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reveals yourself in 100 questions... 25/10/2006

How to evade speed cameras part 3

reveals yourself in 100 questions... 1 - First Names: Philip 2. - Pseudo(s) ? Work Colleagues - Phil When I'm in trouble - Philip! 3 - Girl or boy ? Boy last time I looked 4 - Towns ? (Birthplace and living town) Kowloon , Hong Kong. Adopted as a baby and very soon after came to the UK 5 - Size ? A wee just over 5'4 6 - Age ? 32 but mental age of 18! 7 - Colour of hair ? Black with a double crown 8 - colour of the eyes ? Light Brown 9 - Employment / current occupation? Branch Manager for an international car rental company. 10- Astrological and Chinese sign: Libra and I think I'm year of the tiger 11 - I like/love ? I love travelling and the excitement that precedes it. And also love being in love with my girlfriend. 12 - I don't like? Heights……….Planes I'm ok with but heights in general make me feel dizzy and queasy 13 - If you can met one person of your choice, dead or alive, known or not, who would this be? My birth mother…….. having only been furnished with limited details about her and having her address at the time on my adoption papers, every now and then I get curious. 14 - What do you like to do, generally, during the weekend? Relax at home in our new bungalow, even though we only bought it a year ago there's nothing like spending time in your own home 15 - The town/country that you want to visit or even live in? Hong Kong naturally. I've seen pictures from when I was a baby out there but would love to see it in ...

Hilton International 18/10/2006


Hilton International I received tickets for my birthday to see 'Spamalot' in Central London so I wanted to stay somewhere decent, being a Gold member of the Hilton Honours loyalty scheme would entitle me to a more beneficial service such as upgrades and priority check-in. The reward programme can be joined on-line at the Hilton website, in doing this you can earn points on nights stayed and other services added to your bill. These points can then be exchanged for free accommodation at Hilton hotels worldwide. = HILTON - CANARY WHARF LONDON = ~ Location~ This hotel is only 4 months old and is the newest property in the group for Hilton in the UK. At 14 floors high it is right next door to South Quays DLR station. Located next to Canary Wharf in the London Docklands, we reached here via tube and Docklands Light Railway (DLR) from Central London within 20 minutes. Canary Wharf is most known for its financial connections, home to Barclays, HSBC and of course Canary Wharf Tower itself. There are many shops in the vicinity located in underground malls that also connect to the offices and DLR stations. ~ Check-In ~ As a Hilton Gold member, I was invited to by pass the queue in the lobby and proceed to the Executive Lounge on the 14th floor for check in. On arrival into the lounge we were asked to take a seat whilst the necessary formalities were dealt with. The lady serving us informed us of the exec lounge opening times and the hotel gym times. The lounge offered us the following ...

Excel Airways 04/06/2005


Excel Airways Back in October 2003 my girlfriend and I flew to Luxor,Eygpt with Excel Airways, I had only heard about this airline via a friend who said they were famed for their punctuality and comfort, this I found out to be was very accurate……… = About Excel Airways Excel Airways has only been flying since 1999, however don't be alarmed as it is one of many trading division's of the Excel Group and is fully bonded by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the Air Transport Organisers License (ATOL) 1999. The Excel Group consists of the following divisions…… Excel Aviation: the commercial selling division of the Excel company and its main interests are the bulk sale of its seats to many major Tour Operators Excel24: which concerns itself with the arrangement of chartering not only its own aircraft but acting as an agent in charting other carrier's aircraft. Excel Airways: the actual airline itself which sells its tickets via the web and travel agents, bookable also at Freedom Flights: sells seats only on other charter carrier's aircraft through travel agents. (The above info was researched from The airline has won a few awards too: Rated one of the best on time performers -Which? Delay Report 2002, Most Punctual Charter Airline 2001 - British Airports Authority (BAA) The main bases they fly from are Gatwick, Manchester and Newcastle, they aslo have some flights from regional airports for other ...

