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Olay Olay Essentials Complete Care Plus Multiradiance Moisturising Lotion SPF15 15/03/2013

Radiance in a bottle!

Olay Olay Essentials Complete Care Plus Multiradiance Moisturising Lotion SPF15 Like many others, I am currently doing a trial of Olay Multi-Radiance moisturising lotion, which I was sent by website Supersavvyme. I was interested to try this, as despite my love of beauty products, I have not really had much experience of the Olay brand. The multi-radiance lotion comes in two varieties – normal/oily and normal/dry. I was sent normal/oily but I think normal/dry would probably have suited me better as my skin does tend to get dry quite quickly. I was still happy to try this out though, only recently I mentioned in another review that I have often found that even if a product is not designed for my skin type it will still work for me. The lotion contains SPF15 which is a positive thing as we all know how important it is to protect the skin from the sun, but I have to say I have found that most moisturisers containing SPF can leave my skin looking greasy so that was one concern I had prior to using this. The lotion comes presented in a box. Most of the info on the box is also printed onto the bottle, so to some extent I think the box is unnecessary, but at least it is easily recycled. The bottle itself is white with accents of pale gold and I think it looks quite nice. It has a pump dispenser which can be twisted to lock shut, so handy if you’re carrying it around. The only negative point with the packaging is that I have found the pump will get clogged sometimes, so when I dispense the lotion I get a yucky jelly-like lump of lotion with it! The lotion is ...

Yankee Candle Coastal Waters Wax Tart 11/03/2013

My new favourite Yankee fragrance!

Yankee Candle Coastal Waters Wax Tart My sister bought me a Yankee Candle Coastal Waters wax tart for Christmas. I'm not sure how but I had previously overlooked this fragrance. I think it might be because there are a lot of seaside or ocean type fragrances available from Yankee and as I try a lot of the fragrances I sometimes get confused as to which is which! I'm glad I finally got the chance to use this one though, as it would have been a real shame to have missed out on it. Coastal Waters is a sort of cornflower blue colour with a picture of waves crashing against rocks. I have seen that in some places online the candle appears a much brighter blue than the one I have and this can happen sometimes because of the natural ingredients used. The official description of this scent is as follows: 'Clean and bracing. . . the rush of cool ocean spray from the breaking surf clears the mind and refreshes the soul.' I was expecting a sort of fresh 'ocean' scent from this, but my first impression was that it had more of a clean laundry fragrance than anything else. My all time favourite Yankee Candle was Sunwashed Linen (that is going back quite a number of years now!) and this fragrance reminded me a lot of that. I'd describe it as being a stronger version of Yankee's Clean Cotton scent with a hint of green leafy notes. That said it also has a hint of a 'sea like' fragrance to it and I can see where the coastal waters name comes from. I'm not sure if my description here has been much help - as you might notice I'm ...

Daisy Thick Bleach Original 10/03/2013

Runny but still effective!

Daisy Thick Bleach Original Daisy is a budget cleaning brand sold by Tesco. I have tried quite a few products from this range so far and been impressed with the performance of them, so I thought I would also give their thick bleach a try. The Daisy thick bleach comes in a navy blue bottle featuring the daisy logo and has a red child proof cap. It's quite basic looking and unlike the more expensive brands it only comes in one variety, which I guess is 'original' since it doesn't claim to smell of anything in particular. This product claims to effectively kill germs, remove stains and leave a fresh perfume and is suitable for use in septic tanks. Of course bleach has a wide variety of uses, but I mainly use it for cleaning the toilets. I also pour it down the plug holes to keep them cleanand germ free. I've never used this product to mop, as I have other products for this purpose. Prior to using this bleach I was using ASDA's Arctic Blast thick bleach which is quite a thick consistency. I remember when I came to use this one for the first time, I tipped the bottle upside down to squirt it into the toilet and because the bleach was far runnier than I anticipated, it poured out of the bottle without me even applying any pressure and ended up all over my hand! Thankfully after thoroughly rinsing my skin there was no lasting damage, but my first impressions of this bleach were not good! The bleach is completely clear in colour. I prefer one with a yellowy tinge as I can see clearly where it has been ...

