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NYC Expert Last Nail Varnish 07/09/2012

This mint macaroon will be polished off quickly.

NYC Expert Last Nail Varnish My older brother was due to get married earlier this year and being determined not to be looked at by his posh friends and new in-laws as just "the sister with all the kids" I set out to make a really good impression...the kids are always a hit at these things and "the bloke" (otherwise known as my husband) is such a chatty sociable fellow that he always makes a great impression too so I felt like I needed to make a real effort, I sorted everything months in advance...the dress, the shoes, the was only my make up that I realised close to the day needed updating especially my nail varnish collection as it was all a bit old now and none matched the colour of the dress I'd be wearing so when I spotted the fun colours in the NYC Expert last range during a trip round Superdrug I decided to make the most of the 3 for 2 offer they were running and get a few new bottles alongside a new eyeliner and a few other bits. The NYC Expert last nail varnish range is designed with a formula that is meant to give a hard, chip resistant covering, a smooth finish and is apparently enriched with iron and calcium. It comes in a slightly tapered bottle with a wider round lid then that of the bottles base, the size and shape of the lid makes it comfortable to hold while applying the varnish and the "precision brush" is designed to make application easy, though personally I didn't find it much different to other nail varnish brushes. The range features a wide selection of colours ...

NYC Eye Pencil 06/09/2012

Sometimes you really do get what you pay for.

NYC Eye Pencil I'm not much of a glamour queen and like to keep my make-up quite natural looking but being a glasses wearer I like to wear an eye liner, as well as eye shadow and mascara, so my eye's don't get lost behind the lenses. I've tried liquid eye liners but just don't get on with them so I like to stick to traditional pencil eyeliners. When my favourite Maybelline eye pencil was reaching it's end I decided to try the NYC eye pencil having used other NYC products and been happy with them and at £1.99 it didn't seem like too much to spend if it didn't work out. The NYC eye pencil comes in a range of colours including the dark brown, sable, navy and white, they also do a glittery pencil version though I can imagine that would be awkward to draw on! The same length as a regular. every day drawing pencil with a comfortable round shape, the pencil's outer colour matches that of the prduct you would actually be applying to your eyes, a handy little idea that means you're not grabbing the wrong colour by accident. It also comes with a plastic cap so you can cover the end of the pencil meaning it wont get dirty, considering it goes so close to your eyes you want to keep it as hygenic as possible. When it came to applying the eye pencil I wasn't impressed, you can use it for eye lining or on your brows but I found it was just too hard, most liners I've used have been quite soft and comfortable to apply but this one needed a lot of pressure and didn't produce much depth in the colour, ...

Chicco Cheeky Ones Teether 31/08/2012

Cheeky Cheeky

Chicco Cheeky Ones Teether Out and about shopping for treats for my older kiddies one day after good school reports I felt a pang of guilt, little Alexander at the tender age of 5 months never seemed to get any treats....not that he noticed but it made me feel bad, browsing the baby toys I only wanted to get him something a little cheap and cheerful which is when the Chicco Cheeky Ones teether caught my eye, he'd been teething for a while now so it might help with his pain and the teether was bright and eye catching so it seemed the perfect choice. The Chicco Cheeky Ones teether is loosely "man" shaped, the blue plastic handle forming his body, chewy green feet at the bottom, a round yellow smily face with googly eyes and chewy red "hair", it's basic in it's design, simple but effective. The space in the teether's body is perfect for little hands to grip making it easy to hold and get a good bite on, the chewy sections of the feet and hair are not so spongy that they don't really give any relief to teething pain but tough enough that little one is not going to bite through them, with the added extra of the hair being able to be twisted round with an internal mechanism spinning the googly eye's into different positions. My little boy absoltely adores this teether, he has plenty of other toys and things to chew on but his eye's light up when he's see's this one and he reaches out immediately for it, he has always been able to hold it on his own as it is nice and light weight and easy to manage. In ...

Red Kite Spiraloo Twisty Toy 27/08/2012

Twist little tiger, squeak little bear!

