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Playa Moreia, S'Illot 21/07/2008

Playa Moreia Apartments S'illio Majorca

Playa Moreia, S'Illot Playa Moreia Review - Mallorca After just returning from what is probably one of the best last minute holidays I have had I thought it important to share my views with you. I, like you, always like to read reviews of places before I visit them, but, this time it was even more important because it was the first time that I had not booked with a Tour operator - I booked on the internet at a wonderful price with just 10 days to go. In the main the reviews for the Playa Moreia on the internet are good and thankfully I took no heed of the bad ones, what do some people want I ask myself. I have now returned to England and I have nothing but praise for the Playa Moreia. I think its important to point out that the official rating of the Playa Moreia is a 2 key - but I would certainly rate it as good as any 3 star I have stayed in - however - please remember that when booking a 2 key apartment, don't expect to receive 5 star facilities. So now read on and make your own opinions from my predominantly unbiased review. Reception - Check In = We arrived at the Playa Moreia at approx 3pm local time after a faultless flight with Easyjet and a resort transfer with We were dealt with by the very friendly reception staff immediately and within 5 minutes of arriving at the hotel we were already opening the door to our sea view room. The Room The first thing to greet us in our room was a welcome pack provided by the hotel. This contained cereals, milk, water, ...

Thomson Celebration - Treasures of the Fjords 07/09/2005

Celabrate on the Celebration

Thomson Celebration - Treasures of the Fjords Introduction After just returning from what is probably one of the best holidays I have ever had it has taken me over a week to even start coming back down to earth and begin writing this review. We did a back to back cruise onboard the Thomson Celebration. We did a 6 day to Norway called "Treasures of the Fjords" and a 4 day to Amsterdam and Belgium which was aptly named "A Weekend Affair". Maybe I am being a little bit flippant when I say it was the best "holiday" I have ever had, I think the honest truth would be it was the best "time" I have ever had. However, I cannot fault the ship, staff or entertainment in anyway shape or form. So read on and make your own opinions from my predominantly unbiased review. Embarkation We arrived at Harwich International Port at around 12.30, parked our car in the highly secure car park and were transferred to the terminal building on a mini bus. We handed over our suit cases at the entrance to the car park where they got stickers stuck to them stating our cabin number and we were handed a white envelope containing our cards for the cashless paying system, details of the Captains cocktail party and our return luggage labels. On arrival in the actual terminal building we queued for less than a minute to check in. Unfortunately just as I got to check in the computer system lost satellite connection with the ship and we had to wait around 15 minutes for the system to reactivate. During this time all embarkation ...

Poetry 12/08/2005

Ode To A Mother

Poetry I think I may be taking somewhat of a risk publishing this poem. Let me explain why. To those of you that have read some of my other reviews you will know that my Mother sadly passed away some 2 years ago. My Mum knew that she was dying and indeed planned the running order of her own funeral. Once thing she asked me to do was to get the Vicar to read out the following poem, which she assures me she wrote herself. My Mum did write many poems and was really quite good. Often it was the case that you would open your birthday card inside it would be a poem. Infact after she had died and we were clearing out her house we found quite a stash of poems under her bed. I have no reason to doubt or not trust that my Mum did write this poem but I think is one of her better poems so I did wonder if she had found the poem somewhere and simply copied it down in her own handwriting. The reason I have decided to put this poem on Ciao is because If Mum did write it then I would like to share her work with other people. If this is a known poem to you poetry experts out there then please let me know and I will see about having it removed from CIao. NB - Prior to putting the poem on Ciao I have cut sections of the poem out and tried searching for them on the internet and I have found nothing so please if you do know this poem, then let me know ASAP. --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- ---- A Mother loves you from the ...

Member Advice on Coming Out of the Closet 11/08/2005

Dont sit with them - they will turn you!!!

