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54 17/07/2012

Piggy Perfection In Personalisation Just a quick update I have noticed that this website no longer provide experience day gifts and now focus on things like flowers, mugs, framed cards, wall art, chocolates, soft toys, t-shirts, wines & spirits. Like their cards a lot of the gifts can be personalised as well for an added touch :) They have expanded their selection of cards also and continue to do so on a regular basis. The website now also offers a 'prepay club' - if you top up your account with a certain amount they will give you some money for free; for 20 quid you get 5 pounds free, for 40 you get 10 free and for 60 you get 15 free. I think this is a great incentive to use their site as there are always birthdays and things popping up out of the blue that you have forgotten about or if you have family elsewhere its easy to send them a card so you may as well make yourself some free money in the process :) I also like the fact that they dont charge a fortune for postage (except for next day but thats not their fault lol). You can pick when you want your card delivered and if you wish to make changes to your card before this date that's not a problem just go into your account and select the card and make the changes! End of update! I have only used this place once, the other day and I am very pleased with their service. The only reason I went to their site is because I have had feet surgery and can't walk for 2 months and desperately needed a card for my Gran's birthday next week and I am so glad ...

Nestle Smarties Mini Cartons 17/07/2012

Mini Smarties in Mini Boxes for a Mini Treat!

Nestle Smarties Mini Cartons For some reason I find mini smarties to be nicer than big smarties and i'm not quite sure why to be honest lol. The boring bits: Allergen Information Contains: Gluten, Wheat, Lactose, Milk Ingredients Sugar, cocoa mass, Whey powder, Wheat flour, Butterfat, Skimmed milk powder, Cocoa butter, Wheat starch, Emulsifier (Soya lecithin, Polyglycerol polyricinoleate), colours (Riboflavin, Carminic acid, Copper complexes of chlorophyllins, Vegetable carbon, Mixed carotenes, Titanium Dioxide), Spirulina concentrate, Glazing agents (Carnauba wax, Beeswax), Beetroot juice concentrate. There are 66 calories per box - each box weighs 14.4grams. You get 18 boxes in a packet and they costs around 2.50 this works out to be 14p a box which is great! I amsure you could find them cheaper if you searched and most super markets probably do offers on them here and there but there's no point in me searching for all that information when prices and offers change so frequently in the current market. Smarties have changed over the years, the larger ones don't give you the fun packet that you can pop the lid on anymore and then they got rid of the blue smarties due to all the bad E numbers but have brought back a more subdued blue colour, but even through all of these changes I think that the flavour has always remained constant. The only thing that I think has maybe changed is the orange flavour? We were conviced that they used to taste like orange but now no matter how many orange ...

Phuket FantaSea, Phuket 02/07/2012

Fantasea - Almost Fanatastic

Phuket FantaSea, Phuket My husband and I decided to go to the Fanatasea show while we were staying in Patong. We organised it through a guy who had taken us on a tour of the island. He collect us from our hotel in his mini bus and drove us to the venue, he collected our tickets when we arrived and brought them to us. We paid the extra for the buffett 'banquet' and also for the gold seats - more on that in a bit. Anyways the enterance to this place is very grand with lots of photo opportunities, but just watch out if you want you picture taken with a staff member in costume they do expect to be paid for this, not sure how much because I wasnt paying anyone for a photo! there is a huge lake area full of koi fish and you can buy some fish food for about 50p to feed them and my goodness its a sight to see the whole area in front of you just fills up with fish its immense! Once you go through into the main area there are lots of little shops and stalls and games for the kids. They recommend coming an hour before dinner is served to gain the benefits of the fun atmosphere and things to do but honestly I wouldnt recommend this as theres not really that much to do. The games are all carnival style and you buy tickets to be able to play - not that expensive which is good but the only thing you win is cuddly toys - the games are quite easy as well (but thenI suppose they are mostly for kids lol) I think we ended up with 6 cuddly toys of various sizes haha....You can play darts to pop balloons, try and ...

