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Samsung SGH G600 19/11/2007

my sexy g600

Samsung SGH G600 This fone is bloody great providing u dont drop it on the floor!! i recently dropped it off the pushchair whilst seeing to my 6month old and it was very wobbly after that. it cant take higher than a 2gb memory card, its very expensive, and very easy to use, the picture quality is ace, just like a digital camera with a very bright flash, all mp3s have to be transfere to fone memory to use as ringtone as with pictures for the fone book pictures, the fone memory is 60mbs and the cards up to 2gb so quiet alot in all, atm i have a 1gb full with over 200 songs on and pictures and videos.go buy this sexy fone or get it on contract like me hehe. oh u can have pdfs on there and the signal isnt good foir me so i reviewed this about me and my area. im on t-mobile.

Toshiba Satellite Pro 4200 19/11/2007

my sat pro 4200/4220

Toshiba Satellite Pro 4200 this laptop is great, i have bought this for my fiance and my current also toshiba satellite range laptop, although the original battery has just died so that lasted 7years!! its been upgraded to highest spec and the cpu isnt as high as toshiba states its only a 450mhz soi not good for games or very fast on the internet. apart from that its a very good laptop, very loyal for a 7year old laptop i love it. it can have 320mb ram tops and a 20gb hdd so basic really, not alot i can say apart from the speakers have goner after 7years pmsl. spare parts for this isnt that expensive thoug a battery is onlt 30 new and a lead 30 new and memory is 256mb for 20.

Nokia 6600 24/03/2007

my 6600

Nokia 6600 well my dad got me this for x mas and i have had nothing but hassle with the stupid thing, it keeps reloading, crashing, cutting out u name it its got it grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. There a pretty old phone but dad paid 249.99 for mine as was reconditioned from the carphone warehouse, i am very disappointed, u cant get any girly covers for it, its very bulky, heavy and just disappointing behavior. it doesn't take mp3 ring tones it converts them to wav's so are not very loud, the speaker is only mono, the loudspeaker on calls is rubbish isn't no where near loud enough if in car driving. I have since had this in the local paper for sale for 3wks mine being the cheapest one in there everyones are going for 190 2nd hand and mines not shifting for 140 only 4ms old i think everyone no's to stay away from this phone. I'm not really sure what else to write on this phone except it is really bad it sucks big time and to stay away as they are so expensive still 3 years on after first release and the battery dies after 3 10 min phone calls.

LG C3300 04/01/2007

my clamshell

LG C3300 i bought this on tmob from argos in dec 05, i have had 2 since in different colours, they are good fones if u only want it for pics as it has a flash built on, but however the only way to get pics to comp is to send them to ur email box. there is no mp3 tones only rubbish poly but saying that they are good quality for poly but still rubbish lol. i have had all mine unlocked as im not on tmob as they are far too xpensive to call, text and use wap on. u cant buy covers for these either as mine is battered to hell and theres bugger all i can do, if u drop this fone is brakes so dont drop it, i got up off sofa fone fell to floor wouldnt work after that. u will find u loose signal every so often too, like 5 times a day often lol, will jus loose signal and not come back unless u turn off fone and back on. so all in all its poo and not worth the money, id rather buy a 2nd hand 3310 pmsl and go with out a camera. i wudnt recomend this fone to anyone except for a child to keep in touch with parants.

Motorola RAZR V3 Special Edition Hot Pink 11/12/2006

my v3 hot pink limeted edition

Motorola RAZR V3 Special Edition Hot Pink I though i would buy this phone because it was good looking 'PINK' fone (and i love pink) and most of my mates have one or had one. For the first week or so i really loved this phone, but after a while i have got bored of it as u cant increase memory space on it so u cant have full length music tracks only clips which u have to edit with the motorola fone tools disc you get with the fone but u have to buy the lead seperate which cost me £29.99!!! (just for a blooming lead!!) The battery life isnt that good either as if u text or talk alot then it will only last about a day if that. The bluetooth picks up everything in radar despite what other people have written in there reviews, the alarm still works even if ur battery is dead or the fone is on silent. The picture/video quality is great also, there is good java games u can get too my faverote is 'ministry of sound manager' but there are plenty to choose from. dont take my word for it go grab ur missus/daugther or mum one, they will love it!!

