1200 Tassimo Silver/Black 28/01/2009


Braun TA 1200 Tassimo Silver/Black Introduction- The tassimo is a disc coffee system which makes producing a hot beverage both simple and fast.It utilises a disc system that contains all the ingredients you will need to produce a perfect hot beverage.With an extensive and growing range of disc's available the tassimo range offers something for most peoples differing tastes. The Unit- The Braun TA1200 tasimo is very similar in size and appearance to a standard coffee maker but with a few major differences.Unlike a standard coffee maker there is no awkward filter that you have to clean and replace and you no longer have to measure out and adjust the amount of coffee you need to make the perfect hot beverage. With an easy to use interface and a simple to use one button activation system the tassimo is quick and easy to use.A modern and sleek design will make this product a great addition to any kitchen. The Disc System- The main advantage of this product is the easy to use tassimo disc system.You simply select your required disc and place it into the disc holder situated on the front of the unit.When you close the disc holder a barcode scanner reads the barcode on the disc and selects the required settings automatically to deliver the perfect beverages in less than 30 seconds.Once completed you simply remove the used disc and dispose of with the minimum of cleaning required and you are ready to repeat the process. The Range- With an extensive range of discs available from ...

HP iPAQ Pocket PC Hx2210 18/07/2008

HP Pocket Perfection

HP iPAQ Pocket PC Hx2210 Introduction. In a world where size or lack of size is important, consumers are always demanding smaller more versatile products. The ipaq is a combination of compact size and powerful computing power allowing you to remain connected to the digital world when you are out and about. With the branding of a trusted and highly respected manufacturer like HP you can be assured that you will get a reliable product packed with features. The Product. The ipaq 2210 belongs to the family of PDA's (Personal Digital Assistants)and will allow you to access email, run office applications, connect to other devices via Bluetooth or infrared and run software designed to be run on the windows mobile platform. This is a must have gadget for all the gadget lovers and professionals and will keep you organised and entertained no matter where you are. The Features. This product uses the Microsoft windows mobile operating system which mirrors the same operating system you will find on your laptop or home PC.This will allow for ease of use as most of us will be familiar with the layout and navigation is simple to master. You are supplied with pocket versions of Microsoft office applications like Pocket Outlook(email management software),Pocket excel(spreadsheet software) and pocket PowerPoint(presentation software).These programmes are very impressive and easy to use and all come bundled with the product so no need to worry about additional costs after you buy the product. They ...

HTC Touch Dual 25/06/2008

Touch and Go

HTC Touch Dual ~~~~ Introduction ~~~~ HTC have been manufacturing PDA style mobile phones for many years. They are popular at being rebranded by most of the major network providers namely orange with their SPV range of products (see my orange spv review). They produce very reliable products which have an impressive range of features and you may have even been using one of their rebranded products and not even know it. This type of product is aimed at the type of user that wants features more than the smallest phone as they tend to be on the larger side. They do however offer stylish professional looking products with exceptional performance and features. ~~~~ Product Specifications ~~~~ Operating System - Windows Mobile 6 Pro Memory -128MB SDRAM Display- 2.6-inch TFT-LCD, touch-sensitive screen with backlight Display interface- HTC TouchFLO Extra input methods-20 key QWERTY keyboard which slides out from the unit Connectivity - Bluetooth 2.0 Hi speed USB 2.0 Camera- 2 megapixel colour camera and second camera for video calling feature. Supported Audio and ringtone formats- MP3, AAC, AAC+, WMA, WAV, Battery- 1120 mAh rechargeable Li-polymer battery Standby up to 250 hours Talk time up to 5 hours Dimensions-107 mm (L) X 55 mm (W) X 15.8 mm (T) Weight -120g Memory card- microSD memory card ~~~~ Product Overview ~~~~ The HTC touch dual features the new windows mobile 6 professional platform. This version of windows for the mobile ...

Sony NW A808 B 21/06/2008

Introducing the number one contender- Sony

Sony NW A808 B ~~~~ Introduction ~~~~ Sony vs. IPod With the Apple IPod dominating the market the choice of which MP3 player has always been which iPod should you choose? Well now we have a refreshed Sony product entering the market to give the consumer some choice. Sony has at long last got licensing for MP3 on their range of products and it is this step that will allow them to become a serious contender. All they have to do is offer a player that has the functionality and style offered by the iPods in a market that they dominate. Sony has the brand but do they have the product to match? ~~~~ Product Features ~~~~ Memory Size-8GB 5000+ tracks or up to 30 hours of video Power- Lithium-ion rechargeable battery (30 hours of audio-8 hours of video) Operation- Utilises an interface very similar to that of their mobile phone range Playback- Fantastic clarity audio with presets and bass settings via exceptional headphones which give excellent realistic sound. Display-2.0 inch QVGA colour LCD with high resolution (240x320). Can be switched horizontally & vertically dependant on use File Formats- MPEG4 JPEG viewer with slideshow mode ATRAC, MP3, AAC (non DRM) and WMA (non DRM) Compatible Software-Sonic Stage 4.3 Image convertor 3.0 Dimensions-Width (mm) - 43.8 Height (mm) -88.0 Depth (mm) -9.1 Accessories- USB cable for file transfer and charging Earphones Also has high speed transfer and ability to edit song and file ...