Red Kite Spiraloo Twisty Toy Taking little ones out and about shopping can be a bit frustrating if they get bored, there's nothing worse then battling through crowds while your child is upset all while trying to remember all the things you went to the shops for in the first place, luckily there is a wide range of pram and buggy toys available to try and keep them entertained, as well as a few buggy books and a jingly glow bug my little boy has a Spiraloo Twisty Toy across the front bar of his buggy which helps distract him while we're out and about. The Spiraloo Twisty Toy is made by Red Kite, a company who makes a wide range of baby and child items which are generally a little more affordable then big name brands, as well as the current Tiger design there is also a bug themed Spiraloo toy. The Spiraloo is a stuffed fabic spiral which is designed to twist around the bars of buggies and car seats, it is brightly coloured in design, a large cuddly tiger head is at one end while there are various characters dangling at intervals off of the main spiral. Each of the characters has a different feature, like the squeaky bear who looks like an indian, the small flower like mirror or the crackly bird, all designed to stimute little ones senses, each of them is on a length of fabric long enough for little one to grab and pull at. allowing them a good look and feel of each piece. The toy is made from soft fabric in a wide range of vivid colours, there are slight differences in texture on the different pieces ...

Magnetic Dressing Up Princesses - Nat Lambert 11/06/2012

Paper dolls get a modern update!

Magnetic Dressing Up Princesses - Nat Lambert "It's the evening of the magical Enchanted Ball and nine beautiful princesses need your help! They are so busy having fun that they don't have time to choose what to wear!" ...... and it's your mission to dress each princess with some of the many items of clothing or accessories ready for their night out! The Magnetic Dressing Up Princesses book reminds me of the old school style of paper dolls books, where you used to pop out a picture of a girl and then fold the paper items of clothes around her creating lots of different looks, however with more modern twist the princesses are illustrated on seperate pages and the clothes and accessories are small, thin magnets which stick to each page. There are 9 princesses in total, 1 per page, each with a different theme including Fairy Tale, Medieval, Rainbow, Hawaiian, Egyptian, Snow etc....and each comes with a description of the clothes they like to wear. There are over 50 magnetic pieces which are kept in a small compartment at the top of the book, these include skirts, tops, shoes, crowns, accessories etc.... in a wide range of designs and colours Apart from the initial introduction and the description on each page there is no real story to the book which can be taken one of 2 ways, if you want a nice story book to sit and read alongside the creating fashions part then this will be a let down however if you're happy just creating the designs and making up your own stories then this is a great book, it gives your little one ...

DKL Hama Beads Hans Christian Andersen Kit 29/05/2012

There once was an ugly duckling with feathers all plastic and melted!

DKL Hama Beads Hans Christian Andersen Kit When I was younger my sisters and I would spend hours creating pictures with Hama beads, we had quite a collection of coloured beads and pegs boards and we'd see who could make the most unusual designs, I won that competition with my Sporty Spice, anyway many years on I have a daughter of my own and have introduced her to the Hama Beads range, we still had a vast collection of our original beads and boards but also bought her some kits of her own, she recieved the Hans Christian Andersen kit recently as a gift from a friend for her birthday. Hama Beads are basically small plastic cylinder shaped beads that come in a wide range of colours as well as glow in the dark ones, glittery ones.....all colours you could possibly imagine and more! The idea of them is to create a design on one of the white peg boards by placing each bead over a small white spike, board shapes include squares, hearts, octagons etc....of various sizes and you can create all sorts of designs by either following a guide book or free styling. Once your design is complete you use the special paper (or some greaseproof cooking paoer) to cover the design and iron over it melting the beads and fixing them into your design. The Hans Christian Anderson kit comes with a square peg board, 8 stands, an instruction book and guide sheet, 1 sheet of ironing paper, a spool of cotton, a hoop to create a small mobile and 4000 beads in a range of colours including red, yellow, blue, white, grey, black, green, brown and pink. ...