Member Advice on Coming Out of the Closet It has taken me all the time since I joined Ciao to decide to come clean about myself. At first I wasn't going to for fear of loosing the trust of members and the friends I have made already in this brilliant community. But then I though "Why the hell shouldn't I". I want people to like me for what I am and respect me for what I am. More importantly I am proud of myself and my chosen life so why should I hide it. And………… terms of Ciao - how can I write honest reviews without first being honest about myself. How Did It All Begin My parents owned pubs from me being 4 years old. Quite a different life for a young child to be brought up in. I guess in fairness I had too much adult company at such a young age but, being in the pub taught me to respect people for what and how they were and it also introduced me to people from many walks of life and from many different backgrounds. From being about 10 years old we had a ladies football team that came in the pub on a Friday night and for some reason, even at such a young age, I enjoyed talking to these ladies and felt comfortable in their company. Obviously at that age I didn't know why - all I did know was that it felt right. My dad had explained to me that some these ladies were "different" and he went on to explain that some of these ladies lived together instead of with men "aah thats nice" thought" - but still I wondered why. Our Next Stop When I was 12 we moved to another pub at the other side of ...

North York Moors Railway 05/08/2005

North Yorkshire Moors Railway - Pullman Dining

North York Moors Railway When 2 friends of ours invited us for a meal but told us that we had to be at their house by 4pm as we would need to set off by 4.15pm I was somewhat confused. When they followed this by "and make sure you are dressed smartly" I really couldn't work it out. Then when we had to make our menu selection 2 weeks before the date of the meal my mind was blown. I swiftly realised that we may be making quite a journey and they were driving - I don't travel well so popped a travel sickness tablet in my mouth and we set off. The Journey There In fairness I cant really remember much about the journey because of the travel sickness tablet. I was asleep before we even left Rotherham and woke up still none the wiser as to where we were going in the middle of the countryside in North Yorkshire. First to the Pub The end of the road for us was Pickering in North Yorkshire. It's a lovely little village with quaint shops and a railway where steam trains still run. I know Pickering fairly well because in my teens I used to go camping a lot with a musical group that I belonged to at a place called Levisham which is about 5 miles away from Pickering. Here they took us into a pub - well when I say they took us in - I really mean - she took us because he had disappeared the second we got out of the car. I had absolutely no idea where he had gone and she wouldn't tell me. Then I saw him coming out of the Railway Station - I was totally confused. Come on then drink up he said ...

Club Letoonia - Antalya 04/08/2005

I've been to Paradise and the Mice came to me!!

Club Letoonia - Antalya Club Letoonia, a self contained resort in Fethiye, Turkey, built on a peninsula where there are 3 small bays and whole area of 165.000 m2 is covered in pine trees. The resort has 107 hotel rooms, 495 club rooms and 65 villas. There are 3 open buffet restaurants, 3 a la carte restaurants, 2 snack bars, 8 bars, a disco and a Turkish Café. Sound tempting……..then read on. Introduction We visited Club Letoonia in September 2003 and spent a wonderful 2 weeks relaxing and enjoying the sunshine in beautiful surroundings with the most fantastic "west end standard" entertainment I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying on a holiday. We travelled with First Choice and paid somewhere in the region of £1300 for a 2 week All inclusive holiday for 2. I would have happily paid £2300 for this holiday and that is absolutely no joke. Our Journey There Getting to Turkey is fairly simply - a holiday booked with First Choice and everything included. Incidentally you can also book this accommodation with Eclipse Holidays which is a sister company of First Choice and is generally cheaper - see We flew from East Midlands (3/4 hour away from our home) to Dalaman. Dalaman airport is approximately 57km from Club Letoonia and the transfer took around 1 hour. The journey was fairly interesting though through nice countryside and we didn't make too many stops. I get travel sick in a coach so this is fairly important to me. We travelled on a standard 52 ...

