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Harvester The Stag and Hounds, Basingstoke 24/04/2017

The Stag and Hounds

Harvester The Stag and Hounds, Basingstoke WHERE IS IT THE STAG AND HOUNDS Winchester Road Basingstoke Hampshire UK RG22 6HN Tel: 01256 359983 <<<< WHAT IS A HARVESTER RESTAURANT? >>>>>> In case you haven’t heard of them or visited one, Harvester Restaurants is a family friendly farmhouse-style restaurant chain now owned currently by Mitchells and Butlers. With outlets all over the United Kingdom it is expanding into most areas of England. The chain specializes in flame grilled food, spit-roasted chicken and help yourself salad carts and bread rolls. <<<<< HOW TO BOOK A TABLE. >>>>> Depending on what time of day you are hoping to go, you might not need to pre-book. As you go in via the main doors (which have since been replaced by new modern ones), right in front is a small reception desk. Just wait here to be served and if there is a table you will be ushered to it quite quickly via the greeter. However we weren’t so fortunate, It was a Saturday lunch time and at 12 .15 becoming quite busy. We were told the wait was about 10 minutes which wasn’t too bad, so we gave our name over and in return received a bleeper which we took to the bar. One new change here is that if you order a soft drink at the bar you can now have the limitless option where you can refill as much as you like when you finally get to your table. Previously a bar drink didn’t count and you would end up buying a coke and then having to purchase further at the table. That has now stopped and much appreciated especially if the children are ...

Riad Le Plein Sud, Marrakech 30/03/2017

Riad Le Plein Sud

Riad Le Plein Sud, Marrakech RIAD PLEIN SUD 56 Derb Derdouba Arets Ihiri, Bab Doukala, Marrakech, 40030, Morocco, 020 3684 4822 No direct website Last month my other half took me to Morocco for my birthday, we stayed in Marrakech. This was a first time experience for us in Marrakesh though I was in Moroco before. The flight was just 4 hours from Gatwick Airport. The break was for 5 days and 4 nights and was booked via Teletext Holidays who have a direct website. *** WHAT IS A RIAD? *** Staying in a riad in the old medina of Marrakech is a unique experience, but as we found out later, it is not for everyone. The name ‘riad’ means garden but it is given to guest houses built round a central courtyard and usually in the heart of where the locals live. Nothing like a hotel and no plush amenities such as a pool even though some state there is one. The pool here is more like a fishless pond and the Riad is dark inside, it actually feels like you’re entering a cave dwelling. They are generally owned by individuals, sometimes the owner is the manager and sometimes there is a manager who can be a local. A word of advice - many riads do not accept credit cards. Often a riad is booked on a website, only a small deposit is paid - some or all of the balance must be paid on arrival. This may have to be cash, and may require a trip to the ATM. Also, being forced to pay the bulk of your accommodation costs in cash may cause cash flow issues, especially on arrival. One solution is to take enough ...

Bistrot Romain, Marrakech 13/03/2017

Bistrot Romain, Marrakech

Bistrot Romain, Marrakech Bistro Romaine Le Bistro RomainPlace , Immeuble 87, Magasin C11, Gueliz, 40000 – Marrakech ***WHY DID YOU GO THERE? *** Situated just outside one of the two main shopping plazas in Morocco, we found this restaurant /bistro offering a buffet lunch for £9 ( 89 dm’s). If you have visited Morocco especially MARRAKECH, you will be familiar with the hygiene standards in most restaurants and they are incredibly bad. It was our last day there and I sick and tired of MARRAKECH and the smell, the filth and being followed by creepy locals. We decided to get a taxi and take us to one of the nicest shopping plaza’s I have ever seen and best of all the area was safe, clean and very westernised. Just outside the mall was this restaurant and it looked clean and tidy, no flies over the food and seating outside to watch the world go by, so we opted for this for lunch. *** OPENING HOURS *** From 9 am till 1 am. If you want to use the restaurant service then you need to pre book a table online or by calling them. They only speak Arabic or French so good luck . The menu is in French only. ***HOW TO PAY*** The currency here is Dirham but its a closed currency which means you can only bring limited in from outside Morocco . Credit cards especially AMX are accepted as are Euro's. Watch your credit card total though as every single place we visited all tried to rip us off including here. ***HOW TO GET SEATED*** No queuing system here just hang ...

