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Vicks Inhaler 28/11/2011

ahh, thats better!

Vicks Inhaler When I get a cold I almost always get a stuffy or blocked nose. Sometimes it's one nostril but often it's both and I really really hate having a blocked nose. I have asthma as well, so I hardly need any more difficulty breathing lol. I find that the powders, pills etc. for coughs and colds never really do anything for my nose, so when I came across the Vicks inhaler I thought I'd give it a go. Vicks is a household name, I have memories of my gran rubbing Vicks vaporub on my chest when I was little with a terrible cold. It's a brand that I know and trust. I was a bit sceptical at first because it is readily available in shops rather than from the chemist, but it was worth a try. The inhaler is available at most chemists and supermarkets, priced around £2. It will work until it runs out basically. It is suitable for adults and children over the age of six years (must not be given to children under 6) and contains 0.5ml of medication. The other ingredients are Siberian pine needle oil (10mg), menthol (125mg) and camphor (50mg). Pregnant and breastfeeding women should check with their GP or pharmacist before use. To use, you insert the inhaler a couple of cm into one nostril and close your other nostril using your finger, then inhale deeply. You will feel a cool menthol sensation when you do this. You then remove the inhaler and insert into the other nostril if needed. It is very simple to use. If your nose is REALLY blocked, you might need to inhale it a few times to get ...

Hasbro In The Night Garden Talking Iggle Piggle 25/11/2011

yes, my name is iggle piggle!

Hasbro In The Night Garden Talking Iggle Piggle My daughter has just turned 2 and pretty much always been a huge fan of In the Night Garden, particularly Iggle Piggle. For her 2nd birthday her auntie bought Iggle Piggle, £18 from Amazon, and approx £18 from other toy stores too. Needless to say, my daughter was thrilled! Iggle Piggle is about 12" tall, and soft enough to cuddle. He is a soft fleecy material and looks really sweet and friendly. I would be quite happy for this toy to be in my daughter's bed with her, as it is not hard like some talking toys, and the battery box is well cushioned unlike other toys. Iggle Piggle requires 2 x AA batteries which are usually supplied. The battery box is firmly hidden, it's not likely little fingers would be able to open the tough velcro, but even if they did, the battery box is far too tough for them to open which is reassuring. Iggle Piggle is wipe clean only, which is a shame as it tends to be the wipe-clean only toys that get the grubbiest! I haven't needed to clean him yet but I can't imagine it would be terribly difficult unless he was really dirty. Iggle Piggle is blue, with his famous red blanket. The red blanket is also soft and fleecy and it is detachable - so be careful as it could easily get lost! My daughter prefers Iggle Piggle to hold it as she thinks he needs it to sleep (aww!) Iggle Piggle sings his theme tune, "yes my name is iggle piggle..." as well as his squeaky noises and catchphrases. To get him to talk, you push his tummy. This is easy for my 2 year old ...

Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy Hand & Nail Lotion 18/11/2011

It's ok, but just ok

Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy Hand & Nail Lotion My hands are often dry, no idea why, but sometimes they are so dry that they are rough to the touch and almost cracking. Add to that the fact that my nails albeit long are week and flake/break easily, and I need a heavy duty hand cream! I chose Vaseline Healthy Hand and Nail Conditioning lotion because it was a two-in-one, it did my hands and nails and I truly believed it might help my nails stop being so weak. I bought it from Boots for £2.59 for a 75ml tube. This seems to be the average price in supermarkets too. A bit pricey, but Boots often do offers on hand creams so it's worth keeping your eye out. The tube itself is soft plastic and a salmon pink colour with the blue Vaseline logo and a blue lid which flips open. On the tube it claims that it will soften your hands and strengthen your nails by 50%, this is something I thought seemed a bit over the top to claim, but I was very surprised (more on that later). You don't need to use much, probably less than the size of a 50p coin. I always rub it all over my hands, more in the rough/dry parts, and all over my nails too. I use it regularly, a few times a day, or more if I've washed my hands a lot (like when I'm doing housework or cooking). It's a small 75ml tube, so easy and light to carry, and I have one in my handbag for that reason. The cream itself is white, with a perfume-y smell which is nice, and subtle. You can smell it on your hands for a while afterwards, but it isn't an overpowering or strong smell and ...