Carex Handwash Strawberry Laces 09/03/2013

Sweet memories of childhood sweets!

Carex Handwash Strawberry Laces I wrote a while ago about the amazing Carex Chocolate Orange hand wash I bought, so thought now would be a good time to tell you about the Strawberry Laces version which I bought at the same time. Both products are from the Carex family favourites range, which is aimed at kids, but equally loved by grown ups! The hand wash comes in a clear bottle through which you can see the bright pink liquid. The bottle is squarish but sturdy and doesn't topple over when the dispenser is pressed. The dispenser is easy to press and I don't find that it drips. Carex claim that this product will kill 99.9% of bacteria which is a plus point and although it is a hard claim to prove, it is one that will no doubt reassure many people. It also states that it is dermatologically tested and of course suitable for all of the family. The best thing about this product is the smell. I don't know how they've done it, but Carex have managed to capture the scent of strawberry laces perfectly. It is strange that they can get such a specific scent - it's definitely not just strawberry, it is clearly identifiable as strawberry laces. It's a lovely sweet, fruity scent that does take you right back to childhood! It suggests on the bottle that you should use two pumps of this at a time, although I have to say I usually find just one to be efficient. The hand wash is a fairly thick pink gel and when applied to wet skin it creates a thick white soapy layer on the hands but is not really bubbly as such. It ...

Wilkinson Fruity Lemon Shower Cream 08/03/2013

A rival for Original Source!

Wilkinson Fruity Lemon Shower Cream I have recently been using the Wilko Fruity Lemon Shower Cream which my sister bought for me. I have used quite a few products from the Wilko Fruity range so far and liked the majority of them, so was quite excited to try this. Funnily enough not long before she bought it for me I had been looking at it and the only reason I didn't buy it, was that I had quite a lot of other bath and shower products already in the house at the time. The shower cream comes in a clear tube with a yellow and lime green label and it sits on a black flip top lid. I think the packaging is quite nice. It's cheerful and although it doesn't particularly look special or premium, I think it could pass for being a few pounds more than it actually costs. The shower cream contains lemon and green tea extract. It claims to cleanse and moisturise the skin and states that the lemon and green tea combo will leave you 'feeling zesty and zingy'. Well that sounds good to me, I mean who doesn't want to feel zesty?! The flip top lid of the product is easily opened, even with wet hands and it only takes a gentle squeeze to dispense the fairly thick, bright yellow shower cream. Other than the gorgeous bright colour, I think the thing you will first notice is the scent. It smells absolutely amazing. I can't smell green tea in it at all, it is just like freshly squeezed lemons - it's so zesty and so fruity, I absolutely adore it - but then I have always been a big fan of citrussy fragrances. I would say that in ...

Avon Far Away Shimmering Body Powder 06/03/2013

Could do with a few more sparkles!

Avon Far Away Shimmering Body Powder I received a tub of Avon's Far Away Shimmering Body Powder for Christmas not last year but the year before. Thankfully it has a shelf life of twenty four months because it is not the sort of product I would use every day and indeed I only tend to apply it if I'm going out somewhere - and that's only if I remember! This product is essentially talcum powder which has a very fine shimmer added to it to give the skin a bit of a glow. It is part of the Far Away range which includes a perfume (Avon's best selling I believe), a 'skin softener' (body lotion to you and me), shower gel and a body spray. This is ideal if you are someone who likes to layer scents. I have used the perfume myself from this range, but don't currently have it as my last bottle was used up some time ago. The shimmer powder comes in a plastic tub with a cream, black and gold colour scheme and has a pink and gold tassel on the front, which is in keeping with the perfume bottle. The tub twists open and there is one large opening to pour the talc out and one opening with small holes like a pepper shaker to sprinkle the talc out. My preferred way is to sprinkle it out as that way I don't end up shaking out more powder than I need. The scent of the talc is beautiful and is an identical match to the perfume. I know from having read many reviews of the perfume over the years that it is not everyone's cup of tea but I love it. It is quite an exotic scent, slightly spicy, very oriental, with a woody base and a ...

