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Wall-E (DVD) 20/07/2008

Wall - E, This is a Perfect film.

Wall-E (DVD) Hi, First off, I'd like to say that I don't intend putting any spoilers in here. I'm sorry if I accidently put too much emphasis on something. I went to see this film in the Cinema the day it came out here in the UK. This was on Friday the 18th. As with all Disney Pixars movies. There is a small video-ette, mini movie at the beginning. This one is called Presto and is based around a Magician and a disgruntled rabbit who doesn't get his carrot. This was thoroughly enjoyable and one of the best mini movies I have seen from Pixar. Everybody in the Cinema, was crying out with laughter. One of the first things that suprised me about this movie was that people of all ages had come to see it in the Cinema. I can remember going to see Finding Nemo and Cars and feeling a little, out, as they were stacked with little children, (I'm 20 by the way). Me and My Girlfriend Jess first saw this movie advertised about a year ago when a trailer was downloadable from the Playstation 3 store. Ever since we have been waiting for its release! Animation This is ofcourse Disney Pixars best when you cut the story etc out of the equation. Everything was produced in immaculate detail and certainly didn't look like a polished 3D cartoon. Lots of the textures and mapping done to the characters and the amazing, breathtaking scenery looked real. All adding to the fact that this movie, has been in the works for a long time and it's only right they do the best they can, to go with what I ...

Jaguar S-Type 3.0 20/07/2008

Jaguar - Ford, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE????

Jaguar S-Type 3.0 OK, Hello Everyone! I'm looking to replace my 607. I have to tell you why. Basically I bought a Friday car from a dodgey forecourt and I just would like to sell it (now that all the problems have been sorted! as it just doesn't feel like MY car any more) If I had the money, I'd go out and buy a Petrol 607 (mine is a Diesel) all day long. I can't afford it, so I have started looking at petrol alternatives from other brands. Which brings my nicely onto the Jaguar S-Type. I have test driven TWO S-Types now. The Standard S-Type S and the S-Type SE which has all the goodies. Both 2001 (same age as my 607) I'm shocked quite frankly. The Bog standard S-Type S The first one I drove was an utter dissapointment, I thought stepping into a Jag would be like stepping into a whole other league. Boy was I wrong. It felt like I had actually stepped into something worth nothing. The engine in this model the 3.0 V6 didn't feel as torquey (which it probabley wouldn't) as my 607 and didn't push you into your seat like my 607 does. didn't feel like the correct progression to me! The gearbox however worked flawlessly. The inside of the car, was also abismal. Sorry, but it was, no leather, cramped and no toys!! I feel sorry for the people who bought these new! Now onto my better part of the review, of the second one I test drove. The S-Type SE. This one has leather, so immediately feels much better to sit in. Unfortuneately, it still just doesn't have ...

BMW X5 3.0 08/05/2008

BMW X3, Ugly Duckling.

BMW X5 3.0 Hi, I'd like to point out right now, that I do not own this car, this is from my own experience from the times I've driven it, borrowed it and generally used it. Where do I start. The first thing to mention is that this is an Automatic with a Step-Tronic box. The power delivery is immensely smooth, the changes are short, sharp and precise and if you toe it, the car will redline before changing gear, and it STILL feels effortless, with no fuss what so ever. The engine, is a tad overkill being a 3.0l and makes this thing go like a rocket. It's super quiet and refined, however epecially at todays prices, if you drive it keenley expect 7MPG and massive hole in your pocket. But hey, it's a Beemer, it's a big old girl and it's supposed to be. Right? What's the point in it, is what I want to know. (Like to note that since I got my 607, I don't bother borrowing this anymore, as I have a nice understated executive car to do all showy flashy image stuff for my business I was/am very grateful for him allowing me to use it). A sport, 4x4? The engine and gearbox are nice, however that is where the really good points come to an end. The Ride - Oh dear. I personally can drive the car fine, but cannot be a passenger, it makes me feel sick. The ride is so choppy it's unbelievable. On the dual carriageway you feel every bump, crest, undulation, when you drive over a small bit of grit it could be comparable to accidently bumping into Mount Vesuvius. So I would ...

Peugeot 607 2.2 HDi 27/03/2008

Peugeot 607, Feline, The Drive of Your Life!