East Midlands Airport, EMA 21/05/2005


East Midlands Airport, EMA **NEW INFORMATION FOR 2005*** SCHEDULED DESTINATIONS SERVED Cancun Florida Amsterdam Paris Glasgow Edinburgh Nice Dublin Shannon Rome Venice Malaga Gerona Faro Murcia Prague Alicante Palma Cork Belfast Malta Brussels Aberdeen Geneva Dubrovnik Cologne Also all the normal 'bucket and spade' routes to Spain and Greece operate throughout the year. (Ibiza,Corfu etc...) I have used East Midlands quite often as it is the most nearest airport for me to get to, apart from the fact I live about 20 miles away, they serve Dublin which I commute to about 3 times per month. LOCATION The airport is situated right on the border of Nottinghamshire,Derbyshire and Leicestershire next to Junction 22A of the M1 motorway making it within east commuting distance for someone like myself. The M1 itself has excellent links with the M69,A50,M42 making it an alternative airport to the likes of Birmingham or Coventry which sometimes can be a nightmare to get to because of the notourious M6! EMA is well signposted on approach to the junction southbound and northbound, after exiting the motorway it's a simple 5 minute journey along a road running paralell with the main runway so you can't miss it! PARKING/TRANSPORT The airport has the normal car parks, long stay and short stay with the latter located near the terminal building. Prices fairly reasonable for anything under two hours, any longer then consider a second mortgage. However a free 15 minute stay is allowed for in the new ...

Everything that starts with W ... 05/03/2005

Work Challenge

Everything that starts with W ... LauraMaclean came up with this new work challenge, so please let her know if you give it a go! 1. Where do you work? Travel Logistics Company 2. What is your job title? Branch Manager 3. What does you job entail? Delivery and Collection of new vehicles to blue chip companies 4. How long have you been in your current job? 3 years on and off 5. Are you happy at work? Pretty much so at the moment , 2nd year as a newly promoted manager 6. Is it the job for you? Very much so, requires me to be quick thinking, especially ensuring smooth flow of car transporters 7. Who do you get on best with at your work? Not able to single anyone out as we all get on really well 8. Anyone you don’t get on with? No 9. Do you like your boss? Without sounding to pompous, yes I like myself! 10. How many days holiday have you used? All but about 3 days left 11. How many sick days? None I'm afraid 12. Genuine or faked? N/A 13. Do you get a yearly pay rise? A normal inflation pay rise plus a bit more 14. Do you socialise with your colleagues? Not that often 15. Are you qualified for your job? Only through working my way up from the bottom 16. What age were you when you left school? 16 17. What level are you educated to? GCSE and taking a OU course in management 18. Did you always want to do what you’re doing now? Never thought of it before 19. What was your dream job as a child? Bus Driver! (yes I ...

Cadbury Light Chocolate Trifles 30/10/2004


Cadbury Light Chocolate Trifles How much would you pay for ten minutes of pure ecstasy?.............. ............... ............... ............... .............. My girlfriend only paid 59p at Kwik Save for my indulgence in her pot of chocolate delight. ** Please note I am reviewing the Full Fat Version** = BACKGROUND INFORMATION = Cadburys' Trfle is made by St Ivel under licence from Cadbury, St Ivel are more well known for making yogurts and orange juice, as far as I know they have had the licence for the past 3 to 4 years. = PACKAGING & PRICE = This product is available from all major supermarkets and some smaller stores either singular from 45p - 60p or in packs of three ranging from £2.05 to £3.30, again prices do vary from place to place. The trifles are packaged in a small plastic pot, the bottom half has Cadburys moulded into the see through plastic whilst the top half is more the traditional colours of Cadbury (purple) with the actual product name plastered on the front and boring ingredients etc on the rear, to help with freshness the pot's are foil sealed. = TASTE TESTING = On opening the seal (not the animal type!) you are confronted by three layers of pure delight and ecstasy! Layer 1. - Piped fresh cream in little star shapes, mmm so light and creamy Layer 2. - Soft & thick chocolate sauce/mousse, nice thick texture,sweet and moorish Layer 3. - Fluffy chocolate mousse with minute pieces of choc chips, texture seems a bit like a soft aero bar The ...

