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Gillette Shaving Gel Original 06/08/2000

SMOOTH LEGS! (for women!)

Gillette Shaving Gel Original I used to get the boots brand of shaving foam for my legs, but soon realised that even though it was cheaper than the rest, the finish wasnt as smooth as I would have liked. So in an experimental phase that I went through I tried Gillettes Sensor Gel for Women. I think Gels work much better than mousses, as the finish ws much better and lasted longer. I tried it becausxe of the packaging and it wasn't ridiculously expensive and now I won't use anything else!! Its' also more moisturising than foams so its better for your skin ...


great when it works!!

VIRGIN TRAINS ONLINE BOOKING - This site in theory is a great idea and is extremely handy to those who travel often. You also save £1 on all tickets booked online, which is great but recently the service has been more hassle than its worth. You take the time to go through the extensive form and fill in all the details and at the very end it tells you that the site is having problems and that you will have to ring the phoneline and sit for hours in the queue while they plaay invariably annoying music. The idea is great even though the sites speed can take a while but the site is open all day except from 11.30pm to midnight. So when it works it's fantastic but when it doesnt its really annoying!! ... - free text messaging 05/08/2000

its quick and FREE! - free text messaging Lycos now provides a free text messaging service to mobile phones - (this is the same as SMS). It's quick and easy and great for confusing friends as you can send anonymous text messages - Its quick and easy - there is no need to register or to log in you just agree to the the terms, type in the number an message and click on send - its qas easy as that - but you must remember to leave your name otherwise it will be anonymous - unlike other providers of free SMS, it will not send your number or name along with the message - also unlike other providers of this service it's rarely blocked or "full" or too busy to deal with your request, like for example ...

Channel 4 - Big Brother 04/08/2000

entertaining to say the least

Channel 4 - Big Brother I was chatting to a mate about this and he said he'd never seen an episode - this was 2 weeks into the new channel 4 series that has taken britain by storm. so I convinced him to watch it, he now says he can't get into it because he doesnt understand who everyone is. I can see his point - it's 9 people talking about each other and to the newcomer - you have no idea whos talking about who. But to faithful addicts of the show, this show is a hit. Its new, its funny and we all gasp when Davina announces whos out each week. There are many moral issues about it that have been discussed publicly but, these people chose to do it knowing what was involved. They can walk out at any time so really there is nothing to complain about. The internet site is boring though it takes a long time to load up and keeps jamming and you rarely see anything interesting. I think its a great idea and v entertaining ...

Mobile Phone Etiquette 04/08/2000


Mobile Phone Etiquette Mobiles - yes they are great but they seem to be taking over the world. Everwhere you go people are wondering around on them. Fair enough sometimes you need to tell people stuff. But have some manners. We were in the pub the other day and there was a couple sat at the tabel next to us and we just sat there and observed them. for half an hour the lady sat there on the phone to someone while the poor bloke just sat there playing with his food. Then she finally gets off the phone and about 10 minutes later the blokes phone goes off. sure enough hes on the phone for half an hour. The worrying thing is that this is not a sparse occurrence. You see this happening all the time. Im very careful with my phone, if someone rings and I need to talk to them. i make sure I leave the area if not the room. Its not a hard task its just plain common courtesy!! Normally i will turn the sound off so my phone will keep a record of who called and I can check my voicemail later ...


cool site

THE SPARK - WWW.THESPARK.COM This site is really funny. Its great for student types. IT has loads of links and amusing tests. Try the IQ test or (and this is for girls only) the slut test. It will make you smile at least. THe IQ one is clever. there is lots of other stuff, you can get free email there so you can be, its also got chat, some wierd twisted pimpin cupid thing and lots of other stuff - just go check it out and see for yourself and make sure you do the tests when you have time!! I havent checkeds it out completely but what i have done has been fun!! and original to say the least! ...

Charles Worthington Instant Results Conditioner 04/08/2000


Charles Worthington Instant Results Conditioner I have just started using this conditioner - It's non rinse which I love and leaves hair completely manageable and soft. It smells great too. Its not particularyly expensive considering it works wonders so it is great value for money. It has matching containers for the shampoo and conditioner and looks good in the bathroom! When you come out the shower and put this on and style your hair - you will see the difference. It totally revitalises your hair and repair it as it feeds the hair as well. Its great - I wouldn't use anything else! ...

Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers, New York City 04/08/2000

Luxurious Living in the heart of Manhattan

Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers, New York City New York Hilton and Towers is found on the corner of 54th Street and Ave of the Americas. When your taxi pulls into "Silver Drive" of the building, you know you are to suffer a week of luxury. It will ull in along side the hotels limosines and although these limos are saved for the Hiltons most prestigious guests, the concierge is most will ing to oblige in ordering you a limo from a private company. It's elegance is obvious from the second you walk into the magnificent lobby. The place has an amazing jewellers to the right of you that is in the building that will leave you staring paralyses for a few seconds then you may make your way up to your room. The rooms are somewhat of a letdown after visiting the lobby but they are nice enough. However they dont seem to portray the grandure that recently coated you. But you are in the heart of Manhatten. You need not spend much time in your room, but basque in the highlights of Manhatten. ...

