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Fitbit Blaze 06/09/2016

Fitbit Blaze! Faultless and does everything I need

Fitbit Blaze I was new to the whole world of Fitbit, Then I got given a fitbit blaze for my 29th birthday! It has changed my life. No exaggeration here Ive gone from struggling with sleep patterns and an unhealthy lifestyle to tracking my daily activities and monitoring my sleep pattern with the fitbit blaze! By connecting the fitbit to my phone im able to see my progress with my weight management, Its simple to use and fits in well with having to work and run normal family life stuff too! even the kids love joining in with some of the Fitstar activities with me. The sleep tracker has been amazing! Ive finally been able to pin point the times I was waking through the night and then been able to work out why I was waking up! Im now getting a full nights sleep and I honestly do not think that would of happened if I hadnt started monitoring it with the fitbit! The alarm has been a godsend! It wakes me up with a gentle vibration rather than a noisy alarm clock which I often found would start my day the wrong way! The vibrations of the fitbit alarm just gently wake you up and its always worked and my time management has improved.

Vimto Mixed Fruit Still Juice Drink 21/06/2010

Still Vimto Mixed fruit Juice Drink

Vimto Mixed Fruit Still Juice Drink Still Vimto -250ml Mixed Fruit Juice Drink +No Artificial Colours +No preservatives Still Vimto is a refreshing incredible tasting mixed fruit juice drink, Which is great for everyone from children right through to the elderly. As with most soft drinks I find it is best served chilled straight from the fridge!! When its not cold I find it leaves a rather dry bitty taste in your mouth.This inturn I find spoils Vimto's unique refreshing flavour. The small 250ml carton is great for when you are on the move and dont want to be carrying around heavy bottles! Only problem is as with all cartoned products you cant really reseal it. To this day I must also add that I have never not had a straw attatched to my carton .(so fingers crossed for the future). Prices for this product really do vary about 51p a carton. However I buy 3 cartons for £1.00 from Cool Trader. Always best to shop around though and look for the best deals. Happy Tasting... If you have not already tried Ingredients Water, Sucrose, Mixed fruit Juice from concentrate 5% (Grape, Blackcurrant, Raspberry), Citric acid, Vimto Flavour (including natural extracts of fruits, herbs and spices). Colour (anthrocyanins), antioxidants (ascorbic acid), acidity regulator (sodium citrate), sweeteners (acesulfame k, sucralose). Nutriotional Information (typical values per 250ml carton) + calories - 72 +sugars- 18g + fat - zero + saturates - zero +salt - trace Product is Packaged in - TetraPak ...

Family and Friends Railcard 21/06/2010

Family and Friends Railcard is amazing value for money

Family and Friends Railcard Planning your summer holiday? Looking for cheap Rail tickets for your family? Then look no further than 'Family and Friends Railcard'. Pay just £26.00 for a whole year or £65.00 for 3 years and save 1/3 on adult fares and 60% on childs fares! You can use the railcard for 4 adults and 4 children thats discount on upto 8 peoples travel per journey!! Included in the price are discounts on hotels, restaurants and days out. There must always be at least one adult and one child on the journey to be eligible for any discount. You can purchase the railcard from either your local railway station or online from Since purchasing our family and friends railcard we have saved a fortune! example was a recent holiday we took would have cost £219 return for 4 adults and 4 children but using the family and friends railcard it cost us just £124.20 which you must agree was fantastic!!!!!! Even if we dont use the railcard again this year we are happy in the knowledge that just using it once saved us plenty of money. It paid for plenty of nice ice creams for the kids. Another fantastic bonus of having the family and friends railcard is that you get discount on plus bus, which is discounted daily bus fare at your destination.

