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Cabin In The Woods (DVD) 17/04/2012

Lots of twists but not the most ground-breaking film ever!

Cabin In The Woods (DVD) I love a good horror film! My DVD rack is 95% horrors so I was really excited when a new horror film was being released called 'Cabin in the Woods'. Even more exciting was the fact it was released on Friday the 13th! Now I'm not such a sceptical person but with so much hype surrounding the day its perfect for a good horror film!I was expecting a lot if I'm honest. The adverts all said I couldn't possibly know the story and with a title so unoriginal as Cabin in the Woods, I was ready to challenge the adverts. (Damn that reverse psychology!)PLEASE BE AWARE THERE IS STRONG HORROR REFERENCES IN THIS REVIEW. GENREAs quick to call this a horror, there are also many examples of comedy which confused me as a watcher. I was chuckling away to some of the snappy lines then next scene I'm expected to be terrified by a monster - I don't think so. The film was not clear cut so a confusion between horror and comedy (but not even lame enough to be a dark comedy)PLOT (without spoilers!)A group of American teens go on a road trip to a cabin to stay for the weekend. After discovering a creepy basement, a curse is unleashed and zombies are raised from the dead around the cabin. The group are picked off one by one and with no chance of escape from the reserve is there something bigger going on. Are they just puppets in a show ? More to the point - is there even a way out? With someone else controlling there weekend, the odds are stacked against them!! PLOT (with spoilers!)A group of American ... 20/03/2012

Amazing service and super range of shoes - my idea of heaven! I LOVE shoes. High heels, flats, boots, trainers, flip flops, sandals - oh any sort of shoe and Im a happy bunny! Whilst out shopping in the run up to Christmas (busy time of year I understand) I found that practically every shoe shop I went into was jam packed. Shoes were mismatched on shelves, sweaty feet had tried each pair more times than I care to think of and to make things worse, when I did find a gorgeous pair of shoes - they never had my size in stock. In my opinion, shoe shopping can be one of the most frustrating types of shopping (beaten hands down by jean shopping but that's another problem entirely!)So I decided to turn my hand to the online shops -no queues, no sweaty feet trying on my shoes and all the sizes I could think of. I had tried the high-street stores online (new look, topshop etc.) and I wanted something new.And da-daaaa, I found '' and just as a heads-up for the men; this is most definitely a girls shoe site.APPEARANCEThe site follows a very crisp and sleek design. All the pages have a white background and the menus are in either black or grey with icons in hot pink. The shoes are so beautifully displayed with white backgrounds also.This makes the whole site so simple and makes looking for what you personally like easier too.NAVIGATING THE SITEStraight from the home page, you get a side menu on the left hand side of the page with a list of pages you can be taken to. These are set out in types of shoes and then further divided into ...

N-Spa Vanilla Creme Brulee Body Cream 17/03/2012

Gorgeous smelling product and leaves your skin feeling sexy!

N-Spa Vanilla Creme Brulee Body Cream I received this product as a birthday present to start off with. At first I thought it would be just another generic cheap beauty product - sorry for being so sceptical - but I actually have found myself still purchasing this product for myself years on.THE PACKAGING The body cream comes in a circular tub approximately 150mm in diameter, around 25mm deep and contains 250ml of the body cream (8.5 floz). The base of the tub is a clear plastic and the lid is a black screw-top however the base appears to be beige/cream coloured whilst the product is full.The label on the lid is very elegant and simple. It reads;'VANILLA creme bruleebody cream"If," said the wise man, "the sea was vanilla, might the owl and the pussycat have changed their minds and sat instead on the caramel coated sands with waves topped with would be simple, rich and fulfilled. Shall we go there one day?"n-spaFRUIT'Reading the quote on the front is very intriguing and as Im a big fan of the quirky original items on sale nowadays, I have to say the reference to the owl and the pussycat brought back childhood memories which I hadn't expected.On the base of the product there is a white sticker providing ingredients, directions of use and contact addresses etc (the usual mumbo jumbo)Amusingly, it does contain the warning "DO NOT EAT, THIS IS NOT A FOOD PRODUCT" which is actually an understandable warning because, believe it or not, the product looks so creamy and smooth and smells so tasty that I'm sure ... 09/03/2012

