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Demons and Cocktails - Stuart Cable 01/08/2010

The Cocktails are fun but the demons do get you in the end

Demons and Cocktails - Stuart Cable What inspired me to read this book? I have been a huge Stereophonics fan for over a decade now. I have travelled all over the country to see them live. I had just been to see them play a massive gig at the new football stadium in Cardiff when news of the death of one of the Stereophonics founder's, Mr Stuart Cable, spread our way. His death upset me deeply and made me want to learn more about his life with one of UK's biggest rock bands. The Price I went into Waterstones the following weekend and to my disgust, noticed they had a hardback copy priced at £17.99. "There was no way I was going to pay that much." Maybe £10 at the most. I later went onto the Stereophonics forum and someone mentioned that there are two versions. A hardback published in 2009 and a paperback version in May 2010 (literally a couple of weeks before the star's death). She mentioned that the paperback version included another chapter, which apparently was written after the hardback edition had been published. I went onto Amazon and noted you could get the paperback version for £3.99 which included postage and packaging. That was simply an offer I couldn't refuse. The Cover I'm really impressed. It has a picture of Stuart Cable with a cigarette in his mouth looking as cool as ever. It wasn't too busy and it was to the point. The title of the book glares right at me. If you turn to the back of the book it pretty much sums up what the book is about. It gives a brief description of ...

Beluga, Manchester 25/07/2010

Let's have a Beluga night tonight!

Beluga, Manchester "Why Beluga?" Yesterday I fancied a meal on the town so decided to flick through my HI life brouchure and pick a restaurant from there. For those of you who don't know what HI life is it's basically a discount scheme which lets you sample Britain's finest cuisines at reasonable prices and can be used nationwide. It wasn't my first choice but having been turned down by Livebait, it sounded like Manchester's next best thing. I had a brief look at their website beforehand and it offered a good variety of dishes at affordable prices. Please tell me more about Beluga Well there are only two Beluga restaurants in the whole of Britain. One in Manchester which is the one I visited yesterday and one in South Bramhall, Cheshire. More details can be found on their website On the website, it had some photographs showing the location which made it very easy to find. For those of you who don't know it is opposite the Old central library and literally a 2 minute walk from the St Peter's Square tram stop in Manchester. Booking the table When I telephoned the restaurant to book the table, I was pleasantly surpised by the speedy response. However the person who picked up the phone sounded a bit hesitant when I asked him if I could make a reservation. I had almost caught him off guard. I don't think he was used to taking telephone bookings. Despite this the table was booked and he made a note that I was on the HI life scheme. Finding the ...

Proposed Ciao Meets 09/10/2007

Come and Join us in Birmingham 13th October 2007

Proposed Ciao Meets --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- ------ Review last updated Tuesday 9th October 2007 --------------- --------------- --------------- ------------- ------------ Having been to 3 of these ciao meets, I thought it was about time I had a go at organising one of these myself. If you haven't been to one of these yourself yet I would definitely recommend it. It gives you the chance of putting faces to your favourite writers/reviewers of this website. It's a great way of making new friends, and at least you all have one thing in common and that's Ciao :-) If you are interested in coming please feel free to leave me a message in my private guestbook. Also use the message facilities for any other questions you might have relating to the meet. I will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible. I will be updating this review regularly so keep your eyes peeled. I will also be compiling a list of those planning on attending the meet that will be featured at the bottom of the review. ~Meeting Place & Time~ We will be meeting at the front entrance of Birmingham New Street Station between 11am - 11:30am. Don't worry if you are going to be late, we won't leave without you. ~What shall we do?~ We can decide that when we meet up. I originally suggested going to the Figure of Eight but many have asked me how do I get there. As those of you who have confirmed you are coming are either getting a coach/train down ...

Saks Hair&Beauty Salon 24/08/2007

My hairs in bad condition what should I do?