Daisy Pink Grapefruit Antibacterial Wipes 05/03/2013

Fresh as a daisy!

Daisy Pink Grapefruit Antibacterial Wipes I mostly buy cleaning sprays and a packet of cloths to do my cleaning as I find that it works out cheaper to do this in the long run, however I do keep a packet of cleaning wipes in the house as well as I find them really convenient. The wipes I am using at the moment are from the Daisy range at Tesco. I have tried a few cleaning products from this range and found them mostly to be decent for a budget range. I bought these wipes when they were on special offer and believe I paid around 60p for a pack, down from the usual price of 75p. As you can see, even at full price these are very cheap, I would usually expect to pay £1 upwards for a packet of wipes of this sort. The wipes are housed in a very bright pink packet with a picture of a daisy on the front. It's incredibly bright, but I don't think the appearance of the packaging matters too much with this sort of product. The wipes seal with a sticky tab, I am about two thirds of the way through a pack and the tab is still sticky so hopefully the stickiness will last to prevent the wipes drying out. These wipes are described on the pack as being multi-action anti-bacterial wipes. They claim to kill 99.9% of bacteria including e.coli, listeria, salmonella, MRSA and C difficile and give surfaces up to 12 hours protection. Obviously without the aid of a microscope I am never going to be able to confirm if this is the case, but for those paranoid about germs this will no doubt be reassuring. Each pack contains 40 large wipes or ...

TCP Liquid Antiseptic Original 04/03/2013

It's effective...but it stinks!!

TCP Liquid Antiseptic Original Savlon or Germolene tend to be my antiseptic products of choice, failing that any other antiseptic cream will do, branded or not. TCP however, is right down at the bottom of the list for me, as quite frankly the smell of it makes me feel ill. Recently I had a bit of an accident (and sorry to anyone who is squeamish like me) but ended up ripping the majority of my thumb nail off - not just the tip, a fair bit of the nail. Not only did it hurt but it bled for quite some time and frankly began to look rather disgusting. I put a plaster on it but that came off when I had a shower and I could see bits of fluff and all sorts gathering in the cut, so knew I had to clean it. Unfortunately we were out of Savlon as my husband likes to slap it on like it's going out of fashion. The only antiseptic I could find in the house was a bottle of TCP (again something my husband is responsible for, I would never have purchased this evil smelling stuff) so that was my only choice. TCP is a liquid antiseptic which 'soothes pain and fights infection' according to the bottle. It is suitable for sore throats, mouth ulcers, cuts, grazes, bites, stings and spots. It comes in one of those scary looking brown glass bottles which remind me of Victorian pharmacies for some reason. The look of the bottle alone terrifies me! How you use TCP depends on why you are using it. For sore throats you should dilute it with five parts water and gargle twice a day. I doubt I will ever try this as I feel queasy ...

Yankee Candle Paradise Spice Wax Tart 03/03/2013

Banana and Spice!

Yankee Candle Paradise Spice Wax Tart Earlier in the week I tried out the Paradise Spice Yankee Candle tart. This is one of the newest fragrances from Yankee Candle and was purchased for me by my husband. I had been meaning to burn this one for a while as it smelled so lovely in the wrapper, but have only just got round to it this week as I had a cold until recently and my sense of smell wasn't great! Firstly for those not familiar with the Yankee brand I will explain what a wax tart is. Basically, it is a round disc of wax which should be melted in a burner, so not like a traditional candle with a wick. The burners tend to cost from £5 upwards and are similar to oil burners although usually have a bigger bowl to accommodate the melted wax. If this doesn't sound like your thing you can still buy tealights, votives and glass jar candles in this same fragrance and I will list the burn times and prices for each at the bottom of this review. The Paradise Spice wax tart is a nice neutral cream colour. The label is not too clear to me but appears to show oranges, star anise and banana slices. The official description of this fragrance is 'An exotic island treasure...perfectly ripe banana and creamy vanilla, unexpectedly spiced with prized cinnamon and cloves'. I would never have chosen this if I had just read the name because I don't like spicy fragrances as a rule. It has to be said however that this candle has so much more to it, scent-wise. Rather than smelling spicy, the first aroma I can detect is a fruity ...