Consol, Basingstoke 04/02/2017

Tanning and Anti Ageing Treatments all under one roof

Consol, Basingstoke CONSOL - Basingstoke Salon ***** WHAT IS IT? ***** Consol's unique self-service tanning concept originated in Denmark over 20 years ago and came to the UK in 1996. Over the past 15 years CONSOL has expanded rapidly and now operates 42 studios throughout the UK including Swindon, Basingstoke, Reading and one of the newest in Newbury Parkway. CONSOL is primarily a sun bed centre but slowly over the years other appliances were added to the stores. Not all shops have the same treatments, for example Basingstoke has a collagen bed, Winchester has the Aqua Massage and Newbury the stand-up tanning booth with a vibro plate to tone and tan you at the same time and Bristol have vibro slim machines. CONSOL is a walk in sun centre with private cabins that house the state of the art ergoline sunbeds. Both men and women use the salon and the cabins are totally private with locking doors. *****WEBSITE ***** also on facebook where they advertise the deals *****WHERE IS IT?***** 6 Winton Square Basingstoke Hampshire RG21 8EW Situated in the town centre of Basingstoke, just on the outskirts of the main shops. Very easy to get to either by car, on foot or public transport. There are two main car parks which are payable by the hour (after 6pm it’s a £1 all night). One car park is right behind the store just off the main road and the other, Sarum Hill is almost opposite, much bigger and both on the same level, not multi storey. The studio is on the corner of ...

The Star Inn, Newbury 30/01/2017

The Star Inn

The Star Inn, Newbury The Star Inn Newbury Road Kingsclere RG20 4SY I drive pass this pub on a regular basis so decided to arrange to have a meal there and a catch up with some friends. I noticed from the car park it’s always busy so that’s a good recommendation surely. Not wishing to take a chance on a table I pre-booked two days prior online. *** HOW TO BOOK *** Online is the easiest option via A very simple form with just a few details needed and you are booked in. It’s just as easy to cancel. They send you confirmation of your booking and a link is there to cancel or amend your table. They claim “If there's no online availability, don't worry. We do keep tables free for walk-in guests, so if the date and time you want can't be booked online, please call us to check “. Today was heaving and I saw no spare tables what so ever so I wouldn’t take that as gospel. For nine people or more dining then you need to call direct on 01635 296241. **** PARKING ***** There is a free car park that runs round the back of the pub. A sharp turning off the A39 and you are into the pub grounds. The car park isn’t massive and spaces are tight. Disabled bays are situated adjacent to the entrance. **** A LITTLE BIT OF HISTORY ***** The Star Inn belongs to a chain known as Vintage Inns; these in turn are owned by Mitchell and Butlers. Mitchells & Butlers Brewery was formed when Henry Mitchell's Crown Brewery [1] (founded in 1866) merged with William Butler's Brewery in ...

All Things Fish, Bournemouth 30/12/2016


All Things Fish, Bournemouth *************** ****All Things Fish************* ***WHAT IS IT?*** A beachfront fish and chip eatery inside a wooden beach hut in the heart of Mudeford Quay, Dorset. *****WHERE TO FIND THEM ***** Avon Beach Mudeford Christchurch Dorset B H23 4AN ****OPENING TIMES**** Tel: 01425 272162 They are open every day in the summer season and school holidays and at weekends all year round (weather permitting). Even if they are closed the same items can be bought from the Noisy Lobster restaurant right next door to take-away. ****PARKING**** To access All Things Fish you can either walk along the promenade from the top end of Mudeford or drive your car into the smaller and busier carpark which is situated right on the beach. In peak season this car park is crazy and you will struggle to get in. This was Boxing Day and the weather was good and we still had to wait. Like all things on this stretch of Christchurch, it too is expensive to leave your car. It used to be patrolled by two retired gents who took your money and ushered you into a spot. Now their hut is gone and so have they unfortunately. Now it’s a ticket machine and payable by the hour, no change given either. Disabled slots are available but you are not exempt from paying. *****WHY CHOOSE ALL THINGS FISH AND NOT THE NOISY LOBSTER?**** The food quality is equally as good as its cooked by the same team, both work for each other but the Noisy Lobster is packed to full most days and you have to be prepared to ...