Pics2Phones Image Editing Software 03/08/2005

Pics2Phone for Sending Pics to Phones

Pics2Phones Image Editing Software What is Pics2Phones A very basic description is : Pics2Phones is a way to edit photographs which are stored on your PC or that are on the internet and send them to your mobile phone or mobile device using either a data cable or the companies WAP site. Once you have bought the software there is no further costs apart from if you are transferring your picture via WAP then you have to pay the cost of your call (only a few seconds). More Info = Pics2Phones is manufactured by a company based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire called Datex and it is a Windows application. With the software you can easily enhance and personalize your pictures for your mobile, you can resize them, change colours, add borders and much more. Basically Pics2Phones allows you to transfer good quality pictures to your phone instead of you being stuck with the generally low quality images that you phones camera will produce. What Phones can You use with Pics2Phones You can use the software in connection with any mobile phone and indeed you only need to buy the software once - you don't need the software for every phone in your household - currently Pics2phones can be used with nearly 600 different mobile devices and this is constantly updated. I have owned the software now for about 2 months and to update the phone list it is literally the click of a button (you must be online at the time). Built into the software is each mobiles image sizes and resolutions, so you don't have to mess about ...

Everything that starts with R ... 03/08/2005

Remember Remember Rache and Rotherham

Everything that starts with R ... Introduction to Rachel from Rotherham = So I thought now that I have been a member for approximately a month it was about time that I let know a little bit about me. Ok so first of all my name is Rachel and I am from Rotherham. The correct meaning of the name Rachel is little lamb, an ewe, one with purity (this does not describe me at all - not at all). So……… I have come up with me own meaning for my name, to me Rachel stands for: Realistic Artistic Complicated Helpful Eats to much Loving And that I think describes me to a tea. More about Rotherham = Rotherham is an up and coming place which has transformed itself over the last decade, it has a some industrial heritage, and is now building a new future with exciting new jobs and investment. Three quarters of Rotherham is rural, and just outside the town centre (which is mainly made up of charity shops) is surrounded by attractive villages and rolling countryside. It has a population of around 250,000. Rotherham is absolutely surrounded by motorways - namely the M1 and the M18 so getting about to other parts of the area and indeed the rest of the country is fairly easy. We have several airports within an hours drive, these include Manchester, Leeds/Bradford, East Midlands and Doncaster. Thought the town centre of Rotherham is pretty dismal we have one of the best retail parks that I have been to and the world renowned Meadowhall shopping centre is only 1 mile away from my home on the ...

Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Akono HBH-600 Headset 02/08/2005

Sony Ericsson HBH-600

Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Akono HBH-600 Headset Basic Overview and My Opinion I have used this headset for several months - I own both this headset and Nokia HWD1. This headset I prefer. My main reason for this is it is so easy to put on your ear - the movable arm makes it so easy to slip it on. The sound quality is second to none (you don't know you are wearing it and neither does whoever you are talking to). The battery life is very good. It looks nice, is not too cumbersome and most importantly is legal. It has changeable covers (red and grey supplied) so you can change these very easily with your mood. The headset is definitely value for money and is extremely reliable. The set can be charged with the same plug in or car charger as you Sony Ericsson mobile if you have one. The set up time of the headset is very quick and more importantly is very easy. In the Box = Ok in the box you get the following items: 1. Your headset 2. Instruction Manual 3. 2 exchangeable covers (red and grey) 4. A charger 5. A carry string (for wearing around your neck On the Box Description The description of the headset on the box is available in 6 languages and basically says: Light and comfortable, this is the perfect headset for people on the go. With the exchangeable Style Up Covers in different colours you can make the HBH-600 an integral part of your outfit. The HBH-600 supports your active life, without compromising your demand for style. The HBH-600 supports Bluetooth Headset and Handsfree Profiles and ...

Yorkshire Terrier 01/08/2005

Yorkies for a Yorkie lass that likes Yorkie pud!!

