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Dream Time Rocker and Baby Walker 30/06/2005

Rock on, Baby!

Dream Time Rocker and Baby Walker 'ere we go again! No matter what I do I always manage to find myself back on to the 'baby talk' subject at some point. This I am very afraid my firends is no different. A year ago I had only just discovered my pregnancy and knew nothing about babies. Now I am professing to know it all (well, a small amount of knowledge!). So, and on to the topic in hand. Every day I find that my son, Rhodri can do something completely new. And when this comething completely new occurs I find myself diving for the nearest Mothercare, Toys R Us or baby website to find a product that can aid his development, amuse him or just generally give me a change to crack on with the jobs that just don't seem to get done! This time was no different. When Rhodri was 4 months old, he started to attempt to sit up. And so it became apparent that his baby bouncer wasn't suitable for him any more. This sitting up exercise was by no means perfect( I might profess that he is a child genius but then I am biased!) and so I set off in search of a product that would hold him upright. I couldn't find anything that would be suitable for him and that was reasonably priced. My husband and I started to look at baby walkers primarily because some have activity trays and sitting him upright with the bonus of keeping him amused appealed greatly to us. Enter the Dream Time Rocker and Baby Walker! I was not a great fan of baby walkers at all. I had heard the publicity about them and how dangerous they were and ...

Member Advice on Bereavement 25/06/2005

carrying on with life is the best tribute to give

Member Advice on Bereavement When I was a little girl my dad was my champion, my guide, the one who I turned to in times of need and the one who loved me unconditionally and repeatedly told me no matter what I did I would never lose him. I lost him. It has been five years since my dad died and there is not a day that goes by that I do no think about him. He may not always be in the forefront of my mind but he is there lurking in the recesses, ready to come out with a sharp anecdote or one of his unique pearls of wisdom. How I miss his voice and his humour. for you to get a better picture of him, let me start at the beginning of our journey together as a family; the journey that saw us lose our backbone. September 1999 My dad was taken into hospital after a routine blood test showed an abnormally low amount of red blood cells in his blood sample. I was at work when he was taken into hospital and was called at the office by my distraught mum. I can remember asking her if she wanted me to come home! WHY did I ask that question. I knew I needed to be at home so why did I say that? I just did and it is a question that I often wonder why I asked. My mum wanted me at home so I went. I can't remember driving home but I can remember walking through the door and my mum dissolving into tears in my arms. At this time we did not know whether my dad had been taken into hosiptal for something serious or just routine but we feared the worst. Once we arrived at the hospital to visit, we found my dad in ...

Asda Nappies 27/05/2005

paying less for great quality

Asda Nappies before my son was born I stocked up on pampers because I was told they were the best. Babies are expensive and so I thought, why not give the George brand a try. I was wonderfully surprised. At quite a reduced cost I expected the nappies to not perform as well as pampers. The george nappes are thick, with good elasticated legs that don't cut into the legs and are extremely absorbent. I haven't had an incidence of nappy rash to date. The tapes stay put and the nappies have never fallen off my little boy. They keep the nasties in and the smells at bay! There nappies come in various sizes: Newborn - size 1 for babies weighing 4-11lbs at a cost of £2.47 for 36 Mini - size 2 for babies weighing 3-13lbs at a cost of £3.84 for 46 Midi - size 3 for babies weighing 9-20lbs at a cost of £3.84 for 38 Maxi - size 4 for babies weighing 15-40lbs at a cost of £3.84 for 34. These also come in a box of 93 at a cost of £8.97 Maxi plus - size 4+ for babies weighing 20-44lbs at a cost of £3.84 for 32. These also come in a box of 84 for a cost of £8.97. junior - size 5 for babies weighing 24-55lbs at a cost of £3.84. These also come in a box of 78 at a cost of £8.97. Extra large - size 6 for babies weighing 35lbs or more at a cost of £3.84 for a pack of 24. I could not find anything negative to say about their performance that would make me favour the more expensive brands. Placed next to each other there is no difference in style. I would without doubt use them if ...

SMA Milk 27/05/2005

SMA Staydown - Should you stay away??

SMA Milk Ok, I'm back on my usual tack of babytalk! But, hey, write what you know about and baby sick and feeds I know plenty about now! My little lad had trouble with feeding from the off. I started with breast feeding but only lasted a fortnight. The actual act was fine with me and I liked doing it but.....I was often left with a grumpy, still hungry baby and a fractious, worn out and worried mummy. So, it was with reluctance that we tried formula. To cut a long story short and after my groaning washing machine could take no more of the nasty babygrows and I was tired of the dribble down my back, we switched to SMA Staydown after trying other formula. The switch was on recommendation from a friend with an equally pukey baby who had adjusted quite nicely to staydown. My little lad adjusted well too. So, what's the difference with this milk? It is thickened natural pre cooked corn starch that supposedly is gentler on the digestion system of babies. In my opinion, this is true. My little lad's stomach can handle it. But other than that of its make up there isn't much of a difference. The formula is basically made up of the same ingredients as other formulae. It contains: LCP's - The long chain fatty acids that are good for the health of a baby's brain, sight and nervous system Nucleotides - these help develop a baby's immunity and help the growth of good bacteria for digestion Selenium - this is something that is found in breat milk that helps to balance a baby's ...