Hertz 29/10/2004


Hertz ***Update at bottom of Review****** I travel between Dublin and the UK on a regular basis and until recently used Avis for car hire to get me from the airport to my meetings. However my company decided to enrol us all in the Hertz #1 Gold Club, this meant switching our allegiance from Avis,this could be a big mistake! =THE HERTZ GOLD CLUB= This is similar to an airline FT scheme but also acts as a master rental agreement,so that you never need to sign of fill one in at the rental desks.On this they record insurances you want to accept, your prefered method of payment,airline FT number so that you get points with each rental. The Hertz Gold card also acts as a loyalty card,meaning every rental you have with Hertz earns points, which can be redeemed for car hire vouchers, also the more you rent then your card is upgraded to Platinum then Presidents Circle. For the basic card you get automatic free upgrades by one class, when you get to Platinum you are given the best car on fleet automatically for the price of an economy car. Much to my amazement from my first rental with them and for the 8 months since I or my colleagues have yet to encounter fault with Hertz.Below is my typical encounter with Hertz.... =COLLECTION OF CAR= On arrival at GLA, I don't even need to approach the counter, my name is lit up on a Hertz Gold arrival board in the arrivals hall, this indicates my surname and initial, next to this is a bay number telling me where my car is. I proceeded ...

Irish Ferries 11/07/2004


Irish Ferries I used to travel between the UK and Dublin quite regularly, sometimes rather than fly I preferred to take the more leisurely route and use the ferry. As my route was Dublin to Holyhead, I always used Irish Ferries as at the time the company I worked for entitled me to a discount if I used Irish Ferries. I last used this service more than four years ago at a time when Irish ferries had just launched their new ferry 'Ulysses', this ship is named after the book by James Joyce who is a famous Irish author. Tickets: I booked my ticket on-line at Irish, the website is very easy to use and a ticket can be purchased in 4 simple steps. All you need to do is point and click at the various drop down menus for dates, time and passengers and hey presto! The website also carries special offers from time to time as well as routes, timings and company info, which I will not go into as it's not worth repeating the website. The Ship: I travelled on 'Ulysses' which is holds the Guinness world record as the world’s largest car ferry! It is 12 decks high and has over 3 miles of car parking space. Deck 12 is occupied by the bridge Deck 11 plays host to an open air deck and a dedicated area to freight drivers. Deck 10 is home to cabins for the weary Deck 9 plays host to the retail therapy, food and drink and even a 2 screen cinema! Decks 8 and below are restricted areas! Checking-in is straight forward as you are guided into lanes whilst your tickets and ID are ...

Everything that starts with L ... 01/03/2004

READ HERE FOR FREE............

Everything that starts with L ... Challenge set by MATTC HOW MANY CD'S DO YOU OWN? I myself only own about 12 Cd's as most of the stuff in the CD rack belongs to my girlfriend. I ten not to buy that many, just tend to get them as present's. I have to be in the mood to really play or buy a CD. CD'S IN YOUR COLLECTION: MOST EMBARRASING- MC Hammer-You can't touch this. It seemed a good idea at the time! lol besides I was it reminds me of a time when I was in Canada when it was released. (That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!) MOST RECENT- Dido's first album No Angel. I know it's quite old now but it's just something I nver got round to owning. FIRST- Spitting Image album! (Altogether now...hold a chicken in the air........ MOST RELAXING- A nice bit of Planets by Holzst. MOST THOUGHT PROVOKING- Has to be Daniel 'Bed -in-a-field' for me..If you're not the one..... ONE YOU MOST REGRET BUYING- An American Tale single picture disc of 'Somewhere out there' by Linda Ronstandt & Aaron Neville! ONE YOU'VE BORROWED, BUT KEEP FORGETTING TO GIVE BACK- Cocktail:OST, yes I'm sad but it was borrowed about 8 yrs ago! ALBUM YOU WISH YOU'D MADE YOURSELF- Perhaps any Eminem one as I think he is very talented and sometimes his talents are wasted. ALBUM YOU PUT ON WHEN YOUR GETTING READY TO GO OUT- House of Pain: Jump Around. A bit manic I know but hey it keep 's me happy. DINNER PARTY ALBUM- Has to be any Dido album on low volume. DO YOU OWN.... A ...