Central Park 04/08/2000


Central Park Central Park - known all around the world. So when I got to Manhatten - decided to hit the shops and when all the shops had been shopped at. I decided to see what all the fuss was about! Central Park is massive as you'd expect from anything in New York. But it has an atmosphere. Its not dissimilar from Hyde Park in that it attracts all types. YOu get there and you can choose to do whatever go for a stroll, hire rollerblades, simply take in the people and scenery or watch the local baseball teams. On my trip to New York I was able to frequent Central Park a few times and each time i went I discovered something new. IT was a great getaway. When you get walk away form the perimeter of the park yolu almost forget that you are in the big apple and just let time pass. Its fantastically relaxing and much needed in a city like New York! ...

Delta Air Lines - DAL 04/08/2000


Delta Air Lines  - DAL Delta - we were in America a couple of years ago and wanted to go to lots of different places that happened to be very dispersed. We flew on a number of airlines and I have to sy that Delta provided the best service. The air hostesses were exceptionally polite and the flight departed on time and came in on time - always a bonus. Although airline food is renowned as being not dissimilar to petfood - Delta exceeded all expectations and provided us with an edible meal - in contrast to some of the other dishes on other airlines that were served in front of us that they claimed constituted a meal! ...

Barclays Bank Accounts 03/08/2000


Barclays Bank Accounts Barclays provide a great service for students. The reason I initially took a Barclays account was because it was the closest bank to uni, but that wouldnt be a big problem even if it weren't so close because there are so many branches of each type of bank scattered around. The no quibble interest free overdraft limit is £1250 which has proved to be very handy - and thats exactly what it is - NO QUIBBLE!! Friends who bank at other places have regular complaints about the service there bank provides - hassles getting there overdrat extended and things like that whereas I can ring up a branch and extend mine by phone. Quick and easy! ...

Mudd Original Mask 31/07/2000

skin felt great!!

Mudd Original Mask I never used to be a fan of mud masks - used to put them on, then avoid doing anything for 20 minutes to prevent cracking and just sit in front of the mirror waiting for them to dry. Then time would come to wash them off so I did and my skin never felt particularly amazing, just felt like i'd just washed a load of gunk of my face! Then I discovered mudd mask- this is divine, it looks and feels like any other mask but it works a treat smooth soft skin immediately! Its not a bank breaker either - at 99p a sachet, its a great cheap buy! Don't get me wrong you still have to do the 20 minutes waiting and cracking is inevitable but it works a treat so for softer smoother skin go ahead!! ...

minidisc - minidisc 31/07/2000


minidisc - minidisc MINI-DISC - These are a fabulous invention -- when they first came out - I thought whats the point - CD's are cheaper with the same quality - so why bother. Until I got the opportunity to use one. Compiling your own discs gives you the choice - no need to take 5/6 CDs with you when you can put your fave tracks onto one minidisc. And the size - personal mindisc players are getting smaller and smaller - so convenient - They aren't cheap - your looking at least £200 for a recordable one but after that its plain sailing as you just record stuff hence no need to buy! Im a great fan of minidisc - try it - you will be too!! ...

London in general 28/07/2000


London in general Hoxton Square - Mention it to a non-Londoner and the response is likely to be vague confusion, because this place is one of Londons best kept secrets. Found in near Shoreditch, it's closest tube is Old Street and it's then a 5 - 10 minute walk. Hoxton Square is buzzing every Friday night, with bars like the highly acclaimed Electricity Showroom and Bluu and a club called 333, it is not to be frowned at. The first time I went I thought "Oh it's not very big" and it was a Monday afternoon so it wasn't very busy, the next time I went - Friday night - absolutely superb atmosphere. It tends to attract an arty clientelle which you'll notice as soon as you get there. On hot summers days its perfect place to just go and chill in the square where theres normally something to entertain. Last time there were some actors practising a fight scene in slow motion. I love Hoxton Square, its everything good about London and its the tourists don't know about it!...yet! ... - 27/07/2000

funny and rewarding - great for students - Found this site in the papers a few days ago - Sounds great for students, they are givng away 1.2 million computers to PC-less students - it needs a refundable deposit of £85 and you have to pay £14 delivery and need to get it insured wither on your own or on there - for which they will charge you £35 per year. Sounds like a top deal!ITs not just about free PC's either - the site is pretty cool itself - its just funny stuff, pictures, jokes. If you do check it out make sure you check out the picture gallery and look for "HEADUPARSE"- Its exactly what it says!!! ...
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