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Member Advice on Food Safety 25/07/2005

When Healthy Eating Makes You Sick

Member Advice on Food Safety Although many women routinely use soy products, they should be made aware that this may be damaging their body, and may later affect their life, in more ways than they think. Soy products are found in a multitude of foods and supplements. Menopausal women find soy to be helpful in dealing with their symptoms. However, a growing number of women in their 50's and above are now suffering from diseases of the thyroid. One product that causes damage to the thyroid is soy. Is there a link between the two? A lifetime of healthy eating may now be causing problems for a generation of women. Whilst many doctors and researchers are aware of the problem, for the most part, the general public is not. During the 1970's, beef and other meats were quite expensive and many housewives eked out their meals using textured vegetable protein, commonly know as TVP. Available in granules (like mince) or shaped in small chunks, it was a soy protein which absorbed the flavour of the foods it was being cooked with. There were even proprietary brands, such as Beanfeast, which offered a complete dehydrated meal, simple enough to reconstitute and cook. Varieties included curry, chili and spaghetti sauces. Nutritional awareness and the ever popular idea of losing weight were also pushing for less meat in the diet as a way of cutting animal fat consumption. Less dairy and more vegetable and plant protein was their mantra. Meanwhile, vegetarianism was also becoming more mainstream, so ...

Top 10 Children's TV Shows 17/09/2003

Back in the days of the old black and white

Top 10 Children's TV Shows After reading other ops on this subject, it got me thinking and I just had to go and do one myself. Bearing in mind that I grew up in the fifties and sixties, some of you will look on this as more of a history lesson ... but no, I'm not in a museum yet although lots of things from that era are! In the beginning, there wasn't much choice of tv back then, I think there was BBC who did Watch With Mother and ITV, just the two channels. BBC was definitely the more child friendly of the two at first, and every day had a time slot for the kiddies. Not to be outdone ITV followed suit with their own programs. In those days, it really was Watch With Mother, few mums worked outside the home. Their job was in the house, taking care of their little darlings, taking them out in prams to the park to feed the duckies, and keeping the house nice and clean, washing done, clothes ironed and put away, so that when poor hard working dad came home, he could sit down and have his tea and relax. And poor old mum? Well, I guess the Watch With Mother gave the mums a chance of a few minutes with their feet up too. So here goes, clearing out the cobwebs of my brain to remember my favourites once again. Andy Pandy ********** Part of the BBC's Watch With mother line-up, I used to love Andy Pandy in all his flickering black and white glory, with Looby Loo and Teddy but sadly I can't remember any of the story lines. Andy Pandy had pyjamas and a night cap on his head, and used to get back ...

Everything that starts with N ... 15/09/2003

N is for NUBIAN

Everything that starts with N ... And now ... as they used to say years ago ... for something completely different. Nubian goats. I can hear the gasps of astonishment. What? What did she say? What kind of goats? So they do tricks or something? Who wants to know about goats? Well, let me tell you something. Don't ever stop to pet somebody's goat in a field or you may find yourself getting smitten by the bug. And it is a bug, and there is no cure other than to get some of these adorable creatures of your own. Goats are very intelligent, and Nubians are considered the aristocrats of the goat world. They are extremely photogenic, being the ones with the Roman noses and the long floppy ears. Added to which, for those (like me) interested in a self-sufficiency of sorts, Nubians consistently score higher in the quality of their milk, than other breeds. Although they do not apparently produce as much milk, theirs has higher butterfat. In fact many goat dairies interbreed their stock with Nubians to gain more of that richness. The Nubian breed has a long history, stemming from African and Indian goats which were crossed with the English domestic goat which has made them hardier to heat than certain other breeds, and yet they are also considered one of the more delicate ones as well. The first time I ever saw a Nubian was at a market in Swaffham, Norfolk, about 30 years ago. He was about 4 weeks old at the time, and we kept him indoors and let him graze outside in the daytimes, and would walk on a ...