Motorola V360V 12/11/2006

my v360v

Motorola V360V I went into the link in nottingham about 2 months ago now, and asked for the cheapest fone with bluetooth and camera and on vodafone and he came out with this, he said it was £49.95 on special offer for 4 weeks ONLY and that it would return to the normal rrp of £149.99 in the coming 4 weeks, so i thought id grab a bargain whilst i could!! (i dont know if thats true or it was jus salesman rubbish - but hey its a great fone so i dont care) Anyway the fone has been a godsend! I can send ALL files by bluetooth aswell as use it with a bluetooth headset, it has a ok ish camera only a 4x zoom so is a little pixely/grainy & dark (as there is no flash), the battery is ok lasts for about 2-3 days with out charging if u dont use it for anything at all (i.e keeping in ur handbag lol), but if ur a mega text-er/chatter like me u need to charge it every night or it will be dead as a doo-doo by the morning lol (believe me i've done it). I'm not sure on specs but here goes: (AS FAR AS I KNOW ITS VODAFONE ONLY) Polyphonic ringtones MP3/WMA ringtones Java™ games Display skins/themes Integrated camera Video capture and playback (MPEG4/3GP) Music/MP3 player (but not like the usual players on moto's) Tri-band GPRS WAP 2.0 Vodafone Live! SMS MMS Email iTAP™ predictive text input 5MB internal memory TransFlash micro sd memory expansion slot (up to 512MB) Bluetooth (class 2 i believe - what ever that means) mini-USB (for conecting to ur computer by seperate to buy ...

Sony CDXCA850 13/08/2006


Sony CDXCA850 sony yet again great sound, great colors, easy to wire up, changable remotes either handheld or on steering wheel. very easy to use but only if u have a remote as there is no buttons on it so ur unable to change cd to radio or change volume. all in all its worth buying but obviuosly u cant now as its been discontinued but i recomend to all who need a new stereo. it was well worth the £400 it cost new years ago as its still goin now, but only now we need to get new cd carraige as ours as broke and chews cds to bits lol but all in all its a stereo built to last, hipphipphorray for sony!! ty sony!!

Sony Ericsson J230i 10/08/2006

expensive basic fone

Sony Ericsson J230i this fone cost me £89.99 open to all networks in the CarPhone Warehouse last thursday, since then i have sold it for £15 to a 2nd hand fone shop, as the CPW wouldnt take it back and was completly mis-sold it, they told us it did mp3 ringtones and the picture quality was ace but infact pic quality is poo its like all pics are painted. It is a very basic fone, it doesnt do anything really except it has a radio, it has no camera, but if u send pics from a camera fone they look like they been painted on the screen, the tones are poor, u cant buy any extra games for it, the reception in my area is ace usually but put a sim in this fone on any network and its very poor, so im thinking they need to update with a stronger inbuilt ariel. All in all its a very poor quality fone for the price of £89.99 in most CPW's, i expected more fom sony-ericson, but the j230i is really actually rubish in every form and standard in my book!

Asda Nappies 30/06/2006

thats asda price!

Asda Nappies asda nappies are : cheap absorbant breathable fit well PRICE.......... Asda nappies are great money £3.98 for 38 nappies, price is nice and low compaired to thers like pampers for £6.99. i sware by these as i had horrid times with brand names, just because its not a brand doesnt mean ther rubbish! there great nappies as my lil girl i find nappies hard to fit her legs and these do, she doesnt get a rash like she does with pamperrs and huggies, my son is quiet chunky but pees alort in a hour, he doesnt get a wet bum or a hanging nappie or rash!! they also dont leak!! harrar i vote asda nappies, they are all i want in a nappie for my kids, and hopefully urs too!!

Pampers Nappies 30/06/2006

soggy baby

Pampers Nappies i absolutely hate pampers, i no mums who sware by them but on my 2 nothing but trouble they leak even after an hour, they ruin clothes as it leaks out and leaves a minging yellow stain affect, my babys aint big either Alfie 18months is 30lb 6oz and Holly-Marie is 7months is 21lb 5oz, so its not as if they are overweight and thats wats causing the bad fit, leakage, sometimes they are hanging off my son about a jhour later where they dont absorb very well, he always has wet skin, my daughter on the other hand gets bad nappie rash from them, they have a large gap on both sizes arond my daughters weight in they hang around her legs not cling like they shud. i found the cheaper makes such as asda and boots nappies are much better all round, i complained to pampers only for them to send me out £50 worth of coupons for damage to clothing items and the leakage and bad fit xcept the active fit tjhey are the best fit but still leak, so im stickin to my asda and boots 1s for now, until pampers and huggies improve there nappies, im ashamed to say but i gave the voucherts away, rather than saying no to pampers i gave vouchers to my sister in lw who has just had a baby, she has used pampers and found them leaky but not as bad as huggies where on her lil one. so to end it there great nappies for some but bad 4 me.

