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Steve Fountain aged 65. Took retirement in February after total of 49 Years work . Made it to METEORA in 2014. Crete and Kos this year. 2017 will be Lesbos and Tingaki again.

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Asklepion Site, Kos 03/11/2016

ASKLIPION The Birth of the Hippocratic Oath

Asklepion Site, Kos The Asklipion Complex is well worth a visit if on Kos. It features on any of the Island Tours you will find in all the resorts on Kos advertised by the local Travel Agents or by your Tour Companies. As always you will find your Tour Operators are more expensive than a trip down the road in your resort to the local agents. All will offer tours in English, or may be a mixture of English, Dutch or German. The Asklipion lies a Few Km outside Kos Town, and can be reached in several ways, Walking for the Hikers is possible, Push Bikes on hire everywhere, A taxi would not be expensive but you would have to make sure they would return to pick you up. There are Land Trains that run regular service, times available at Bus Station in Kos. Admission to the site is 8 Euros with a reduction for Students and OAP Over 65, show either your Passport or Medical Card as proof of age. Children are Free. The sire is famous as the Birth Place of modern Medical Science founded by Hippocrates alive 460-377 BC. It is laid out on three terraces. The first level is where you would have been assessed for your problem and treatment required. You would then move up to the second level for treatment. The third and highest level was for recovery. As with most Sirtes you need information and imagination. A good guide book an advantage but there are boards and diagrams and artist impressions on all levels. I my self suffer from Vertigo and I must say coming down on the steep steps took a bit of time ...

Tigaki, Kos 29/10/2016

TIGAKI Excellent Chill Out Resort for October Break

Tigaki, Kos Just back from a two week holiday to TIGAKI on the island of KOS. We chose KOS as with it being October (out on 11th -25th) we thought the further south of the Greek Islands would be best (Crete Rhodes and Kos) seemed the choices. We did really well as the average rain days was 3, we just got 14 days of sunshine, a couple of days became quite windy, but settled for that. TIGAKI is a Holiday, Tourist site, so as the holiday progressed, we saw places closing down as end of season, last Tourist Direct flights stop about 27th Oct. There is one main street that has your usual mix of Tavernas, Bards and Tourist Shops, also about 4 Excursion Companies. Our Hotel/Apartments was KALOUDIS, which I will do separate review. So we were based at the top end of the Street, approx 10-15 mins slow walk to the beach. Tigaki beach is a big plus it is soft sand snd stretches as far as the eye can see. The sea is very safe for children as shallow for quite a way out, in fact you come up again about 30 yards out onto a sand bank. There are loads of sun beds, there was two options either pay 5 Euros for two beds and shade. But most of the beach front tavernas offered free sunbeds if you eat or drink at them during the day. A big attraction for us was the SALT LAKE that lies about 200 yards from the main street. Here we saw Flamingos and many other birds, the track goes all the way round approx 3 kms. Also plenty of fields with loads of Butterflies. KOS Island is the only Greek Island we ...

Byzantium Studios, Skíathos 05/06/2014

Excellent if you want a quiet base.

Byzantium Studios, Skíathos We booked two weeks at the Byzantium Studios 9th to 23rd May thru Thomas Cook. Price for two weeks with flights from East Midlands (about 12 miles from us) addition 5 kg each giving 20 kgs each and transfers £750. Great flight times 09:00 Friday Morning with landing back at 18:30. Arrived at Skiathos Airport , first treat as the Byzantium is "Off Road" your cases are put on a luggage lorry and delivered to the gate at the Byzantium, same on way back so no hauling cases that last bit of the way. We were dropped off on the BACK road at Trulos, there are only two roads, Trulos lies in a triangle between the two. This is not a resort more a collection of Studios Tavernas and about 4 shops, with a petrol station that has an ATM. We were in affect dropped at the back gate, thru this and then across a field (about 60 yards) to the Byzantium, there is another way by a small paved road but nearly all use the footpath. The owner KOSTAS was just coming out to meet us, very friendly, showed us to number 12. There are just 13 Units, about 4 one bedroom ones and 9 twin studios. These as in most of Greece are quite Basic, but we are here to be outside as much as possible. Our place had a small area in front of door. Opens into studio. On right Sink and what you can call the kitchen area. Usual two ring Greek "Cooker" Electric Kettle (No umbriki what a shame, that small greek saucepan great for making a cup of coffee/tea or boiling an egg) Could do with a larger work area ...

