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Poems of Love 23/07/2008

Tired heroes

Poems of Love Just another poem from my past. I love very much this poem, even if i don't really know if in the english transaltion it can be good. I had a poem award, some years ago for this poem, in a poetry contest. I was really glad to have it! Hoping u can like my words, have a good reading. --------------- ------------ ""Tired heroes"" As tired heroes of a bad proposed dream, we have in silence assisted at the defeat of our gods, not really inclined to satisfy maybe banal exploits, rather addicted to disdain lied ideals shapes, artificial paradises where we'd have lost our most secret emotions. It was dedicated to my ex girlfriend: when i write this poem we were still together... but i was feeling our love was sadly ending... Marco 2008

London (England) 16/07/2008

Where the world walks

London (England) I was in London in the first days of 2005. It was very very cold. Colder than i can imagine. It was the first time i was there. I stayed in a little hotel very close to paddington station. The location (i really don't remember its name, maybe eagle...) was good: nothing's special, but good at all. I had a fantastic first impression staynig there: in the past i was in scotland, inverness, edinburgh and glasgow, but nothing is remotely like london. London is unique. Anyhow, the first impact was awful: the cold, the high prices, the language (englishman speak english!!) and finally the short sun light, were sufficient reason to pant for a while.... but in a pair of our i familiarized with the new environment, the new sensations. So, the second feeling, it was a feeling of complete ... falling in love. Not only and not expecially for the attraction (i am from, in attractions rome is really very richer tha london): i loved the atmosphere, the people, the tube, the way of drivin, the way of living. I didn't like, in the beginning, the way of eating: but discovering the take away, a new world opened in front of my eyes! London is a very expensive city but it's worth it. I loved the historical center, the tames, camden town (really special), the buses, and all the things everyone thinks to have in London. But the best thing i loved, i can undestood only when i came back to Rome: after visiting Londo, Rome was such as a little village. A very strange sensation, a really ...

Poetry 15/07/2008

Emotion genesis

Poetry Just a poem from me. Written watching a fantastic sunset.... hoping to publish also some pics.... Sunset's genesis (8th december 2007) In front of this sigh i could be everyone. Sunny king lonely fresco of someone else inspiration. Sunset's genesis that melts clouds in the water. Anybody from back who draws life blood or sobs. As an anxiety in the middle of the chest not dominate prince pitiless untamed breathe. ------- It's hard now to close this review. I only hope someone wants to read this very short poem and leave some comment. I hope i'll be able to write some other poem very soon, even if it's not simple to translate a italian written words. I'lll try again and again... Thanx for every rate and comment. M.

Ostia Antica, Rome 15/07/2008

The harbour city of ancient rome

Ostia Antica, Rome Ostia Antica is an ancient archeological site. One of the best preserved site in Rome. Ostia antica was the harbour city of ancient Rome. I am telling about a site of nearly 2000 years ago: walking along its stretts, u can se the way of life of the ancient Romans. The site was built on the mouth of the Tiber river: today the whole site is very farer than in the past: the sand trasported by the waters in the centuries, created new lands. Today Ostia Antica is far about 3-4 chilometers from the sea. The name "Ostium" means infact "mouth of the river". In the ancient times, Ostia was one of the most vivacious cities of the roman empire: it was built in the middle of important commercial paths. Its importance grow under Adriano when in Ostia were till 100.000 inhabitants. The ruins are exceptionally conserved: the site, as i can know, is second in beautifulness at Pompei ruins. Near to the roman ruins, there is the old castle of pope Giulio II (XV century) and the old village with the Sant'Aurea church. Interesting website:,, (in english) How you can reach Ostia Antica: by train: metro B, Piramide station - and then train "Roma-Lido", Ostia Antica station. by car: via del Mare (or via Ostiense), from Grande Raccordo Anulare or, from Rome, leaving from Porta San Paolo. I really hope you can visit it: it is worth going there to see a piece of the ancient times.

Wall - Pink Floyd 14/07/2008

Are we only millions of bricks?

Wall - Pink Floyd Surely the very first harvest of my life. The Wall, written in 1979 by Pink Floyd and performed by David Gilmour and the sublime Roger Waters is my best Lp. A long music tale, telling the story of Pinky: his youthness, the heavy love of his mother, his strange loves and, finally, the changing in his mind and in his life. The base concept is: are we only a brick in the wall? Only an anonimous part of a big building: only arms, without brain, without heart? around thi question, moves the narration. The best songs, probably, remains Mother, Confortably Numb, Another Brick in the Wall. Very special music, a wonderful performance of one of the biggest band in the wordl. Probably the best LP of Pink Floyd. An unforgettable LP
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