Peugeot 607 2.2 HDi Hello, I'm basing my review on my ACTUAL current ownersip of a Peugeot 607 2.2HDi Turbo Diesel. I am a self employed business man and have been since I left college a few years ago. My current car just doesn't look right pulling up outside potential and current business clients (I work in I.T). I was going to go for one of the big 3 basically, BMW 5 Series, Mercedes C-Class or Audi A6. How on earth did I end up with a Peugeot I hear you cry! Basically I bought my car around a month ago now for the sum of £4000. It's the 2001 2.2HDi Single Turbo Diesel. This car, comes with everything: Dual-Zone Climate Control Electric Seats Cruise Control Computer that shows, outside Temp, Time, Radio Station, MPG and estimates how many miles left with current fuel! Automatic Headlights, Automatic Windscreen Wipers Automatic Dipping Rear-View Mirror Automatic Fold In Wing Mirrors Full Closure of windows on the key fob Reverse Parking Sensors Auto Rising Boot Lid PAS, ABS, ESC, EBD AND has a rear window blind! If you choose one with leather, it'll also have heated front AND rear seats! WOW! At first before I had test driven the car, I was expecting this huge beast to be a big old wollowing bus. I am so glad that my expectations were blown into smithereens. When you open the nicely weighted door you can tell that this car, has had lots of effort put into styling and materials. As you sit down in the captains chair and pull the door closed, you are ...

HP Pavilion Media Center Dv9655ea 02/02/2008

HP DV9655EA, The Modern Life

HP Pavilion Media Center Dv9655ea The HP DV9655ea. As a small business owner (I.T) I have to have a Laptop. It's as simple as that. My old laptop was a Toshiba Equium M70 on XP. Being in I.T meant that I had to have the latest OS from Microsoft in order to help clients when they need help with Vista. Usually when somebody asks me to find them a laptop for their needs, I can do it swiftly, effectively and find them their perfect laptop. This was not to be the case with me, I sat there for hours and hours going through supplier products. The main 3 I whittled myself down to where Toshiba, HP and Acer. I already had a Toshiba and to be honest, I really thought the speakers on their new version looked naff. Acer, a pretty budget make and often need repair. After going through specs after specs, I chose this laptop, Down to the build quality, reliability of HP. The Specs: AMD Turion 64 X2 2.0 Ghz Dual-Core Processor Nvidia 8400M GS Graphics 2 x 160GB HDDs (320GB) 2GB of DDR2 Ram Memory Card Reader DVD-RW with Lightscribe Firewire, USB 2.0, S-Video, VGA HDMI Out Altec Lansing Speakers 17" Widescreen Brightview Display Two Remote Controls (Push In and Large External) DVB-T Television Tuner Built in Web-Cam As you can see, the specs are pretty impressive, For a laptop that costs around £700 you are getting what you pay for. - AMD Turion 64X2 The Dual-Core processor in this laptop is second to none, everything runs very quickly, smoothly and the whole Vista OS is VERY ...

Fujifilm FinePix S5700 15/01/2008

FujiFilm FinePix S5700, Snap Shot Your Life

Fujifilm FinePix S5700 I got one of these as a present for xmas. It's fantastic. As soon as the package arrives you can't for the life of you believe that it is sold at that price. Everything about the camera really dose ooze quality for how much you pay for one. A nice matte plastic covers the entire camera, with a soft rubber grip for your shooting hand. Everything seems to be in the right place on this camera. Lots of people have complained about the On/Off button being in an awkard place but I really really don't see any problem with it. It's a little slide switch located just behind the shoot button, you can't possibly catch it or nudge it as it's in it's own little recess. The picture quality is second to none, and digital zoom isn't all that noisy (As in those little speckles of colour). The optical zoom runs very smooth, quiet, with no juddering at all and set on auto-focus, it automatically makes the image on the built in 2.5" screen crystal clear and you just know the image your going to take is going to be perfect. The menus are easy to use. There are a number of buttons on the back of the camera for all sorts of settings and also a round selecting wheel on top of the camera for specific functions. That wheel has 11 pre set functions, which can then be altered using the menu buttons on the back of the camera. There are so many options in SP mode, Night, Portrait, Landscape, Fireworks, Sport, Sunset, Snow, Beach, Museum, Party, Flower and text. The text mode and ...

Navman F20 04/01/2007

NavMan, The World Is Your Oyster!

Navman F20 Hi, The NavMan F20, Firstly remember this is one of the cheapest SatNav systems available right now. So, what do you get? Ok, you get the little unit itself, lots of instruction books, an in car cigarette charger and a windscreen mount. This leads me to my first issue of debate, You don't get an indoor charger. I ended up buying one off of ebay for it, for this reaon, The little unit lasts for about 3 hours unplugged, which is pretty good by any standards, for shorter journeys I charge it up and attatch it completely wirelessly, for those longer journeys I use the in car charger! It's not a fault, just something I think should be in the package! The F20 itself. This is a great piece of kit, this unit is one of the latest offerings by Navman. Not only does it have the latest technology it is the cheapest. This however doesn't mean it loses alot of features. The F20 has the latest SiRFstarIII™ ChipSet which means it won't lose it's signal when going in one of those dreaded tunnels. This is great for a good reason, For a decent GPS Fix (this is the point when the F20 searches for the satellites) the unit should be still as to not confuse the little guy, otherwise for the first 10 minutes it'll think your all over the place!! (if your driving through the tunnel and your satnav loses signal it may take a while and alot of confusion for the machine to get back on track, by this time you maybe lost) My friend has the equivalent TomTom system and his loses GPS signal, ...