Mothercare Luxury Bath Support 27/05/2005

Bathtime support

Mothercare Luxury Bath Support I bought the bath support instead of a baby bath as I felt it would have greater longevity over a small bath. I was proved right on that count. The bath support was used from the day I brought my son home and is still being used now 5 months on. Because it is made from towelling material, the bath support offers a non slip surface for the baby to rest on. I am able to keep one hand on my child and open the baby wash at the same time! The material can be easily removed from the wire so that it can be washed. It is also easy to place back on the wire ready for its next use. I do however find that the bath support takes a long time to dry out and this gives me limited places to leave it so that it doesn't soak everything it comes into contact with. I usually lives prepped up in my bath. Also, wet it once you have the bath water at a comfortable temperature. I forgot to do this once and the baby gave me a very shocked look - It was cold!! This product also enables me to confidently bathe my child without assistance. I bought the bath support at Mothercare some 8 months ago and the price I paid may differ to what it costs at the moment. But the price you can buy it for is £8.00. You can also buy a similar product made from foam that is shaped as a mini person! Boots also offer something similar designed by Mamas and Papas but its higher priced than the Mothercare option. Toys R us also offer a smililar item that is slightly cheaper. ...

Boots No.7 Firming Pre-Holiday Balm 27/05/2005

Miracle in a bottle? Not quite, but good!

Boots No.7 Firming Pre-Holiday Balm That time of year has come around again.....The time of year when we feel we must bare all the minute the sun shines! Lets face it, in this country, you gotta take it when it comes. But, baring all after the long winter that leaves us scaly and pale skinned is a somewhat frightening thing. Being completely frightened of exposing the long hidden parts and having had a baby some 5 months ago, I felt I was in need of a little assistance in the skin department. As I am off on my jollies this Sunday, I thought I should start preparing my skin for maximum exposure (hide now! its not a pretty sight!!). so I bought the Boots No7 Firming pre holiday balm to try and set me off on the right track. This body balm also has a small amount of the self tanning agent DHA. With this in mind, this product should leave you with a hint of colour. Being a big fan of Boots No7 products, I was hoping I would be pleased with the results. the bottles have all had a re-vamp in this range and the shimmering effect the bottle has is appealing. The cream itself is applied to skin by massaging in firm, small strokes. Here, I think is the key to helping the reduction of the appearance of cellulite, and boy do I need the help. I believe it does work too. My thighs appear smoother as a result. But drinking 2 litres of water a day could help with this. And water comes free from the tap! The cream is easily absorbed, boasting 12 hours of moisturisation. Having quite dry skin and only managing to use ...

McLaren Techno Buggy 25/05/2005

McLaren Techno XT buggy

McLaren Techno Buggy I bought the Maclaren Techno XT buggy as a replacement for a cheaper model I had to return to store. I chose this particular model based on what I had heard of the brand name and also because it was light weight and appeared to be durable. The pushchair will last a family for many years as it is quite roomy and will grow with a child.. As it has a 4 position adjustable seat it can be used for a child from birth. My son likes to sit up and although he is only 5 months old, it is possible for him to sit semi upright in this buggy and take in the world as he pleases. It has suspension on both the front and the rear wheels that make it very easy to push as well as swivel/ lockable wheels. I don't use the lockable facility as this makes the pushchair difficult to turn. The only use I have found for the lockable wheels is for going over a cattle grid! The handles are also moveable on height levels so that the height can be asjusted depending on who is using the buggy. I find this useful as I am not a particularly tall person. Being made from Aluminium makes this buggy easy to carry and lift in and out of the car. It helps with a wimpy woman such as myself! There is also a carry handle to assist the lifting process. I also find the fact that when you fold this buggy it locks its a "press stud" fashion, thus you don't have to fiddle with catches. It can however be difficult to open this lock when you come to use the pushchair again. Having had a very sicky baby, I find ...

The Jolly Postman - Allan Ahlberg 23/05/2005

The post has never been so much fun!

The Jolly Postman - Allan Ahlberg I love to get post - even at my age and this book certainly will introduce children to the joys of letters and parcels. There are so many different things to look at that children will want to read it again and again. The book beautifully describes the fictional world of nursery rhymes, including some well known and well loved classics, with additonal pull out books, party invitations and games. It is an excellent take on a fairytale world. Although the book may seem costly I believe it is a great investment as children will return to it time and time again. As a big kid at heart I enjoyed it and I can't wait until my son is old enough to appreciate it! ...
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