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The Works of Oscar Wilde - Oscar Wilde 23/11/2008

A diamond in the rough

The Works of Oscar Wilde - Oscar Wilde Though many people only know Oscar Wilde as an aphorist and a playwright I think it is his prose where his genius truly manifests itself. This edition is a great and very affordable opportunity to own all of Wilde including prose (such as his celebrated novel 'The portrait of Dorian Grey' the autobiographical 'De profundis' and his stories and fairytales) plays (such as 'The Importance of Being Earnest' and 'The Ideal husband') his critical works ('The Decay of Lying' etc) and his poems. I cannot find a single line of Wilde that is boring, poorly written. If you want to read an elegantly written yet profound and touching book you can do no better. I was initially going to award this with 5 stars but it occurs me that there is a bitter irony in having the works of a celebrated aesthete sold for £4.99. Wilde adored beauty and elegance and this edition is not in keeping with his artistic credo. It is obviously cheap, vulnerable to tear and wear and impractical to carry around -it is not so very heavy as the paper is thin but I find that carrying it around and reading it in trains results to tears (mostly of the pages). However contrary to my idol I believe that it is better to read a masterpiece in a cheap edition than being ignorant of his work and if you can afford a more luxurious edition this might be a good place to start. ...

Glade Scented Candles 23/11/2008

great scents and just the right strength

Glade Scented Candles Glade provides a nice though small selection of scented candles. They do not last very long; it is written that they last up to 30h but they have never lasted that long for me, on average they only last about 20h. The scent though is quite strong for the price range. I once burned the spiced apple for a couple of hours in my room and my flatmate smelled it from the corridor and he commended on how nice it made our flat smell. They are affordable and they are available in all big supermarket chains as well as in some poundlands which makes them even more affordable. The glass is a bit thin and you have to be careful so it will not overheat but I never had a problem with that. The label advises you to avoid burning the candle for longer than 4h but I think that is quite enough to give your room a nice scent, always depending on the size of the room, in large spaces naturally you might need more than one candle.

Ikea Tindra Candles 23/11/2008

Cheap but the scent is very weak

Ikea Tindra Candles Ikea candles are definitely cheap and they last long. But my experience with tindra -I have now lit the blue tea light variety- was that they have no perfume at all. They smell fresh if you sniff the candle before you lit it but then they have a very different smell when you lit them that smells more like paint. Admittedly I had stored them for a couple of months before I used them but they were in original he package and in room temperature so they should be ok. Maybe some tindra varieties are better but from my experience -and I have tried quite a few of the ikea's candles in jars like strawberry, lavender, watermelon- the scent is very weak and almost imperceptible. They are good enough to make an atmosphere and cheaper than the candles you buy in shops but you will need something else to give your room a scent. I think that it is very easy for someone who walks into an ikea store to stock up on cheap sented candles but my advise to you is that if you want to try it start by buying only one and see how satisfied you are. I bought 6-7 and I lament my misplaced enthusiasm. ...
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