Epson Stylus RX420 10/04/2006

Print It! Epson Stylus RX420

Epson Stylus RX420 Ok, Wow, Amazing printer, Amazing price! The printer itself is on the large side but what can be expected of a multi-purpose printer?. Scanning: Scans come out at an amazing rate with fantastic quality. Whatever you want to scan, you can (provided it's A4 or smaller) The max scan resolution is 2400 x 1200 dpi which is plenty enough for picking out even the tinyest text. With amazingly vivid colours and with the smart text editor in the Epson Smart Panel you can scan and then edit text in written documents! wow! Printing: This is a self confessed photo printer hence: Epson Stylus PHOTO RX420. Photos come out looking like...well photos, no pixels/dots amazing quality. There are a few different settings, Draft, Text, Text and Image, Photo and then Best Photo with Photo Enhance. If you print on proper size photo paper, with bordless checked and then best photo, I don't think someone who knew you had the printer would tell it's come from your computer. With the max print reslution of 5760 x 1440 dpi its rather impressive! depending on the settings the printers on you can achieve 15ppm black and Colour! Memory Card: It's a good thing the printer has a memory card reader, you can print directly from the card or use it as a card reader for your computer. One drawback of this is that the printer doesn't have an LCD screen to view the pictures then select what to print. In order to print directly form the printer. You have to put the card in, press a few buttons. It ...

AMD Sempron 2400+ / 1.66 GHz processor 10/04/2006

Do it with AMD!

AMD Sempron 2400+ / 1.66 GHz processor I started building PCs a few years back and have been brand loyal to AMD for many reasons, Customer Service is fantastic, The processors are fantastic, the prices for the processors are also...fantastic. Compared to Intel: These processors are here for the budgeters. The people who want computers for rock bottom prices. This processor is head to head with Intels Celeron processor, both of which AMD and Intel of various running speeds for these processors. These processors I believe are better than the Intel equivalent for mainly one reason, The IPC frequency, this is Instructions Per Cycle. Where Intel simple boost up their clock speed (ghz) AMD are actually using their brains, by increasing the IPC the processor can get more things done at any one time, the added benefit of this is that the processor can run at a lower temperature becausw of the lower clock speed! this is why we get AMD Sempron 2800+ with a clock speed of 1.66ghz, The 2800+ merely indicates that this would outperform (hence the (+) at the end of the figures) an equivalent processor running at 2.8ghz. These rpcoessors are plug in and play, simply drop the processor into the socket, pull down the lever and clip on the heatsink and fan and there it is! Instructions do come with these processors if you buy the Retail Pack, the instructions have full colour step by step guides, you can;t go wrong! Intel are mass marketed and mainstream, TV adverts the lot,, AMD processors are bought, used ...

HP iPAQ Pocket PC H1910 10/04/2006

Ipaq, Pocket your Pocket PC

HP iPAQ Pocket PC H1910 This was my frist ever hand held PC! I was absolutely amazed by it's processing power and capabilities as a really small computer system. This comes with 64mb of ram however quite alarge amount of this gets taken up by the sytem itself, so in essence you can only really store two mp3 albums on it's internal memory alone. This wouldn't be an ideal MP3 player or movie player, it'd have to be strictly work and documents! There are many add on programs that you can get for these little critters, my favorite is SPB Pocket plus, you can then add themes, wallpapers and all the system info is included on the desktop. The problem with this compared to todays new PDAs is that it doesn't have wireless or bluetooth connectivity which is a bit of a downside if your using it in conection with your pcs at home or at work and if you want to synchronize it wirelessly with your mobile phone! The Ipaq has USB connectivity and Infrared. You can pick these up now in very good condition for next to nothing and they do make organising alot easier, it comes with pocket word, excelt and windows media player and a calculator for all your basic needs. To pass time away pocket solitaire is also included on this little machine. When you buy this product it comes in a nicely presented box, with a CD, Data Cable, Power Adapter and many Ipaq features. When you purchase a PDA from HP, you are rewarded with Ipaq points. This is a system where you can buy software for your specific PDA. ...

Cable&Wireless CWD 1501 TWIN 10/04/2006

Cable and Wireless, A Wireless Triumph!