After a 5 week wait for one book, cancelled my £30 order. Their loss! Being a big reader, I never expected a problem with the giant company of Waterstones when ordering my books online!NAVIGATING THE SITEUsing the site is easy enough. Its simply laid out with links for all kinds of genres and big-sellers with numerous pictures. It also has a search bar which makes finding a particular author or book really quick! It also makes suggestions on upcoming books to pre-order or even buy for presents (e.g. mothers day suggestions, christmas present suggestions). As well as all of the variety on offer, the prices were really good as they were almost always hugely undercutting the RRP of books - which makes you feel as if youre grabbing a bargain every time! So far so good.ORDERINGOrdering a book is simple enough as well! Waterstones sends you a confirmation email after youve place your order which is always reasurring to know.In my case, I ordered 3 book, totalling just under £50. One of these was a leather-binded special edition book which was on the site for £30. It said on the website that the book was not in stock at their warehouses and that it could take 2-3 weeks for the book to be delivered to me because of this. I wasnt too bothered as I was assured the other 2 books I had ordered would be with me within the week and I would have them to entertain me in the meantime.ARRIVED ITEMSAs promised part of my order arrived shortly after, packaged securely in a thick cardboard box. So I was pleased with how my order was going. I had received 2 quality ...

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W350 09/03/2012

My pink Sony Cyber-shot has never let me down - excellent camera!

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W350 I needed a new camera last year after the heavy and unreliable brick of a camera I used to own had finally died! Looking in Argos, I knew what I wanted from my new camera. I wanted something handheld, compact, pink and reliable.I finally came across the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W350 (and it came in pink too!) SIZEThe camera is approximately 9cm in length, 5cm in height and1.5cm in width, 90x50x15mm or in inches roughly 3.5"x2"x0.6"This is the perfect size for me. Its small but not impossibly tiny. It fits nicely in my hand and can easily be used one-handed for a quick snap or steadied by both hands quite comfortably. WEIGHTThe camera is about 115grams in weight. This is with the battery and the memory card included too, so this makes the camera very lightweight!LOOK AND DESIGNThe Cyber-shot is a very pretty camera and as they are available in different colours, (silver, black, pink, blue and gold) mine is the metallic pink. Its very simple and elegant design with a large lens on the right-hand side on the front of the camera. There's a small flash bar just off-centre at the top of the camera too.On the back of the camera there is a big screen which covers around 75% of the back of the camera (measuring 60mm by 46mm) Along the right hand side of the back there is a control panel which is very simply laid out. From top to bottom there is a zoom in and out bar, a slider to switch the function from a camera, to a panoramic shot to a video shot, then there is gallery button to take you ... 09/03/2012 has opened up so many opportunities for me! Trying to decide what to do when I leave school was horrible! Whilst my friends all decided on what universities they wanted to go to, I knew that university wasn't for me! I was completely stuck! I had a part-time job at a supermarket and knew for a fact that I didn't want to be stuck on a checkout for the rest of my life - that was for sure!So during a meeting with my school they recommended a website called '' which could give me some ideas on what direction I wanted to take my life in.APPEARANCESThe site is very clear and follows a very smart colour scheme of oranges, browns and reds. It looks smart and professional which makes it feel reliable and trustworthy. LAYOUTIt is set out very simply. Everything you could want from the site has a clear link across the menu bar at the top of the page underneath the logo as follows;ApprenticeshipsEmployersParentsTypes of ApprenticeshipsPartnersEventsNews & MediaAbout UsThis gives any user a choice of how they want the website to work for them.Also the home page provides a lot of the current news and bulletins about the company and there aims and achievements. The way the sites home page is set out makes it super easy to navigate. There is also an even smaller toolbar at the very top of the page which allows you to change the text size from 'small to medium to large' which makes sure that its easy and clear to use for any person. This also has the 'log in' option which pops out a separate window on your ...

Hustle: Season 1 (DVD) 03/03/2012

The first of 8 BRILLIANT series. Hustle; the con is on!