Yorkshire Terrier Since owning my gorgeous Golden Retriever (who unfortunately died) I have since invested my time and love into 2 wonderful "yorkies". A lot of people call these many names including "dishcloth" and "yap bag". They say to me that's not a dog only big dogs are proper dogs - read my review you may change your mind. Prior to owning Teddy and Scrappy (my 2 Yorkies) I owned an Alsatian and a Golden Retriever - talk about going from the sublime to the ridiculous. History The Yorkshire Terrier is a British man-made dog and was introduced fairly recently. In the 1850's some Scottish weavers brought a small terrier dog with them from Scotland to Yorkshire. These 'Scotch Terriers,' sometimes known as 'Halifax Terriers' interbred with local small terriers. It is believed that Yorkies have some of the Manchester Terrier, the Maltese, the Skye, Dandie Dinmont and the Paisley terriers in them. The Yorkshire Terrier was recognised by the Kennel Club in 1886. At this time the Yorkie was transported to the United States and was established as a breed over there as well. The Yorkie is considered a breed of 'the working classes' and was originally known as a ratter. Costs To buy a Yorkshire Terrier puppy will cost you anything in the region of £150 - £500 - some top class pedigrees can cost you £800.00. We got paid £150 .00 for Teddy (now 7 years old) and £160.00 for Scrappy (now 2 ½ years old). I am not convinced that either of them are from a very good pedigree family but they ...

Golden Retriever 31/07/2005

My big lovable boy the most Golden of retrievers

Golden Retriever My 2nd dog unfortunately no longer with us was my faithful friend "Bertie" a loving big hearted Golden Retriever. Bertie died from Leukimia in 2000 but I think about him nearly every day. I am a Golden Retriever lover for life, so I thought I'd share my experiences with you of owning a Golden, the good bits and the bad bits. A can no longer have one because of the hair but if I could I would not hesitate to recommend. History The Golden Retriever we know and love today was the result of one mans dedication to breed the perfect dog. Lord Tweedmouth was an English Peer whom had a vision of a pure yellow retriever dog who would retrieve birds during hunts. He started this vision is 1865 on a visit to the Earl of Chichester who was a dog breeder. The Lord bought the only yellow coated puppy from a litter of black Retrievers and named him Nous. This was the start of the Golden Retriever breed. The work of the Lord went on for a quarter of a centuary breeding Nous to create 4 yellow puppies which in turn were breed and in 1913 The Kennel Club registered Golden Retrievers as a distinct breed. Golden Retrievers have been imported to countries all over the world where they have been admired and well loved. Costs To buy a Golden Retriever puppy will cost you in the region of £300 - £500. We got Bertie from a rescue centre and paid only £25.00 for him. He had a few problems initially and was always very scared of the road. I don't know his history but I suspect ...

Europa Rent a Car 27/07/2005

Eureka Europa Rent a Car!!!!!!

Europa Rent a Car Never did I think I would have to or be able to drive in a foreign country but recently due to being duped by my best friend I had to. PreAmble = Whilst this review is about Europa Rent a car I booked my rental through a broker so the website description and booking procedure actually refers to NOT Europa's website itself. The rest of the review and opinions refer to Europa Rent a Car. A Bit More Info Ok now I think its only fair to point out that is simply a broker. They use different car hire companies dependant on the place you are hiring from. The car hire company in question at Palma was Europa Goldcar Rent a car - this review is actually about them not the website for the broker. Background In January this year my bezzie (who is German and lives in Germany) contacted me to see if we would like to spend a week on Mallorca with her and her partner in a Finca (Mallorcan farmhouse). My partner and I though this was a great idea and promptly agreed to go, booked the finca and booked the flight. Only when this was done and it was too late to back out did my friend (!) inform me that I would have to hire a car. I had naively assumed that they would drive. Anyway not wanting to sound pathetic I decided that I would drive over there and promptly set about finding a suitable hire company on the net. My Search Always one to be looking for a bargain I set about searching. I checked out all the major ...

CarJet 27/07/2005

Carjet.compliments were all I had!!!

