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Alex Curran Alex Eau de Toilette 28/10/2012

I don't care for this smell very much at all, it's too flowery

Alex Curran Alex Eau de Toilette I was given the perfume called Alex by the maker’s Alex Currant. I didn’t buy this perfume, I got it from my daughter was got it for a present from her friend at work. My daughter asked me if I wanted it because she didn’t care for it herself. It came in a box with some body lotion but she kept that and gave me the scent. This is another scent I have lost the top off. It’s in a big glass bottle and I have sued a little amount but not that much because I don’t care for it very much either. It smells a bit cheap to me and a bit sweet smelling. I normally like sweet smelling scents but this one isn’t so nice, I find. I am told that this scent is made by someone called Alex Currant who is famous because she is a celebrity. I don’t think I have ever seen this person on the television but I am told she’s married to a famous footballer who has a different name. I thought this scent might have been a bit young for me but it’s not that young and I think it might suit older women more than younger ones, even though it is very sweet. When I first sprayed this I though it smelled of lemons and oranges but then I noticed that it got more deeper smells like vanilla and musk. I’m not so keen on scents which are too musky and then this turns flowery and powdery smelling like talc after about an hour or two. Then when it’s gone very flowery it just fades off and you can’t smell it any more. I I’ve only used a tiny bit out of the top of the bottle. The bottle isn’t so pretty is shape and ...

Selmer Trumpets 27/10/2012

This is a lovely trumpet, I find

Selmer Trumpets When my husband was alive we were always in the Salvation Army together. When he passed on I stayed with the Army and I am still with them today. I am in the marching band still and I play the trumpet. I have had my lovely Selmer trumpet for many years though this one is the second one I have had. My daughter took her dad’s flugel horn when he passed on and now she has it but she cannot play it. I have played the trumpet for many years and it’s a good instrument to play and the Selmer is the one I prefer because I like the tone and the sound that I get out of it. Playing it is also good for my lungs, I find. It’s important to keep your trumpet clean though and have it serviced and I have mine serviced about once a year and I have to take it on the bus and leave it at the shop and then he rings me up to tell me when it’s ready to be collected. He charges about £20 for the service but usually there’s been some adjustments to be made and this costs me a bit more. It’s getting old now. My lovely Selmer trumpet was bought so many years ago now I don’t remember how much it was but you can still buy this make now and it’s a good make but it’s one of the cheaper ones. It’s got a mouth piece but I have to change this and it came with a lovely hard case but this became very badly damaged a long time ago so now I just keep it in my dust bag which it says Selmer on the front. This keeps it nice and clean. The buttons on the valves are made of pearl and they have fallen off a few times ...

L'Occitane Rose 4 Reines Eau de Toilette 26/10/2012

This smells lovely of freshly cut roses and the bottle is pretty

L'Occitane Rose 4 Reines Eau de Toilette Well, I love flowery perfume and roses are one of my favourite flowers. I ordered a wreath of roses for my friend Doreen’s funeral and they are always the flowers I love and I grow them at my allotment. This is why I like this lovely perfume from the makers called L’Occitaine called Rose 4 Reines. The bottle is a lovely shape and it has a sticker in pink with a rose on the front and it is in a spray but I have lost the top again. I am always losing the tops. I like this perfume because it reminds me of many happy memories when the children were still little and my husband was alive. I like a perfume to be flowery because I always think flowery smells are far more feminine. It is an old fashioned sort of smell but it is lovely. It is made from blending the smells of four different kinds of roses and they have made it smell lovely and fresh and it doesn’t smell chemically at all, I find. This is the toilet water and not the perfume so it is a little bit lighter but it still lasts a long time on the skin. I like to spray it behind my lobes and also on both wrists because this is where I find it lasts the longest and this is where you are supposed to spray perfumes, I’m told. Someone once told me if you spray a scent on your brassier it’s supposed to last a bit longer but I have never tried this. I have the small 30ml sized bottle and this one cost me £29 but I tend to get a lot of my scents for Christmas and this is fine because this is what I ask for when people ask me what ...

