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Fatface 12/09/2014

Fat Face - A pleasure

Fatface Wow! If you're having a bad week just go into a Fat Face shop and try everything on! I think most people will find something they like. I have only been in Fat Face while I have been on holidays in the Lake District until now but they have just opened their newest branch in Belfast. YIPPEE! That's the end of me having any money. I love this shop. The clothes are supposed to be active wear: sailing, camping, walking and surfing but they are so cool and trendy they can be worn anywhere. I find their shoes and sandals the most comfy when walking anywhere far. I love how they have extra little details. A lot of their skirts have loads of pockets, they have trimmings which make them unlike many other makes around, the inside edges, top and bottom have nice material instead of the usual stitching. It is the same inside the pockets. The staff have always been very helpful and friendly. The prices are a little more than average. Skirts around £40, vest tops £20. They sell mens, womens and childrens clothes. Childrens tops start at about £8. Their web site is easy to use and there sales are great! The shops are not very large and jam packed with stuff! Get out there and find your nearest store..............You'll thank me for it! ...

Hill Top, Ambleside 08/05/2007

Beatrix Potters Hill Top

Hill Top, Ambleside Contrary to the title on this review Hill Top is not situated in Ambleside. It is in fact in the tiny English Lake District village of Sawrey. It is the delightful small 17th-century farmhouse where Beatrix Potter wrote many of her famous children's stories To visit the house of the writer of Peter Rabbit is a must for any fan of of the little books. The house is an art gallery of Beatrix' work. As you walk from room you can try to find the orginal pieces of furniture, crockery etc. which are drawings in the little books. The dresser is still there which was used for the tailor of gloucester and the teacup which a mouse hides under! As you move upstairs you actually pass the part of the stairs which is in the tom kitten book. My favourite of all is the dolls house. It is off course mainly from the Tale of Two Bad Mice but inside is the actual handerchief from Peter Rabbit. The story doesnt end inside. When you move outside you can look over the wall into Mr McGregor's garden. Look carefully and you can just spot Jemima Puddleduck's egg. This house is definately worth a visit to historians and fans alike. It is one of the Lake District's most visited attractions and owned by the National Trust so make sure you pick a day when it is open or you will be VERY dissappointed. ...

Dove Cottage, Grasmere 06/05/2007

Wordsworth's 'little part of heaven'

Dove Cottage, Grasmere Dove Cottage was the home of William Wordsworth from 1799 to 1808, the years of his major works as a poet. It was probably built in the 17th century, as a small hotel (hostelry) In those days public houses were painted white as they could be noticed from afar. Now when we look at the buildings we think it is to make them look quaint! It is situated just at the edge of Grasmere as you head towards Ambleside. It is on the left turning at the roundabout on the main road. The Houseplace (living room) This is the first room Wordsworth and his sister Dorothy entered on arriving at Dove Cottage on 2oth December 1799. Today we would call this the parlour. The room has been kept as it was in Wordsworth's day. This includesa window seat, slate floor and walls covered with dark-stained pannelling. ( The first time I went for a tour around Dove Cottage we were told this dark pannelling was made with blood. Now it is not mentioned at all ) When the cottage served as a pub, this was probably the main drinking room. During Wordsworth's tenancy it was the kitchen-parlour, and was used for the lighter work of the house. Here the main meal was taken, and some cooking was probably done. Downstairs Bedroom The small room opening out of the houseplace, likewise panelled and stonefloored, always served as a bedroom. The Wordsworths put down matting, and the room was Dorothy's. It was probably here that she wrote much of her Grasmere Journal. Then, in the summer of 1802, the ...

Sony Walkman NW-E002 512 MB 27/04/2007


Sony Walkman NW-E002 512 MB I got my sony walkman free when I opened a Sony Mastercard. I'm very glad I did. If I had paid for it I would have been very disappointed. I had been using my sons friends Ipod any chance I got and couldn't wait to get my own 'sony'. I was thinking, it's sony so it must be good. The package arrived and I was very excited. Even more so by the time I had opened it! As someone has already mentioned this was hard to do. I thought I would be able to put music on quickly and get playing it. Nope. I had to charge it for eleven hours - then I thought I was ready to dwon load music - how stupid of me! I installed Sonic Stage and was told my pc wasn't compatible! Now I realise Sonic Stage isn't compatible! In the end my son's friend (he thought he would get peace when I got my own MP3) had to take my 'sony' and use the software he had on his pc to put music on to mine. This is okay but it meant I had to tell him all the music I wanted and I haven't added any since as I don't want him to scream. The player itself is quite sleek. It looks good. Now that the music is on it I like it. I would not advise anyone to buy it if they can afford an ipod, but i suppose for the price difference the soulnd is good. The earphones hurt my earts after about three songs so maybeyou should add the price of new ones on before considering the sony a bargain. There is nothing on this to hook on to your clothing which means you need to have a pocket or hold it in your hand. This is a pain- there ...