New York Cafe, Budapest 14/12/2016

New York Cafe Budapest

New York Cafe, Budapest ******** New York Café ******* Budapest 1073 Budapest, Erzsébet krt. 9-11 In October this year, my partner planned a surprise trip for me to go to Budapest, Hungary. We had four days there in which we covered most of the attractions, one of them being an afternoon tea at the elegant New York Café. My other half researched the café prior to us leaving and the website and reviews were outstanding, so we had to go and find out for ourselves. ****** WHERE IS IT SITUATED? ******* It is part of a hotel, built in 1827 and situated in the Jewish corner of Budapest. It literally is in the town centre though we did walk past it a few times. The Big Red Bus (tourist bus) drops you off a few streets away and it’s about 10 minutes’ walk. If you’re driving parking is a nightmare but taxis will drop you outside. The cab’s aren’t as cheap as using the tourist bus and without going into another review, big red bus for a one off ticket price does take you around to all the main attractions, literally you hop on and hop off. The outside is connected to a top class hotel complete with concierge for those that require such help but it has a different entrance. We asked a taxi driver the way in and like most of the people we met in Hungary, not the most helpful. We eventually realised that the smaller public entrance is next door to the hotel foyer. ***** FIRST THOUGHTS ******* You have to wait to be seated and upon entering the reception lobby, we were lucky that it wasn’t ...

Hotel Mediterran, Pécs 20/11/2016

Hotel Mediterran

Hotel Mediterran, Pécs HOTEL MEDITERRAN 118 Budapest Ujbuda THE REASON FOR THE VISIT Well to be blatantly honest it was a last minute deal on Teletext holidays that caught our eye , a deal too good to miss. We never contemplated or planned to visit Budapest but the hotel looked good and we booked regardless. WHY BUDAPEST? Cited as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, with the river Danube running through , the whole place is steeped in history and making it the 25th most popular city in the world, and the 6th in Europe it looked amazing . There are two sections separated by bridge and waterway, Buda and Pest (pronounced Pesh). We were in Buda. FIRST IMPRESSIONS We arranged transfers from the airport before we left the UK, if you wish to stay in the same hotel there are public transport links close by but it’s much easier and quicker to get a taxi and arrange this in England. The airport was chaotic and no one was helpful. When we saw our name on the cardboard lid as we entered arrivals it was a relief to leave the place. The hotel is situated an hours drive away and the driving in Hungary is crazy, traffic is mental and everyone speeds at the wrong time. I was holding on for dear life and it made it worse by the taxi driver being on the phone His English was limited and I was bursting to tell him its illegal in the UK but he wouldn’t of understood. The area itself was a dump and we were right in the middle of a ring way, nothing but lanes of cars ...

Clairol Nice'n Easy Permanent Hair Colour 29/09/2016

Nice and Easy great smell not cheesy

Clairol Nice'n Easy Permanent Hair Colour CLAIROL PERMANENT COLOUR ~~~ NICE & EASY AGE DEFYING~~~~ There are many different variations of Nice and Easy , including root touch up to now the new Age Defying product. Also lots of shades to choose from , I went for dark brown my normal colour. ~~~REASON FOR PURCHASE~~~~~ Quite simply because I am going grey now under my roots and the regular colour I used previous ( Davina McColl seems to like it) is just not lasting long enough anymore between regrowth. The smell was also very strong and it is time for a change. ~~~~WAS IT EASY TO BUY?~~~~ Couldn't be more easier for me, the whole middle shelf was full of this product in a box and the fact that it was on offer for £5 instead of the usual £6 made it more appealing. Most supermarkets stock Clairol as do Superdrug, Boots, Home Bargain etc but it's worth shopping around for prices as Boots was the most expensive at £6.79. ~~~~CAN YOU BUY THIS ONLINE?~~~~ Yes you can but personally I wouldn't recommend it unless you already know the colour or shade number as buying online can be a bit hit and miss. Superdrug and Boots are online and some supermarket retailers sell it but the range isn't as good as seeing it on the shelf. ~~~~HOW DO YOU START? ~~~~ First things first , get changed. Put on an old t shirt or wrap a towel around your shoulders (dark one). There are four items in this box for your hair. One sachet for smoothing down course hair, colour , developer, conditioner and lastly but most importantly ...