Finish Dishwasher Cleaner Lemon 16/11/2011

sparkly clean!

Finish Dishwasher Cleaner Lemon My husband installed a dishwasher when I was pregnant because my bump meant I couldn't wash the dishes (as I was about a mile away from the sink!) and he is adverse to washing dishes. I'd always wanted a dishwasher so I was thrilled as I hate having dirty plates around and I hate drying dishwashers. I admit I am lazy, a quick scrape of the leftovers and whack the plates in the dishwasher. There's only the two of us and our 2 year old, but we still run the dishwasher at least 5 times a week. We soon realised it needs regular cleaning, and I am far too busy to be scrubbing it out. Hello, Finish Dishwasher Cleaner! At first I thought that it couldn't possibly clean the dishwasher properly. It is just a bottle of cleaner, how on earth would that work with no scrubbing etc! So I was very pleasantly surprised with the results (more about that in a minute). As Finish is a well known and respected brand, and we also use their dishwasher tablets, it made sense to try it. The cleaner is an 'Intensive Cleaner' - ideal for minging dishwashers. We all know how gross they get (like the foul stuff you have to scrape out of the filter...nice) and they also get limescale, particularly in hard water areas. So it is ideal to have something that not only cleans the diswasher but also de-scales it. The cleaner is a yellow liquid in a clear bottle with the Finish logo on. The bottle and ingredients are 100% recyclable. You get 250ml of cleaner per bottle which is quite a lot. You can expect to ...

John Frieda Precision Foam Extra Light Beige Blonde 10B 15/11/2011


John Frieda Precision Foam Extra Light Beige Blonde 10B **LIKE ALL HAIR DYES, A 48 HOUR SKIN TEST MUST BE PERFORMED BEFORE USING THE DYE!** I have coloured my hair for years and I always find it a nuisance. It drips, or it's too thick, there's too much, not enough, it's not even, it smells, it's hard to apply, takes too long to develop, and so on and so on. I needed a new hair dye so on a whim I chose John Frieda's Precision Foam in extra light blonde. I chose it simply because it sounded easy to apply. On the back of the box is a picture of a woman with patchy colour, which is EXACTLY what happens to me, and then a picture of the woman after using the foam and having no patchy colour. I was sold! It cost me £9.99 from Boots which is almost twice the price of most normal hair dyes, but this didn't put me off too much. It is available in a number of shades from black to dark browns, light browns and blonde. Inside the box is a bottle of colourant, a bottle of developer, a tube of conditioner, the instructions, a pump (the lid that goes on the developer bottle) and a pair of black rubber gloves which I found to be a very tight fit. The instructions are very clear which I was thankful for as it is my first time using a foam. Mixing the dye is easy. You pour the colorant into the developer, screw the lid on and tilt it upside down 5 times. You don't shake it or tilt it more than five times. (Tilting it more often does not increase the foam). I noticed that it still looked liquidy and unmixed so I admit to tilting it a few more ...

Dyson DC 16 Handheld Root 6 15/11/2011

Good whilst it lasts!

Dyson DC 16 Handheld Root 6 I have a really bad back, and when I was pregnant I also developed SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction) which made getting up and down the stairs really painful, near on impossible at times. The last thing I wanted to do was carry my big hoover up and down the stairs all the time, but I didn't want to never hoover upstairs either! My husband very sweetly thought of getting me a handheld hoover. The idea being that I could sit on the stairs to hoover thus easing my back a bit, and scoot down the stairs on my bottom (which I had to do anyway due to the SPD) whilst sitting down to hoover. Bless him, it was the best thing he ever bought!! Despite our daughter now being 2, I still use the handheld hoover on the stairs every time. My husband chose the Dyson DC16 as it was the best model at the time, and we know and love Dyson hoovers having had a full size one. The hoover comes with a docking station that charges it, which can be wall mounted or just plugged in. We used to just plug ours in as and when needed, but when we bought one for my grandma, we mounted it to the wall to make it easier for her so she didn't need to fetch it out of a cupboard all the time. The hoover is so handy - from little spills (like hubby not using a plate and getting crumbs everywhere - DO NOT get me started!!) to cat fur, biscuit crumbs, bits of mud (hubby again!) - you name it, I'll use the Dyson for it! The Dyson is supposed to last for six minutes when fully charged and in my experience it really ...

