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64 03/03/2012

Is the best blog hosting service? is a blogging host, not to be confused with the blogging software, Wordpress(.org). For blog novices this means that you are able to create a blog using without needing to buy a domain name or web hosting. It is a free service, and in return you are provided with a domain name such as I have been using for almost two years writing a personal, course related blog. My blog is small, achieving around 1000 viewers a month so I can only review the service from this point of view, however and its Wordpress software is used for many larger blogs. When choosing a blog hosting service I had two main contenders, and Google's Blogger. I tend to find the latter is easier to use, it is easy to customise how your blog looks and simple to understand. However while I have found more complicated to use, overall I prefer the results that I can achieve with it. Who can set up an account? Anyone can set up an account, it is very easy and within a few minutes you are the owner of your own blog. What are the main features? has many features and I could not possibly name them all! The main feature is to write a blog! This can be done through two different ways, firstly on the front page of Wordpress they have introduced a Tumblr-esque microblogging style editor. This allows you to quickly write a blog post, or in the essence of microblogging you are able to post videos, photos, ...

Palmers Cocoa Butter 08/08/2009

Palmers - the best moisturiser!

Palmers Cocoa Butter When it comes to beauty products I can be quite fickle, one week I’ll be raving about one product and the next it’s found its place in the back of my product shelf next to last months favourite! So when a product managed to get itself on my Necessary list (and this is the list I’d sacrifice food to make sure I had supplies of everything from it!) it says an awful lot as I really am very demanding about my products; I want perfect results for as small a price as possible! So what is the resident body moisturiser on the Necessary list? It has to be Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula! I pride myself on having the best skin of anyone I know, which may sound vain, but with the effort I put in I feel I have the right to boast about how my skin is the softest and healthiest looking I know and as a result I only want the best for it and in this quest I have tried many expensive, painful and bizarre methods and products and I have reached the conclusion that on my budget I won’t be finding a better moisturiser. I have pretty dry skin and as such I realised the need for a good moisturiser from a young age. I first bought it on recommendation of a friend and at first I wasn’t completely I swayed, I had already decided that I was sticking with cocoa butter, but I flirted between brands from Boots own all the way up to Body Shop, and while both of those are very good I discovered Palmers was just the best! So why do I love it so much? Firstly I love the smell, a rich, yummy chocolaty scent ...

Clean & Clear Quick Clear Treatment Gel 22/06/2009

Clean & Clear rescue!!

Clean & Clear Quick Clear Treatment Gel Recently I’ve been having some problems with spots. These are unfair spots as in they haven’t been brought on my bad diet, a poor facial care routine or any other factor I can think of, I lead a pretty healthy lifestyle with lots of exercise, water and a good diet and yet they keep coming! They are particularly nasty spots as well, big, red lumpy ones which hurt if you squeeze (although obviously you wouldn’t do this!!). In my attempt to get rid I have tried everything I can think of from changing my skin routine, cleansers, exfoliaters, masks, down to using tea tree oil as spot treatment; I changed my diet, drank more water, increased my fruit intake and none of this helped these nasty spots!! Most my skin looks healthy, alive and happy… there are just a few things ruining it!! I was going pretty mad with the whole spot thing and was prepared to try pretty much anything! So while in Sainsbury’s with the mother I slipped a box of ‘Clean and Clear Advantage Quick Clear Spot Treatment Gel’ – which is rather a mouthful – the box cost between £3-4, but as I had cleverly planned my purchase I didn’t actually pay… To be honest I didn’t hold that much hope for the gel. I have used a couple of other gels in my time and I haven’t had all that much success with them, but I was willing to give it a go, especially as it promised results in as little as 4 hours! So when I got home I gave it a go. Inside the box is a 15ml tube of the gel, unfortunately it is the type of tube that needs ... 14/12/2008

RIP to mingling

La Senza (Shop) 23/05/2008

Source of my underwear addiction...

La Senza (Shop) It is not as much as year ago when I wrote about my sadness of being unable to shop at La Senza, at the time I was a G cup and the only place I could find to cater was Bravissimo, not even the department stores could help. However since this time with the help of a few gym visits and a little less chocolate I managed to lose myself a stone and get my bra size down to a much more reasonable 34F. I don't know what this size means to you out there, but to me it seems quite small after rocking a G cup (even if there is only about an inch between) it also opens up a lot of opportunity to me. While I will never criticise a Bravissimo bra, they have been fantastic for me, they are on the whole suited towards an older audience rather than a young fashion conscious (yes even underwear is fashion!!) 17 - 18 on Sunday!! :O - year old. Being able to shop at La Senza again has reopened a world of beautiful, fun pieces of lingerie that I will happily show off… and I'm afraid I show it off a lot!! La Senza is possibly the most popular high street lingerie chain, competing with the likes of Ann Summers, however it does not have the raunchy image of Ann Summers which means that mothers won't mind their young teenagers buying their bras there. If you live in a major city you will have a La Senza near you and your La Senza will look essentially the same as every other one in the UK. Yes they may differ in size and shape, but the decoration and displays will be pretty much the same. I love ...

Choosing A Level Subjects 14/02/2008

Sorting your future

Ghetto - Ghetto Gospel 14/02/2008

More Ghetto Ghetts?

Mars Galaxy Smooth Dark 13/02/2008

Smoooooother than smooth??

