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Sex and Drugs and Sausage Rolls - Robert Rankin 24/01/2001

Rock and Roll!

Sex and Drugs and Sausage Rolls - Robert Rankin Robert Rankin resurrects one of his older characters, Soap Distant, the traveller from "beloooow" in order to give us his expectedly twisted look upon the world of rock music. Featuring appearances from most of his regular characters including Norman the shopkeeper whose idea of gene splicing is to use very small pieces of sticky tape and a good shake of the test tube, this book continues the story of an unusual London Borough. As you would expect there are endless running gags and obscure references but sadly the parts played by the familiar John and Jim are rather sidelined and there is no sign of Prof. Slocombe whatsoever. In all this is an excellent read for a Rankin fan but maybe somewhat lacking the familiarity of other books in the series.

The Antipope - Robert Rankin 24/09/2000


The Antipope - Robert Rankin A great introduction into the surreal world of Robert Rankin. A mysterious figure from the mists of time taking up lodging at the local seamen's mission, a handful of magic beans, and horrible demons. Of course we are all left waiting for a galant hero to save the day. Mr. Rankin of course does not provide, instead it is left for a couple of down and outs from the local pub to save the world! Robert Rankin has a flair for creating a world so mad that it is impossible to put down this book until you've finished and then only to reach for the next in the series.
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