Meteora (Greece) 28/05/2014

Beautiful Beautiful

Meteora (Greece) Meteora Trip. This is a review about the trip to Meteora rather than the site. One of the reasons for choosing Skiathos for our annual Greek Holiday was so that it would be possible to visit the Monasteries at Meteora, as my better half says before our Knees give out. I did email a couple of Excursion Agents on Skiathos, who responded there were day trips from Skiathos, but in May it would depend on bookings if they ran. Also looking at reviews from people who had done these on previous years there were a few problems. 1) Cost was about 100 Euros per person, plus entry and meals to pay for. 2) Very early start, late back, perhaps 2 hours at the monasteries. 3) If clouds came in, possible no views. Therefore decided would do it ourselves. So booked following Itinery. Wednesday 08:25 Sea cat Skiathos to Volos Arrive Volos 10:00 10:25 Train Volos to Larissa arrive Larissa 11:13 11:26 Train Larissa to Paleofarsalos Arrive Pale0farsalos 11:45 12:22 Train Paleofarsalos to Kalambaka Arrive Kalambaka 13:18 Then Taxi to Hotel Tsikeli in Kastraki for two nights Bed/Breakfast Return Friday 08:19 Kalambaka to Larissa Arrive Larissa 09:41 Train 09:50 Larissa to Volos arrive Volos 10:50 Then 12:00 Sea cat Volos to Skiathos arrive 13:30. Costs Sea cat return 127 Euros booked thru DIRECT FERRIES site, very efficient. Hotel 100 Euros for Double two nights with Breakfast. Room with Meteora and Garden view. Train Zero Euros as ex BR Worker still ...

Thomas Cook 25/05/2014

What happened to Transfer reps.

Thomas Cook Thomas Cook Holidays. This year we booked our Greek Holidays thru Thomas Cook online site, we have used this method on a couple of previous occasions, so any criticisms are I would think to cut backs. The actual booking process was very simple, selected Skiathos as we wanted a base from where we could visit Meteora, had stayed in Trulos on Skiathos before so knew it was a very quite simple place. Picked out BYZANTIUM STUDIOS as we wanted low level studios as we are getting older and wanted to keep stairs out of the equation, also on reviews Byzantium seemed to do well. Opted deal includes Flights, Transfers, accommodation and Checked in Bags of 15 kegs each. We opted to pay for an extra 5 kg each as going for two weeks. It would be nice if you could split this request but it has to be for the whole party. You can then book extras, in-flight Meals £7 each way per person, we did not bother flight is only 3.5 Hours, and although they plug James Martin is behind the meals, it is still £7 for a small plastic meal. You can then also prebook your seats at a cost, also extra leg room at a cost, Again did not bother as only two of us so should get seats together. Again you make your choice and pay if you want too. So Total for the two of us £750. £250 deposit balance by 15th Feb, departure 09th May. On outward journey it was possible to use ONLINE Check in 48 Hours before departure. Used this and was good, you are shown your allocated seats and can change them for free ...

Travelodge Edinburgh Central Waterloo Place, Edinburgh 12/10/2013

Very handy for railway station

Travelodge Edinburgh Central Waterloo Place, Edinburgh My better half Jane is a Mary Queen of Scots fan, so when we found out their was a Mary Queen of Scots exibition in Edinburgh we had to visit. Looked thru, all we needed was a Bed for the night, so looked for a good price with that in mind. This one came out well, £44 for a room with (Breakfast) for the two of us, close to the station. We travelled up from Radcliffe on Trent, Bus to Newark Northgate, then 10:43 train to Edinburgh. I still get free Rail Travel from my 31 years with the firm, retired in 2002. (First Class) We entered coach M, a couple were in our reserved seats, but they immediately jumped up and moved their work down to another pair of seats, they looked a bit busy. So my wife sat facing travel with me facing her. After a little while studying the other travellers, I said to my wife, there is someone important in this carrage. I had sussed a couple of Special Branch type males, with their ear piecesce and body language a give away. Anyway as we approched York the guy behind my wife got up, and who else but the Prime Minister turned around, all became clear. But I digress. We arrive in Edinburgh at 14:15 Hours, asked staff at info desk for directions to Waterloo Place, just up the escaltor to Princes St exit, cross road and about 80 yards and we were in the door of the Travel Lodge. A small reception area, friendly guy says checkin is at 15:00 but we will be ok from 14:30, about 5 mins. Quick ...