B Lay Tong Resort, Kathu 30/06/2012

B-Lay Tong - Great little find away from the maddess of town

B Lay Tong Resort, Kathu My husband and I stayed at this hotel for 13 nights from 24th May (though we left for 2 to stay in Kata for a change of scenery - review for that will follow). I have to say I was a bit wary booking online for this hotel as we used which I had never heard of, but everything went smoothly and my request of a seaview room was granted, well as sea view as you can get from a 4 storey hotel lol. Plus we got a bargain price which always helps! We had been travelling for 13 or 14 hours and arrived late at night (around mid-night). We were greeted at the door by the bell boys who took our luggage and opened the doors for us and they had big smiles on their faces, very polite and friendly. They watched our bags while we went upstairs to reception (yes weirdly reception is up a floor but this is no big deal and there is a lift for you lazy lot out there). Chek-in was quick and painless and we were shown to our room by the bell boy who also proceeded to show us where everything was, then he was on his way, after he got his tip of course lol. We were shattered so just hit the hay and went right to sleep. The next morning we decided to unpack so we werent actually living out of the suitcases and I have to say they could provide more space, there are 4 drawers only and a wardrobe which needed a few more hangers. We managed to squeeze most things in with my husband having to store some of his clothing on the top shelf of the wardrobe as I wouldnt of been able to reach ...

Metadee Resort & Villas, Kata, Phuket 30/06/2012

Metadee - Great place for everyone!

Metadee Resort & Villas, Kata, Phuket My husband and I were staying in Phuket, crazy Patong Beach, for 2 weeks and decided that we wanted to get away for a couple of days for some peace and quiet. That is definately what we found!! We booked the hotel same day using agoda for a mere 60 quid per night for a pool access room, though upon arrival we were informed that there were none avilable and we were upgraded to a private pool villa, score!! Our room was not ready when we arrived, but as we had arrived at 1pm and check-in time is 2pm this was not a surprise. We went to the pool bar and had a few drinks, oh my yum they do slushie drinks with alcohol in them I ordered a blue raspberry one and it was lush and nice and cold for the super hot sunny day, the second one I ordered was strawberry and this was not so good, the girl made it and then she went away to attend to something else....I took a drink and omg yuk yuk yuk it was like watery nothingness with a hint of rum lol...I complained to the new bar guy and he tasted the drink then laughed, the other girl had put in the ice and strawberries and rum and that was it she had forgotten the strawberry syrup to make it yummy so he made me a new fresh blue raspberry one and put a huge amount of rum in it to make up for the mistake...lets just say this was the last cocktail I thought I should have before going to see if our room was ready haha. We went back to reception and our room was ready, they got our bags for us from where they had stored them and loaded ...

Soap & Glory Hand food Hand cream 30/06/2012

Soap & Glory Hand Food - It's soooo soooo Good

Soap & Glory Hand food Hand cream Grrr I wrote this review and it never saved it so here goes again :( I only found out about Soap & GLory Products because my mum got a big gift set of the stuff for Chritmas and well lets just say I helped her use everything. I am not a fan of hand cream really as I always find them to be greasy or smell funny and just dont like them on my hands to be honest, but this was completely different and definately converted me!! I now use all of the Soap & Glory products I can get my hands on and love them all, they smell devine. You can check out their products on / This handcream costs 5 pounds for 125ml on the website and is the same price with Boots but you will be happy to hear that currently and a lot of the time Boots have it on a 3 for 2 deal which is great for stocking up :) The tube states: The most astonishing hand cream ever? You decide - Non greasy hydrating hand cream with shea butter, macademia oil & marshmallow (sounds good enoug hto eat to me and smells it as well!) There is also instructions for use: Mend a Hand? Apply hand food hand cream as often as you want to soften, smooth and soothe dry, chapped or otherwise hampered hands. Warning: Please don't use this hand cream on irritated or damaged skin, and try to avoid getting it in your eyes. If somehow you do get it into your eyes rinse immediately with water. Useful information from me - Underneath the part that states 125ml on the tube is ...

Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm 06/05/2012

Burt Bee's only soft lips for me please :)

Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm I am reviewing the stick (twist up) version of this lip balm as I have never bought the little pot. I think little pots can habour more germs as you always have to stick your finger in to get any out and sometimes you might even get friends asking for some so for me pots are a no no as they are too germ riddled :) The pots do however look nice as they are made to look like old traditional tins so they do seem to have a novelty effect if you're into that kind of thing. Though another reason I prefer the stick it that it is smaller and can fit easily into your handbag or pocket. This lip balm costs rougly 3.49 which isn't bad if you ask me for what you get. I have bought cheaper lip balms in the past for 99p or and up but they have always seemed sticky and gunky but not Burt Bee's its lovely, it glides on really well and seems to instantly moisturise my lips, the minty fresh peppermint gives a lovely tingle which just makes me think yumm my lips are loving this. Ok peppermint can dry your lips out but this lip is also rich in vitamins, coconut and sunflower oils and essential fatty acids which nourish, condition and soften your lips and this counteracts the peppermint perfectly - The beeswax part helps to seal in all this hydration. I don't feel the need to have to apply this balm all the time as my lips are soft for ages once I do apply but I love applying it again and again just to get a fresh new hit of the minty tingle :) I have also discovered that it you put a few layers ...

Another Earth (DVD) 05/05/2012

Another Earth - Great if you need something to send you to sleep!

Another Earth (DVD) *** This review contains spoilers *** It's hard to review this movie without giving some things away so I apologise in advance and if you're dying to watch it don't read on though I highly recommend you just read this and skip the movie, that way you won't waste nearly 2 hours of your life! The trailor for this movie makes it look quite good, new, modern and exciting so I watched it with high hopes, only to have them dashed not so long into the movie....I continued watching in the hope it would get better.....I am still waiting! The immediate start of the movie seems like it might be ok, girl driving home, looks out window, not concentrating on road and BAM she hits a stationary car that has a family inside, the girl, Rhoda (Brit Marling) gets out of the car to assess the damage, see dead bodies, and CUT were away from that and all of a sudden its 4 years later, took me a moment to realise she was signing out of jail to be greeted by her family who seems ackward and distant with her, she was in jail for goodness sake im sure they must of visited her and would be happy to have her home and show some love and smiles, but no its like watching a group of people who have never met! Rhoda has im assuming from her stint in jail turned into a robot with no feelings or expressions, she stares into space way too much which leaves you thinking for goodness sake get over it and do something useful.The film is full of silence, I mean really I was beginning to wonder if anyone was going to ...

Carlton Hotel Dublin Airport 05/05/2012

More like a 3* hotel rather than its proclaimed 4*

Carlton Hotel Dublin Airport I think back when the hotel was built (no idea how long ago this was mind you) it may of been 4* but now I reckon its more of a 3* hotel. We didnt use any of the facilities within the hotel nor the resturant so I cannot comment on those.Check-in was fast and efficient, we were given a room on the second floor but when we opened the door we discovered that it smelt a bit old and musty, it wasn't very good if you have asthma, etc - also this room was at the end of the corridor right beisde swinging doors which we tested; my husband went outside and swung them a few times to see what the noise was like and I could hear them in the room clear as day which would of meant no sleep for us, so we went back down to reception to ask if we could move rooms.The guy on reception was very nice and said that this would be no problem whatsoever. We got another room on the 3rd floor, it didn't smell and wasn't near any doors or elevators so was quiet, or so we thought...this hotel is meant to be sound proofed hah no way we could hear the planes taking of and landing and we could hear an annoying beep beep beep like when a vechile is backing up, so on went the TV quite loud.The bathroom was nice, a good size and very clean with all the little complimentary toiletires, though I did notice they didnt provide any conditioner to go with the shampoo. The towels were nice and big and thick. There were two problems with the bathroom (1) the lights were so annoying, they took about half an hour to ...

