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Sorry i've not been on here lately been busy getting all creative

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Everything that starts with S ... 23/08/2010

Starting over

Everything that starts with S ... S is for.... Starting over 2010 has not been very kind to me so far. There are several reasons for this, the worst being my granny died. I live in Bournemouth but the rest of my family are in Yorkshire. Being so far away from them has been hard especially when my granny became ill and eventually left us. Watching her go was terrible but not being there for my mum was worse. I grew up on my grandparents’ farm, running around with my cousins and driving granny insane. We are not an emotional family, nor do we talk about our feelings, but I always knew she was proud of me being the first/only girl in our family to go to university. She gave me money when granddad wasn’t looking which paid for all my books. You know it’s terrible, but I don’t think I ever told her that I loved her. Then about 2 weeks after the funeral my partner of four years announces that he thinks we should try living apart to ‘see how we feel about each other’. To be honest (and don’t get me wrong I still love him dearly) he has hurt me a lot over the years and I think that statement was the last straw. It’s been very confusing as he’s been very sweet ever since. It’s odd to think that we would probably make very good friends if we can get past this, but I may have throttled him before then! So I was grieving, miserable at work, missing my family, stuck sharing a flat with a guy who’s just dumped me. I’d bought a house with a friend and we have been splitting it into two flats. I know it is a good ... 11/09/2009

Finally a service that works!

Wii Fit (Wii) 09/06/2009

Can getting fit really be fun???

Member Advice on Lletz 24/11/2008

An important test

PJ Smoothies - Apple, Kiwi & Lime 20/10/2008

looks like pond slime...

Cadbury Dairy Milk Apricot Cumble Crunch 12/09/2008

yummy, but needs more fruity bits

Provamel Desserts 29/08/2008

slightly slimy

Slim.Fast Sour Cream and Chive Pretzels 22/08/2008

almost really nice...

What's in my bag? 23/07/2008

who needs Superdrug

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Fast Absorbing Hand Cream 11/07/2008


Nivea Dry Deo Compact 28/06/2008

portable confidence!

Marks & Spencer Chicken Fajitas 27/06/2008

fastest ready meal in the west!

Boots No7 Intelligent Balance Day Fluid 26/06/2008

Wonder cream!

Mars Galaxy Cookie Crumble 25/06/2008

Galaxy with a bit of a crunch!

Vitabiotics Wellwoman Health and Vitality Drink 23/06/2008

a refreshing energy boost

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