Nelson's Diner, Newbury 31/08/2016

More like a Shakin Stevens Diner than an Elvis one.

Nelson's Diner, Newbury ******** NELSONS DINER ******** WHERE IS IT? Situated right on the A339 opposite Budgens petrol station. Newbury Road, Kingsclere, Newbury, Berkshire, RG20 4TA Opening Times Monday: 7.30am - 9.00pm Tuesday: 7.30am - 9.00pm Wednesday: 7.30am - 9.00pm Thursday: 7.30am - 9.00pm Friday: 7.30am - 10.00pm Saturday: 8.00am - 10.00pm Sunday: 8.30am - 9.00pm Last Orders taken 30 Mins Before Closing Time ******** WHAT IS IT AND WHY GO THERE? ******** I was curious to see what it was like, so my friend and I decided to call in and have a break from the traffic at rush hour. I have driven past this place countless times on the way to and from work but never ventured in until recently. I had always imagined American diners like we have seen in countless films such as Happy Days with the legend Henry Winkler. I thought there might be a chuckling cook behind a griddle, slightly overweight waitresses with pony tails , traditional burgers, fries and shakes etc in huge portions. Hmmm ...... I was wrong. Well yes it does look very much like a diner from the 1950's... and sadly this is very evident in the fixtures, fittings and cleanliness of the public areas. I parked at the rear and walking to the entrance I noticed the wood was flaking and rotting outside, paint peeling and the building looks to be in general disrepair. First impressions not good but none the less I still wanted to sit down and have a milkshake. You have to be seated first , it ...

Balaji Temple, West Midlands 28/07/2016

Lift your spirit and enjoy the calm of Balaji.

Balaji Temple, West Midlands Shree Venkateswara (Balaji) Temple ****Where is it? **** Dudley Road East Tividale Oldbury B69 3DU There is parking on site and also a bus stop right outside the temple that takes you to the station and city central. Transport links are good. Tel: 0121 544 2256 *****What is Hinduism? ***** Hinduism is the world's third largest religion after Christianity and Islam, with approximately one billion worshipers , of whom the majority stem from India. Its promotes peace and is non violent as well as respecting all cultures. There are three primary Hindu Gods: Shiva (the Creator and Destroyer) Vishnu (the Preserver) Devi (the Protecting Mother) In practice, each Hindu worships the gods that he or she believes directly influence his or her life but there are many and festivals are held throughout the year in respect of these deities. For example there is Lord Ganesh who comes in briefly to your home to take your troubles out to sea and Diwali with fireworks and lights worshiping the Goddess Lakshmi. ****History of the Temple ****** The main temple is beautiful and set in a approximately 30 acres of land, with a number of different shrines and other facilities and it has grown over its 10-year period to now become the largest Hindu temple in Europe. Much more than simply a building, it brings together a cross-section of worshipers under one roof and is now recognized as one of the leading Hindu institutions in this country. During the 1970's ...

Dorset (England) 10/05/2016

Amazing views and ramblers heaven

Dorset (England) ******** Lulworth Cove ************* ^^^^^^^ REASON FOR THE VISIT ^^^^^^^^^ Never heard of this place before yet I am only an hour and a half away by car. It was a friend who suggested we visit as I was at a loss where to go for the day while my partner was at home on a weekend. I was sceptical it was as good as she said it would be. ^^^^^ WHERE IS IT? ^^^^^ Lulworth Heritage Centre Main Road WEST LULWORTH Dorset BH20 5RQ If you type this postcode into your sat nav then this will bring you to the main car park situated just a stone's throw from the heritage centre which is free to enter. ^^^^^^ WHAT IS IT? ^^^^^^^^^^^ Lulworth Cove is a shingle beach situated in Dorset which shelves steeply in most parts down the embankment. Although some sections further round are meant to be safe for swimming I personally wouldn't. There was no life guard present and no blue flag . The Cove itself was formed by the sea and river which was swollen by melting ice at the end of the last Ice Age. The wall of Portland Stone, which can still be seen on either side of the entrance to the Cove, was attacked by the sea from the south and by a river from the north. Once the Portland Stone had been eradicated , the Purbeck, Wealden, Greensand and Chalk were revealed. When we arrived it was dull and overcast but by the time we devoured fish and chips at the local cafe next to the Heritage centre, the sun was out and the cove was totally breathtaking. I actually thought at some ...

