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John Frieda Spotlight Glosser & Detangler 23/06/2004

The Spotlight is on me!

John Frieda Spotlight Glosser & Detangler This was definitely the hardest product to find on this site!! I really wanted to write about yet another hair product because I think I may actually be in love with it! I don not really think the product does what it says but what it does do is amazing!!I have found with highlighted hair, and the type of person that has highlighted every 4-6 months I do not really have ‘roots’ as such but I feel my hair dulls! So I have invested in many John Frieda products within the sheer blonde range for natural, colour treated or highlighted hair. I have used shampoos and conditioners that I highly recommend and other products. The products are best value on a 3 for 2 or discounted price at Boots for example because they are quite expensive. Now on to the Spotlight… hi-beam glosser and power detangler I did not buy this product for any particular reason just because I bought a shampoo and a conditioner on a 3 for 2 offers, and this was my 3rd product. It is a 75ml pump action tube in metallic gold, fits perfectly into my huge handbag! On the front… 'Illuminates blonde with a crystal-clear layer of shimmery shine' I think this is very true if used in small amounts too much creates a greasy look! ‘Ultra-light formula leaves wet hair sleek, tangle-free, easy to comb' I have not had any problems, but I have not used this product, for this purpose. 'Gives a hi-gloss. hi-glam finish to dried hair' I think this may have been the comment that made me purchase this, making it ...

L'Oreal Studio Line FX Straight Lasting Sleek Effect 20/05/2004

A decent hair product!!

L'Oreal Studio Line FX Straight Lasting Sleek Effect Hello everyone, I haven’t written on her for so long, probably a bit rusty, been very very busy. I’m not sure what I have been doing though, just getting on with life haha! Never seem to have time to write opinions any more, but ill make some time!! I have straight hair and probably don’t really need to use a straightening product as such, however it’s on of those things that I just feel the need to use!! But I do think it is a worthwhile product to use even with straight hair, because it seriously reduced frizz, which I find is a problem to most people as they say its all that moisture in the air. The bottle is blue, unlike most, which are plain so I find the packaging appealing. The words ‘Special Fx’ I think made the product sound like there is more to it, sounds silly I know, but it’s the kind of item that will automatically catch my eye! There is emphasis on the word straight as well. The lid is a reseal able plastic lid that is just popped up and down with ease. However I do find that if the top is not cleaned regularly it will become sticky. The bottle is only 150ml, but I only need to use a small pea size amount for a little longer than shoulder length hair, I’ll admit I have nearly finished the bottle but I have had it since Christmas. The bottle is also made a recycled plastic, which will please many. The directions on the bottle are to use on damp, towel-dried hair. Take a sufficient amount of product and distribute evenly over your hair. Work into the ...

Revlon Colorstay Concealer 24/11/2003

A success with 'Normal Activity'!

Revlon Colorstay Concealer All I seem to write about is cosmetics so I thought why change a habit of a lifetime and write you guys another one…Here goes… This is from a new range from Revlon and again I just couldn’t resist buying!! Previously I have been using a Rimmel concealer, this time I thought I would choose one from a different range as my previous one wasn’t that great. I find liquid concealers are easier to blend and give a more flawless finish so this one should be pretty good. I have been seeing the adverts for the colour stay foundation, but I don't need a new foundation at the moment so I thought I would try something else from the range. The adverts portray the range to be excellent lasting for up to 16 hours I think this is a great selling point because I find with makeup one of the main problems is the length of time for which they last! The advert says with 'normal activity' it can last up to 16 hours then I had to ask myself...’What is normal activity??’ Haahaa and ‘Is anyone Normal?’ Well anyway I still bought it and have come to the conclusion I must be fairly normal! Well maybe anyway according to Revlon! It is easy to apply; you most probably will only need to dip the applicator in the tube once because a little happens to go a long way! The liquid is not at all runny or a thick paste like some concealers. You then dot the concealer on to the desired area with the applicator, and blend with your fingertips or a sponge an eye shadow brush is also effective. It blends in ...