Best Western Juffair Hotel, Manama 03/04/2012

No sleep in this hotel unless your very drunk lol

Best Western Juffair Hotel, Manama Well check-in at the desk was quick and easy (the lifts need key card access which is good for security - you can only get to the first floor bar without this). Anyways off to the room we went and I have to say it was a lovely room (505) but there was one problem - a conjoining door...ugh I hate those things I am always wary and never trust them! we rang down to reception to complain and were told no problem we can get you another room so they sent us up to i think 810 we were thinking woohoo a higher floor nice one since we asked for a high floor to begin with! We opened the door and oh my goodness really!!!! there were no windows at all!! none, nothing! These rooms were kinda built in the middle of a corridor? there were other rooms on each side of the hotel and then these plonked in the middle like they just thought sod it we have enough storage rooms let make these into bedrooms, they were really like attic rooms with no would I know when it was morning? lol we rang and complained again only to be told they had no other rooms at all (lies the hotel was in no way full). We ended up having to go back to dodgy door room one :( Dont get me wrong it was a lovely room with loads of space, corner windows, flat screen tv, lots of storage, a fridge, safe, hangers, iron (leaky), ironing board, the bathroom was clean with toilet, huggggge mirrors and a big shower which held the heat well - the pressure was pretty decent too. The next thing we could hear voices and ...

Rio Nail Art Foils Gift Set 21/03/2012

Foiltastic nails every time!

Rio Nail Art Foils Gift Set I have got both the regular and the holographic sets in this but I have only used the regular one so this is what this review is based on. I talked my husband into getting me these as part of my bday present...Tesco had them on offer at the time for 20 quid, I think they usualy retail for 24.99 though Argos seem to always have them on offer as well for 20! Upon opening the box I discovered everything came in a neat little box with slots for everything - 10 foils, 1 adhesive, 1 2in1 nail polish, a 'hoof' for pushing back cutiles and getting the foil rubbed on, a wee bag of rhinestones (clear), a tub of gold glitter, paint brush and the instructions book - theres also a picture leaflet with ideas on how to do your nails! It came with a DVD to show you what to do as well though I didn't use this. There are some none seethrough and some see-through designs so different colours of nailpolish underneath will add different effects! OK so you put either nail polish on your nails for the base or else you can just use their 2in1 polish which is clear. Wait 30 minutes after nail polish/2in1 has been done and then put the adhesive on your finger nails - it advises doing one hand at a time to avoid mistakes and also incase the adhesive dries too much while your doing each finger! Once the adhesive is on the nails you wait 10 minutes- The adhesive goes on white like glue but it drys clear and remains very tacky/sticky. I recommend cutting a section of foil off the roll as I discovered if ...

Holiday Inn Jesmond, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne 20/03/2012

Noise noise noise!!

Holiday Inn Jesmond, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne My husband and I stayed here for our wedding anniversary weekend. We used to stay here when it was the swallow imperial hotel and I have to say when we walked in we were pleasently surprised at how nice the place looked, and it was nice to note they had kept the same names for the suites/meetings rooms etc. Anyways check in was fast with no problems and our room was on the third floor, so up we went in the lift and into the room. They have vastly improved from the dated swallow rooms I can tell you that, comfy bed, nice tv, there could of been more storage as there was no drawers for clothes only really shelves in the wardrobe which is annoying as half of them dont have a door in front so they are kinda just left out for all to see, there was also a digital safe in the wardrobe which is always good. The bathroom was nice with big shower (dual shower heads), sink with lit up vanity mirror, clean toilet and a heated towel rail/radiator - very clean. One thing I will say about the bathroom is that it has a seethrough door!! wtf who wants to pee or poop with a door that people can see through and on top of that theres a mirror right outside the door on the adjacent wall so if your on the loo and your other halfs outside getting ready looking in the mirror its hard not to see them! bad when my hubby was on the loo housekeeping entered the room apologised apparently they didnt know it was occupied yet as we had arrived early then she left but I have to say that wasnt a ...