Saks Hair&Beauty Salon The salon I will talk about in this review is that of Saks Birmingham Temple Row and my experience as a first time customer there. I am a Saks virgin and have no idea what the others are like. It has no reflection on the company as a whole. ~Why Saks? ~ It was my sister's graduation today and I wanted to look my best. My hair hasn't been cut in 2 months and was getting out of condition. I was thinking about salons to go and for some reason this one popped into my head. I think it was the fact I had a discount voucher for this store and £20 worth of leisure vouchers which could be used at this outlet that persuaded me to give it a whirl. ~Booking the appointment~ This was relatively straightforward. I found their contact details via their official website. I called them up initially to ask about their rates. I had a fast response in terms of waiting for someone to pick up the call. The guy on the phone introduced himself and the salon name and sounded very polite and friendly. When he told me the cheapest he could offer was £36 for a wash cut and blow-dry I was abit hesitant as it was little over my budget (less than £25). Then he asked me if it was my first time. As I said yes he immediately offered me a discount of between £25 - £34. This was abit over my budget but with the vouchers I'd only be paying less than £15. ~Availability of last minute bookings~ Most top hairdressers you have to give them a few days notice. Not this time which I was really ...

Nokia 6030 01/01/2007

A decent basic phone from Nokia :-)

Nokia 6030 *Updated Review 1st January 2007* *Pre-amble* When my existing contract had expired and sticking with an orange pay as you go was costing me a fortune (especially after Orange had removed text saver from their packages), it was time for me to shop around and see what deals I could get. Yes before you ask I do have 2 phones (one I use for work and the other for leisure). I saw an advert in the metro last week that got my heart racing and sounded exciting. A company that work alongside Carphone Warehouse were offering people 12 months free line rental on a 12 month contract. I looked further and noticed that orange had a couple up for grabs. Great I thought just what I need. I don't have a landline so I'm constantly relying on my mobile phone. The fact that I could get 200 free minutes and 75 free texts and a further 50 weekends/evenings orange - orange minutes a month was even better. What's more is the 200 minutes you get a month are rollover ones so if you don't use them all up; your balance gets transferred onto the following month. Unfortunately, if you don't use your 50 orange to orange minutes and or your 75 free texts in a month, these are lost and will not rollover to the next month. Having experienced problems in the past with my Sony Ericsson T630 (as previously reviewed) and found the battery life on the LG's don't last as long in my experience than the nokia's I decided this time to go for a nokia one. I looked on the internet and to my surprise there ...

LG U8330 01/01/2007

Is Life really good with LG?

LG U8330 ~Pre-amble~ When my existing contract with 3 expired in June 2006, it was time to hunt for a new phone. At the time of purchasing, 3 offered the best deals by far in terms of how many texts and minutes you got for the price you pay. Last year I managed to get 500 anytime minutes to any UK Landline numbers or any mobile phone any network as well as 100 free texts. Ok maybe not as free as you still had to pay £30 each month for your line rental which you get for half price for the first 3 months. I paid this to 3 but I was under a cash back promotion with e2 save that meant I was only paying £2.99 a month line rental for this phone (providing you don't go over your allowance), that not many competitors could beat at the time. I was hoping to get a deal to either match that or better it. When I saw theonestopphoneshop were offering 12 months free line rental in a similar format to e2 save, I couldn't say no. On the current promotion, I would get 400 free minutes, 250 free texts, 25 free video calls, £5.00 worth of downloads every month all for £35.00. Itemised billing is also included in this price. That's £35.00 to 3 but I could claim £30.60 this back through theonestophoneshop as I had previously done with e2 save. In answer to RazzaLazza's (a valid ciao member) question, this means you pay absolutely nothing for phone / line rental unless you go over your monthly allowance or make any chargeable calls/texts etc. *Update 01/01/2007* I was under the impression ...