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat (Radiant Touch) 30/10/2003

Give it a go whats the worst that could happen

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat (Radiant Touch) I have just got into designer makeup an I can honestly say it is better than cheaper versions, it looks good in your bag, but is also better in the sense of how it works and how long it lasts. Since its launch YSL’s touché éclat radiant touch stick has been one of the biggest selling beauty products of recent years!! This IS NOT a concealer, but a highlighter that reflects light to conceal blemishes and uneven tones within the complexion and enhances your favourite features!! Or makes them your favourite features… WHAT DOES IT DO?? Basically- Highlight your features. The unique light reflective complexes YSL have used enable the touché éclat to attract attention to certain facial features. Refresh dull, tired makeup. Enlivens the complexion Conceals redness Create a youthful, vital look However I don’t think this product is as fantastic as it a raved to be. Yes I agree it is good, but just not that great. Saying that the likes of Kate Winslet, Penélope Cruz and Geri Halliwell use it as well as me!!! HOW TO APPLY... For the first time the button at the end of the pen needs to be pressed around 30 times in order for the product to be released, This makes a clicking sound- like when someone is clicking a biro…very annoying!! Apply in the corners of the eye to widen and brighten eyes, by brushing it around the eye as with any concealer. Then blend with fingertips. Also Place touché éclat around the edge of the lips and then blend the ...

Vaseline Pure Petroleum Jelly 03/10/2003

Every girl should have one at least

Vaseline Pure Petroleum Jelly Vaseline is one of those products that have been around for years and people just never get bored of!! I recon this is purely because it is soooo versatile!! Some of my uses… *On my lips every morning without fail, acts as a lip-gloss as well as benefiting my lips. I have irritation, and it gives the perfect natural gloss!! I sometimes use it over lipstick but not always. If I do I will then apply it with a lip brush to achieve the desired effect. I’m quite compulsive with Vaseline applying it regularly sometimes a few times an hour…but college could just be very boring!! *In my handbag I have another spare pot, because during the day I find I occasionally get dry patches, I hate it major DISASTER!! Instead of carrying a heavy huge put of moisturiser the Vaseline comes to use again!! * On eyebrows, I know it sounds a bit strange but if your eyebrows are flyaway it can help to tame them, however I wouldn’t use a lot because it can cause spots…not good! *Also on your eyelid on top of eye shadow to create a nice shiny look (my description isn’t too good) but it looks good honest! But again only with a minimal amount applied! I currently have about 4 or 5 pots of it, one in each bag and some in random coat pockets!!! You can do this with Vaseline as it is only 99p and is just as good as any other lip-gloss!!! It can be bought from any Superdrug, Supermarket, or Boots always for the same price. I don’t think I know anyone who hasn’t got a pot of Vaseline, as ...

Charles Worthington Take-Aways 19/09/2003

All good things are in small packages

Charles Worthington Take-Aways I really rate the Charles Worthington range. I think all of the products are absolutely brilliant and do exactly what they say, however they are expensive put you pay for brilliance!!! I am going to give you my opinion on one of the specific take away products... Take Aways SHINE silkening serum I bought this just before my holiday this summer, as I can't live without hair serum; it is one of those products I swear by. Frizzy hair is a complete no no in my opinion!! Especially as there is a cure available!! When I bought it I was aware I was paying a high price for such a minimal amount of substance £1.65...only 15ml. But I am not disappointed now, as I have been using it for about a month and a half and I haven't even used 1/6 of the bottle. Therefore you really do not need to use a large amount of serum to cure frizz only a little does the trick perfectly. Each time I dry my hair once it is dry I apply two squirts of the pump action to my hand, rub my hands together to spread the serum, and apply evenly to the top of my hair (where it is most fizzy) and a little on the ends to add definition. The effects will last a long time, but re-application may be required. It leaves hair feeling soft and flexible if a minimal amount is used, if you use to much it may make your hair look greasy and hard...I wouldn't recommend! It smoothes out hair and also protects, preventing and treating split ends leaving hair manageable and brilliantly shiny! How can you go ...