Everything that starts with M ... 15/06/2003

There are still boxes in my living room

Everything that starts with M ... Moving is not a prospect I would wish on my worst enemy, and I'm not talking about the removal men coming and packing everything and taking it, I'm talking about the " me and hubby, no kids to help, trying to do it all ourselves" brigade. What a nightmare. Ah, but it might make for good reading, and for those who would like to imagine themselves flies on the wall, a few laughs at the same time. First of all, lets get a few things straight before we begin, yours truly is no spring chicken ... the spring has turned to sprung and everything that used to be where it should be, has gone South or spread all over. The lithe and limber 10st of my youth and twenties is now about double that (the scales scream and beg me not to get on, honestly) and my get up and go has got up and gone. Don't know where, it never sent me a postcard or anything, just left without so much as a goodbye. And so, though joyous at the fact that we were swopping our 3 bedroom UPSTAIRS apartment for a 3 bedroom bungalow on 1.9 acres in the country and yet only 5 miles from the nearest town, we viewed the actual shifting of the household with trepidation. Even so, I thought I had it all planned out well. We signed the papers on the 15th May and we had the apartment until the 31st. Plenty of time. First week we'd lug the stuff over, putting it away as we went, the second week would be cleaning the apartment to inspection standards and enjoying the new place. 15 days to do it all, so that on that final ...

Everything that starts with R ... 11/06/2003

A whole lotta Rosie - poet831 reveals all

Everything that starts with R ... Years ago, that AC/DC song was my theme, except for the measurements - which sadly I've grown into, LOL. Can't resist a challenge through, so when I saw this I just had to do it. HAVE YOU EVER Been so drunk you blacked out? Yes, about 20 years ago. Walked into a broom cupboard instead of the ladies (the doors were next to each other) and thought I had gone to la-la land, then blacked out in the loo. The manager came and asked me if I was ok, and I said I'd be fine, just let me sit awhile, and he said the club was closed and they were all about to leave! Been hurt emotionally? Yes, I think that everyone at sometime has. Kept a secret? Yes, but wanted to blab it all over! Had an imaginary friend? No, but I talk to myself a lot. And answer, LOL. Had a crush on a teacher? Yes, but so did half the girls in the class. Mr Frost, at Downham Grammar School, taught biology. Human reproduction must have been hell for him, we were such a bunch of little *&!# Ever thought an animated character was hot? Nah, not my style. Had a New Kids on the Block tape Nope, listened to it enough being played over and over by my daughters. Been on stage? Many many moons ago in school acted in a couple of school plays. Couple of years ago, returning to America, read my poetry on the QE2, in the passenger talent contest ... and got MOBBED afterwards! What a giggle, made me realise how hard it must be for these kids who suddenly make it big in the pop world and have ...

Everything that starts with C ... 03/06/2003

Repairing your CREDIT

Everything that starts with C ... With all the credit available today, it is no wonder so many people are getting into debt and finding it hard to get out again. Sadly, the getting in is easier and much quicker, than rebuilding your credit after it has gone awry. Everything might be going perfectly, but then the unthinkable happens, you get sick or lose your job. Bills aren't paid on time. The phone starts ringing with calls from creditors. Your credit report starts becoming very scary. You try to juggle your bills but the numbers just keep getting worse. Panic sets in, and you realise you are in WAY over your head. What can you do? Or, this may have happened a couple of years ago, and now you are trying to clear your credit record of all the bad stuff, and those ads for credit repair seem so-o-o tempting ... Steer clear of those ads, most offer to help but you end up paying for their advice. What some propose is illegal. The only way to clear your debts legally (other than filing bankruptcy and walking away from what you owe) is to pay them off, and the best people to deal with are the people you owe. Start by calling your creditors and explaining the situation, and ask them to work out a payment plan with you. Most will be more than willing to do so. If the amount they suggest is too much, explain why you can't afford that amount and offer what you can. If you can't face talking to them, then write. In paying up one bill, I was so stressed because the people weren't listening to what I was saying, ...