My Ciao'ing 26/12/2006

My Ultimate Ciao Experience

My Ciao'ing "It's almost three years to the day since I joined Ciao so let's have a look back on the journey as a ciao'er in the eyes of promotionslass." *How did all begin?* Well it started way back in the cold misty month of January 2004. I was standing outside in the damp depths of Birmingham City Centre, giving out flyers, convincing and telling passers by of the brand new Sainsbury's store that had just opened. It was so cold that it was soon time to warm ourselves up. How you may ask? Well, a lass I was working with spotted an internet cafe. She urgently had to check her e-mails so off we went. I waited with her whilst she did this then she had an e-mail from another website advertising ciao. It looked interesting and exciting so I asked her about this website. I was amazed at the thought that I could earn money just by completing surveys within seconds. *The Joining process* My experience of this all was very good. Luckily I received a link to the site via e-mail so I just clicked on that and it directed me to the joining page. The next step was deciding on a name. This didn't take me long to decide. I often use user names relating to what I'm doing at the time. Promotions was my main line of work at the time of joining. I thought just having promotions on its own sounded too boring so along came the name promotionslass, especially being the simple female lass that I am. Deciding the name was easy the next stage was not. I had to fill in a short profile which ...

Wagamama 06/10/2006

A healthy eat out at downtown Manchester!!

Wagamama After much debate and anticipation on where to eat last night in Manchester, me and my sister came across a Wagamama noodle bar within the Deansgate area of Manchester. I'll confess I had never heard of such a place until yesterday. Initially I was abit reluctant but when I discovered they had a good selection of healthy food suitable for vegetarians at affordable prices, I decided to give it a whirl. ~What is Wagamama?~ Wagamama is a network of Japanese Noodle bars. They have over 46 of these in the UK with over half existing in the Greater London area. They also have international restaurants in Australia, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Turkey, Belgium, Denmark and Dubai. Although they specialise primarily on noodle dishes, they try and cater for all with a selection of side dishes such as duck dumplings, various rice dishes and salads that can be endured by both meat eaters and vegetarians. They have there own website at which gives you more information their recipes, cookbooks and even has a fun section for the kids. ~Where is Wagamama?~ The Wagamama restaurant featured in this review is known as Wagamama Spinningfields, situated just off the famous Manchester Deansgate. There is another one in Manchester within the Printworks centre. As I said earlier, this is the first time I have ever visited Wagamama so this is all new to me. ~First impressions~ The layout of the building looks posh and stylish. The windows are clean and you ...

All About Me 11/09/2006

My Own X Factor Experience

All About Me As X-factor series 3 has just hit our screens I thought I would share my experience of the auditions back in June 2006.... ~Sunday 18th June 2006~ *Where do I go? No-one knows.........* It's 12:30pm and I arrive at the Manchester United Football grounds, Old Trafford. I've printed out an address off the X-factor website and it states to be at the Manchester football grounds in Old Trafford. I'm confused because I only know of these grounds being at Old Trafford. I look around and can see no-one. Am I in the right place? I walk around the outside of the grounds that look so big until I spot a few rock fans waiting who don't look like they are here to be on X-factor. I then plucked up the courage to ask a security guard as to what's going on. Judging by the bewildered look on his face he must have thought I'm speaking some foreign language as he just didn't seem to understand what I was asking him. All I got was "Foo Fighters are playing here tonight be careful." I wondered what he was on about then it occurred to me that realising how tiny I was and knowing this band and what the fans are like it was useful advice but not the answer I was after. It's tipping with rain and I'm getting cold and hungry. Having travelled back from Perth this morning I'm so tired. I desperately need to sleep but I so wanted the chance and opportunity to sing live on TV (as a lot of people do). Have I missed all the action. It did say on the website that today would be the last ...

