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since 24/06/2002


Honda CBR600F4 24/06/2002

Sweet lovely F4

Honda CBR600F4 I have been riding my gixxer for 40 month till I get my CBR900RRV in 00. Rode the Fireblade for 10 months till I laid my eyes on a used CBR600F4 June 2001, with 8000km on the clock. Been riding it for 12 months and travelled 20000km under my hand....First impression of the bike is gentle instead of aggressive. This bike come with a mainstand....Scratch my head?? Why?? Now then I realised that this bike is meant for Track but yet retained it street usbility. Perfect for my case here. I tried the 2001 CBR600f4i before I bought my F4. F4i pull slightly stronger at low rev, fret not F4 have no problem in keeping up at all times. Honda fuel-injection suck big time, F4i is so noisy and unrefined compared to the older brother the carb model. My prior CBR900RRV was easy to live with, plus that tendon ripping power. Been doing abit of touring from Singapore to Malaysia on my CBR900RRV, my girlfriend complaint about the awkward seating posture. I love my girlfriend. Therefore, CBR600F4 is the only solution for those sport orientated rider yet need to ferry their girlriends for long distance. With a multilayers Tankbags and rain coats, we have travelled thousands of miles on it with her comfortably. Of course, it can never be more comfy than real tourer, but CBR600F4 bring me more joys than just touring. For those naughty speed freak and corner mania like myself, look no further. He never fails to send me to work daily, and the fully adjustable suspensions allows me to ...
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