Clarion Hotel Dublin Airport, Cloghran 16/03/2012

Cheap and cheerful - Lovely Staff & Yummy Food

Clarion Hotel Dublin Airport, Cloghran my husband and i stayed at this hotel for one night as we had to be at the airport for 4.30am. on arrival we were checked in super fast, we took our room keys and headed to the room; the only thing we would note is that theres no lifts which isnt fun when you have huge suitcases. The room was fine, it was dated but not so much to worry about, nice bathroom with shower over bath which I don't like too much but there was dual shower heads with good power and lots of hot water, toilet, sink and a towel radiator, the bathroom was adequately sized and extremely clean. The room itself had wardrobes with hangers and such, an empty mini fridge (which wasnt so mini lol) for your use, a kettle with all the necessary cups/tea/coffee items which is great for an early start and some glasses regular ones and wine ones! the bed was springy but very comfortable with various pillows to choose from, the tv was not flat screen its was kinda old school but it was a large enough and it worked fine as did the remote, and there were various movies to choose from for a few euro, there was also a playstation controller attached and you could purchase games by the hour but the prices seemed a tad high to us. The room had a dressing table area and a hairdryer in the drawers though a pain in the butt hairdryer as you have to hold the button at all times for it to work, there was also a small round table and chair by the window and there were 2 bedside cabinets one with phone. a thing we liked ...

Senor Frog's Restaurant & Bar, Cancun 30/09/2009

Senor Frogs....Swinging from the ceilings encouraged :)

Senor Frog's Restaurant & Bar, Cancun Address: Blvd, Kukulcan Km. 9.5, Frente a la playa Chac Mool Zona Hotelera, C.P. 77500 Cancun, Quintana Roo Telephone: (998) 883-1092 Hours: Restaurant: 12am - 3am Souvenir Store: 12am - 11pm Website: The website describes Senor Frogs as: A restaurant by day and party atmosphere at night, Senor Frog's Restaurant and Bar in Cancun is one of the most popular spots for those on vacation in the area. When the sun sets, put on your dancing shoes and get ready to spend the evening with 1500 of your closest friends. And don't worry if you haven't met everyone, you will before the night's over. With daily live music, DJs, contests and karaoke, this bar is always going until the early morning hours. And if that's not enough, there's even a water slide that leads from the venue out to the lagoon. So don't forget your bathing suit. All I can say is we went at night time so although the opening hours above state that there is a restaurant until 3am we did not see anyone having anything to eat and did not order any food ourselves, we didn’t even actually see any food menus, so therefore cannot comment on the quality of this. I will say that this place is fun, you don’t pay a cover to get in like most bars in Cancun, but apparently they do some special nights with open bar at a cost of $25 per person which is actually quite excellent. The place wasn’t too busy when we got there, but by Mexico standards we were quite ...

Coco Bongo, Cancun, Mexico 28/09/2009

Coco Bongo Party, Show & Disco

Coco Bongo, Cancun, Mexico Well what can I say about Coco Bongos? Firstly if you are wanting to go I recommend you buy your tickets in the morning/afternoon as they are around $5 cheaper up until 10pm, I also recommend getting there early or else you will have to wait in a loooong queue which isn’t fun in the Mexican heat believe me! Beware of people selling wristbands in the street also, yes some of them are legit but seriously would you wanna take the risk and end up throwing you long saved holiday cash away? Anyways on the night we went it was $50 each but as there is an open bar you don’t mind paying so much. Well, like I said, we had to wait in a super long queue which was annoying not only due to the heat, but also due to the fact that people are so eager to get into the place that they are nearly standing on top of you! Anywho as the queue moves you go along the front of the building where there are various ’statues’ of famous people, such as the Mask and Michael Jackson and well since it’s a go slow queue you have enough time to get some good pics taken which is a plus….once you reach the entrance of the building you are given a free shot of tequila with a slice of lime…and they don’t seem to mind you having an extra couple of shots as the greedy people in front of us were doing (perfect time for us to bunk in front lol). Once you get inside you go along a corridor which is all painted with more famous people such as Madonna, you then turn a corner where you are searched (handbags for girls ...
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