Kodak EASYSHARE V803 16/06/2008

Not quite Picture Perfect

Kodak EASYSHARE V803 ~~~~ Introduction ~~~~ Kodak is a market leader in the photographic industry and they produce an astounding range of digital cameras. Ranging from budget models starting at £50 to high-end all singing all dancing models that can cost upwards of £300. The Kodak v803 is a mid priced model with basic, easy to use features and is available from £120-£130. ~~~~ The Features ~~~~ Sorry for the list part of the review but it is really the best way to give a snapshot of the capabilities of this product. Providing a useful buying guide to help assist you in your choice. Pixels -8.0 MP (3273 × 2457) Zoom -3X optical, 4X digital Focus -single, continuous Flash Modes -auto, fill, off, red eye Scene modes -portrait, sport, landscape, close up, night portrait, Night, landscape, snow, beach, text/document, fireworks, flower, museum/manner, self-portrait, high ISO, children, backlight, panning, candlelight, sunset, custom, panorama, anti blur. Dimensions -W × H × D: 4.1 × 2.1 × 1.0 in. (103 × 54.5 × 25 mm) Weight -5.0 oz (141.5 g) Power -KODAK Li-Ion Rechargeable Digital Camera Battery LCD -2.5 in. (6.4 cm) ~~~~ Product Overview ~~~~ This model is a 8 megapixel camera with a conventional 3x optical zoom (pretty standard and usually sufficient for your average user).The camera is well built bit the all plastic casing is a bit of a let-down giving a bit of a cheap feel. There is a 2.5 inch screen to the back of the unit with function ...

Panasonic NNV659 15/06/2008

Cooking made simple

Panasonic NNV659 ~~~~ Introduction ~~~~ The invention of the microwave oven has simplified the process for cooking and defrosting a variety of different foods. From defrosting bread and meat to cooking a full chicken, the versatility of microwave products is nearly endless. You will also find the different brands and models available is also nearly endless and it is worthwhile taking some time out to read up on the different features available to find the best product to suit your needs. ~~~~ Where to start? ~~~~ Well you will find a few different types of microwave oven available- 1-The standard microwave-ideal for defrosting and reheating and the cooking of food designed for microwave use. Lacks the ability to brown food so if you used it to cook a chicken the meat would look very strange indeed. 2-The combination Microwave and Grill (this is the type I am reviewing)-This is the same as above but with an added element built into the top of the unit that works the same as a grill on your cooker. This will brown your food as the microwave cooks it and gives you extra versatility in cooking. 3-The microwave, grill and convection oven in one-Same as above but with a convection fan to help speed up cooking times. This will give you the best performance but at a price as this is the most expensive type. So armed with this simple information I popped off to my local branch of Curry's and opted for the Panasonic as I felt I didn't need the model with a convection oven ...

Philips HQ 6894 Quadra ACT. 06/06/2008

Thats Close enough for me !!!!

Philips HQ 6894 Quadra ACT. ~~~~ Introduction ~~~~ Having used electric shavers for over 10 years I like to think that it is a subject I know quite well. I have used both a foil type shaver and a rotary shaver. The product I am reviewing is a rotary shaver from the Philips Quadra action range. It should be noted that as shaving is such a personal experience not everyone is the same on which type of electric shaver they prefer. I will give a quick summary of the two different types of shaving system, then a review of my experience with the Philips Quadra action shaver I use. ~~~~ Foil vs. Rotary ~~~~ As mentioned above there are two main types of shaving system- The Foil variety (Braun and Remington)-This is a thin piece of metal with holes in it that is curved over a set of blades that vibrate from right to left. The holes in the metal (or foil as it is called) capture the hairs and the moving blades cut them. The main disadvantage of this system is that because the foil is so slim it is easily damaged and will need periodic replacement (once every six months is advised). The Rotary system (Philips)-This system works by having three circular cutting heads that cover blades that move in a circular motion. The Quadra action range of heads has both slots and holes in them. The slots cover 75% of the head and the holes make up for the other 25%.The slots capture the longer hairs allowing the blades to cut them. While the holes catch the very short hairs (in a similar fashion to a foil ...
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