Dyson DC31 15/11/2011

It sucks... in a good way

Dyson DC31 I have a really bad back, and when I was pregnant I also developed SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction) which made getting up and down the stairs really painful, near on impossible at times. The last thing I wanted to do was carry my big hoover up and down the stairs all the time, but I didn't want to never hoover upstairs either! My husband very sweetly thought of getting me a handheld hoover. The idea being that I could sit on the stairs to hoover thus easing my back a bit, and scoot down the stairs on my bottom (which I had to do anyway due to the SPD) whilst sitting down to hoover. Bless him, it was the best thing he ever bought!! Despite our daughter now being 2, I still use the handheld hoover on the stairs every time. My husband chose the Dyson DC16 as it was the best model at the time, but within a year the battery started to give up and we ended up upgrading to the Dyson DC31. The DC31 is more expensive at around £150, but we love Dysons and think they are amazing so we bought it. The charging time is about three hours, and when fully charged you get 10 minutes normal power or 6 minutes on super power. I only tend to use the boost button when I am cleaning something really messy like the car - the downside is then that I sometimes have to leave the job half done to recharge the hoover! But for cleaning the car it is not only handy but very very efficient. I tend to use the normal power setting the most, for cleaning up spills, bits of mud, crumbs, cat fur and even ...

Tixylix Blackcurrant Flavour Baby Syrup 09/11/2011

works for some not others!

Tixylix Blackcurrant Flavour Baby Syrup When my daughter was about a year old, she developed a tickly cough. The pharmacist recommended Tixylix, which I had heard of before, and considered to be a trustworthy brand. I bought Tixylix baby in my local Asda for just under £3, which sounds expensive but as cough medicine isnt something you are likely to use very often, it is worth it. There are other varieites of Tixylix depending on the type of cough, and even a toddler version, but the version I am reviewing is especially for dry and tickly coughs. The medicine comes in a pink box. It has some very easy, clear instructions and a white plastic medicine spoon inside the box with the usual 5ml side and 2.5ml side. The medicine is suitable from age 3 months - 5 years and the dosage varies according to age: 3 months - 12 months: One 5ml spoonful 12 months - 5 years: two 5ml spoonfuls. The dose can be given 3 or 4 times daily, leaving 3 to 4 hours between doses. The bottle clearly states it is not suitable for babies under three months. The medicine is colour free and sugar free, and contains maltitol and glycerol. It states that if the condition does not improve within 3 days, to consult a doctor. The bottle is glass, which is not ideal as I'd rather it be plastic incase it got dropped etc. but it is quite light, and small as it is only 100ml. The cap is child-proof white plastic. The liquid itself is clear with a faint smell of blackcurrant. The actual taste is quite strong, very blackcurranty and intense. My ...

Garnier Nutrisse Hair Colour 08/11/2011

a reliable dye!

Garnier Nutrisse Hair Colour I've been dying my hair for years! I used to dye it brown (I am naturally dark blonde) but about seven years ago I switched to dying it blonder and have done ever since. As you can imagine, over the years I have tried pretty much every hair dye brand there is. I've found some good, some bad, and one I loved which was discontinued. I look for a lot of things in a dye, not just colour. It has to smell nice, go on easily and well, not drip, wash out well, work quickly etc. At the moment I am using Garnier Nutrisse number 10, which is an extra light blonde colour. I also use high lights (I used to use the Garnier ones but now use Swarchzkopf as it's cheaper and lighter). There are many many shades from the lightest blonde to the darkest brown and black. The dyes retail at approx £4.99 in places like Boots, slightly cheaper in Supermarkets. They sometimes have offers on at Boots like 2 for £9 or buy 2 get 1 free etc, so when they have offers on I tend to stock up. Like all hair dyes, you need to do a 48 hour skin test, which involves putting a small amount of the colourant behind your ear or inside your elbow and waiting to see if a reaction develops. Even if you have coloured before or have used this shade before, you should still do the test each and every time. Inside the box are gloves, instructions, a tube of conditioner, a bottle of colourant and a bottle of developer. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. You basically pour the colourant into the ...

