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Wow it really has been ages since I have been on here! I am going to try and been good and get back to writing reviews now :) Thanks to all who read and rate my review. All comments are always appreciated :D

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Amazon Kindle Fire HD 16GB 30/08/2013

Great for what it is!

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 16GB Kindle Fire HD For the most part this is a nifty little tablet and is good for you generally web browsing and play games and of course is brilliant for reading on. You can control the brightness of the screen which is really useful as I do a lot of reading late I prefer the dim settings. It saves your page and allows you to bookmark ages a write notes like you would expect from the kindle. I bought it because I really wanted a Kindle but I also really wanted a tablet and this seemed like the perfect solution. Though it doesn’t have the typical Kindle screen it still is pretty pleasant to read on. Also the 7 inch screen size is really handy for carrying around and it is very lightweight in my opinion. Though it can make browsing the web a bit difficult if you don’t have perfect vision! I also find that it is quite responsive though I wouldn’t necessarily call it fast. Though having said that is does download games and apps really fast in my experience and I haven’t really had any problem with them freezing. Aesthetically it very simple a slick looking. Nice matt black with cool little side speakers and nice crisp quality screen. Only down side is shows figure marks really easily and not just on the screen. Also it has quite a thick bezel which doesn’t bother me as makes it really easy to hold without covering any of the screen but really bugs my brother when he uses it so figure it would probably annoy some other people too. Above all else I though the price at £159 was ...

Sanex Dermo Invisible Anti-Perspirant Deodorant 26/03/2012

Sanex it pretty much worked for me.

Sanex Dermo Invisible Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Now I know pretty much everyone is looking for that deodorant that actually does what it says and last 24 hours and doesn’t leave marks. Well this product is as close as I have found. I started using Sanex a few years back as I have really bad skin and my deodorants kept making me itch. I tried Dove knowing they specialise in sensitive skin but I really didn’t find the spray deodorants any good and I really don’t like roll-ons. I came across Sanex by chance as it was on offer in Tesco so I bought it and I really don’t by any other deodorant now. The one I use now is the dermo invisible ‘minimises white marks’ – which I have to admit it doesn’t but at least it last. Not necessarily 24 hours but it will last during the day even if I am quite active or it is quite hot. I put a generous amount on each morning and find it very effective in terms of white marks just don’t spray when you’re wearing black, which I think is pretty much the rule for most deodorants. I used to use the neutral one that and I think that one was actually better at not leaving white marks than this one. The smell of all their deodorants is pretty pleasant very subtle which I like. I fins a lot of deodorants small too much of flowers or perfume that when I spray them I feel like I am being choked, but these are very nice. Though admittedly they probably don’t smell enough for some people my sister uses Dove and she still much prefers it over this one. On the can it also claims that it has dermo active ...

Tesco Coconut Shampoo 10/02/2012

Yay clean hair :)

Now I don’t normally care what shampoo I use, generally when I am at home I just still whatever my sister buys much to her distress. So now I am a student buying all these things myself I though what the hell I will give Tesco own coconut shampoo ago. I didn’t really have many high hopes for this product but for 67p (which was the price when I bought it) and you get 750ml, I thought you couldn’t really go wrong. My first impressions where good it has a nice coconut smell but wasn’t to strong and the colour wasn’t luminous or neon so I thought we were off to a good start. It was a bit runny in my opinion; I am used to shampoos being thicker. So I was surprised at how little I needed to use as it foams up really well. I washed my hair through twice just to be sure and when I dried it all seemed pretty ok. I was a little disappointed that my hair didn’t smell of coconut, I like my hair to smell of my shampoo (that might be wired, but oh well) and I has thought that as it had a nice smell to start with it might stay in my hair but the smell got washed out with the shampoo. It terms of the effect had I my hair it did it basic job and washed, I had clean hair so all was good. However, my hair didn’t feel particularly smooth and I don’t think it has helped my hair be any less dry or damage like it said it would on the label. I carried on using it and still didn’t find it had helped my hair be smooth or less dry after continued use. Though for 67p and a 750ml bottle that will last ...

Aveeno Skin Relief Lotion 05/02/2012

Seriously great stuff!!! 07/10/2011

Airport parking made easy Now we all know how expensive packing can be at the airport, and though I do try to avoid flying from Gatwick sometime to get the flight you want at the time you want, with the company you want you really have no choice. Now we went on holiday for a week, and holidaying as a family seems so expensive to pay for seven days parking on top can be a real nightmare I think. This is especially when you are trying to work on a budget. I came across this site when searching for cheap parking and it seemed like a really good idea. It is a price comparison site that is especially for parking at Gatwick. I normally have a real issue with price comparison sites as I never find them as easy to use as they should be, and they always want a ridiculous amount of information that I can’t be bother to give them, however this site was so very simple to use, all I did was type in the dates I wanted to leave our car and what terminal we would be flying from. Then it brings you a list of companies, how much the cost, how far they are from the actual airport and whether they have a park and ride system, so you can park your car then get the bus to the airport or whether they will pick up your car from the airport for you. The information is laid out really well and is really easy to follow. The site also provides little check lists under each search results so you can see what companies offer what, in terms of who keeps your keys, what security there is, whether they have ...