Hustle: Season 1 (DVD) Season One of Hustle is the start of a very beautiful thing! The series is mainly written by Tony Jordan and it is impressively to say the least! Tony also wrote 'Spooks' so if youre a fan of this then Hustle is definitely worth a watch! The outline of the series is that a con-artist crew take on the greedy, dishonest and dodgy people in London. The fact that the crew are committing crimes of fraud is 'excused' by the audience as the gang have a "grifters code" - They only con the 'bad' guys; the bankers and bigwigs who rip off little old ladies (you know the sort). This makes for an extremely lovable crew and a fabulously entertaining TV series! THE CHARACTERS; There are 6 main characters in the series, as follows. Micheal Stone (aka Mickey Bricks) played by Adrian Lester. Mickey is the leader of the crew. He is a very polite and very talented grifter (con-artist) who is played fantastically by Lester. You would think that being the leader of a criminal gang, you cant possibly like and connect with this character - however, Mickey has a vendetta against the money-grabbing bankers and business men and women of the world. He doesn't see conning the greedy people as a crime and doesn't even do it for the money - he cons these people to teach them a lesson the only way some people know how.. through the pocket! He takes on the short-con player Danny (see below) to train him up to be a successful long-con player. The long-con is all about the big win and Mickey ALWAYS has a ...

Marvelon Contraceptive Pill 02/03/2012

No real problems with the pill apart from that its easily forgotten!

Marvelon Contraceptive Pill This contraceptive pill was the first method of contraception I was formally ever put on so was naturally a bit nervous as to what the side effects were of taking a contraceptive pill! I had heard lots of off-putting rumours like it gives you cancer and it makes you gain weight like crazy - so of course I was hesitant!However, as I was in a stable relationship I figured it was time for something stable.Basically, the pill works by releasing hormones oestrogen and progestogen which stops an egg being released. It also thins the lining of the womb so fertilised eggs wont implant themselves on the side. Simple enough!Firstly, the pill comes in packets of 3 "months" supply in rectangle strips of pills (21 pills per strip). Each pill is labelled with a day of the week which makes it easy to follow and makes sure that people don't accidentally take more than they should on any given day. This also makes it easy to see if you forget to take a pill - in which case extra precautions are advised (condoms for 7 days after the forgotten pill). This keeps the pill as effective as possible which is over 99% effective according to 'sex health direct'. When I forgot a pill and didn't use extra precautions my doctor told me that I was practically halving its effectiveness - which is massively SHOCKING! The pills are easy enough to take as they are quite small however Id recommend taking it with a glass of water as its not sugar-coated and sometimes got stuck at the back of my throat if not ...

Professor Layton and the Spectre's Call (Nintendo DS) 02/03/2012

Professor Layton succeeds again! Brilliant game but confusing at times

Professor Layton and the Spectre's Call (Nintendo DS) I am a big fan of the Professor Layton games and this is the 4th in the fantastic series:The Curious VilliagePandora's BoxThe Lost FutureThe Spectres CallNow understandabley, the plots have to get a little more complex as there have been clever and gripping plots throughout the other games and this has to live up to fans expectations. So I wasnt initially convinced that the Spectres Call wasnt maybe the most clever plot.I found the game a little slow-starting compared to other games, which didnt really bother me too much as the graphics and 'video' clips were really well made and clearly have been slaved over by designers and makers. However, when I start a new game, its nice to be absorbed instantly rather than a slow build up. Also, I felt like I had to pay full attention to all the information given in the start as confusingly this plot is a kind of prologue to the first game (The Curious Villiage) as he hasnt made Luke his apprentice in this game - which after 4 games of this side-kick is a little fustrating to understand that in this game you dont know him like that!I also found that nearer the start of the game, the puzzles were horribley difficult which stopped me playing the game and made it more effort to pick the game up to play again. However, the puzzles quickly leveled out in difficulty and increase in complexity a little more gradually after that - which helps the player get to grips with the game. Also this may just be my take on it! The minigames in this game ...

Thierry Mugler Alien Eau de Parfum for Her 02/03/2012

ALIEN; gorgeous smell, gorgeous bottle, gorgeous perfume!

Thierry Mugler Alien Eau de Parfum for Her Im a sucker for a pretty bottle and particularly fussy when it comes to perfumes, so when deciding on a perfume that would define me, I went for the mysterious, elegant bottle of Alien.I always wanted a perfume that I could leave on my boyfriends pillow to remind him of the times Im not there; something distinct. Id tried other perfumes before but nothing ticked all the boxes for me. All I wanted was;a beautiful,expensive-looking bottlea scent that would last longer than 10 minutesan affordable pricea scent that was distinct and subtleAnd trust me, Ive tried a lot. I have a shelf in my wardrobe with around 20 bottles of barely touched perfumes from Dior to Britney Spears and nothing felt right.When I tried on Alien I was amazed by the smell. I struggle to find the right words to define it, but if perfection was a smell I think it could be Alien! It was so delicate and beautiful without being too in-you-face-overpowering!The scent wasnt overwhelming which can always be very offputting. It sat softly on my skin and even caught the light with a hint of sparkle which definitley gave it a classy edge. Also, I found the pump stunningly designed and, if its possible, felt lavish and qualitily-made to use. It didnt just randomly send a wild splurt out with a wheezey splutter, it gracefully gave off a purpley mist which is just divine!I also found that during the day, if i caught the breeze or even just flicked my hair I'd get a gentle waft (such an unattractive word "waft" but ...

Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner 01/03/2012

A real let down sadly; 'Hello Hydration' dried my hair out terribly!!

Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner I never thought I would be disappointed with Herbal Essences until I tried this shampoo.Usually, Id buy a cheaper shampoo and conditioner combo as I live on a budget and pricey hair products aren't generally my priority however when I saw the Herbal Essences Hello Hydration on offer for £1 for the larger bottles of shampoo and £1 for the larger bottle of conditioner, I couldn't really pass it up! They are bright and colourful and both look fantastic in my bathroom so 5/5 for appearance! And like any other Herbal Essences product, it smells divine! Sadly, the smell was the best part of my experience.I have bleach blonde hair and every 8 weeks or so had my roots touched up and my ends trimmed off by my Salon as the constant bleaching abuse I was putting my hair through left it in a very dry and brittle state. My split ends were disgusting and really noticeable and I was fed up with my hair feeling like straw! I wanted my hair to look like the women in the adverts, all smooth and luscious and flowing!!! So I had high expectations when this shampoo and conditioner was promising me hydrated locks.After the first use, I cant say I noticed much difference but I was going to persevere as I had a gigantic bottle of the stuff! After the second and third time, of using both the conditioner and the shampoo together (as recommended) I noticed that my hair felt even drier! My ends were snapping off at an alarming rate and I was left feeling rather unconfident with my resultant hair. All I ...

The House of Silk: The New Sherlock Holmes Novel - Anthony Horowitz 01/03/2012

Absolutely FANTASTIC read, couldn't put it down!!

The House of Silk: The New Sherlock Holmes Novel - Anthony Horowitz To say I loved this book would be an understatement! It was such a brilliant, gripping read and I was so gutted it came to an end! If I could rate this book, 6 out of 5 I would!I was sceptical at first as I am a massive fan of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes and was doubtful that any author come come close to how I imagine the great detective. However, I have liked Horowitz's books before hand (The Alex Rider series being particularly good) so I decided I would give him a chance. And I am so very glad I did! The plot was phenomenal which was made even more hard-hitting as its based on a true story (don't worry - no spoilers here!) and the way all the clues and hints subtly given over the course of the book finally come together and I found myself shouting 'I KNEW IT!' at the pages. I was so absorbed in the storyline throughout and the balance between action, dialog and details were practically perfect - I couldn't fault it at all!I seriously couldn't recommend it enough! The only downfall was that it ended! I would most definitely be first in the queue if Horowitz wrote a second Holmes Novel!!!

EVRA Transdermal Contraception Patch 29/02/2012

Best contraception I've used! Definitely would recommend the patch! :)

EVRA Transdermal Contraception Patch After being on the pill for over a year and being hopelessly forgetful, I decided the patch would be a much less stressful form of contraceptive.I'm a very forgetful person and could easily forget more pills than I would remember in a month, which as my doctor informed me, was leading to a very ineffective method of contraception! I would be busy and even with mobile phone alert reminders, if the pills weren't in front of me when I got the reminder - I'd easily be distracted and consequently forget. And after a pregnancy scare I realised I needed something less frequent to remember! I was offered the injection and the implant but I am a huge needle-phobic and pretty much suffer massive panic attacks followed by passing out at the sight of needles so these forms of contraception are unfortunatley not an option for me. I was then offered the patch (no needles involved - yay!)Since I've swapped onto the patch, I haven't missed one as its hard to forget its there when its so obvious there's a patch on your arm! Having to remember something once a week is much less awkward than something daily. I'm now a lot less stressed as I'm not panicking at the time of every month wondering whether I'll be coming on or not. So a massive thumbs up from me in that respect!However, I have to say the side effects have had mixed results on me. I have personally suffered from very strong nausea which has been most apparent the day after I change/renew the patch. This has been very inconvenient but ...
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