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Apple MacBook Air 09/06/2014

fast thin weightless

Apple MacBook Air The MacBook air is unbelievably light. When you first pick it up you feel like you are holding a work of perfection. It is so thin and smooth. In some places it is thiner than your smartphone, yet it can accomplish so much more! It is very fast and very easy to travel with. It is literally lighter than a notebook, and yet you can accomplish so much with it. If you travel a lot and need a computer this is your best bet. It is so light you won't even notice it, and you can do all your work on it! Plus Apple has such great warranties if it ever breaks you can get it fixed easily and quickly. It is simply a necessity if you travel a lot for business!

Machu Picchu, Peru 09/06/2014

Maccu Picchu best destination in the world

Machu Picchu, Peru When I was younger i did the strenuous inca trail hike that ends in Machu Picchu. And I have to say though it was a brutally hard hike it was amazing and by far the best experience of my life. When I first laid eyes on the ancient city I felt like i was looking at an ancient magical kingdom from the past. It was a truly beautiful and magnificent sight. I felt like I had discovered the most important discovery ever. One of the most outstanding features about Machu Picchu is its ins enchantment and beauty. Located onto of a mountain and surrounded by the clouds and heaven, you feel like you're walking around a magical city onto of the world. It is truly breath taking. While you walk around Machu Picchu you feel like you are steeping int the past. You get a sense of what it was like for an inca to live their long ago. I was filled with aweness to see ho perfect the city was made. all the stones were so perfectly fit. and as you look down at the valley miles below, you are filled with curiosity on how the incas built such a work of perfection so high up. You truly feel like you are in a magical kingdom built for gods on the top of the world like olympia! Another wonderful part about Machu Picchu is all the things you learn from your guide about the incas and the city. I was truly amazed by how advanced the inca civilization truly was, with running water and everything. Machu Picchu was the best place i have ever been, and to me the most amazing place in the world. I would ...

Gesund Leben Green Stevia Leaves, grounded 09/06/2014

stevia the best sweetener

Gesund Leben Green Stevia Leaves, grounded Stevia is like mana from God! I often cut weight for my sport which causes me to go on very strict diets. There's only one problem I love sweets. Thats why stevia is my superhero. With it I can have sweets with no calories and make my weight. Plus the benefits to stevia over sugar and other sweeteners are endless. First of all it has no calories so it is automatically a lot healthier than sugar. Secondly it is natural so it is way healthier and better for you than all the other sweeteners. Thirdly it tastes great and replaces sugar perfectly! Honestly stevia is so amazing I don't know why everyone dose not use it! In my opinion they should stop selling all other sweeteners and only sell it, its that great! It tastes so good that I could eat it all day, and its is so good for you that if you did you still wouldn't gain weight!
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