Dartmouth Golf and Country Club, Blackawton 07/09/2011

Dartmouth Golf and Country Club, 05/09/2011

This site is really great! 02/09/2011

It's ok, but not the best 01/09/2011

Well we all like free stuff!

Creative ZEN X-FI 2 11/07/2011

Oh look it's shiny!

Creative ZEN X-FI 2 I couldn’t live without my music; I have to listen to it every day so having a good mp3 is really important to me. I am more attached to this then I am my phone and would be more upset if I lost it! I originally had the older model of the creative Zen MX, that had smaller screen and actual buttons and I loved it however after much abuse and a little help from my uncle it broke so he replaced it with the newer model at the time, this one is a touch scene but other than that honestly, I personally do not notice the difference in what they do. The creative Zen is an mp3 that can play both music and videos. They have good quality sound obviously this also depends on the earphones you use, but also the picture quality is quite good. Personally I have never really used the video other than watching the sample videos to see what it was like, as the screen is so small I don’t see the point but I guess it could be good if you are really into music videos and like watching as well as listening. The setup of creative Zen is really good, the menus are all pretty clearly laid out and when you turn it on you are greeting with the main menu which lists: Music, Videos, Photos, FM radio, Mic, RSS, Date, X-Fi, System, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Micro SD. Each one has a picture to represent it which makes it look that bit nicer. When you go into system you have the option to change the theme colour, you can have purple, blue or black or chose from a couple of patterns which again is a nice ...

Canon PowerShot A480 11/07/2011

I love it!

Canon PowerShot A480 I wanted something cheap, user friendly, durable and trust worthy and that is exactly what I got with the Canon Powershot A480. I was very happy with my purchase and one of the big reasons for this was that I only paid £35 for this camera on Ebay and I bought it from the canon outlet store as refurbished which doesn’t bother me because it is as good as new for far cheaper, so I was very happy. I had been researching what digital camera to buy for ages so I had read a lot of revise about various makes and models, I decided on canon as they seemed the most reliable make for a camera and from my experience this is true. The Powershot range seemed quite popular and this model had mixed reviews, mainly concerns over thickness and battery, neither of which concerned me so I went ahead and bought it. I am very glad I did; now I know I got it very cheap but for the price I paid it is an extremely good camera. Firstly it is not a slim design camera like so many new modern ones. At its thickest point it is approx. 2cm wide, now I know this will put some people of but for me I prefer it, it makes the camera feel more sturdy and durable and I feel less likely to break it. It also can survive being dropped more than some camera could. It is still very light and in my opinion very easy to take out with you, it works with the design and makes it easier to hold when taking a photo as you have more grip on the camera. So for me thickness is not an issue in fact it is a positive. The camera ...

JVC HA-F140 07/07/2011

Gumy all the way!

JVC HA-F140 These earphones are amazing, I absoulty love them. I was recommended them by a friend and ever since then I always buy Gumy's. I have not been able to find another pair of eraphones as good as these for the same amount of money! I am not very good with earphones and normally break them with in a month and I've have bought a lot of crappy and poorly made earphones, so these have saved me a lot of money as they normally last about 4-6 months. For me that is really good as I use them a lot, like 5 times a day, and I have the volume really loud, which I know is bad for my ears. That was a problem for a lot of other brands I used as I played music so loud one eraphone would always blow, so I would end up having to buy another pair and this became expensive, with gummy's I probably end up spending between £18-20 on earphones a year. The reason I don't save that money and invest in a more expensive pair is beacuse I will break them just as easily, at least with Gumy's they are cheap and last 6 months of admittly not being treated well! They cost about £8 from tesco but you can normally find them on Amazon for around £5. The design of these are really good as well, they sit really comfortably in your ear and beacuse they are in a sort of rubber casing they are really durable. I don't take great care of my earphones but these ones seem to be able to with stand being yanked about and they can deal with playing loud music. I think the volume with these earphones is much better than ...

Philips GoGear Raga 8 GB 06/07/2011

Simple but effective!

Philips GoGear Raga 8 GB I really love this little mp3 player it is so simple and easy to use, yes it is basic but if you just want to listen to music and not have a gadget that does a million other things, this is the perfect little device. Design It is a very light and small device, it has a 1 inch screen and LCD display. Despite being small the screen is really easy and clear to read, and though it is small the buttons are close together but still super easy to use and you can just slip it into your pocket or bag, and though not a slim line design it is very small and easy to carry round so you really can take it anywhere. I have the red one, and it is sort of a metalic red which is a really nice colour and it also comes in silver. Usability This is such a simple little device. The layout of the menus are very straight forward and everything is easy to find. The screen isn't colour but it only tiny so it isn't really necessary anyway. Though small I do not have any trouble reading the writting on screen, but if you have poorer eyesight this could be a problem. However you can't always view the whole song title as the screen is little, this doesn't bother me but might be irritating to some. The buttons are small but I have had no problems with hitting the wrong one by accident, the only down side is the lock button on the bottom can break quite easily as it is just a thin clip on piece of plastic. In terms of putting music onto it, it couldn't be easier if you have a computure USB port, simply ...

Samsung Genio Qwerty 06/07/2011

I really like this phone, and it is really user friendly. 30/06/2011

Am awesome new search engine!

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