Jeyes Quickies for Nails 15/09/2003

Practically perfect and pink

Jeyes Quickies for Nails I always wear nail vanish either on my toes and fingernail or sometimes both. I regularly need to change the colour because of an outfit or boredom!! Nail vanish remover I find is not any easy product to get on with. I either spill the damn stuff everywhere because the top is so big, or I’m just clumsy!! But I found the answer to my prayers…QUICKIES!! I first saw theses a few years ago in one of my friend’s bedrooms, she said they were good but I thought nothing of it. Then before my holiday I was in ‘Savers’ buying a few last minute items, and I came across Quickies for nails, perfect for travelling as they don’t take up too much room and there is no chance of them spilling all over your bag like I have experienced in the past!! The lid of the box clicks firmly which prevents moisture loss. There is also an inside film and foil topping to help contain the moisture. These nail polish remover pads cost £1.99 for 20 But are they any good I hear you cry…. Yes I would go as far to say that they are even better than normal nail vanish remover. 20 pads come in a box that can re used after a short period of time. It usually takes one wipe over the surface of the nail to successfully remove the nail vanish. It leaves the nails with a shiny finish, and adding vitamin B5 and Panthenol those with allergy beware. I wash my hands after removing my polish to ensure the next nail polish will stick correctly. The box is bright pink, very cute and girlie! I hate the smell of nail ...

St Ives Ultra Gentle Apricot Scrub 27/08/2003

Looks like glitter in a tube but its not

St Ives Ultra Gentle Apricot Scrub You must of all seen those dreadful adverts with American teenagers telling you how great this product is with funny accents…well I beg to differ! I saw this for a special price of £1.99 instead of approx £4 in Superdrug and couldn’t hold back. I usually stick to facemasks for exfoliating but I thought why not have a whole tube, it can also be purchased at all good supermarkets or Boots. I have only used it the once, earlier today. I followed the instructions exactly. *Moisten face and neck *Apply with wet fingertips and massage gently avoiding eyes *Rinse well, pat dry and moisturise as usual However it left my skin tight, it looked soft but didn’t feel it!!! It says is removes dead skin, unclogs pores and sooths skin, I didn’t really feel much of these effects!!! I do like the smell; fresh apricots the designers got one part exactly right containing more than 60% of naturally derived ingredients. It did not irritate my skin, or scratch with the exfoliating balls. The texture feels nice on my hands, but didn’t do the job on my face!! The packaging is eye-catching, looking like it contains glitter. I wish! It has a strong caution that I haven’t tested on the tube about avoiding contact with eyes; I will let you no in time if I have any problems!! St Ives offer a wide range of skin products, none of which I have tried, by the results of this one I don’t think I will be in any hurry! The Low-down… Nothing special for the usual retail price, I will ...

Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Faux Cils 19/08/2003

The best money can buy

Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Faux Cils Now I know I always go on about finding the best of this and the best of that, but this mascara really is the best money can buy!!!!! I always used to go for whichever item is offer in Boots or Superdrug, but I decided to branch out a little bit further and head for designer makeup!!! It sounds silly but I get a little kick out of buying it!! Are you fed up with mascara and doesn’t glide on, that goes all clumpy, and doesn’t last all day…then this is the mascara for you. On average you should change your mascara every three months because of the bacteria build up that could cause infection so give this one a try. **The box** It’s so pretty!! Its cased in a gold box, I’m one of those people that keep the boxes! **The tube** Yet again a gold tube, that clicks into place when you close it. Easy to undo and will not leak. **How to use** It can be used as any usual mascara, but it creates a false lash effect. It really does as it says. Apply from the middle of the lashes then at either end to achieve best results. The wand is long which I find makes it easy to apply and ensure that you clean it every two weeks with tissue to avoid build up and thickening. I don’t find that it irritates my eyes at all, but is difficult to remove so my eyes can feel irritated after scrubbing with remover. It can also be bought in a waterproof version however I wouldn’t say that it is really necessary. It will stay waterproof until you rub your eyes. There is also a ...

