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Talkie Walkie - Air 07/05/2005

A lovely down tempo album to be lazy to

Talkie Walkie - Air Air have grown up with this album, it for me is their best. I know most people think I'm mad, but for me each track conjures up a different image of what I would be doing had I all the money I need. They've kept away from the more upbeat drum and synth line programming the Moon Safari had and replaced it with really intricate layering of instruments, and have brought out their guitars. that just seem to float around you, forcing you to relax. Favourite tracks have to be Cherry Blossom Girl and (disagreeing with TheFirstEscapist again) Mike Mills, they both include beautiful guitars and strings and really show the musical talent of the 2 french legends. This is a must buy, regardless of you musical tastes, you can fail to fall for the It was also the most used album by advertising agencies of last year, with the most famous has to be "Talisman" it was used by Orange for there animated campaogn last year. ...

Human After All - Daft Punk 21/04/2005

Yet another great Daft Punk release

Human After All - Daft Punk Daft Punk have created something special here and to think that it is produced, as with everything else they've done, in their bedroom. Shame they've given up DJ'ing and live gigs and I never got the chance to see them. I have to completely disagree with TheFirstEscapist "Cons: Overuse of the robotic voice sound. Not a single 'killer' hit (like One More Time, Aerodynamic etc..)." It is how all their vocals sound, listen to everything and watch Interstella 5555 and tell me it is not they're most distinguishing element. Fave tracks on this album are Human After All, Robot Rock (been used as backing tracks on TV) and Technologic (an absolute stormer), which uses their vocoded vocals the way only Daft punk know how! ...
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