Lindam Universal Steam Steriliser 30/06/2006

lindam uni steam sterilizer

Lindam Universal Steam Steriliser hi girls hope my review will hopefully make u deside yay or nay lol its great fast easy and fun!! I was given this by a girl on a site called freecycle (which is avalable all over contry and all towns @ i think), she used it for her 4 kids and she said it was a god send and so easy to use, and i desided to have it and give it ago as sterilizing stuff makes my kids sick and it stinks discusting. the lindam steamer, its quick,easy and great!!! i recommend to all to buy it!! the only down sides is special descaler is expensive but u can use vinager, but the smell is horrid!! the flex is too short 4 me, and it melts some cheap bottles (i.e tommie tippy bottles etc) but nothign happens to the heat senor bottles tommie tippy do! wierd! helen x

John Lewis Bath Chair 30/06/2006

mothercare bath seat xactly the same!

John Lewis Bath Chair i bougth this but from mothercare, it was a god send for the 1st baby until he was 6month but he was small, my daughter came along at 9lb xactly as a newborn on her due date and was too big for it, so i would suggest not buying 1 until u have had the baby and send hubby out for 1. its handy, got a hook tjing on, suckers to stick to surface, easy to clean, and practical. mine has since been handed down to my sister in law who had a tiny 5lb baby and she sits in it and looks lost bless. so best buy the day ur bundel arrives as u may not have a use if u have a big baby. oh mine was £9.99 in mothercare last year.

Mothercare Jive Pushchair 30/06/2006

my death trap 'jive florabunda'!!

Mothercare Jive Pushchair i bought this 'jive florabunda' as recommended by my mate up north she praised said it was a great buy for £34.99 from mothercare, its so easy to push and clean she said, she had had hers for 2months at the time, but i bought 1 in feb 2006 for my then 4month old daughter, we was walking down the rd when it suddenly collapsed with her in piror to that no use as it was day we bought it from mothercare but it was a x display buggy (i wonder if thats why it broke?!?)!! we took it back to mothercare the same day about a hour later, where they refused to do anything about it, i have since rang and emailed the head office alot of times and they just ignore my emails and end up putting the call down on me!! I STRONGLY DO NOT RECOMMEND BUYING THIS PRODUCT!! i admit its a smart buggy and colour but a death trap waiting to happen, i have since found my friends has done the same to her after 6months of owning it! its for ages 3months to approx 3years, but that option on the scrol bit isnt there.

Gunwharf Quays (Portsmouth) 30/06/2006

why u shud visit pompey

Gunwharf Quays (Portsmouth) Gunwarf is a great shopping area, living area, eating area and entertainment area. its home to our spinaker tower, which i can see from my house witch is about 3miles away from the tower in southsea. the tower i must say i have not been up there as im terified of heights and wouldnt get up there id probally collapse in the lift lol!! but never the less i got shopping there most of the time. There is no bars or restrants to stick to, but my personal faverate is tiger tiger, not only a bar and restrant but a club in the evening too for over 21s. this is a selcted few of the shops: adidas Austin Reed Burberry Cotton Traders Elle Fred Perry GAP Gul International Hobbs Karen Millen Whistles Lakeland Leather Liz Claiborne Mambo Mexx Mountain Warehouse Nike O'Neill Oasis Polo Ralph Lauren Reef Timberland Triumph International White Stuff Animal Barbour cK Underwear Crew Clothing Co. Fat Face French Connection Guess Gunwharf Logo Store Jack Wills Kurt Muller Levi Strauss LK Bennett Marks & Spencer Outlet Monsoon Nitya Oakley Paul Smith Puma Ted Baker Tog 24 Vans Christy Marks & Spencer Outlet Oneida Remington Villeroy & Boch Whittard of Chelsea Denby & Le Creuset NEXT Clearance Ponden Mill The Professional Cookware Company Whittard of Chelsea Boots Molton Brown Remington The Perfume Shop L'Occitane - OPENING SOON Polo Ralph Lauren The Edge Trade Secret heres some of the bars: Bar ...

Kodak DC280 29/06/2006

great choice

Kodak DC280 The Kodak DC280 is a 2.0 Megapixel digital zoom camera. I purchased this camera for my fiancee and paid £350 for it 4yrs ago now.. I thought doing this review now might prove useful to anyone who comes across this camera second hand somewhere, as they have now been discontinued. This camera is quite easy to use. The top of the camera has five buttons, the shutter and the zoom switch are the most prominent and then there are three smaller buttons that allow you to change flash settings, turn on the timer and set the focus level. The battery life isn't bad generally but u have to use rechargeable batterys or it wont work. does not conect to comp as no software or leads or manuyal.
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