All About Me 26/04/2003

If I tell you everything I might have to kill ya

All About Me Ok, I see there's another challenge going around - can't let that pass without my offering ... 1) What time is it? 3.52pm 2) Your name? Rosemary 3) Parents names? Sylvia and William 4) Number of candles on last birthday cake? 47 5) Hair colour? Ginger starting to get grey streaks 6) Tattoos? 4, all on my arms. Grandparents names on one forearm, kids names on the other. An eagle and a snake entwined on one upper arm and on the other, my memories. A biker 7) How much do you love your job on a scale of 0 ? 5? 3 - I'd rather be a lady of leisure but the place I work is good and the people are great! 8) Favourite Colour? Black 9) Home County? Essex 10) Current relationship Status? Married 11) Favourite Food? Chinese! Curry and fried rice with an egg roll, yum! 12) Been to Africa? No 13) Been to Camden? No 14) Loved somebody so much it made you cry? Yes 15) Been in a car accident? Yes - years ago in a blizzard, but not badly hurt 16) Croutons or Bacon Bits? Bacon bits, as long as they are real bacon! 17) Sprite or 7UP? Neither 18) Favourite movie? Tough one this - have to say overall probably "Mandy" from way back in the 50's or early 60's. Had Jack Hawkins in it - bet the younger ones reading this think "who???????????" 19) Favourite Holiday? Summers as a kid with my grandparents, spent touring Devon and Cornwall. We lived in east London back then. 20) Favourite Day Of Week? Saturday 21) Favourite ...

Wendy's, Los Angeles 25/04/2003

Not just about burgers anymore

Wendy's, Los Angeles I love Wendy's. Have done for years, even before getting into the fat-conscious mode that has seen burgers basically banished from my diet. Their restaurants were always cleaner than the rival burger joints, and their assistants usually younger and more stressed. Fast food has a high turnover of staff, and you can see why. It's always hectic. Even so, most of those who have served me have been polite and reasonably well-mannered. In the US, Wendy's were the first fast food place to bring out a 99c menu, an option that enabled you to create a meal using different items for 99c each. In those far off days, coming out of the club late night, Wendy's drive - thru always beckoned and the 99c Junior Bacon Cheeseburger filled the empty spot. That was about 9 years ago, they still have the 99c menu, it still contains the same assortment of items - how have they managed that in times of inflation? Well done Wendy's! Nowadays, trying to lose weight and being calorie and fat conscious, I've stopped eating burgers as much as I used to, very rarely in fact now. However, Wendy's has also realised that times are changing too. They know that obesity is on the rise and that food like theirs is partly to blame. But they have a business to run so they can't just quit making burgers and fries, folks, can they? So they have brought out some healthier choices for those of us who are watching what we eat, and these choices are DELICIOUS! Four salads, and let me tell you, these salads come ...

Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP) 25/03/2003

Stretch that minced beef

Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP) Textured Vegetable Protein is marketed under many different names, one of which is simply TVP. It is basically a dried soy product that is lower in fat than meat but can be used in recipes that require meat, thus lowering fat and cholesterol content and providing some plant nutrients that our bodies need also. Some of you may be grimacing and thinking - " give me bangers and mash or a steak any day, I don't want this stuff!" Chances are you've already eaten TVP if you've eaten any canned or frozen "meat" products, the reason being that many companies use it as a filler. It really has no taste of its own, but absorbs the taste of the sauce or other food it is cooked in or with. Beanfeast is a textured vegetable protein product that is an everyday item on the supermarket shelves, but many other products include TVP because it is cheaper than real meat. Women benefit from the use of TVP as it contains soy proteins and soy is a rich source of plant oestrogens, as well as helping to lower cholesterol in the body. I use TVP in a variety of ways, in shepherd's pie, for instance, I use half mince and half TVP. The same thing when I make curry, spaghetti . Even people who THINK they won't like it if you ask them, find that they do not notice any difference in the taste if they aren't told ahead of time that it is in something. This product is excellent for stretching the food budget, while at the same time actually making your meals healthier. It is high in protein and ...