Vedic Society Hindu Temple, Southampton 29/04/2016

"A grain of devotion is more valuable than tons of faithlessness"

Vedic Society Hindu Temple, Southampton " The essence of all regions is one. Only their approaches are different." Mahatma Gandhi VEDIC Society Hindu Temple Radcliffe Road Southampton SO14 0PS ***** WHAT IS IT? ******* The Vedic Society Hindu Temple in Southampton was the first in the UK to be built entirely from scratch and now it has marked 25 years in the area. A group of people came together with the sole purpose of creating a centre for the Hindu community. Though funding and money has been tight, the Temple is still going strong and even with the new hall built they are able to host functions such as weddings. There are two daily prayer sessions and worshippers come from across the South to join the congregation. On Sunday they have a free lunch which is funded and hosted by a different family each week and the hall is normally full. The food is outstanding and considering its free, I would say it's one of the tastiest places I have eaten in. Everyone is welcome to eat, there is no pressure to attend the service. **** PARKING ****** The Temple has its own car park but it's not huge and on match days at Southampton football grounds they sometimes charge for football supporters to park there. Worshipers there is no charge but on festival celebrations and match days, it can be chaotic getting access and getting out. Outside of the temple it's a nightmare to park as its parking permit only and yellow lines. Get there early is all I can advise. Public transport is ...

Sprinkles Gelato, Southampton 21/04/2016

No sign of a burger or chip here

Sprinkles Gelato, Southampton SPRINKLES Portswood Road, Portswood, Southampton Hampshire, SO17 2NJ T: +44 (0)23 8055 7780 E: WHAT IS IT? Sprinkles Gelato opened its doors in Southampton during September 2012. The aim was to create a brand new dining experience to the people of Hampshire in a restaurant designed to be modern as well as different. The difference being they sell only deserts here, no chicken nuggets or burgers, just ice cream, cakes and waffles. Situated in the area of Portswood, they claimed the gelato and tasty desserts would wow thousands of clients, bringing people from across the area. Since Southampton, they have opened stores in Bournemouth and London and are aiming to go across the UK. SO WHY DID WE GO? I have been to the other sprinkles in Bournemouth and enjoyed it, my children have never been so my other half thought we would have a ride out and treat them. It was a lovely warm Saturday evening so why not. Southampton is just 20 minutes away so not too far, PARKING Non existent unless you are very lucky and manage to park in the high street. Its yellow lines so judge your timing. However if you drive a bit further down to the Farm Food mini supermarket you can turn left into the rear car park and get two hours free. Its busy and not a massive place, but it's one level with easy disabled access and slots. Just a 10 minute stroll will take you to Sprinkles. Another parking spot is the council ...

Bournemouth International Centre, Bournemouth 21/03/2016

BIC - great family venue

Bournemouth International Centre, Bournemouth Bournemouth International Centre ***What is it? **** The (BIC) is a conference, events and entertainment venue, centrally situated in the town centre with amazing views across Bournemouth seafront. Opened in 1984, the multi-purpose venue has four main auditoria and provides the largest capacity on the South Coast for up to 10,000 customers with the flexibility for multi-hall conferences, exhibitions, meetings, large music concerts, dance and comedy performances. Many famous faces have graced the stages here, including Katy Perry. Freddie Star, Jim Davidson, Gary Barlow, Dynamo, the Dream Boys and most recent Peter Andre. ***Where is it?*** Exeter Road Bournemouth Dorset BH2 5BH ***Is there parking?**** Parking is a nightmare being honest. There is a multi storey next to the BIC but when popular acts are on then the car park gets full which I found last week to my dismay. In the summer months it will be worse. Apparently you can pre book a parking space when you purchase your tickets but I thought I would take a chance and still get parking. Totally wrong. It was full. The car park entrance is via the main foyer and yes its convenient but don't take it for granted you will get a parking space. If you can get in there prices are : • Up to 1 hour - £1.70 • Up to 2 hours - £2.90 • Up to 3 hours - £4.50 • Up to 4 hours - £6.50 • Up to 6 hours - £8.50 • Up to 24 hours - £13.50 I went on the website ...
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