Einai Taverna, Anaxos 26/06/2013


Einai Taverna, Anaxos EINAI TAVERNA (The Centre of the Beach.) Every year we go down to the beach with the intention of trying a different Taverna each day, and each year ,may be by luck, we are so pleased with the first one that we stick to it through out the holiday. Again this year was no exception. In Anaxos to be fair they all seem to offer the same deal on sunbeds, that is FREE SUNBEDS for customers. So what attracted us to EINAI, well as it says on their signs “THE CENTRE OF THE BEACH” This seemed a good place to start, another was GEOGIA’S smiling face and welcome, none of the others were doing this. Another thing we learned from other Holiday Makers was that some, not all, of the others pestered you a bit for drinks etc. EINAI was really laid back about this, we as a group, 4 the first week up to 8 the second week, like to lunch during the day and EINAI did not disappoint with its menu and quality. But some others perhaps just had a drink during the day, and GEOGIA did not have a problem with this, she still gave the same kind and friendly service to all. So they have about 3 or 4 rows of SunBeds with Umbrella and small table with glass holders built in. So after arriving and getting ourselves settled, we would either stroll all of 15 yards to the Taverna, or if Georgia, her Husband or either of her two eldest sons caught your eye, we would order drinks. All good prices, FRAPPE, Juices, Beer (would come with a frozen glass) and brought to your ...

The Captain's Table, Lesvos 12/06/2013

A bit disappointed after good reviews.

The Captain's Table, Lesvos My brother and his better half had visited Molyvos 2 years ago and had tried to eat here but had always been booked up. Reviews on Trip Adviser seemed to be very good. So this year with us all and (8 of us) staying in Anaxos we decided to go over by Taxi and get a table. So about 19;30 we all sat down with high expectations. I am sorry to say I was a bit disappointed with the whole experience. The first thing that struck me, perhaps just a personal thing when I dine in Greece, the House wine was shown as 9 Euros a 75cl Bottle. At Sarandos in Anaxos we were used to 6 Euros a Litre House wine that was by far superior. Next we asked about Bread " YOU HAVE TO ORDER BREAD HERE" was the reply, again in Greece we are used to bread being automatic. As a starter I ordered DACOS (A Crete starter) should be a fairly large RUSK or semi dry bread with a mountain of Tomato and Feta with Olive Oil and Olives. This time tiny bits of rusk with hardly any toppings. For main courses my daughter and I went for the Special which was Hake with a tomato sanuse topping. Almost tastless topping with equally tasteless fish. My brother and Daughters partner Russ were sold on the Idea of Baracuda, which they said they had a fish sutible for two at 22 Euros, perhaps in hind sight they should have viewed it. When it came it was obvious they might want a Gyros top up on the way home. Both said it was OK but nothing special, and OK they have ticked the box but ...

Anaxos, Lesvos 09/06/2013

Really Quiet Chill Out Holiday destination

Anaxos, Lesvos Our Daughter wanted a real chill out destination, so looking at a few idaes we went for Anaxos on the Greek Island of Lesvos or Lesbos. We booked thru Thamas Cook who last year were offering an additional JUBILEE DISCOUT of £60 per booking in addition to normal online discount. We like Self catering so went for HARRIS 1 and 2 Studios (see seperate review) You fly into the South of the Island at Mytilli, Anaxos is on the North but Coach Transfer is about 1 Hour 45 Mins, the roads are good, you pass the Wet Land Nature resort after about 40 Mins and may see the Flamingo's just bebore Kaloni, after which you climb the hills before dropping down to Petra and Anaxos. At the Junction between Petra and Anaxos the luggage is taken off the coach and loaded onto small Lorry, do not worry they get to your accomodations shortly after you arrive. The coach can only go through Anaxos on the MAIN road, well that is what it is called, but it is. Here you are dropped to walk to your choice, do not worry the longest walk is prob 5 to 7 mins. The RESORT is really just a Village but that is where for us the Charm is. As I said the Main road has a small collection of Tavernas Our Favourite SARANDOS included, but good reports from all. A couple of Car Hire outlets./ OMEGA and BILLY's be the most prominent. We used OMEGA a 4 Door CORSA was about 69 Euros for 3 days including insurance. From any accomodation the laongest walk down to the Beach is prob 10 ...