Lean Cuisine Meals 25/03/2003

I LOVE my Lean Cuisines

Lean Cuisine Meals Lean Cuisine is a range of pre-packaged frozen meals for those people who want to eat a lower calorie intake and lose weight, and are great for people to take as lunches to work as they cook in minutes in a microwave. The range is very complete, and they cater to all tastes. There are Asian style dishes for those who like me love Chinese food - teriyaki beef, oriental beef, chicken fried rice for instance. For those whose passion is Italian, they do spaghetti, lasagne, and some other pasta selections, and they do a range of everyday type meals with vegetables. Most of the selections are between 250-320 calories and they have a nutrition guideline on the package so you can check fat gms, sodium and cholesterol content, ideal for those who have other dietary problems and need to keep track of their intake of those items. I find them very convenient, especially since when one first begins trying to lose weight and eat healthy, it is hard to guage portion sizes correctly and especially to estimate how much fat is in an item, for instance. These take the guesswork out of it. You can easily include them in a meal plan, count the calories, the fat gms, the sodium, and help yourself to better health. I find that the portion sizes are good for lunch but maybe a little small for dinner. They do a couple of selections that are slightly larger portions but you can do the same at home simply by adding a portion of frozen vegetables into the dish before you miscrowave it. ...

Everything that starts with W ... 19/03/2003

A necessary evil

Everything that starts with W ... Well, one of the things most on everyone's mind right now is WAR, war on terrorism, war on Osama bin Laden, war on Iraq. We are in a huge period of uncertainty about the world in general and yet cannot even agree among ourselves. Most of us are aware that war will mean death. Brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers will be returning to their homelands in body bags. Families will be forever changed, life will go on but irrevocably different, missing people who were once alive and who will be just a memory. Most of us hope and pray that it won't come to war. Some don't believe our politicians, and see an ulterior motive beneath all the shenanigans. Others say, we have to do something about Saddam, he's dangerous, we have to take him out. And all the while, we also want reassurance that Al Q'aeeda will be hunted down and made impotent so that they can never again realise such a successful attack as that which happened to New York's World Trade Center on September 11th 2001. Although some of us are wary about the details, we all know that we cannot be ambivalent. We have to stand up and be counted, either for or against military action. We also have to sort out the facts for ourselves and make our own judgements. FACT: Saddam Hussein has killed a lot of people. FACT: He has not kept to his side of the agreement made after his invasion of Kuwait and the Persian Gulf War. FACT: Saddam has been involved in the manufacture of chemical and biological weapons. OK, I ...

Everything that starts with A ... 26/02/2003

The A-Z of ME

Everything that starts with A ... Oh boy! As soon as I read Michelle's op in this subject, I thought YES, this is a perfect slot for me. An A-Z of Rose, Rosie Posie, The Rose, Rose Lee and all the other monickers I've been called in my time. So, from an old lady close approaching half a century, here's my A-Z. A is for AMERICA, where I now live in South Carolina. It's nice here, reminds me of England in lots of ways, rolling hills and streams, the people are down home folks and the pace is slower than I'd have found comfortable twenty years ago. I've lived in Florida and Arkansas as well, didn't like either of them as they were WAY TOO HOT, and stayed a few months in Valdosta, Georgia, which made me understand Gladys Knight being willing to go there for love, and that old song "Georgia On My Mind". You either like it or you hate it. It's a land of opportunity but for some it's also the dungeons of hell; odd in Florida where you can turn the corner from a million dollar home and be on a street of wood shacks ... that you then realise people LIVE in. B is for BIKERS, for 15 years I rode and partied heavy. At the time it was great, now I doubt I'd even be able to cock my leg over and get on the blooming thing. But the sound of an engine revving over can still make my heart miss a beat and I can still remember the way they throbbed between my legs. It was a wonderful feeling of freedom, of feeling powerful. Awesome. C is for CHINESE FOOD, man I could live on the stuff, and curry is my favourite. Give me ...