Live from Dakota (Live Recording) - Stereophonics 09/09/2006

"You make me feel like the one"

Live from Dakota (Live Recording) - Stereophonics Following the success of Stereophonics fifth album "Language Sex Violence, Other" and their 2005 World tour, Live from Dakota was born. ~Why bring out a live album now?~ Many fans on the Stereophonics official forum website requested for a live album for years, to include tunes that showed their progression as a band from the days when they signed up to V2 right through to how we know them today. Due to personal circumstances, following the departure of one of Kelly Jone's best mates, the original Stereophonics drummer Stuart Cable, this had to be postponed until Kelly Jones and Richard Jones had found a suitable drummer Javier. Javier wasn't to replace or considered as a replacement to Stuart but Kelly (singer) and Richard (guitarist) couldn't survive alone. They had borrowed Steve from the Black Crowes to support them on their 2003 UK/European tours, whom unfortunately couldn't stay with them forever. Although the album itself comprises tracks from all 5 albums along with a long lost b-side "Carrot Cake and Wine" and new song "Jayne", all tracks were recorded from their last album Language Sex Violence other? 2005 tour. ~The length~ The album itself comes on 2 CD's. Each CD contains 10 songs and is approximately 50 minutes long. So overall the album is roughly 100 minutes in length which is the length of a whole gig. *CD 1* Superman - A great gig opener with beat and a good attitude. Not quite the same as the original album version. Starts off with ...

United Airlines - UAL 04/09/2006

"Please come and join us again"

United Airlines - UAL I recently flew from Heathrow to Mrytle Beach with my sister on this airline via Washington DC. It's the first time I have used this airline and wanted to share my experience of them with you. ~United Airline~ The reason why I choose this airline as opposed to any other one was the price. United Airlines is one of the cheapest and one of the largest airlines within the United States. The majority of their flights are from or to the USA and you can almost get them from any part of the world. They also have two sister companies,:- United Express and Ted which work alongside them. ~The Price~ It costed us £700 between us when we booked these flights 8 months ago. Due to my sister's hectic medic schedule, we were forced to go during peak season. This was for a return journey via and was the cheapest at the time of booking. We had to no choice but to fly from Heathrow via Washington DC. The total flight time would be approximately 12 hours including the changes involved. We could have gone from Birmingham or Manchester but this would have costed us much more than we could afford. During the 8 hour flight, we would be provided with 2 meals, unlimited complimentary soft drinks and home entertainment. The second flight, lasting one hour we would be given no entertainment but according to the website there might be a slight chance of getting a "light snack." ~Booking procedure~ Although we booked our flights via, you can book directly via ...

Slim Fast Real Fruit Smoothies 22/08/2006

One of these will make you feel like dancing!

Slim Fast Real Fruit Smoothies *Updated review on 22nd August 2006* I'll be honest I was never really a slim fast fan until one of my friends convinced me to go ahead and try this one. When I saw these Slim fast smoothies advertised in my local boots store on a 3 for 2 offer at £2.15 in total, it was an promotional offer I could not refuse. ~Pre-amble~ Before I move on to the smoothies themselves, let me tell you abit about them. They are one of the latest meal replacement drinks as part of Slim Fast weight loss programme. They are aimed at women who are between size 12-20 and are desperate to shed the excess weight off in minimal time. This range of slim fast products are not suitable for diabetics, pregenant, breastfeeding of have any other medical condition. This product contains traces of milk and dairy prodjuice and therefore not suitable for vegans. Slimfast have introduced other drinks into their range which are okay if you are a vegan so perhaps it's worth checking their website on It is always advisable if you are still unsure about taking this, to check with your doctor first. Slim fast also advises that you don't rely on them as being your only source of food and energy and have plenty of "balanced" meals and or snacks during the day. ~Slim Fast Real Fruit Smoothies~ These smoothies are avaliable in 3 different flavours;- Peach and Mango, Fruits of Forest and Raspberry. I have been very fortunate to have found all 3 available in this store. At the ...