Wall's Viennetta Ice Cream, Original 03/07/2003

Could you want anything else

Wall's Viennetta Ice Cream, Original In my house having a Viennetta for dessert has always been a treat!! We have it very rarely; it is just bought when on offer. This week I bought it form Asda on offer 2 for £2!! Bargain. It can serve up to 6 people depending on the portion size. I would describe it as an all year round (Christmas) log!!! It slices easily, and I in many layers of ice cream rippled then not rippled and chocolate!! I love it! I think it is posh, if you know what I mean, a special kind of ice cream! It comes in 3 flavours chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. Since writting the op I have been informed of other flavours there are avaliable mint, lemon (has white chocolate), a fruity one and a Cappucino one!! *To taste* A spoon of a fork can be used to eat it, I use both!!! First of all I break a small amount off the side I get a chocolate smooth yummy taste of ice cream, which tickles my throat as it is so cold. Them a combination of two textures with the chocolate strip in-between! It doesn't melt too quickly either so it doesn't dissolve before you reach the end! Can you ever get better than then that?? And yes it does get better with every mouthful!! -Can be served with cream!! If you are feeling naughty!! *The box* On the front ‘Viennetta’ is written in huge blue writing it is very eye catching and memorable. There is a picture of a sliced Viennetta that makes my mouth water!! The background is brown(chocolate)!! Is basic but effective! All the information is pretty standard ...

Maybelline Great Lash 01/07/2003

your lashes to the max

Maybelline Great Lash I have just realised that I use a wide range of Maybelline product, I rate then very highly. The range is great it is reasonably priced and caters for different requirements. Currently I use this mascara and the Everfresh Foundation that I have previously written an op about. The range is sold in Superdrug, Boots and all good supermarkets. I think mascara is something everyone has there favourite due to length of the applicator the shape of the brush, the colour and the tube itself. I have grown to like this one. I go for the bargains and Maybelline products are often discounted so I give them a try. This was reduced to £2.79 so I couldn’t resist!! Who could blame me?! Heehee I think it is normally priced about £3.79 which isn’t too expensive. Well now the product… The mascara is black, very black as you my no the colours differ in mascaras and I think it is very important to have the correct shade. As it is the most essential part of may makeup selection!! The TUBE I it about 4 inches long I recon, so it will fit in any handbag or purse. It has a green lid and a pink bottom; I think its fab with pink being my favourite colour. I doubt I will ever loose it being soooo bright!! I love it” I hate losing things in my bag it drives me mad, so this would be perfect for people that feel the same!!! There is not a great deal of information on the tube just the name ‘Great last mascara’. Stating that it is 12.5ml, and that is made in France! The tube is easy to ...

Maybelline Everfresh Makeup 03/06/2003

Use it until a better one comes along

Maybelline Everfresh Makeup I find that I buy a new foundation each month, usually the ones heavily advertised, when you get a free sample or on the odd occasion that one grabs your eye as you walk through a shop. Different foundations suit different people’s wants and needs. I find this one does the job for me. I saw it advertised, got a free sample and it caught my eye, so I thought I would give it a go, and at the point in time it had 25% off. I have noticed it is widely available in all good supermarkets, Boots and Super drug, for a usual price of £5.99. This is a border range price but I feel it is still a lot to pay for something you are not completely certain about. **On The FRONT** It says it ‘Stays put from day to night’. I agree it stays out for a while longer than most foundations but not from day to night. I think it would stay on 9-5 but then need reapplying before going out in the evening. It says its ‘oil free’ is totally is not a speck of oil is on my face. It also says it has sunscreen contained, but when its sunny I don’t generally wear foundation as I want a tan!! **The LOOK** I like the look it is very basic and will fit into any small handbag and the palm of your hand. The tube is the colour of the shade, with a silver top end and lid. I think the look is basic and not to over the top but I find it easy to locate in my bag when I need it. **To USE** Instructions on the back of the tube state: apply and blend with fingertips. Not really what I call ...