Hotel Piazza di Spagna, Rome 25/04/2007

Are we there yet?

Hotel Piazza di Spagna, Rome I loved these steps in all the photos i'd ever seen. i couldn't wait to get there. In the end my husband, two kids and I arrived at them from the top and had hurried down them (through the hoards of people) before we realised where we were. It was July and there were no flowers. Neither was there any sign of there ever being any. I would be very interested to hear if anyone has actually seen flowers, apart from in pictures. Having said all that, when we realised where we were, we sat down and enjoyed people watching from a free seat, for quite a while. It was lovely. A real hive of activity. I could have sat longer if there hadn't been so many shops calling me. It is also the best place to get your bearings. You can see lots of streets meeting and so many shops and cafes to chose from. I would definately recommend it............but don't expect the flowers. ...

Bansko 25/04/2007

BANSKO 'an experience'

Bansko Bansko. The best thing in bulgaria! Bansko seems to be one of those secret places known only to locals for a very long time. I went to Bansko for the first time in February of this year. I did not know what to expect as i had never been to an eastern block country before. Well was i in for a shock. I was expecting some building to be going on. Television is full of Bansko at the moment, with programmes interviewing people buying there or developers selling their apartment s. Nothing prepared me for how much! The first half an hour was spent trying to find our apartment! Okay thats the bad bit........after that it was uphill all the way! Our apartment was close to the Strazhite hotel which is quite well know and even housed the contestants for the European Biathalon Championships this year. It turned out that Bansko old village is surrounded by the new building works. this on first seeing is quite shocking but the old village is in a world of its own. It has not been touched by the development and has a charm which needs to be seen. The streets are cobbled (this is an understatement) and full of mexanas (pronounced mehanas). these are restaurents/pubs bulgarian style. My first experience of a mexana was when a local started calling to invite my party in. There are men outside most of these to try to get trade and the longer you hold out the more they will offer. I went in to the first one i saw because the man outside offered a free drink to all of ...

Vauxhall Zafira 2.0 DTi 12/04/2006

Vauxhall Zafira 2.0 dti

Vauxhall Zafira 2.0 DTi Just letting everyone know about my ' Family ' car........ It's too friendly by far! We bought our Zafira in October, just before going for a weeks holiday to the Lake District. We normally don't have room for the kitchen sink, but now..... well, we could take yours too! It handles really well and we haven't met a road yet which slowed us down! It is wonderful. We have two children ( one is a teenager ) and even with all their 'necessities' we have room for our own little, food, clothes and off course soap! Anyway I have heard a lot of people saying how much hard work it is to get the back seats up, as you have to move the middle row forward to do this. Can I just say in the time it takes to do this the kids haven't even found their coats! They are so easy to do and so secure, really like two normal seats ( if a little lower than the rest) and there are little niches beside them with cup holders and bins. This means fighting for these seats rather than fighting to NOT sit in them, which we had thought might happen. I will not go into all the Spec as you will I am sure know this if you are the least bit interested in a Zafira. I am just letting you know that we love ours. The whole car is just full of SPACE ! The middle row doesn't feel cramped, but like a spacious 'normal car'. We go camping a lot and really needed more boot space. I can't wait to see what it holds ( it's a bit cold even for us right now ) and will keep you all ...

Le Meridien Pyramids, Cairo 27/03/2006

Le Meridien Pyramids Hotel

Le Meridien Pyramids, Cairo Well I chose this hotel firstly because it was the cheapest out of two! Normally I regret doing this..........but not this time. My dad and I were travelling together and I needed to book really quickly and to find a holiday which all fitted in to one school week. I tried every travel agent I could and finally decided to try Trailfinders. I put it off as I thought they would be expensive. They got flights, hotel, breakfast, transfers......Everything sorted so easily and I kept thinking something must go wrong. It didn't. We arrived at the hotel at about 2 am and there was still staff everywhere! They were friendly and helpful. We came down to breakfast at 8am and they were still friendly. any question you had they drew maps, gave you phone numbers and wrote everything in two languages in case you got lost. It was really impressive. All wood and shining brass, with a great sweeping staircase for photos. There are 5 restaurents to choose from. These ranged from Mexican to the hotels own buffet. The prices were as varied as the menues. Choice for every taste and pocket. I have said the staff were friendly. This was not because we were perfect dad asked every awkward question he could! Ahlan (hello) and Shukrun (thankyou) seemed to go a long way! We even got invited to our taxi drivers niece's wedding. The rooms were clean, not massive, with a tv and sockets for phone chargers and things. there is also a safe. We asked for a room with a pyramid ...

Trailfinders 04/01/2006

Trailfinders.....but are they not expensive?