Kodak EASYSHARE C330 15/08/2006

Great for beginners........not so good for experts

Kodak EASYSHARE C330 When my Olympus camera failed to work on me, I knew it was time to invest in a brand new digital camera. I had a budget of no more than £130. It had to be big and heavy enough for me to feel and notice it being there but not to the extent that it would weigh me down. *The hunt begins* Jessops, Dixons (now known as Currys Digital), Boots, Currys and PC world were probably the top on my list of places to visit. As the cameras are getting smaller and smaller by the minute there was a very limited selection in all these stores to choose from. I discovered too that my Olympus camera (which I loved till it broke and was beyond repair) had been discontinued and the only ones they had for me to choose from were so small that you could easily fit it in a normal jeans pocket. Relunctantly for this reason alone I had to move away from Olympus. In fact the only one that seemed to be of adequate dimensions in terms of size and weight was the Kodak EasyShare C330. This one weighs, according to the Kodak website, 160 g (without AA batteries) and its Width, Height and Depth are 91.9, 65.3 and 35.3 mm respectively. I looked in all these retail outlets but Boots at the time of purchasing seemed to have the best package for this model. If I bought the camera from here, I would get all the usual USB, CD ROM, standard AA batteries, 16MB SD card plus a Kodak camera case and an extra 32MB SD card, money off vouchers and some free prints from their kiosk. I also gained 500 bonus ...

Hoover HNWL 6136 14/08/2006

My first Washer Dryer dilema

Hoover HNWL 6136 *Updated review as at 14th August 2006* If you think buying washing machines is easy think again. Having just moved back to Manchester and with no appliances in the house, I desperately needed a new Washing Machine. My local Currys store was having a big 10% off all electrical goods (with a few exceptions). This gave me an incentive to go out there and see what they had to offer. Having researched on the internet, I had a vague idea of what to look for. Ideally I was after a washer dryer or a washing machine with a drying function (to avoid damp floorboards in my new home). This limited my choice of machines as Currys only did a selective few. Servis, Hoover, Hotpoint, Zanussi, Indesit, Ariston, LG, Bosch and Miele all did them. Some more expensive than others. I have had bad experience with Bosch in the past (ruined a lovely pair of combats and tops at my ex-housemates). I had a budget of no more than £500 to stick to. As Miele, LG washer dryers were over this amount and had too many functions for what I really need; this limited my choice even further. I then went by friends recommendations. One of my mates has a Zanussi and she loves it. My mother has used a Hoover one and always telling me how it was the best machine she ever had. After hours of research weighing up all the pros and cons between these 2 brands I decided to go for Hoover HNWL6136. It was reasonably priced (only £329.95 without the discount) plus what's more was it was the only one ...

Athens (ATH), Athens 09/08/2006

Athena 2004 ....A volunteer's prospective

Athens (ATH), Athens This review is based on my journey as a volunteer at the 2004 Olympic games held in Athens. As this was the place where the games all began, it is an important highlight in any Greek's (especially those from Athens) agenda. The events I have described in this review are purely as I saw them. As of this date, this was the only time I have visited such an historical place so as you can imagine it was an exciting time and to be there when it was to happen..........well read on......... My olympic journey began when I got off the plane from the miserable dark damp london to the sunny heights of Athens airport and ended in a simuliar fashion. I was pleasantly greeted by my landlady at the arrivals terminal who took me to the home I'd be spending for the duration of the games. The 1st few days of my stay was spent admiring the old ruins of the olympic temple of Zeus, where dart throwers were practising for the games itself, to the beautiful scaffolding keeping the acropolis together, to both ancient and roman agoras, to the guards parading syntagma (which i found highly entertaining), to walking down the famous street of plaka. The most exciting part of the 1st leg of my olympic journey was to hunt for all 38 venues and take pictures with me as close to them as possible. Of course this was an impossible task to complete as quite a few of the venues are not in Athens. If seen on the tv we wouldn't think like that thou as they switch so quickly from one venue to ...
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