Haris Studios, Anaxos, Lesvos 04/06/2013

Harris Studios a real chilled out place to stay.

Haris Studios, Anaxos, Lesvos Last June my daughter rang me, she had won an award at work of £1000 in Thomas Cook Travel vouchers,. How do you fancy Lesbos next year and can you look for a quiet place for two stressless weeks away from work. Check a few reviews and the HARRIS Studios at Anaxos jumped at me as the perfect place for us. So booked it through MANOS (Owned by Thomas Cook) as it was Jubillee year they were offering an additional £60 per booking discount in addition to online discount. As the Jubilee one was per booking booked as two seperate bookings. So with flight from Manchester at 06:40 on a Sat with 20kg Luggage allowance and transfers came to £732 per couple. The harris is down a little side street so Luggage is offloaded on the road outside Anaxos and delivered to your accommodation soon after you arrive, no problem. The Harris Studios are what we hace come to expect in Greece, fairly basic but clean and friendly. Friendly is where the HARRIS really wins. ROSA deals with studio cleaning etc and also provides the Snacks. Harri (Rosa's husband) his pride and joy is the POOL which he cleans every morning, it is his pride and joy. Stavros, Their sun mans the Bar and does the odd Jobs. All are very friendly and Rosa loves nothing when she is not busy to sit and chat, she improves her English and you can practice your Greek. The Studios (we had a first floor one,and if you enjoy a bit of a view from your balcony first floor is best) We had two single beds ...

Sarandos, Anaxos, Lesvos 03/06/2013

We Think THE BEST in Anaxos

Sarandos, Anaxos, Lesvos We have just returned from two weeks in Anaxos on the Island of Lesvos or Lesbos, both are used. SARANDOS was our choice on the first nights, several Tavernas had good reviews of which Sarandos seemed to come out TOP. After about 7 visits during our two week stay I think most people who review had got it right. The best thing about Sarandos is BABIS the owner and main man, closely followed by his Wife Tina (Sorry can not remember the full name. Babis is the most friendly helpful fun guy you would want to meet. Nothing is too much trouble and his running about all night has to be seen to be enjoyed. The menu contains all the Greek Favourites, which seem to come in quite large portions but very small prices. On average for Starters, mains, Drinks Wine Beer etc, Herb bread and water we only seemed to have to shell out abou 15 euros a head. Starters were about 3-5 Euros. Fantastic Saganaki (Mussels, Shrimp or Mushroom) Fried Courgettes Galic Mushrooms. Taziki etc etc Mains were From about 5 to 7 euros. Mousaka (In a large pot) Beef Stamna (in a pot Beef you can cut with a fork, potatoes and cheese) Beef Stafado again so Tender. Lamb Kliftico in a pot. And similar in a Sealed Bag. Again you think of a Greek classic and it was there. Beer was 2 Euros for 500ml Mythos. The house Red we used to have a Kilo (Litre) of Dry and another Medium. I can honestly say the Best House wine we had anywhere during the Holiday. We were always ...

Canthino Do Emigrante, Algarve 18/01/2013

A Local Place with Grill in the Window.

Canthino Do Emigrante, Algarve We had arrived on a Thursday for our now annual visit to Tavira. As there were ten of us for the first night I had phoned and booked one of our favourite places O PATIO RESTAURANT, which always does us proud and again this year was its excellent value. We do feel it is also important to try other places as well, so Friday lunch time we had a look around, as there were ten of us we wanted to book ahead for the evening, it might be tricky to get in somewhere on speck with ten required. We went to the Square over the Roman bridge, not far from O PATIO. There were a couple of places that looked local and menus deserved a chance. Canthino Do Emigrante was open, the other not, so in we went, the owner was there, asked if he could do a table for ten at 8 p.m. No problem, showed us where we would sit, it was not a large place, in fact quite small, like someones front room. Apart from our table for 10 there were just about 6 other tables. We arrived, our table was laid ready. We were asked if we wanted Bread/Olives/Cheese, Hard and also a Goats Cheese/butter and Sardine spread, (Usual selection we have found in Portugal) While we nibbled at these our Drinks order was taken, Red Wine/Beer and soft Drinks also large bottles of Water. Starters are simple SOUP or NO SOUP, for those who had the soup (six) all well pleases with an obvious Home Made Soup. Main Courses were ordered, I will at this point mention the Grill in the Window, it is here ...

