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Royal Liver Assurance Ltd 12/05/2010

They want to bump up my insurance by near 50% for anxiety..

Elle 02/05/2009

Good for learning about the latest catwalk trends + fashion tips

Elle Elle magazine is one of those women's fashion glossies which has stood the test of time (It was started in 1945!). Costing £3.50 an issue if you buy it off the newstands (and costing a bit less if you subscribe - you pay £6 for the first 6 issues/6 months, then pay £16.80 for subsequent 6 issues every 6 months, which is around 20% less than its usual price) it is not one of the cheaper magazines on the market, but for what it does, it does quite well. Out of the 274-page May 09 issue, about 147 pages are completely devoted to ads and promotions. That means about 53% of this issue was just advertisements alone. The rest (127 pages, or 47% of the entire mag) make up the actual content and I am reviewing them here. Elle is a high fashion magazine like Vogue (with which its often compared), and as such, at least half of all the products featured in it have price tags that are in the hundreds, some of which are in the thousands, though not *everything* shown in the magazine was expensive. One thing is for sure : you won't find Primark or supermarket brands such as George or F+F in here. However there are some featured items/clothing from high-street outlets like French Connection, Urban Outfitters, Topshop, Accessorize, Oasis, Uniqlo, River Island, etc. As long as an item is in keeping with the latest catwalk trend and can mix and match well with the other high fashion items featured, the lower cost of a high-street item won't stop it from being featured here. Its not all about ... 29/04/2009

The online shop I use the most... I buy books on a pretty regular basis, being a real bookworm myself. I've found Amazon to be THE ONLY online book retailer which has the largest and most comprehensive selection of books on offer. I've always tried looking for a better deal on other major online book retailers like WHSMITH, ABEbooks, etc... but none of those companies ever stocked every single book I did a search for - none, except for good ol' Sometimes I use Amazon's American branch to buy books that can't be found on Amazon's British site. Whatever it was I needed - whether its an old out-of-print 1950s book or a hard-to-find academic volume that could only be found in the reference section of the University library and not in usual shops - Amazon is the one to stock it - or one of its Marketplace Sellers would be able to stock one for me. And its not just boring old books that they do... They also stock a more-than-adequate range of popular books, software, CDs, DVDs and videos. Their selection of baby toys and books is also steadily growing. They also stock a rather fair selection of electronics items like mobile phones, cameras, printers, kitchen appliances, hardware tools, shavers, electric toothbrushes, and garden furniture and garden equipment. In fact I hope the British Amazon site can one day join up with so that they can also offer a one-stop-shop for a great range of cosmetic products by well-known brands like Chanel, Molton Brown, Urban Decay, Stila, NARS, ...

Glamour 29/04/2009

A bit of fun and distraction won't hurt anybody...

St Ivel Utterly Butterly 27/04/2009

Bland and tastes artificial. What's really in it?!!

Country Life English Butter 26/04/2009

Very similar to Lurpak... but cheaper. 26/04/2009

Cheap prices for certain items... but beware of policy

New Scientist 26/04/2009

I am not a scientist, but I love this magazine

New Scientist I've subscribed to many magazines before, but New Scientist is the only one I've had subscribed to for more than a year. The thought of cancelling the subscription had occurred before, usually if a particular issue didn't contain many articles which were interesting to me, but still somehow, the next issue to land on my door will entice me with some interesting article which will then once again make me change my mind about cancelling! The thing is, this isn't one of the cheapest and most affordable magazines around. At more than £3 a pop for a weekly, its the most expensive weekly apart from The Economist. Granted, if you subscribe to it, you save more, but still, expect to pay around nearly £8 a month on the subscription. If you are a student you can subscribe to it at a slightly cheaper rate. That said, if you love reading this, it is always money well-spent. (I've tried reading The Economist but I just found it so boring... I'm just not that interested in finance/politics so much.) I am not a scientist, in fact the most science I've ever done was A level Math and AS Physics. When I read the stuff in this, I often can't really say whether I think its a load of BS or not, since I'm not that well-educated in scientific matters to decide! However the New Scientist seems to have a reputation for supplying decent well-researched articles in general so I don't think I'm being brainwashed here. Yes it seems to go on and on about climate change-related issues... but then that ...

Tatler 24/04/2009

Surprisingly interesting!

Bebe Confort Vit 20/08/2007

Great lightweight stroller manouvres like a dream

Nivea Firming Lotion 18/08/2007

Great moisturiser, skin looks and feels healthier

Aussie ColorMate Conditioner 25/06/2007

Decent conditioner for not-too-damaged hair

Tesco C53 Black Ink Cartridge 19/06/2007

You get what you pay for with this Tesco cartridge

L'Oreal Feria Color Booster 30/03/2006

Finally, a brown that shows up!

Johnsons Baby Oil 15/03/2006

I would not recommend this product to anyone!

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