Disney Dumbo Comforter Blankie 25/05/2012

Soft,snuggable and apparently tasty too! A great comforter from Disney

Disney Dumbo Comforter Blankie When I was a child I wouldn't go to sleep without my Popple, a cuddly 80's cartoon toy, my eldest son stills cuddles his "Ted E Bear" , my daughter has her cuddly "catty" and a furry pillow and my 2nd son has "Onkey" "Smoochy" and "Boo Boo" 3 matching cuddly blue Russ donkeys initially bought to swap and change for washing purposes but he was too smart and knew they were different.....comfort items are important to little ones and can soothe them when mummy or daddy aren't immediately there. When I found out I was expecting my 3rd little boy I decided to buy 2 of whatever comfort toy he was going to end up with, our search for 3 identical donkeys for Jack had been long and expensive so this time I was going to go for 2 at the same time, that way if one gets lost or needs washing there's a spare, on a standard stroll round the disney store I ventured across to their baby wear section, an area I usually avoid because the clothes is gorgeous but expensive, and saw the Dumbo comforters, I've always loved Dumbo and with it available in pink or blue versions I found myself unable to resist and bought my sons first comforter. The Dumbo comforters are wonderfully soft cuddly toys, suitable from birth to 100 years and more if you so desire, made up of a standard stuffed toy style head of Dumbo the baby elephant from the famous Disney movie. Dumbos body section is replaced by a triangular shaped fabric section that has two arms at the sides and ends in 2 handkerchief knot style ...

Spin Master Zoobles Spring to Life Hairdoobles Collection 20/05/2012

Bunny-Dooble our Hairdooble Zooble

Spin Master Zoobles Spring to Life Hairdoobles Collection My little girl is constantly coming home from school with "swapsies" her hair clips gone in place of a friends alice band or ribbons temporarily traded for a toy of some sort, one such swapsie was for a Zooble, a toy I'd seen advertised but never actually seen in person, she was absolutely in love with it and was immediately asking to write it on her Christmas list....despite it only being March! I knew I would soon have a parents evening with her teacher and always treat the kiddies to a reward if they get a good report so I headed out and bought a Zooble of her very own, fortunately for her she had been a star pupil and I was more then happy to let her have her treat. Zoobles in essence are strange little plastic balls around the size of a gobstopper that, when you put them against metal a magnet in their bottoms makes them unfold and pop out, like a very basic, slightly psycadelic, odd looking animal transformer. They have eyes and limbs, some have ears, others have beaks, they're always brightly coloured and usually decorated in some kind of pattern, the Zooble my daughter had originally bought home was bright yellow with a strange green tribal pattern and looked like a bird but the range in styles is vast. The Zooble I purchased was from the Hairdoobles range, the same size and style as a regular Zooble but with accessories, I was given 3 options in the shop, one was green so I immediately ruled it out but there was also a purple elephant and a pink bunny, as cute as the ...

Lego Friends 3065: Olivia's Tree House 20/05/2012

Time for a get together at Olivia's Tree House

Lego Friends 3065: Olivia's Tree House My little girl recently recieved 3 Lego Friends kits for her birthday including this, the outdoor bakery and the splash pool kits, after finishing the first 2 small kits with ease she was eager to get started on this more complicated set. The Lego Friends range is relatively new and primarily aimed at little girls, with lots of cute female characters and sets like doctors, teachers, vets, pop star stage etc.... the Lego Friends seem very fun, social and career based something that seems to appeal to my daughter but isn't solely restricted to girls, there's at least one male character I've seen and boys can play with the sets just as much as girls can. The range is slightly more detailed then regular Lego with the figures, which include animals, much more sculpted then standard Lego figures. Olivia's Tree House kit comes in a purple card box featuring pictures of the completed set and the 191 individual pieces are split into clear plastic bags which are numbered based on what stage of the construction process they're needed, you also get a helpful colour guide book which shows you step by step how to put the tree house and accessories together. Unfortunately my daughter was a bit eager and ripped open all the bags before looking at the guide book so to make things a bit easier we set the pieces out in groups so she could select the pieces she needed as she went along. The set is aimed at 5-12 year olds and I wouldn't say that's far wrong, my daughter is 6 and made an ...