Hotel Porta Nova, Tavira 14/01/2013


Hotel Porta Nova, Tavira Over the years we have been visiting Tavira as a Family and Friends group, anything from 6 to 12 we have usually stayed at the Vila Gale Hotel, but we decided to give a new one a chance. First reason the Vila Gale seemed to be getting a little tired, and they had introduced a charge for the Indoor pool, Sauna, Gym etc. Also the cost for the Porta Nova was far better. So booked for 10 of us. The price being 108 Euros for 3 nights double with full buffet breakfast. The ingle rooms were 78 Euros for same. (Villa Gale was 135 euros for a double) We flew with Monarch from East Midlands Thursday 06:30 from EMA arrive Faro 09:15 (Portugal on same time zone as UK) Booked transer with SUN TRANSFERS, they were waiting at arrival gate. Return transfer cost for the 10 of us 172 Euros (About 28kilometers Airport to Tavira) You pay Driver on arrival and confirm return pickup time, very good reliable people. So we arrived at the Hotel at approx 10:30, reception desk staff greated us with welcome smile. Advised normal checkin time is 14:00, which we expected from booking info (Booked with BOOKING.COM) Receptionist said most of the 4 Doubles and 2 singles were already available, so checked in straight away, final room then also became available so all checked in by 11:00. Very impressed with staff and checkin. You do have to pay at this stage, but saves messing about at end of stay. The reception floor has comfortable seating area, and doors opening onto a ...

Patterdale Terrier Dog 18/12/2012

Our MAD MAX went to Dog Heaven today

Patterdale Terrier Dog About 16 years ago our daughter Katherine, who was helping out at the local Donkey Sanctury one day bought a dog home. He had been found tied to the fence when they arrived at the Donkey pound, he had been abandoned there. Katherine bought him home, can he stay dad??? Perhaps one night we said. Can I feed him, we were just going to have our tea, no I said we eat first that way he will know who is boss. He gave me a look, trotted into the passage, and PEEd in my trainers, and gave a Whoes Boss now look. This was the start of an eventful 16 years. He was in a bit of a state, thin a mess, his little coller growing into his neck, we gentlly cut it free. Where will he sleep, it was decided to put a blanket down in the passage just outside the kitchen, it was warm and he should be all right. During the night wife says go and check on him to see if he is OK. Tip Toed thru the kitchen, peeped into passage no sign. A small creaking noise behind me, we had a rocking chair in kitchen with soft cushions, youve guessed it his majesty was curled up in what was to become his bed for years. Then over the next days we learnt more about PATTERDALES, they talk, I came in from work, HELLO says the wife, MAX opened his mouth and out came a sound very similar AAHROWWW. We also learnt PATTERDALES are not dogs for taking walkies with other dogs, they will mix for about 15 seconds then the RED MIST Decends and all hell breaks loose. So get used to walking away ...

The Hain Line, Cornwall 08/10/2012

Beer at more reasonable prices in St Ives.

The Hain Line, Cornwall When we visited St Ives this year we were pleased to see that Wetherspoons had opened in St Ives. It is called THE HAIN LINE after an old St Ives company, and is on the site of a previous Night Club, on the corner of the Road that leads down to the Guild Hall. It has two floors, so if going in with children I would recommend the upper floor, more pleasant than the ground floor for a family. The one draw back with Wetherspoons is that because of the low price for beer they do tend to attract the lower life who seem to spend all day either smoking outside the door of drinking inside. Of course anyone who uses Wetherspoons will know the issue. That aside upstairs was very nice, the food was good for the price (Roast Pork with Vegtables £4.99) and the usual full pub menu. All came very quick and served with a smile. They had RUDDLES COUNTY on at £1.39 a pint, So and order of 2 and half pints and a Smoothie for one of the childern, paid with £5 note and got change, just like the old days. I imagine they are not popular with the established Pubs where a pint is often the wrong side of £3. I like the way Wetherspoons recognises the History of where they are, old photos of St Ives on the walls, and Cornish Language used on the Toilets etc. So if you just want a Nice Real Ale Pint at old fashioned prices and a meal , ok not fancy cooking, but very good for the prices, then pay THE HAIN LINE a visit. At this point I would like to say I do not ...
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