Glee 20/06/2010

Glee is Just Fabulous!!! I just love to sing :)

Glee I'm not going to go into annoying details like where its made or how long each episode is because to be honest do you really care about insignificant details like that? Basically I just wanted to view my opinion that Glee is super!... Yes its cheesy and very over the top, but for me thats why I love it so much. It makes me smile after a bad day at work. Glee has refreshed some dated songs making them fun and introducing them to a whole new generation and seriously bringing Journey into peoples lives well how is that not a good thing! I always listened to those kind of songs then when I heard about Glee well i just had to see what all the fuss was about. The storylines are at times rather rubbish but really if you watch it to appreciate good music then what does the storylines matter? I think the casting was brilliant as I could not imagine any other people playin the different characters. If you haven't yet experienced Glee then I highly reccomend it... Im sure you will be a Gleek in no time=) Unfortunately Season 1 Volume 2 just came to an end here in the UK and now im just lost without something to watch on a monday evening. I hope its not long before the next installment. Basic Storyline guide! An optimistic high school teacher (Will Schuester) tries to bring back his schools Glee club. (Glee club being a show choir basically). Every episode has lots of singing and dancing and faces issues of bullying, teenage pregnancy, popularity. There are special episodes like ...

Barr Irn Bru 19/06/2010

Irn Bru advert 2010..And the whole point was ?

Barr Irn Bru I just watched the new Irn Bru advert for the first time and I just do not understand the purpose of it?? Basically the advertisement shows animals being led by a butcher into his shop by looking at them nicely and whistling along the road. At one point a sheep rips off its own coat and lays it in a puddle so the butcher can walk over it ( some religious statement or what?) Is does drinking Irn Bru make you worthy of special treatment. Irn Bru is for killers?? erm... No.. I dont think. Or is it that if you drink irn bru it makes you superior and get everything you want? Who thinks up these stupid advertisements. The best part is when the bird poos on the guys shoulder basically that was the highlight. There are currently alot of arguments happening over this advert which in my opinion are just ridiculous! What happens in the advert doesnt bother me I just fail to see the message that its trying to put across. Please feel free to voice your opinions when you see the advertisement and enlighten me as to what the whole point/message is. ...

Walls Soft Scoop Light Vanilla Ice Cream 19/06/2010

Walls soft scoop light vanilla ice cream was unusually nice!

Walls Soft Scoop Light Vanilla Ice Cream Walls Soft scoop light vanilla ice cream was an accidental purchase I made whilst rushing around morrisons during my weekly shop. I have always purchased the original walls vanilla soft scoop but now i'm not going to look back. So I was unpacking my shopping and was extremely devastated to realise i'd bought the wrong ice cream. The main reason was that with most 'light' products they never taste right. Finally I got round to finding time to try this product and I have to say I prefer it to the original. It was so much nicer and found myself considering topping up my bowl. Tut Tut. The reason being is that it wasnt as sweet and generally knowing it was 33% less fat made me feel even better for enjoying this little indulgence. Easy to scoop . Tastes amazing. only problem is it doesnt last long enough :) Anyway enough of me ranting about my addiction lol. Average price for a 2L tub of this ice cream is £1.92. However the most expensive i found was £2.20 from Morrisons. --------------- --------------- --------------- - Nutritional Information Comparison! --------------- --------------- --------------- Each 100ml serving (Walls Soft scoop LIGHT vanilla) contains Energy- 60kcal Sugar- 7g Fat- 2.5g Saturates- 1.5g Salt- 0.1g Each 100ml Serving (Walls soft scoop vanilla) contains Energy- 85kcal Sugar- 10g Fat- 4g Saturates- 2g Salt- 0.1g As you can see from the comparison the light option is definately much better for you than the original.. Obviously this is only good ...

Nestlé Nestle Smarties Hexatube 29/03/2008

Do not like the new design

Nestlé Nestle Smarties Hexatube Personally I always used top love smarties. They always used to make me hyper well put me in a good mood. But now that they have changed smarties they just don't taste the same. They just aren't sweet enough. There's nothing wrong with having a sweet tooth and just because parents decided it was ok for their children to have too many sweets all of a sudden everything has to change. Well i no longer enjoy having smarties. The new design is stupid too. I much preffered the traditional round tube with the little plastic cap with a letter on it!! Bring back old smarties please!! I must say i think one thing i like about smarties at the moment is the advertisment hehe.... Smartie PARTY :P Doesn't everyone miss the fact that smarties used to make you a little hyper! I know its no good for you having too many E numbers! but like alcohol in preportion its nice. Dont you agree with me here ...