Nurofen For Children 08/11/2011

Works a charm!

Nurofen For Children When my daughter began teething we tried Calpol, but it had little effect other than to bring her temperature down slightly. We tried calprofen too, bonjela, etc. but nothing could soothe her pain. My best friend has a little girl only a few weeks older than my daughter, and she had tried everything too. Then she came across Nurofen for Children and recommended it to me, as it worked so well with her daughter. I went to Asda where Nurofen for Children is priced at £3.19 for 100ml, which is a bit expensive but it is usually on offer at £2 during Asda's Baby Events, so I now tend to stock up then. I keep one in her nappy bag (she no longer has nappies but we still keep her nappy bag in the car as it has all the useful stuff in like spare clothes etc), one in the nursery as it saves me going downstairs in the middle of the night (top shelf of her wardrobe so she can't reach) and one in the kitchen. Sounds a bit over prepared but once we were at her Grandad's and had forgotten to bring her Nurofen and the poor thing was in a lot of pain with her molars (quick trip to Tesco for Daddy!) so that's why we are now very prepared! The dosages vary upon age: 3 months and over (weighing more than 5kg): for post immunisation fever, one 2.5ml dose, and if necessary another 2.5ml dose 6 hours later. No more than 2 doses in 24 hours. For fever and pain: 3-6 months (weighing over 5kg): one 2.5ml dose 3 times a day 6-12 months: one 2.5ml dose 3 or 4 times a day 1-4 years: one 5ml dose 3 ...

Little Tikes Rocking Horse 08/11/2011

let's rock!

Little Tikes Rocking Horse My daughter is 2 and she is absolutely obsessed with her pink rocking horse at home, and her hobby horse. So when she started nursery, you can imagine her delight when she discovered they had a Little Tikes Rocking Horse! It is nothing like the one she has at home but she loves all kinds of rocking horses (to the point where getting her out of the toy shop is near impossible) The Little Tikes rocker she has at nursery is pink. It is made of good, solid plastic so it is very durable - something that is a must for a nursery or even just for an outdoor toy. It can definitely withstand a lot of use! There is a handle either side of the horse's head which is great as it helps the child hold on. The seat is low and the back of the rocker is high, which helps to keep the child stable and safe. The rocker is obviously shaped like a horse, with large stickers for eyes, and the famous Little Tikes logo on the side. The age range is 12 months - 3 years. It is also available in blue or green and is widely available from toy stores and even supermarkets. The average price is around £19.99 (Toys R Us have it at this price at the moment as well) which is an absolute bargain, considering other rocking horses can be more than double that! The size of the rocking horse is L86cm Wx 29cm H x 43cm. The children who use it at her nursery are aged up to three years, and to be honest I could easily imagine 4 or 5 year olds fitting on it too! My daughter loved this so much that the nursery staff ...

Denman Tangle Tamer 04/11/2011

buy this!!

Denman Tangle Tamer When my daughter was born, we bought a pink Tommee Tippee hair brush for her, which was really soft and gentle. She didn't have much hair when she was born, but as she got older, I started putting it in pretty bobbles etc. Just after she turned one, I decided she needed a 'tougher' brush. By that I mean more robust, something to tease out any tangles and brush through her hair properly. I went to Boots and came across the Denman Tangle Tamer. It caught my eye as it was hot pink and I wanted a pink one. It was priced at £6.99 which I think is really cheap for a hairbrush - mine cost over £20! The brush is very light, you could easily carry it around in a handbag or nappy bag. As mentioned, it is hot pink with black bristles on a black air cushion. It looks very posh and girly! The bristles are soft and flexible to the touch, yet they are very good at detangling my daughter's hair (even with dried in yoghurt!). I love to put my daughter's hair in pretty bobbles and this was also really good for styling - I can put her hair up quickly and easily with no bumps or stray hairs like you get with harder brushes. It is a pleasure to use, and as it is so good, it takes no time at all to brush through my daughter's hair. I have used this on my own hair many times and it is a joy to use - it feels soft, yet it is brushing through my hair really well (my daughter's tommee tippee brush was good, but as it was so soft, it couldn't cope with long hair). You can barely tell that there are ...

