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Tony Hawk's Underground (PS2) 06/12/2004

THUG- Tony Hawk's just gets better!!!

Tony Hawk's Underground (PS2) Although the Tony Hawks series of games tend to improve every year, this one seems to have totally smashed the standards of skater games set by it's predecessor (Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4). The wide variety of tricks, grinds, combos and the devastating special moves is a drastic improvement from past Tony Hawk games. The delight of nailing a 500,000 point combo is a major feat to accomplish, and with regular practice through the vast selection of different modes, you'll be setting records in no time and impressing your mates with gut-busting combo scores. The major bonus with this game is it's online capabilities which adds an elusive touch to any game to increase it's longevity. Even though THUG 2 has been released, there are still quite a few online gamers who are always up for a challenge! Even if you are an amateur, you can always give fellow novices a run for their money in the 'beginners' section of the online forum, which is a useful basis for the inexperienced gamers to use. The career mode is quite exciting at first, as you attempt to achieve the set goals, but after a while, the career gets a bit dull and repetitive and some goals seem impossible to do which can cause frustration. Simple guidelines or handy hints could be added to avoid frustration of trying to complete certain goals, which could be an improvement for Activision and Neversoft to consider for inexperienced gamers. However, for experienced gamers, the career mode can prove to be a substantial ...
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