Everything that starts with Y ... 03/06/2003

Some difficult questions

Everything that starts with Y ... I think these a great way to get to know people on here and most of them are quite amusing, so I thought I would give one a go… 1. What’s on your duvet cover? Its pink! With a fairy on it a bit childish I know but it’s cute!! I have several pink cushions to go with it! It makes me feel at home in bed!! heehee 2. What is in the glove compartment of your car? I don’t have car…yet!! But I recon it would be full of sweets and makeup!! 3. What is the background to your computer screen? Its of Scott Anderson from Hollyoaks!! Sooooo fit! 4. What was the last thing you sung? When I didn’t have any Id when I was going in to a pub, the bouncer decided it would be funny to make me sing…quite possibly the most embarrassing moment of my life!!! 5. When was the last time you did a cartwheel? At a friends gathering, just for a laugh but turned out to be quite painful. 6. How do you take your coffee? coffee…yuk! 7. Last time you went clubbing? Last Thursday night with loz989 8. Do you brush your teeth before breakfast or after? After… orange juice doesn’t quite taste the same after you have brushed your teeth! 9. Sugar on cornflakes or not? Cornflakes?? If you are going to put sugar on then you might as well have frosties! 10. If you could learn one instrument what would it be and why? I don’t know, not something I have thought about!! 11. If you could speak a foreign language, what would it be and why? Spanish, then no ...

All About Me 01/06/2003

It's me

All About Me 01. What time is it? 18.40 02. Name: Katie (short for Katherine) most people other than ones i have known for ages know that!! 03. Number of candles that appeared on your last birthday cake: 16!! 04. Hair colour: Naturally light brown. But I have highlights, so I guess my hair is blonde! Ans I think I need to be blonde you really can get away with a lot lot lot more!! LOL 05. Tattoos: No!!! The pain!! NEver ever, unless I was drunk or someone paid me lot of money for it. 06. How much do you love your job on a scale of 0-5: It depends at the moment I like it a lot because i didn't work on sat! 07. Favourite colour: PINK!! 08. Home County: Essex, and I am proud to say I am from Essex. Everyone has heard of Essex girls it gets lots of attention on holidays! 09. Current Relationship Status Single, and loving it! 10. Favourite food: Chocolate! 11. Been to Africa? Nope, but I am going in July. Should be the best holiday ever. 12. Been to Camden? Never, but I think it could be a good day out! 13. Loved somebody so much it made you cry? Yes, but if i tell you I would cry..and thats not good. 14. Been in a car accident? A few minor bumbs but nothing serious. 15. Croutons or bacon bits? Bacon...yummmmmm 16. Sprite or 7UP? I thoguht they were the same!? 17: Favourite Movie: 'How to lose a Guy in 10 days' The ulimate chick flick! It doesn't get any better! 18. Favourite Holiday: Last year in Turkey, It ...

Mum Roll On Deodorant 21/04/2003

Just like my MUM

Mum Roll On Deodorant I haven’t written an op in ages, have been very busy with coursework. Then I thought about what I could write an op about. There must be something that I use every day that I haven’t written about yet… My deodorant, may sound very unimportant but I’m sure without out it would be erm… smelly!!! I have tried many different types the spray I find this doesn’t last and stings after you just shaved your pits!! I tried the creams, but I find they are just sticky and don’t dry in quick enough, so I get my tops covered in the stuff! So I have always stuck with the old reliable roll on. But I guess there is so much of a wide range you can pick and chose, I like a change as much as the next person but my deodorant is something I don’t tend to change. Its perfect!! I think it is just like a mum, reliable, smells nice, easy to get on with and takes good care of me (in the armpit sense)!! So a bit about the actual product: ~*~The front~*~ I don't tend to change between which scents I use, to be honest I don’t think they are much different from each other at the moment I’m using fresh pink. There is no alcohol contained, I find this a huge bonus because after shaving I forget and out deodorant on and the pain of the sting, I’m sure you have all felt it!! Bt this is no pain guaranteed!! It says it is 24-hour protection I would probably agree with this, I find it long lasting. ‘MUM’ is written in large letters that stand out, you can’t miss it on he supermarket shelf. I think ...
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