Cable&Wireless CWD 1501 TWIN This pair of phones are amazing value for money! these aren't my frist wireless phones but I have to say they are the first set of phones I have liked! The other phones were crackley and muffled and didn't offer any clarity! however these cable and wireless phones offer amazing sound quality! Features are: 3 line LCD with icons. 10 number phonebook. Last number redial. 5 ringer melodies on handset. Ringer on base. Ringer and earpiece volume control. Mute/secrecy. Call timer. Preparatory dialling. Out of range and low battery warning. Call transfer. Intercom between handsets. Paging. Caller ID with 20 number calls log. Message waiting indicator. Range up to 300m outdoor, 50m indoor. 150 hours standby time. 12 hours talktime. Feature packed high quality phones, for approx 50quid i'd recommened them anyday of the week! The downside to these phones is the additional/second phone, not the base/main phone sometimes doesn't get a dial tone, I've had these for over a year now and it's only done it twice, however it did keep getting knocked off the side by the dog!

Peugeot 106 1.5 D 09/04/2006

106 1.5 Diesel, OK car

Peugeot 106 1.5 D Got one of these a a few months back and din't keep it for long at all! unfrotuneately it really wasn't to my liking, so back to my fiat 55s! yay! The 106 was on a P plate with 84000 miles on the clock, Diesels remember are workhorses and will no doubt clock onto 200,000 miles with ease! thats the engine, the rest of the car may have something to say about that though, The steering ball joints are very weak, in my experience and both broke! The engine is far from quiet, it's an old diesel for sure but it does sound like a Massey Ferguson! Once heard a transit van drive down my street, I turned around, and it wasn't a van at all, it was my sister in this car! These cars are quite common now, 106s have become the new Nova's of the boy racer scene and this may be a problem for many people, but good for young drivers as mods are available everywhere you go! For a diesel this is a nippy, economical car. top speed of about 90ish MPH. If you drove the car quite erraticly and if you speed up the sped limits etc you can get about 100 miles out of a tenner and probably alot more if you drive it nicely. I'd recommend this car because of it's engine, it's a superb little run around and i'm sure you won't find as many problems with it as I do. ...

Peugeot 405 GLi Break 09/04/2006

405 GLi

Peugeot 405 GLi Break A Good mid sized family saloon. There are many advantages to having one of these cars. One they look modenr put up against todays saloons and will always look presentable for a long time. They don't have problems with rust and corrosion anywhere on the body. Spacious and comfortable with plent of room for 5 adults with leg space. The boot space is more than adequate definately enough for a set of golf clubs and more. Comes well equipped front electric windows, P.A.S, comfortable seats, Catalytic Converter, Later models come with airbags and seat belt pre-tensioners. Disadvantages of this car follows: Poor Acceleration for a 1.6i same engine found in the early Citroen Saxos I believe. Has to push some weight though, it's not a sports car so don't expect sports car handling or speed. Doesn't have much top end speed but will cruise nicely at about 80-90 m.p.h. Condensation builds up in the boot hence everything gets wet. Yellow gunky stuff buils up in the oil system when the car is only used on short runs, this is a common sign of head gasket failure, so this does cause confusion!

Samsung SyncMaster 171N 17 in 09/04/2006

Samsung SyncMaster, Amazing!

Samsung SyncMaster 171N 17 in The Samsun SyncMaster 171N is an amazing 17" Flatscreen TFT monitor. I have this black version and have done for the past two years. It has not ever let me down and is yet to have a coloured or dead pixel. Mine came with 3year Samsung warranty, which I believe they all do. Resolution: 1280x1024, Brightness: 250cd/m2, Contrast Ratio: 350:1, Inputs: Analogue, Viewing Angle: 140/120 degrees, Response Time: 0.25ms, Colours Supported:16.2m, Dimensions: 367x369x190, Weight: 5.1kg, With fantastic specifications and now cheap in price it really wouldn't be hard to choose this fantastic monitor. I have had many other monitors made by sony, phillips, LG, Ag Neovo and well....this is by far the best I have ever seen! Fantastic clarity and brightness with a good 25ms response time, it's good for watching fast moving images, DVDs, Games and so on. Another positive to mention is that this is slightly widescreen and it can be tilted, hightened and rotated 90 Degrees, so you can see full A4 documents on the screen! WOW! Feature packed monitor, for a small amount of cash! I can't think fo any downsides to this monitor it really is that great!

Fiat Punto 55 09/04/2006

White Punto 55s

Fiat Punto 55 This is a very reliable, cheap hatchback. I had one for my first ever car and still do own it. Fiats are known for rusting. Mine has rusted quite badly and needs welding for it's next M.O.T, Check everywhere for rust, especially under the floor! They are ideal first cars because of the low insurance group and low tax bracket. Quite robust and will take almost anything a learner driver or inexperienced driver can throw at them. Being an old car, it doesn't match up to todays standards of safety ratings. But they come with seatbelts including middle lap belt in the rear. The 1.1Single Point injected 55s's are suprisingly nippy and fast for their weight. and easily cruise at motorway speeds. I'd choose a punto over a 106 or corsa anyday! my friends have these and I wouldn't give them such a good review!
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