Lenor Pure Care Orange Blossom 01/03/2013

Pure and Lovely

Lenor Pure Care Orange Blossom I bought this Lenor fabric conditioner after spotting it on offer in Tesco for the amazing price of just 50p. Earlier that day I had seen the same sized bottle in the pound shop and thought it was good value even then, so 50p was brilliant value, I just can't understand why I didn't buy several whilst it was on offer at that price! The fabric softener I bought was in a 500ml size which gives 14 washes, but a larger size giving 21 washes is also available. The fabric conditioner is presented in a clear bottle with a screw top cap which doubles as a dosing device. I like the packaging, the pale peach coloured liquid visible through the bottle and the pale colouring of the label gives an overall pleasant appearance. The bottle states that this product is part of the Pure Care range and is dermatologically tested which is always good to know as myself and my husband have eczema. It promises 'Pure Gentleness next to skin' and also states that it contains a fibre smoothing ingredient. One of the most important things for me when purchasing fabric conditioner is that it has a nice smell. This one is orange blossom scented and it smells lovely. As well as the orange blossom scent there is a sort of sugary-ness to the fragrance. I don't usually like things that smell overly sweet but this is really nice - and not too feminine as some fabric softeners can be. A dosing guide is supplied on the back of the bottle, I usually put about 2/3 of a cap in each wash which I find sufficient. ...

Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment 28/02/2013

Heal your hair!

Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment I believe I have mentioned Macadamia Oil in a few previous reviews and it is a product I have been meaning to review for quite some time. I've been using the Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment for around a year and a half. I was first introduced to it when I received a 10ml bottle in a beauty box and I liked it so much I have been using it ever since. Macadamia oil is described on the bottle as being a 'Healing oil treatment' for the hair. It is a natural oil blend the main ingredients being macadamia oil and argan oil. It is suitable for all hair types, but people with dry or damaged hair will see the most benefits. The idea of this treatment is that it will deeply nourish the hair leaving it 'ultra smooth and manageable'. Having checked the website I can see it also claims to give natural UV protection to extend the life of hair colour and reduce drying time by 40-50 percent. I will say now that this is the first I knew of either of these claims and I can't say I have noticed either - especially not the drying times which is a shame as having thick hair it takes an age to dry naturally! The product comes in four different sizes and the packaging will vary depending on which size you choose. As I got the 10ml bottle in my beauty box, I decided to continue with this size as I found the small size convenient to take with me and because only a few drops are needed this size lasts me literally months. The 10ml is a small brown glass bottle with a screw top lid. There is a 30ml ...

Joy-rides Travel Sickness 27/02/2013

The joy of not having travel sickness!

Joy-rides Travel Sickness I have suffered from travel sickness for quite a while, but have managed to control it by eating before travelling and taking a Boots Travel Calm tablet before a long journey. Prior to my last holiday, I realised I had run out of my trusted Travel Calm tablets so headed to Boots to get some more. The pharmacist I spoke to said they were having trouble getting the Travel Calms but she had something 'exactly the same' so I said I'd take them without querying any further. I admit, I presumed that they would just be the branded version (whatever that is) of the Boots tablets. When I got home and took these out of the bag, I was surprised to see they were called Joy Rides. I'm sure this probably says something about how my mind works, but my immediate thought was that she'd sold me a box of condoms! Even now, I still don't like the name joy rides, I feel it's a bit of an odd name, but at least it's memorable! Joy Rides are travel sickness tablets suitable for both adults and children over three years of age. Each box contains 12 tablets - two strips of six. The active ingredient is Hyoscine Hydrobromide 150mg and they also contain mannitol, erythrosine (e127), povidone, raspberry flavour, microcrystalline cellulose and magnesium stearate. All relevant warnings are given on the pack - do not take if you have had allergic reactions to hyoscine or other ingredients, talk to your doctor if you are pregnant etc... As these are an over the counter medicine, check any concerns with the ...