Sure Women Biorhythm (Body Responsive) 03/09/2007

My essential =]

Sure Women Biorhythm (Body Responsive) I came back from a family holiday in Prague two days ago, when I arrived home I was very annoyed to find that my sister's shampoo had leaked over everything, I had had the sense to package all the possible leaky things in a plastic bags so no problems with sticky clothing, it did mean though that I had to wash all my lotions and potions before I could put them away. I didn't really think through the whole washing process and just dunked everything into water until the shampoo had gone; this led to problems like water in my foundation and my deodorant, half full, refusing to spray anything, the little tubes filled with water that wouldn't budge. As I'm not about to go around with no deodorant this warranted a pre-make-up visit to Boots to pick up another can. I don't usually show brand loyalty, I go for whatever is on offer with products, or whatever looks good and I can afford, however I have recently found that Sure Women's biorhythm deodorant has become THE deodorant that I buy. It all began back earlier this year one day when I was going to the gym straight after college (via Nottingham), I realised much to my annoyance that I'd gone and forgotten my deodorant, I guess I must have been low on deodorant anyway at the time because I didn't hesitate to just pop into Nottingham's finest shop, Boots and went to the deodorant section. Sure is a brand I had heard of before although I'd never used a Sure product, I got the feeling they were a decent brand, and I'm going to be ...

Should smoking be banned in all public places? 01/09/2007

Is it worth it?

Apple MacBook - 13.3" - Core 2 Duo - MacOS X 10.4 - 512 MB RAM - 60 GB HDD 01/09/2007

My Addiction =]

Apple MacBook - 13.3" - Core 2 Duo - MacOS X 10.4 - 512 MB RAM - 60 GB HDD It's now well over a year since I got my laptop, I know it pretty well so I guess it's time I let you all in on one of my favourite possessions. Now before I even start let me apologise in advance for my lack of techno knowledge, if you speak technology as a second language then you may well find my review tiresome as it won't be adequate for the information you are desiring from a computer review, I'm sorry. However I'm pretty sure the majority of Ciao are probably more like me technology wise, so I hope it all helps. Last year it seemed to be decided that I was going to buy a laptop, this had been something I had been considering for a long time, but suddenly I had my parents support which made the whole thing a lot more real, however my parents told me that I couldn't buy one until I had finished my GCSEs, which was probably a very clever idea as let's be honest, laptops can be very distracting when you are supposed to be working on exam revision. I had my last exam on the 15th June, which was quite early compared to most of my friends, and a day I loved (no more exams!! Well I though that at the time, then along came AS exams), so the following Saturday I trotted off into town with my Dad off to the "Apple Store". I must say I didn't do much research beforehand, I went onto a few websites, understood very little, so much RAM, so many bites… means nothing to me, then went onto and fell in love with the MacBook, and once I'd fallen in love nothing could ...

Bravissimo 26/07/2007

For you curvy lovelies!!

Bravissimo I love underwear shopping, I used to hate it when I was a self conscious younger teenager and my mum dragged me off for a fitting in M&S, I hated the whole measuring thing, being prodded and having a load of ugly bras shoved into my face to try on. But times have moved on, I now love picking out underwear to wear, La Senza being a favourite place to go to with it’s seductive displays bursting with bra sets, however I do have one problem here, the bras are just too small!! I believe they do go up to an F cup, which is still too small, but even earlier this year when it would have fitted I find that their bras just don’t support!! So now La Senza can supply me with a supply of knickers (I hate the word knickers, but the word pants/panties don’t appeal to me either. I might just come up with my own word, but for the duration of this review, we’ll stick with the conventional names). I tried other places for bras, and while they do the right size the fit was often strange, I’m not sure exactly what we should interpret this information, but anyway I was left with only one place to turn to, Bravissimo. Now I’m not an expert in the history of Bravissimo, and to be honest, if you want to know that you can look it up for yourself, I’m writing a review of my experience not of how Bravissimo came about. Still from what I do know Bravissimo was originally a catalogue shop which branched out into a few shops, and now I’m sure every major city has one (Nottingham does anyway, and that’s ...

Double Up (Parental Advisory) [PA] - R. Kelly 03/06/2007

Double Kelly's usual standard? Not really

Double Up (Parental Advisory) [PA] - R. Kelly Let me set one thing straight, music isn’t my life. This is a statement used by so so many teenagers but it doesn’t apply to me, I can happily survive without music, I just don’t want to. Also when it comes to music I’m not the type of person who will say, “I only listen to emo/rock/indie/hiphop/r&b(etc.) music” I don’t see the point in trying to class my music tastes, I listen to whatever I like. I’m not anti the music industry, I’m aware how they select the music they want us to like and while some people may see this as a problem, I don’t I think they have good taste. I don’t feel the need to listen to just underground, unestablished music, or just chart music, I listen to what I think sounds good, and at the moment that is the undeniable king of R&B, Mr R. Kelly. So now I will stop boring you with facts about my music tastes and move to what the actual review is about, R. Kelly’s latest album, Double Up. So what do we expect from R. Kelly? And is it in this album? Sex. Definitely included. Some sucking up to the ladies. Plenty of this. Oh, and Kelly just acting like a player. Yup, that’s here!! The album includes everything you expect from Kels, and yet it isn’t exactly the same as every other album, thank gawd!! This album feels very experimental, R. Kelly has collaborated with artists from all over America, all known for their different genres of music and Kelly has used their distinguished styles and worked with them…. which in most cases works really well. So ...

Everything that starts with R ... 03/03/2007

Rachel Rachel Rachel. It's all about me. Again.

My Ciao'ing 20/09/2006

Ciao's first ki'ow-er's Ciao experience!!

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