Everything that starts with U ... 01/01/2004


Everything that starts with U ... For all you company car drivers out there, I thought I’d share with you all some interesting feats about what company car’s can allegedly do ……and for those of you that are not company car drivers I’m sure you could relate to some of these when you have hired a rental car!!! Enjoy………………. They can leap tall gutters at 60 miles an hour (or more in some case) They never need servicing (ever.) The auto gearbox can be moved from one direction to the other at any speed (what are the other settings? 1, 2, 3, N, P ) The go and stop pedals can be used independantly or together. Brakes are only required IF the obstacle in front of you is a/ bigger, and b/ occupies the entire road width including footpaths. The little stick on the steering column has no apparent use. Turning on the hazard flasher entitles the driver to park anywhere / anyhow The hand brake is mainly used for turn control, particularly when parking. The big dial in the middle of the dashboard seems a waste, you can check to see if you’re going faster than any other car just by looking out the window They travel much faster in all gears - especially reverse. They accelerate at a phenomenal rate from a standing start. They enjoy a much shorter braking distance. They have a much tighter turning circle. They can take ramps (or any other "hazard") at twice the speed of private cars. Battery, water, oil and tyre pressure's do not have to be checked nearly so often. They ...

Holiday Inn (Leicester) 21/12/2003


Holiday Inn (Leicester) = HOLIDAY INN - LEICESTER = The Leicester Holiday Inn was opened in September 1971 and was the first hotel in the chain of the UK franchise of Holiday Inns, it celebrated it's 50th birthday recently and is part of the bass group along with the hotel brands Intercontinental, Crown Plaza and Staybridge Suites. (US) ~ Location~ The hotel is located in the city centre of Leicester which makes it handy for shops and nightlife as it is across the road to the High Street, however noise is not a problem as double glazing is standard, even the noise from the road surrounding the hotel is fairly quiet. The hotel I should warn you though is located on it's own roundabout which also houses an NCP car park. The car park is free to guests, you just need your ticket validating by reception. Train Station - 15min Walk 5min Taxi (£3.50) Bus Station - 10min Walk 5min Taxi (£5.00) ~ Check-In ~ As you enter the hotel lobby through the humongous revolving glass door, a sense of calm and serenity hits you like a double decker bus, not the usual hustle and bustle, the main reception houses, check-in, hotel bar/lounge, cocktail lounge and entrances to the several function rooms, plus the mandatory lifts to serve the 188 rooms on 8 floors. ~ Room ~ The room I had reserved was an Executive King, it contained an en-suite bathroom with: *Power shower AND bath *Towels & Bathrobes *Nutrogena Soap & Shampoo soap *Cotton Wool Balls *Kleenex tissues & Aftershave Balm. The ...

Luxor (Egypt) 18/11/2003


Luxor (Egypt) CURRENCY : Egyptian Pound (£1.00 = approx 10 Egyptian) TIME DIFFERENCE: +2 GMT FLYING TIME : Approx 4 1/2 hours In October this year my partner and I managed to pick up a bargain break to Egypt for 7 night’s bed and breakfast for the princely some of £798 for the two of us, courtesy of Mr Thomas Cook Our trip started two weeks before departure as we had to have the following vaccinations before leaving: Hepatitis A, Tetanus, Polio and Typhoid. Please note these vaccinations are not mandatory these days but according to the Foreign Office website they are recommended. Be warned, the Polio vaccination tastes like what I imagine would be sweaty socks that have been worn by cows for 3 months and not washed! We landed at Luxor airport at approx 21.30 local time (+2 GMT) and as it’s a developing airport we were bussed to the terminal, which is basically an over sized marquee placed in the desert! As soon as we left the plane the warm air hit us, not muggy but dry heat. On leaving the airport be prepared to have loose change with you for tipping the locals who place your case on the bus, they are not employed by the tour companies but they do it anyway, they take sterling, US dollars or local currency. THE HOTEL Our hotel was called the Mercure Inn and is part of the ‘Accor’ hotels group (think Ibis), it was a 30 minute air conditioned coach ride from the airport into central Luxor and is set back in a complex off the road reached by a private drive way. Our ...