CarJet PreAmble = Whilst this review is about which is a broker. I hired my car from Palma Airport and the hire company the broker had used was Europa Rent a Car. (See separate review for this). This review only really deals with website itself not the actual car I hired this is why I have written a seperate review for that. My Search Always one to be looking for a bargain I set about searching the net for the best priced car hire in Mallorca. I spoke to a friend and he recommended that I try So I did. He had used them many times and been highly happy with the service he had received and said that the prices were great. So I tried them and got my car cheaper than any of the other sites I had tried. 123 Euros for the week for a Renault Clio with aircon in mid July - this I though was very acceptable and proceeded to book the car. The Website Basically the website is well designed and easy to use. It contains almost all information you require. The only piece of information I couldn't find (and that might just be me) was what documents you needed to take with you to pick up the car. On the website each place you may be visiting (or indeed can hire a car from) is listed down the left hand side of the page - at every step you go to you can access links to all other parts of the website. It is very clear and easy yo use. It contains many pictures and clearly shows the pricing structure for each can you may wish to ...

Majesty Sunflower Hotel, Antalya 26/07/2005

A not so Majestic Sunflower

Majesty Sunflower Hotel, Antalya Background Info (Just so you get the full picture) Whilst on a holiday to Turkey (Fethiye) in 2003 we were fortunate enough to make friends with a German couple who we have remained very good friends with ever since (we have just returned from a wonderful week in a Mallorcan Finca with them). Last year they asked us if we would like to spend a week in Turkey with them in October. We decided we would go but unfortunately the selected club (Majesty Sunflower Beach) was not serviced by any British tour operators so this meant that we had to travel to Germany to make our trip together to Turkey. Our Journey There Ok so…. the journey was done in stages: Stage 1 - A trip from Rotherham (South Yorkshire) to Luton Airport (approx 2.5 hours by car) our flight was around 7.15pm Stage 2 - A flight with Easyjet to Dortmund (Germany) to meet our friends (approx 1 hour 10mins) Stage 3 - A car journey to Hamburg airport (approx 4 hours) for our 6.15am flight Stage 4 - A flight to Turkey (approx 4 hours) Stage 5 - A transfer to the club (approx 1 hour but cant really remember) We arrived at the Sunflower Beach at approx 2pm - almost 20 hours after we had originally set off - by now absolutely desperate for a relaxing holiday. By the time we arrived at the Club the biggest question on my mind was "Why on Earth didn't we fly directly to Hamburg from England?" I don't really have an answer for that apart from that I had received some dud info from my mate ...

Casio EXILIM ZOOM EX-Z40 16/07/2005

Casio Exilim EX-Z40

Casio EXILIM ZOOM EX-Z40 I bought this camera in the airport in Turkey nearly a year ago when it was still priced around £250.00 and even still it is the best value for money I have ever spent. It fits anywhere, in your coat pocket, trouser pocket, a small bag etc. Its compact size is amazing considering all the features it has. You can choose from around 18 different picture setting dependant on the surroundings / weather etc you are in at the time you take the photograph. The quality of the display (2inch) at the back of the camera is exceptional. It is very easy to use. the only drawback to the camera is that there is no way to charge it without sitting it in its cradle; thus you must take the cradle away with you even though you wont need it for anything else. The only other draw back to the camera is that there is no way to connect the camera directly to a TV etc (my previous camera had a direct cable to provide this facility). However the pro's of this camera certainly outweigh the cons. The picture quality is fabulous and the fatures available on the very easy to use menu system are extensive. You have to download the full instruction manual but once you do it is very good. For the techies amongst us here is the spec of the camera: Optical Zoom 3 x (F2.6-4.8, f = 5.8 - 17.4 Digital Zoom 4 x Megapixels 4 Memory Type SecureDigital/MultiMedia File Format JPEG (Exif v2.2)/DCF/DPOF/AVI/WAV Movie Mode Yes Sound Recording Yes LCD Monitor Yes LCD Monitor size 2 " ...
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