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Summer Prenatal Heart Listening System 13/02/2010

Summer prenatal listening system

Summer Prenatal Heart Listening System My partner and i purchased the Summer prenatal listening system when i was 21 weeks pregnant. This is approximately the time that you can start to use it. I first managed to hear my son's heartbeat when i was 25/26 weeks, although i could hear 'thud thud' when he moved from 21 weeks onwards. We purchased this one over the rest because it has a recording cable and 2 sets of earbuds, and was in our price range. We paid £29.99 for it in Mothercare. Product features: Heartbeat sensor Positioning belt Recording cable 2 sets of ear buds on/off switch volume control complete use and care instructions enclosed. Battery powered One year limited warranty How to use: There is a positioning belt that goes through the middle of the system and around your 'bump'. I had a good size bump at 21 weeks and i still found it hard to place in the correct position, it never felt like it was resting quite right, whereas in the picture the lady makes it look easy! Once the system is placed around the 'bump', you turn the system on and hopefully can hear your babies heartbeat. The instruction manual is very thorough about how to use the product, correct positions to be in and also helpful if you cannot hear your babies heartbeat. One sentence picked out from the manual: ''Be sure the sensor is touching your bare skin and the belt is holding the sensore snugly in place.'' - I have not so far in 8 weeks of using it, with my good size 'bump', felt like the sensor is 'snugly' in place. If you try ...

Pearl Drops Hollywood Smile Whitening Tooth Polish 03/08/2007

pearl drops hollywood smile - it DOES work!

Pearl Drops Hollywood Smile Whitening Tooth Polish Pearl drops hollywood smile toothpaste. What does it claim to do? *make your teeth two shades whiter within three weeks of usage, which you can measure with a shade card that comes in the box. *they guarentee results or you get your money back! Does it do this? For me, yes it does. I used the toothpaste every day, some days i will admit, i used it more than twice, for three weeks and my teeth were 2 shades lighter on the card provided. This may have been down to me using it more than you are meant to a few times, but it did the trick and i was very pleased. When i bought it, it had a money back guarentee with it, so i wasnt worried about the price becuase if it didnt work i could send off for it back. This shows how certain they are that it will work for you. How much does it cost? £8.98 per 100ml, the three week treatment tube is 50ml, but you might need to buy another one as you may run out - i did, but as i said, i did use more than you are meant to. What else does it do for your teeth? It contains fluoride so it helps strengthen your tooth enamel, and also helps fights decay. Any downsides? It is not suitable for children aged under 7, but i dont see this as a major problem. What is the packaging like? The box the toothpaste comes in is appealing, with a lady with a perfect pearly white smile. The tube can be stood up, upside down so that when it starts to run out you dont have to sqeeze the toothpaste all the way up or roll the tube. It also ...

Cookworks KT800 03/08/2007

who said cheap was nasty??

Cookworks KT800 When i first moved into my flat a year ago, i was completely skint! So i popped to argos to get some bits and there was this cheap little toaster. I bought it thinking that it wouldnt last very long at all, but i was wrong. Now im not exactly a 'technical' person, but if you want something that will toast your bread, then thats what you get! I get two slices of frozen bread out the freezer, put it in the toaster and it is done within about 2 minutes! You would think an inexpensive toaster would not last very long, but its been a year and its still going. Its a 2 slice toaster with cool touch so it doesnt get that hot on the outside, browning control and cancel function - in case you burn it!, not making it the most technical toaster with lots of brilliant features, but it does the job and it does it well. I think i paid about a fiver for it but you can now buy this toaster for £3.72 on the argos website, so if your big flash toaster breaks or you are in the same boat that i was in, go and buy it! I dont think you will be disappointed!

Adios 02/08/2007

ADIOS...whats the point?!!

Adios To set the 5ft 6 and at the time of buying these weighed 9st5lbs. I know thats the 'average' weight for my height but i didnt look average ! Anyway on to adios. ADIOS is crap! complete waste of money no wonder they are so cheap! Considering i didnt have much weight to lose in the first place it was probably stupid me buying them anyway, but if you read the smallprint on the back it says they work in conjunction with a calorie controlled diet...a calorie controlled diet makes you lose weight anyway so they are selling you slimming pills, making you think you dont have to do any work when you do! Basically taking these gives you a negative effect on a diet because you are expecting to lose weight more quickly, so when you dont, you are more disappointed and will be far more likely to go and grab a bite to eat ! They really are a waste of time, think about it, if there were pills to meraculously(i cant spell 2day) make you lose weight and be slim, there wouldnt be any obese people out there !! Sorry for putting a negative effect on them and ruining the easy way out, but youre far more likely to succeed and lose weight if you eat healthy and exercise. ...

Condomi Condoms 02/08/2007

DONT buy condomi jonnys !

Condomi Condoms I would not recommend these to anyone unless you want a trip down the clinic to get a morning after pill ! There is a reason why they are cheap and that because they are rubbish! I have never had a problem with durex, trojan or mates condoms, but condomi ones split EVERY time. This may just be something on mine/my blokes part but highly unlikely as durex, trojan and mates ones are fine and stay whole !!! The first time one split we thought it may have been us...maybe the second and the third, but after not buying them again and using durex and trojan ones and them being fine, we got given some more condomi ones again free. And once again they split. Will not be using them again. EVER! Its better to be safe than sorry!!

GHD Salon Styler - Hair Straightener 02/08/2007

ghds - mk4 - two points of view

GHD Salon Styler - Hair Straightener I have the latest MK4 model of GHDs (unfortunatly not the pink ones :( as i was too late! ) I think that these straighteners are brilliant! My hair is thick and is a major problem when untamed, and these ghds are what keeps me sane! They are nice and smooth and i only need to go over my hair once for it to be straight. I have always suffered from heat damage,even before i bought these but they hide it when your hair is so smooth and shiny. They can also curl your hair or make it wavy, so thats basically in the price tag as well - you dont have to buy curling tongs on top. I am in love with these straightners and hopefully will have them forever ! I can see what people mean about them damaging your hair and stuff...but dont all straighteners do that? They have to be hot to work, and heat on your hair damages it, even if you do use products to protect it. Although i would not recommend the ghd protection spray as i think it smells horrid and makes your hair sticky!!! I would recommend toni and guy heat protection spray, it makes your hair soft and shiny, smells gorgeous and isnt too expensive (i buy the travel size ones, £1.49!) Overall, i think these straighteners are fab! If you dont want damaged hair due to heat..then dont use straighteners or hair dryers !!

Sony Ericsson W810i Walkman 02/08/2007


Sony Ericsson W810i Walkman I have had this phone for almost a year now and it has not once disappointed me! It has an excellent 2.0 megapixel camera which is brilliant quality, with a flash for when its dark and the pictures can be transferred to a computer via the usb cable, so it doubles up as a digital camera. With the standard 512mb memory card, the phone can hold loads of songs,pictures and videos, also doubling up as an mp3 player! You can also buy much bigger memory cards so that you can hold as much things as you desire. The phone also has a 'light' which is good for when its dark, and also does an 'sos' flash in case of emergencies. The operation of the phone is very simple and straight forward for people not used to having a sony ericsson phone(like myself when i got it). Before i got this phone i had used a string of nokias, but this phone has made me want to stick with using the sony ericsson walkmans, as they are so reliable and save me buying a camera, and an mp3 player. The headphones that come with it are of excellent quality, the only problem i have had with them, is that i keep losing the little bits you put on the end, which help to block out sound from around you, thus enhancing the sound of music you are listening to. Overall, i would encourage anyone to buy this phone, or take out a good contract with it, as it is excellent and well worth the money!!
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