Big Brother Celebrity Hijack 09/02/2008

Big Bro Fantastic!! As usual

Big Brother Celebrity Hijack I really enjoyed Big Brother celebrity hijack just as i love watching all big brother shows!!! I am disappointed at how much bad publicity it seemed to get especially when there are people like Jade Goody slating the show after one of the reasons its been doing so badly is because of her being racist! but then again she'd do anything to sell a story and make a little extra cash Big brother made her then again it ruined her too but oh well shouldn't have been so ignorant. One of my favourite moments on the show was when Matt Lucas was hi jacking and he gave John his task I could not stop laughing the whole way through. Every episode had funny parts in and some serious matters too. I believe that hijack was really good because it was created so that people could show their talent to the world!! If people can slate the show for that then it's wrong because its no different to what the X factor does every year! I cannot choose a favourite house mate but if I had to choose one that stood out then it would be John, He really deserved to win because he was always so nice, honest and funny too. The house mates were (in alphabetical order); +Amy Jackson (Jacqueline Amy Jackson) Conceptual Artist +Anthony Ogogo (Anthony Osezua Ogogo) International Boxer +Calista Robertson (Calista Kazuko Robertson) Classical Musician +Emilia Arata (Carmen Emilia Arata) Professional circus performer +Jade Eden (Jade Keiley Eden) Beauty queen +Jay Wilson (Jay ...

Sony Ericsson W850i Walkman 06/02/2008

Another top Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson W850i Walkman I have owned this phone for around about 16 months and I must say its been one of the most hard waring phones i have ever had. I cannot describe the amount of times that i have dropped it and got it soaked, but my perfect and reliable phone has not yet let me down. Coming to the end of my contract and seriously not got a clue what phone to have next because i can't really think of anything that a newer model on the market has to offer me, other than maybe a higher pixel camera (if you have any ideas please comment the idea to me or recommend a review to read???). The Sony Ericsson's W850i has a 2MP camera it has video record on it and can take pictures but can only zoom when in video recorder mode which i must say has got to be its only disadvantage. As with all Sony Ericsson phones that i have purchased the w850i is easy to use with the basic categories which the phone is set up into. With the ability to change themes you can make your phone as stylish as you like (anything goes with black). The Sony Ericsson Walkman series has got to be one of the most popular on the market at the moment, with the ability to store all your favourite tracks who can blame people for wanting sony ericsson. The W850i offers alot to the user including 16MB memory which can be increased with additional memory cards other specifications are; +Camera 2megapixel, 2.5 digital zoom, Photo light, Video record +Entertainment 3D games, Java, Radio, Video Clip, Video ...

Sunkist 04/02/2008

Sunkist ..... No thankyou

Sunkist Dr Pepper/seven up inc... Dont like Dr Pepper or seven up so its hardly suprising that i dislike sunkist too it's just not the right flavour for me and way too gassy. sometimes it tastes ok but other times i don't like it. I suppose it depends what you've eaten or whether you just brushed your teeth. One down side i believe is that I can't say I've ever seen an advertisement for 'Sunkist'. Surely advertising would increase sales and maybe i would be further encouraged to drink it rather than only buying it because it's on cheap in poundland (don't recall seeing it in many other shops or supermarkets) unless i just missed it but the lack of an appealing logo etc might just not let me notice it. I must say i prefer oringina, fanta and Tango. I like sweet drinks sunkist seems to have too much of a diet soft drink taste to it which just makes me heave (well feel like heaving). ...

England to France - Channel Tunnel 02/02/2008

No worries! great way to travel

England to France - Channel Tunnel i have been through Euro Tunnel twice and i must say it was a strange experience. Not a bad strange experience just the whole idea of being so deep down in the ground beneath the sea was a little daunting at first. The only way i can describe actually going through the tunnel is that its like being on a normal train in the dark and your ears pop a little. Alot of people compare it to being on an airplane but i can't because Ive not yet been on an airplane little too scared to be absolutely honest but never say never. Back to the point anyhow if you are planning on taking a trip through the euro tunnel i highly recommend it. As a train lover i can not recommend a better way to travel.

