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Monarch Airlines 29/10/2007

No Kingly Experience

Monarch Airlines Wanting a direct flight from Manchester to Orlando in August, I trawled the internet and found Monarch Airlines were offering seats for just under £500 per person. Great, I thought and duly booked 5. I haven't flown long haul for years and my memories of films, good meals and time to sleep were duly smashed with this airline, partly due to hidden costs. Firstly, the films. We had to pay for each headset! Excuse me! I have 3 children eager to watch their free(!) film - so, I have to pay - I'm not going to start by upsetting their holiday. It wasn't much £1.50 a set but for 5 of us that came to £7.50. Having heard about screens in the back of seats, I was looking forward to watching my choice of film while the children watch theirs. I was to be disappointed. Screens came down from the middle overhead compartments and there was one film only for all to see. Secondly, the food. Not bad but with only one choice, one of my children hardly liked any of the food and went hungry! However, anytime drinks came round apart from with the meal, again, you had to pay. I thought on long haul all drinks were complimentary. Thirdly, sleep. It is hard to sleep on the plane unless you are a seasoned traveller. It was fine on the way out. We flew daytime and no-one really wanted to sleep. However, on the way home, we left in the evening and flew overnight arriving in England early in the morning. The lights were never turned off and there was no attempt to get us accustomed to the ...

Austrian Airlines - AUA 21/11/2006

Red stockings!

Austrian Airlines - AUA Loved the red suits the stewardesses wore but not the red stockings - a bit of an overkill on the red! Flew from Heathrow to Tel Aviv via Vienna with a group booking. Arrived at the airport very early and waited for the check-in staff. Heathrow T2 was dead, no comfortable seating near the check-in and half of us were supporting the pillars trying to stay awake. Enough about Heathrow but may want to think twice about taking a very early flight. Finally, on plane, hungry having been up half the night to discover on the first leg of the journey, Heathrow to Vienna (1hr 50mins) that the only freebie was a cup of tea/coffee/orange juice or water. We arrived in Vienna a little late and charged through the airport for our connection flight to Tel Aviv. Managed 5 minutes on a seat in the gate lounge before time to board next flight - still hungry. Vienna to Tel Aviv much better. A meal, quite good I thought having not eaten on an airplane for quite some time - usually use low cost budget companies. It was chicken in a tomato based sauce with something like rice but not rice, with a cake for pudding and wine to drink if you wanted. Even had proper cutlery, not a plastic teaspoon in sight. The film started (The Lake House) just after we had received our food so a careful balancing act of keeping the food on the fork between the drop-down tray and my mouth without falling on my clean, ready for holiday, jeans ensued, while looking up at the film which was shown on drop ...

Dove Farms Organic Bread Flour 13/10/2006

Simply the best

Dove Farms Organic Bread Flour As the title says, this flour is simply the best. Delicious, fluffy, soft bread every time. Why choose this flour above others? - flour is fine, soft and light - never lumpy or heavy - loaves that look fantastic - always rise, lovely golden colour crust using white flour - looks great when serving to visitors - loaves that consistantly taste great - as long as you remember to add all the other ingredients correctly! - loaves with a delicious soft texture inside and a light crunchy crust on the outside, not like using some other flours, which seem to make loaves go spongelike even after a couple of hours out of the tin. I have been making bread in a bread machine now for 3 years and have tried supermarket brands and own brands, no flour has come near Dove Farms quality and reliability, whether organic or not. Even my kids prefer this flour and complain if my local store runs out and I have to use an inferior flour. This is the flour for me and my family. ...

HP Business Inkjet 3000 02/10/2006

Release the Beast!

HP Business Inkjet 3000 This printer is a beast. A bit of overkill for us as it is currently only used by 2 different work stations. We bought this printer as we wanted accurate colours for leaflets and flyers we produced ourselves of photo quality on plain paper - this machine delivers! However delivery of the machine was not as easy - our office is at home and the box only just passed through the front door. It takes two to lift the printer sensibly - or one brave strong man. We keep it on a computer table with wheels so that we can move it easily, although this is just for cleaning behind it occasionally. This machine prints accurately and clearly on all types of paper we have used from 60g copy paper to card, from tape labels to transparancy. We have owned this machine for over 3 years and have never had to call anyone out - just what you expect from HP. The cartridges are extremely easy to change - you just open a hatch on the side of the front panel, take out the old cartridge and put in the new. The machine even gives you a run down on how full the cartridge is and when to order a new one, so there is never any reason to run out! Disadvantages If you run out of cartridges and you do not have a new one, the printer stops working until you replace the cartridge. Very annoying if you just want to use black ink. Most high street shops, supermarkets etc. do not stock the cartridges, we have to order them from a large office supply warehouse. So you can't just run down to the shops when ...

Palm LifeDrive Mobile Manager 25/09/2006

Palm with all the bells and whistles!

Palm LifeDrive Mobile Manager Great leap forward from Palm. This has solved all the memory capacity problems I had with my old Palm Tungsten T. I now have everything I want in one place, no need for memory cards, although these can be used if you wish. Bulkier than my old Palm but just as easy to carry around. For PDA virgins: This unit combines your diary, address book, MP3 player, email, photo album and to-do lists with a calculator and an alarm clock! Sorry, it won't make your tea! Very easy to connect to your computer just follow the simple instructions on the installation CD. For PDA up-grades: You may find some programmes don't work, ie games - its just too fast, and Graffiti 2 is slightly different but I have found this fairly easy to adjust to. The Massive Memory: You've got 64Mb application memory plus 4Gb LifeDrive memory. Most programs will run from the Lifedrive memory with very little reduction of speed, which is much better than using a plug-in memory card. Features: The huge memory allows you to store and play music and video files making your MP3 player redundant unless you want to go jogging. In "drive mode" (a Palm programme) the unit can be connected to any computer as an external USB removeable drive without any set-up requirements, enabling fast transfer of files. I have found this useful when working away from the office transferring files from my laptop to third party computers. With built in Bluetooth and WiFi, it makes connecting to the web and doing emails ...

Dyson DC14 Animal 18/09/2006

All the suction you could want!

Dyson DC14 Animal The suction on the DC14 Animal is amazing - so amazing that my old hall carpet rose from the floorboards as I swept across them! Not good if carpet too loose. The amazing suction also makes it heavy to push, so not for back sufferers. The adjustable beat bar means it works great in my sitting room on my wool carpet and again on the lino in my bathroom. Suction from the hose is much better with this new model than my original Dyson model. The attachments work well, although the crevice tool is a little annoying when doing tight corners eg. under beds, as it is not straight but bends to the left - I tried turning it around but obviously, the suction end was not pointing to the floor anymore! Having a handle on the wand is brilliant, however, the wand is much heavier and by the time I got to the top of my stairs, I felt like I had done a mini workout. I have discovered that if you remove the wand you can fit the attachments inside the hose, which obviously makes it a lot lighter and easier for tricky corners. You can't walk far with the hose before the unit follows you, so would be very dangerous to attempt cleaning the stairs with the unit at the top! Emptying the bin is much easier - you just release the bin from the main machine, take it to your main bin, release the catch and voila its empty. ...
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