Trailfinders Well they say one day back at work and you feel like you've never been off.......Well thay's how I normally feel after a holiday, but 8 weeks ago I took a deep breath, went to Dublin, got on a plane, told my Dad to stop drinking ( he's 78 ) and we flew to Cairo. It feels like yesterday! It had been booked about 3 weeks earlier, after lots of worrying, and we didnt know what was ahead of us! My Dad had decided he was going to Egypt whether someone went with him or not. This was okay but as I have said he is 78 and had a stroke 2 years ago. I asked my boss about time off and because he is worth his weight in gold (but dont quote me) he let me have a week (mid term)! I WORK IN SCHOOL and you know how the kids arent supposed to do this! Anyway I only had a week to get to Cairo and back, as it had to be the school transfer week so I couldnt go into a second week. I tried every travel agent I could. Trailfinders were my last choice as I thought they would be really expensive. No other firm could get me weekend to weekend and couldnt understand why I couldnt fit in with them! Trailfinders just made it all so easy. They booked my flights, hotel, tours and my travel insurance. Normally I book holidays on the net and my travel insurance through Boots, so this was all very new to me. I priced everywhere else first as I kept thinking others would be cheaper...but they werent. Boots insurance was much more expensive and that was with my Dad included with mine. ...

Nintendogs: Best Friends (Nintendo DS) 01/01/2006

Nintendogs - for Nintendo DS

Nintendogs: Best Friends (Nintendo DS) This is one of those presents which the kids ask for and as we have a clue?? My daughter put this on her Santa list which was then chosen as a present from Granny. So what do we think........... we want our daughter back !! She has been playing it since Christmas morning and we could just about get her away from it for her dinner. She loves it so much. She has played it constantly since then and is still not bored. She is still waiting to unlock accessories for it and different walks, games and tricks to play with her pup. She is eleven and still thinks 'puppies are cute'. She runs to show us she has unlocked a new bow for its hair or when she finds a ball. I know this might all sound basic but the fact that it is keeping her amused for so long has really surprised us. It is definately not the best graphics around or for the people who like blood and guts but it definately has something alluring and very enjoyable. Firstly you can choose which kind of dog, then it is up to you to look after it ie: Feed Walk Teach Play etc...... One thing I really like is how it comes straight on when you turn on the DS. Some games take so long and each time you turn it on you must wait for a whole replay introducing it. This goes straight to your pup and it jumps up at the screen to get your attention. So for value for money, for an eleven year old girl, this has way exceded our expectations. I am not sure what age this might be useful ...

Nikon Coolpix 5200 01/01/2006

Nikon Coolpix 5200, fool proof or not ?

Nikon Coolpix 5200 I took a long time choosing a camera for Christmas, (for myself) I am one of those people who normally lets someone else carry the camera and by the time I think of taking the camera out of it's case the 'moment' has LONG gone! I decided a digital camera was the way to go. I read reviews. Well actually there weren't that many to read as this was when it was just new out. Anyway I almost bought the Pentax Optio because i just loved the look of it and the LCD was so big, but then I decided to go with the Nikon Coolpix. The reason I choose the Nikon over the Pentax was only because of the security of holding it. The pentax felt as though i might drop it but the Nikon has room to hold it and still have a clear view of your subject. I was really looking for something so easy that I, with no practise whatsoever, could just snap and snap. There are 5.1 effective megapixels and i do think this shows in the clarity of normal daylight pictures. There are 15 scene modes which include close up, fireworks, beach/snow and party/indoors. Party/indoors is the one i have had the most problems with. When i read this in reviews I thought this meant i could turn the dial to party/indoors and it would do everything for me. This is not the case. If it is in my own living room everything ends up orange and blurred. Having said all that any one with a little bit of photographic knowledge might sort this in ten minutes but i have read the guff which came with it and tried everything. I did ...

Motorola T191 29/10/2002

Well it looks good..........

Motorola T191 Okay, i bought my motorola T191 about 6 weeks ago and the first thing which attracted me to it was the shape and size....... I know thats not the most important thing but in comparison my last phone looks like a walkie talkie! It is silver, very tiny, quite trendy in fact. A lot of my friends have commented on liking it, which I was quite surprised at but I think they buy Nokia because 'that's what you do'. It was also with Orange which most of my circle of friends are with (which makes it cheaper in the long run) so that's why I bought it...... There were a few things which I was dissappointed in, the signal is very poor, and as i live on the coast in Northern Ireland it is hard to tell if this is why but with my last phone (a philips savy) the signal was very good. Also the volume is quite hard to control, as i work in a school i have had to turn the sound off as 'meeting' is not very quiet. One last negative is that when you are reading new messages they are in the wrong order.......if you get three in a row and don't get to read them until later you get the third one first.. In the second week after buying it I turned it off one night and the next morning it wouldn't switch back on! completely dead! I had been really careful with it, it hadn't been dropped, knocked against anything or dropped in the bath!? (they ask all these things when you take them back) I was given the choice (at the Link) whether to take a replacement phone of the same kind, or to ...
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