Residential Home Care Assistant 26/02/2003

It takes a special person

Residential Home Care Assistant Overworked and underpaid, two descriptions which a lot of people will attach to their own job but which is more than true in the field of residential home care assistants. It is a job which requires less a wish for money than a desire to help people and make a difference in the twilight years of their lives. I worked in this field on and off for twenty years, both in England and in the US. It is a hard job, both physically and emotionally draining, yet there is also joy from the smallest pleasures sometimes, and from knowing you are trying to do your bit to make these people lives somewhat more easy. When I began, there was no definite training. You got hired, the people who had worked there a while showed you what to do, you worked with them and then you worked alone. Nowadays, although a lot of places will hire you with no formal training or qualifications, both in England and the US there is a push for people to earn certification, to take classes and qualify. Not only is the intention to upgrade the profession and to give credit to those in the field, but also to update knowledge and provide a more skilled workforce. People who understand the needs and wants of the geriatric community, and who can provide a better standard of care for their residents. Nursing homes can no longer just be started by anyone with a couple of rooms to spare who decides that having a couple of old dears share a bedroom is an easy money-maker. In England I think it is now the law that ...

Swordfish (DVD) 26/02/2003

This was GOOD

Swordfish (DVD) "Swordfish" was totally different to what I expected and what you think you see is not always what you see, and I had to smile to myself at that and thought of the Pepsi ad "and I'm not Halle Berry, I'm ..." Did I enjoy the movie? YES, definitely. Did it keep my attention? Again, thumbs up. Did I like the subject matter? Not particularly, and especially not in these times. To me, I could see the reality of corruption that goes on in governments all over the world, the sleight of hand, the various little kickbacks and "teams" who have their own agenda. Sadly, I could also see terrorists watching this and taking notes. It could give them some ideas. John Travolta is perfect and his performance, as always, is impeccable. He has come a long way since "Saturday Night Fever" and boogie-ing to the Bee Gees (RIP, Maurice). At first glance, his character is a psycho, but then you begin to understand his way of thinking although you don't condone it. He feels he can justify his outlook on what he is doing though. Hugh Jackman is the hacker who finds himself drawn into something over which he has no control, and his roller coaster ride of emotions stretches his acting ability from beginning to end. That he rises to the occasion and gives us a character that we all feel drawn to, and rally behind, is testament indeed to his ability as an actor and shows that he is not just something to ogle at for us girls. Halle Berry shows yet again the talent that has pushed her ...

Paradise Road DVD 24/02/2003

Not my idea of Paradise

Paradise Road DVD " Paradise Road" (1997) stars Glenn Close, Frances McDormand, Pauline Collins and Julianna Margulies in a brutal portrayal of the survival of a group of women, taken prisoner by the Japanese in Sumatra in WWII. They were beaten, starved, abused by their captors, filthy and riddled with disease and yet managed to rise above it all with an almost etheral quality which in itself was an act of defiance. There are some, like me, that may remember the "Tenko" miniseries on tv in the seventies or eighties, and I'm thinking didn't Pauline Collins also play a part in that one too? Director Bruce Beresford's powerful saga is based on the true story of how women of different nationalities - English, American, Dutch, Australians - overcame terrible suffering in appalling conditions and lived to tell the tale. That and overcoming the prejudices inherent against each other, purely from the ignorance of the other language and customs. Most were quite ladies of leisure in the pre-WWII era in Singapore. Whilst their husbands worked, they socialized and shared gossip over afternoon tea or in their social groups, until the day that the Japanese swarmed through the Far East and got too close to comfort. As they fled by ship, most were happy to have survived and were thinking the worst was over, but the ship was bombed and their horrors began. When Beresford heard the remarkable tale of how these women, kept prisoner deep in the Sumatran jungle, used music to overcome the harsh trials ...
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