Lego Friends 3930: Stephanie's Outdoor Bakery 16/05/2012

A friend to last generations!

Lego Friends 3930: Stephanie's Outdoor Bakery From the moment my little girl saw the Lego Friends range advertised she's nagged me for it, her brothers have bucket loads of standard Lego and are always recieving sets as presents and as much as she enjoyed playing with it there wasn't quite the same appeal for her, she's every inch a pink princess so rocket ships, pirate boats and police cars aren't her thing. When family started asking what to get for her recent birthday I specifically mentioned Lego Friends sets as I always like to make sure my little ones get something they've asked for on their special days and though I'd purchased one small set for her myself I thought a few more sets would make the playing experience better. Lego of course is a very well known brand of building bricks that has around for generations, I played with Lego as a child and still have some vintage Lego left from my childhood, it's a basic but excellent quality toy. There have been many themed ranges over the years but for the most part these have been more male orientated then female, the Lego Friends is specifically geared towards girls with themes like bakeries, dog shows, school etc....and all in typically girly colours like pink and purple. There are a range of characters that go along with the set, mostly different females and most of them with their own career, Stephanie for example is a baker but there is also a doctor, teacher, well as a few characters is standard day clothes and from what I've seen there's even a ...

Mattel Barbie Fashionistas in the Spotlight Glam Doll 16/05/2012

Wanna be a fashionista!

Mattel Barbie Fashionistas in the Spotlight Glam Doll Having a little girl who loves all things pink and pretty it's inevitable that one of the toys she'll enjoy playing with will be Barbies and other fashion dolls, usually Barbies are quite expensive but when I saw this particular doll at a bargain price and a few weeks before my little girls birthday I simply couldn't resist. Barbie is a long running and very popular fashion doll range by Mattel, the Fashionista range is one of the more recent branches of the doll line focussing on glamorous and fashionable clothes and styles. In the "In The Spotlight" singing doll range there are 3 options, there's "Cute" who has pink hair, "Sassy" who's a brunette and then there's the doll my daughter has "Glam" who's the traditional Barbie style with blonde hair, each doll comes with a microphone stand accessory and has a push button which sets off a small song and flashing lights on the dolls torso, most of the other Fasionista dolls are basic fashion dolls unlike the 3 from the "In the spotlight" range. Glam Barbie is a lovely quality doll as all Barbies tend to be, because of the popstar image she has and the idea that she's obviously meant to be played with as a performer she not only has moveable arms, legs and head but she also has articulated elbows, wrists, knees and ankles allowing you to put her in different poses and make her look like she's dancing or modeling. She has the traditional pretty Barbie face which is made up with sparkly eye shadow and lipstick and she has beautiful ...

Hasbro My Little Pony Puzzle Book 15/05/2012

Fun but frustrating!

Hasbro My Little Pony Puzzle Book My little girl has always been a fan of the My Little Pony toy range, with a little influence from her 1980's mummy of course, and with her also being a big fan of puzzles these books seemed like a great idea for her, so we purchased one of the puzzle books for her one Christmas, which was closely followed by another of a different design from a relative. The My Little Pony puzzle books are licensed by Hasbro who own the range and published by Phidal, a publisher I've not heard of until buying the books. They are large square hardback books with hard pages which contain each puzzle, the front page is slightly padded and works like a frame to the very first puzzle page. There are 5 puzzles in total starting from 12 pieces and each puzzle has a colour coded back so if all the puzzles are taken out at once and mixed up you can seperate them again easily. There are 2 different designs of the My Little Pony puzzle book available, one with a deep pink cover featuring a yellow pony and one with a light pink cover featuring a white pony. The 4 puzzles, after the one on the first page, are each on the right hand side of the 2 pages as the book lies open, within a slightly shallow section of the book which works like a frame designed to hold the pieces in, under each puzzle is the exact same image the puzzle creates making it easy for little ones to see what picture they need to create, a great little feature for the youngest puzzle makers who may find fitting some pieces tricky. ...

