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Forever Changes - Love 06/11/2006

The finest guitar album ever to grace Earth

Forever Changes - Love Arthur Lee (RIP) is not only a legend waiting to be discovered, but a genius that was never realised. This album is his finest and considered by many to be his masterpiece and peak output. The album was released in 1967 and totally sank without a trace in his native America. However, in the UK, the album peaked at number 24, gaining a cult status for years to come, as the "undiscovered" masterpiece you should own. In this remastered edition the original album is featured (digitally restored) plus 7 extra tracks of alternate takes, b-sides and previously unissued material. The 24 page colour booklet also includes interesting history on the making of the album and a brief biography of Arthur Lee and the different guises of Love up to that point, also aiming at an audience that may not invest in any of his other releases. Track by track every song is beautifully crafted either utilising full horn sections, string quartets and even the ocassional full orchestra. The sheer production values also do not hint at an album made in the 60's, rather an album looking back retrospectively at the 60's. Opener, "Alone again or" has a slight latin feel to it and is simply one of the best opening tracks for an album and even manages to sum up the 1960s. The acoustic guitar hints at how a summer album is supposed to be played. An image is conjoured up of Lee sitting on a porch in the middle of a summer's sunset. It is a wonderful song, with no sense of urgency or pretenses and sets ...
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