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Ultrasonex Phaser Toothbrush 09/02/2006

faulty product

Ultrasonex Phaser Toothbrush I bought the full set costing £160 plus. The first brush lasted 10 months and then it wouldn't switch on. I returned it to Argos and obtained a replacement under guarantee. The second one has developed the same fault just after the guarantee ran out ! This must be more than an unfortunate co-incidence that I have got 2 faulty ones in a row. When it works it does the job perfectly, but should last longer than 13 months. Not a cheap product, very disappointed overall. I think that some improvement should be made in the manufacturing of the product. A good system when it works, very easy on sensetive gums.I would be pleased to hear from anyone who has had a similar experience with operating reliability. ...
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