Mcvitie´s Gold Bars 19/06/2003


Mcvitie´s Gold Bars Whilst out and about in the local supermarket trying to get in touch with me feminine side (eh Deano?) I noticed a choclate that I had'nt seen for years... McVities GOLD Bars. I bought mine in a multipack on offer at 99p for 10, that's one step towards womandom, the bargain that is! +++++ THE PACKAGING +++++ You can't really miss these on the shelf as the outer packaging is as the name points out is a light gold colour with the name GOLD emblazoned across the front in dark gold colour, quelle suprise! So what are they like I hear you whispering..... +++++ DO THEY TASTE ANY GOOD? +++++ Each biscuit is individually wrapped in.. yes gold coloured foil which is folded around the bar, upon undressing the bar you are greeted with a yellow/mustard colour bar of chocolate with the word Gold moulded into it across the top,a sweet aroma greets you as it heads towards your lips. The chocolate coating tastes of caramel and also contains small pieces of crisp rice, as you sink your teeth into it you reach a crispy plain biscuit centre, as the contents are chewed a sweet creamy and rice crispy taste fills your mouth (ooer missus), it does feel abit overpowering at first but belive me it gets quite moor-ish from here on in. I personally have to eat two at once as I find the bars are not big enough. One downside to them that I found was that you can only get them in multipacks (I think)and that they contain lots of calories 117 and fat 5.8g per bar. Well it's only a short ...

Everything that starts with R ... 19/06/2003


Everything that starts with R ... Another challenge thingy-majig, I don't mind these as it passes the time...... Describe the best feeling you've ever had: I've had many excellent feeling's some which can't be mentioned on a family website but one particular feeling was when I realised that my partner Emma is the one I love and want to grow old with. Were you named after anyone: Not too sure, maybe two prince's as my first two names are Philip Andrew. Do you wish on stars: Yes when I was younger but tend not too bother now. When did you last cry: Can't remember really. Do you like your handwriting: It depends if I'm having a neat writing moment or not. Any bad habits: Excessive wind I'm afraid! What is your most embarrassing CD: It was best of Stock Aiken & Waterman which was binned a while back now! If you were another person, would you be friends with you and why: I'd like to think so as I'm a fairly relaxed and happy go lucky chap. Have you ever told a secret you swore not to tell: Of course, thats what blokes are like with their mates growing up. Do looks matter: In my eyes a big no. It's more about the personality and if I like them as a person. Yes I know in todays world it seems to be more about looks but that's just a bit sad, however if you're not after a relationship and just a one nighter then I suppose society tends to deal more on just looks. Do you think there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow: I thought there was until I was ...

Everything that starts with G ... 22/05/2003


Everything that starts with G ... *************** *************** *************** ************SCROLL DOWN PLEASE....... *************** *************** *************** ********* Now I've got your attention you can read GETTING TO KNOW MORE ABOUT ME however if you feel cheated by the title then sorry but it's just for fun...... I've copied the questions from Trampus (thanks Sarah) review but quite clearly not used her answers as that's just dumb! LOL 1. What’s on your duvet cover? A bit dull and boring and does not go with the bedroom's a light shade of green.(?) 2. What is in the glove compartment of your car? Tissues, Map and work stuff that should have done but did'nt, it's safer hidden here than at work. 3. What is the background to your computer screen? Yes I'm sad but it's just the default background. 4. What was the last thing you sung? Ugly Kid Joe - I Love everything about you. 5. When was the last time you did a cartwheel? The other day, I'd had too much chocolate and was on a hyper,much to the amusemnet of my other half Emma 6. How do you take your coffee? Milky no sugar or Latte if I'm out. 7. Last time you went clubbing? About 3 yrs ago, too many teeny boppers around now. 8. Do you brush your teeth before breakfast or after? Rarely have breakfast and if I do then clean teeth first. 9. Sugar on cornflakes or not? Just a tiny amount. 10. If you could learn one instrument what would it be and why? Piano - 'cos I like the sound of ...
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