Bold 2in1 Lavender & Camomile Liquitabs 02/11/2011

easy and effective!

Bold 2in1 Lavender & Camomile Liquitabs I started off using soap powder, but it got on my nerves - I was forever worrying that I'd spilled some and couldn't see it and the baby/cats would eat it, roll in it or get it on them. (This is probably because many years ago I read a horrible story in a magazine about a dog that rolled in soap powder and died, ever since I've been weary of it). However soap powder was always cheaper and often a bargain. Since my daughter has been mobile and interested in everything I do, I decided I wanted something quicker and easier to use that wouldn't be worrying me all the time. I'd seen liquitabs, tablets and all sorts in supermarkets before, but as the Bold liquitabs were on offer, I decided to give them a go. The liquitabs are expensive - around £8.50 for a tub of 36 tabs, or £6 for 20 washes or £4 for 11 washes. This is way more expensive than soap powder, and the downside is that you end up needing to buy more. Instead of 1 box of soap powder which does maybe 50 washes, you need at least 2 tubs to have that many washes. Having said that, they are smaller size-wise so much easier to store which I prefer. They are also much cleaner to store, as I often found that soap powder boxes leaked or got powder everywhere. The liquitabs come in a plastic tub, which has a 'click safe' lid. This means that when you close the lid, you hear an audible click, and you know it is safely closed so that animals/kids can't get in easily or quickly, and it stops the tabs melting together and becoming ...

Andrex Moistened Toilet Tissues Wipes 02/11/2011

a great idea!

Andrex Moistened Toilet Tissues Wipes When my daughter started potty training I decided we needed something flushable, but more than just toilet paper. She was using a potty and I didn't want to confuse her by using baby wipes, nor did I want to be scooping out baby wipes to put in the bin! I went to my local Asda where I saw several types of moistened toilet tissue wipes. I immediately chose Andrex as we use their regular toilet tissue and I know it to be soft and good quality. I paid £1.68 for a pack which contains 42 wipes. I felt this was quite expensive, as her baby wipes coss less than £1 each ( we buy a box of 12 packs for £9) however I needed them and didn't want to use cheaper brands. The wipes come in either plain or watermelon scented. The plain ones are in a white packet with the Andrex puppy on, and are the same as watermelon but without the scent. I bought the watermelon ones and they do smell gorgeous! The packet is green with the Andrex puppy on and a garden scene. Colourful and bright which appeals to children. To open the pack, you pull the clear tab much like baby wipes. You then pull out a wipe and push the tab back down. My problem with this is that whilst it is easy to open the pack, sealing it to prevent the wipes drying out isn't as easy because it doesn't stick too well. However a bit of firm pressing and so far so good, no dry wipes yet! The other problem is that when you try to get a wipe out, you often end up with several as they do not come apart easily. When you're in a rush (ie. ...

Bruin Peek in Roller 01/11/2011


Bruin Peek in Roller My daughter received the pink version of this for her first birthday and loved it! The Bruin Peek in Roller is available at Toys R Us, priced around £4.99 and is available in pink or blue. My daughter had the pink version as she is pink mad! The age suitability is 9 months+. It comes in a small flat box deflated, and to set it up you simply inflate it as you would a balloon and plug the valve lid back in. Very quick and simple to do. The toy is a relatively wide tube (either pink or blue) with ABC and pictures of animals on the outside. It is transparent at either end, just clear plastic, so the child can see through from one end to the other. There is also a clear plastic transparent window about half way down the roller for the child to peek in. Inside the roller are 2 small balls (one blue, one green) and a slightly larger pink ball. The functions of the roller are whatever you want them to be. The product is designed for the child to 'peek' inside and watch the balls rattle around as they roll the roller, but there are many other functions it can do. My daughter loves to bat it, throw it and roll it to hear the balls rattle and to see them rattle. She also likes to roll it to and from me as if we were playing catch. Her all time favourite is to peek in one end whilst I peek in the other, like a telescope. She also loves doing this to our cats lol. She's had this since she was 12 months old, she's now 22 months and still plays with it regularly and still gets a lot of ...
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