Montagne Jeunesse Face Food Dead Sea Mineral Mud Cleansing Face Masque 26/02/2013

You don't need to spend a fortune to 'sea' results!

Montagne Jeunesse Face Food Dead Sea Mineral Mud Cleansing Face Masque Not so long ago I wrote a review of the Face Food Walnut and Avocado mask and gushed about how brilliant I thought it was. I was therefore really looking forward to try this dead sea minerals mask from the same range. You may or may not be aware of the Montagne Jeunesse range of face masks which are sold in individual sachets. Face Food is Montagne Jeunesse's budget range, which was formerly named Chantelle. Two masks cost just 70p which is an amazing bargain - I don't know anywhere else that you can buy face masks for the equivalent of just 35p each! Of course at that price you may not particularly expect anything wonderful from them, but having already tried (and loved) the walnut and avocado version, I had high hopes for this. The masks come in sachets and the two sachets are joined together (note: they come as a duo, you can't purchase individually). There is a perforation separating the two masks and instructions are printed onto both sachets. The sachets also have a notch on each side making them easy to open without the need for scissors. These particular masks contain seaweed and aloe vera. They say that the sea salts and natural clay will help to draw out impurities and hydrate the skin. They are approved by the vegetarian society as well as BAUV approved. To use, you simply apply the mask to cleansed skin, leave for 10-15 minutes and then rinse. The mask is a turquoise colour and quite thick in consistency. It smoothes onto the skin very easily and feels very ...

MUA lip boom 25/02/2013

Less of a boom, more of a fizzle...

MUA lip boom My sister bought me the MUA Lip Boom, as it was a product I had mentioned I wanted to try. This product from the successful budget make-up brand MUA (make up academy) is a lipstick and gloss in one which, according to the packet can be worn in four different ways - but more on that later! The product is endorsed by X Factor winner Alexandra Burke and a picture of Alex is shown on the card which this product comes on. This endorsement does suggest to me that it is a product designed for teenagers and perhaps younger women, and being in my late twenties, I'm not sure I really fall into that category. The product itself is double ended with one side being a lipstick, the other being a 'highlighting gloss'. Like the standard MUA lipsticks from the £1 collection, the base of the lipstick end screws off, to give a small pot of lipstick which can be applied with a brush. I find this a bit of a strange addition in all honesty, but I suppose it means you are getting a bit of extra product for your money. According to the MUA website there are eight shades available, however my local Superdrug store only ever has two or three maximum and even the MUA website only has five of the eight shades in stock currently. I had to laugh that one of the shades is called '', a phrase I remember Alexandra being ridiculed for using when she was a stand in judge on the X Factor, and proving she can laugh at herself. The shade I have is called 'Cheeky' and is a light pink lipstick with a ...

L'Oreal Elvive Nutri-Gloss conditioner 24/02/2013

No mirror shine, but still a good product

L'Oreal Elvive Nutri-Gloss conditioner I have recently been using the L'Oreal Elvive Nutri-Gloss conditioner alongside the matching shampoo. These are products I have used many times before and I buy them because although they are not perfect and they are not the most special shampoo and conditioner, they tend to be reasonably priced and I know they suit my hair type. The conditioner comes in a pale pink bottle, similar to that of the shampoo. The bottle has accents of silver and opens from the base which aids in getting the last dregs out. The packaging is OK in my opinion, although I have to say it is perhaps a little overly pink! The conditioner is for mid-long dull hair. It contains pearl proteins and promises 'mirror shine, cashmere touch'. My hair is long and thick and unfortunately I think dull is also a pretty good description! Another issue I have is that it is dry on the ends and gets greasy towards the roots. To use, I shampoo my hair and then run this product through the lengths of my hair. The conditioner is a pale pink colour and is quite shiny looking. It's a nice consistency - I use a deep conditioner on my hair once a week, so I don't like my daily conditioner to be too thick as it weighs down my hair. This one goes through the hair easily. I find the conditioner to have a nice fragrance, although not quite as nice as the shampoo. The shampoo has a fresh, clean smell to it, whereas the conditioner smells a bit more flowery to me. It's a light fragrance though and doesn't linger in my hair ...
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