Ladybird Maisie Cot 15/05/2012

Baby will sleep soundly in Maisie night and day-sie!

Ladybird Maisie Cot Having had my 4th child recently I found myself faced with a dilemma, though he started out a tiny little bundle he grew quickly and was soon bumping into the sides of his swinging crib which would wake him up in turn disturbing myself and my other children frequently in the night, I did not want to co-sleep with him in my bed, obviously couldn't keep him in his crib much longer but putting up our cot bed would mean putting him in a seperate room with his brothers as there was not enough space in my room....not an ideal option considering the eldest spends each night fidgeting and wimpering thanks to excema and my 3 year old is more then likely to either climb into the cot alongside the baby or kindly fill it up with toys for him to play with, so I found myself looking for a standard cot that I could squeeze my room in with me. Being on a tight budget considering he is my 4th (and final) child I decided to go with the Ladybird Maisie cot. The Maisie cot is a pine framed cot with slat sides and ends and a basic hard board base, it has 3 height levels for the base meaning that you can have your little one on the highest level when they're tiny but lower it down as they grow and become more mobile, the sides are fixed rather then "drop side" they have teething covers on the rails and with measurements of 124x66x92cm it is fair enough sized for a little one to grow, in fact I'd say you could easily go from birth up to 2 years old or more as long as your child is happy with the ...

Bright Starts Savanna Dreams Bouncer Chair 11/05/2012

Bounce Bounce Baby

Bright Starts Savanna Dreams Bouncer Chair Having already had 3 children I thought i would have all the equiptment I'd need for when my 4th made his arrival, unfortunately when digging all the old baby items out of the loft we discovered that our bouncer chair had become discoloured and had some rust damage so I decided to look for a nice new bouncer to replace it, I didn't want anything too fussy or bulky and the Bright Starts Savanna Dreams bouncer seemed perfect. The bouncer chair comes in several sections in a box alongside a ridiculous amount of instructions for such a simple item, the frame clicks together easily and the joints are hidden by rubber grip feet which stop the chair slipping around on wood/laminate flooring, there is a small unit that fixes onto the front of the frame which when fitted with C type batteries and switched on sends gentle soothing vibrations through the chair. The padded toy bar fits into two obvious slots either side of the chair, it is designed for the bar to only fit in one way and it will not fully fit into the slot if inserted the wrong way round, the bar itself features 3 dangling toys, a liquid filled aqua spiral, a sweet orange coloured giraffe and a clear plastic star filled with small plastic balls, these are designed to work as teethers but most babies at an age where the char would be used most wont be able to sit at the correct angle to actually chew on them, they are also fixed in place on the bar so you cannot take them off to move their positions or let little one ...

O'Baby 2 in 1 Walker 06/09/2009

Rocking & Rolling

O'Baby 2 in 1 Walker Having 2 children already meant that when I was expecting my third child I already had most of the equipment I would need for him, cots, prams, baths etc…… but I was determined to have a few things that would be new, just for him and so I started looking into purchasing a new baby walker, that way our old one could stay at my mums house and he would always have something to play with while we were there but he could have the nice new one in our own home. I’ve never really been a fan of the stand and push along style walkers having seen far too many little ones fall and hurt themselves so specifically set out to find a sit in walker, when I saw the Obaby 2 in 1 walker I knew it was the one for me. The Obaby 2 in 1 walker is a baby rocker and a baby walker in one, available in pink, blue and yellow there’s one for whatever gender you have, we chose the yellow as at the time we were unsure as to the sex of our baby, it also means that we will be able to use it again in future should we chose to try for a baby 4. While quite bulky in size, as most sit in walkers are, it collapses down making it a little easier to store away, this feature also allows the walker to have several different height levels which is perfect for growing babies as it doesn’t restrict their leg movement as they get taller. Despite the size of the walker it’s lightweight enough to make moving it easy for mummy or daddy, when putting it away, or for baby when they’re pushing it along. When the walker ...
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