Nintendo Wii 02/02/2008

there's nothing like Wii

Nintendo Wii Top games console kids and adults alike just love it! Nintendo are amazing always seem to come out on top after all these years. It's just a totally different and more enjoyable way of gaming. I thought when Playstation brought out the eye toy that nothing would beat it but how wrong was I. Eye toy was fun getting kids moving but obviously had a few down points yet i just cannot say anything bad about the Wii at all its just ace. All i can say is that its opened my eyes to the things modern technology can offer and how far boundaries are being pushed to deliver fantastic products that can be enjoyed by everyone. Nintendo Wii has got to be one of the most talked about consoles of 2007 and peoples desperation to purchase one in time for Christmas was phenomenal. Wii is just all about the family really it encourages family activity because its just so enjoyable. With easy to follow game age ratings you cant go wrong and i highly recommend this product if you are looking for fun and excitement. So get your family a wii today Keep fit and have fun at the same time!! You can't go wrong

Virgin Media 02/02/2008

No to space shuttles & yes to faster internet

Virgin Media As with most Virgin Media customers its the same complaints from everyone. The service is extremely slow. I purchased the 'EXTRA LARGE' Internet and phone package which costs £23.50 a month. This is supposed to be up to 20 MB !!! HA i must say yes right at times i can be waiting up to 5 minutes for a page to load and other times the Internet just wont work at all. If you try to call them you are put through to £1 a minute (ON HOLD) somehow i don't think so. I am still using this package because of the contract can't cancel it or something like that or so they told me. I just really need help thats not going to cost me an absolute fortune??? I DO NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE JOIN VIRGIN MEDIA!!! RICHARD STOP WORRYING ABOUT YOUR SPACE SHUTTLES AND SORT OUT LIFE ON PLANET EARTH PLEASE And another thing when they came to install it all because i wanted the internet obviously in my office!!! where else lol... I have ended up with a horrible black thick wire all through my apartment which looks vulgar because he said he didnt have enough white!!!! The worst part is that we were told he would come back to change it.. Its only been 5 months now ! i will have to start redecorating to match the wire what a mess ...

Fridgemaster MTRF140 31/01/2008

fridgemaster MTRF140 (highly recommend)

Fridgemaster MTRF140 If your looking for a small fridge freezer (I would say its big enough for a family of two) then look no further. The fridgemaster MTRF140 is perfect for those smaller kitchens especially apartments/ flats. I purchased my fridge freezer from 'Argos'. I originally bought it just to last us until we could afford a slightly larger one but have since decided that this one is perfect . I recommend this fridge freezer to anyone living in apartments and flats because its a handy size for those tiny kitchens PLUS its not too heavy so no need to worry about lugging it up all those stairs! So the basics; Thermostat control dial , Internal light, adjustable shelves, salad bin, levelling feet, bottle storage, Egg tray , ice tray. Obviously when you purchase the product (brand new anyway). You get included a 'Guidelines for Use' book. The book is a basic guide to using your fridge freezer. It explains whats in your fridge freezer , How to install it, how to use it e.g where to put certain foods, cleaning, maintenance, troubleshooting and technical specifications

Microsoft LifeCam VX-1000 31/01/2008

Microsoft LifeCam VX-1000

Microsoft LifeCam VX-1000 This is one of the best web cams i have purchased. The pictures are really clear no matter what lighting i am using. The simple click switch on the top makes it easy to get into video calling which i really couldn't live without. Not too bulky it fits nicely on top of any slimline monitor. or can stand freely on any surface. The cam can be moved to any angle without falling over whenever I try to move it as thats what i used to find with my previous logitech one. I would recommend this product to any buyer because it's simple to set up and functions are easy to use. As of yet i do not have any problems with this product and I've had it just over 3 months. ...
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