Lancome Tresor Eau de Parfum 25/10/2012

This is a lovely perfume called Tresor

Lancome Tresor Eau de Parfum Well I have used this lovely perfume called Tresor by the makers Lancome for a long time now and it is what I use for special occasions. It is in a lovely shaped bottle and it is wider at the top and narrower at the bottom. It has five ridges on the glass and I am only down to the first ridge so I haven’t used much of it yet. I have lost the top which is a shame because it was a lovely glass one. The tops keep going off my bottles and I can never find them, and this aggravates me. The glass is see through and you can see how much of the perfume is left inside. I wore this for the park when the weather was nice. I also wore it the last time we had the Church reading group and when it was my friend’s birthday I wore it then. People admire me when I wear this smell and it is lovely. It’s very light and delicate and refreshing, I find. It’s lovely and flowery and not a heavy musky smell like they make now. This is a lovely perfume to give to someone for a present because it shows that you care. I wouldn’t be unhappy if someone gave me a bottle of this. I can always smell lilac and roses and lily of the valley when I wear this scent but after a little while I then can smell a little bit of musk but not very much. I don’t like a perfume that’s too heavily musked. I think there is the smell of amber and vanilla as well and this perfume lasts for a long time on my skin and it’s a perfume and not the lighter toilette water so it lasts a longer time, I find. The bottle I have is the ...

Guy Laroche Fidji Eau de Toilette for Her 24/10/2012

This is another lovely scent I like to wear with an unusual name

Guy Laroche Fidji Eau de Toilette for Her My bottle of Fidji is from the Makers called Guy Laroche. This is an old type of perfume and my daughter used to use it when she was courting and this is how I started to use it. It’s quite a young smell but I still like it. If you buy these size bottles new from the shops then they will cost about £30. Sometimes you can get them cheap at the NSPCC charity shops but they have been used, but you’d expect that. I think someone must not have wanted this one because although the corners of the box are a bit bashed, the amount of perfume in the bottle is till right near to the top and for only £6 I got a good bargain, I think. It is a lovely smelling scent mind you, and I do like it though I don’t wear it every day. It’s a nice smell if you’re going out somewhere such as on a trip. This perfume has been about for a long time and during the e1970’s I can remember my daughter asking for it and she used to get a bottle for Christmas or Birthdays. It’s a lovely flowery smell and these are the sorts of smells I prefer because I always think they are far more feminine than those musk type ones you can get nowadays. It’s still a bit musky once you’ve had it on for a while but it always seems more flowery at first to me and it’s not so musky that it smells like a man’s smell at all. I can always smell lemons and the smell of lovely carnation flowers in this perfume when I spray it. I think there is also a smell of roses in there as well and the musk smell doesn’t come on until a while ...

Worth Je Reviens Eau de Toilette 23/10/2012

I don't care for this Je Reviens perfume at all

Worth Je Reviens Eau de Toilette I used to wear this Je Reviens Scent a lot years ago but I don’t really wear it so much now that’s why it’s such a shame when people will insist on buying it for me and then I have to thank them for it because I don’t want to seem I’m ungrateful. I don’t like this so much now. I have the 100ml bottle and it’s far too big and I’ll never get through this amount. This size isn’t badly priced though, it’s about £10 to £12. If I do wear this then I have to spray a lot of it because it’s quite weak, I find. That’s another thing I don’t care for about this perfume. It’s not strong enough for me. I prefer this to the Poison one though, that’s far too strong. The makers of this perfume are called Worth, and this is written on the front of the bottle, which is tall and made of glass. The bottle is fine but not very fancy. I have kept the box though because I like the look of this. I smell flowery smells when I first spray this perfume, but they are weak flowery smells. It smells like the Magnolia foam and bubble baths I buy from Marks and Spencer. It has also got other smells and I think there is violet in there and jasmine and a bit of musk. It’s the smell of the musk when tends to stay on my skin the longest and I quite like the musk but the flower smells aren’t so nice, I find. It’s a very soft and delicate smelling scent and it might be nice for younger women to wear to work or for people who are at college and for light daytime use, but this is not a scent which impresses me ...

Dior Poison Eau de Toilette 22/10/2012

This is a terrible smell and I don't care for it at all

Dior Poison Eau de Toilette Well, this is a terrible smelling scent and I don’t wear it because I don’t want to smell bad. I still have it and the bottle looks quite nice, just like a glass plum on my chest of drawers. The Marie Curie Cancer Shop were selling used bottles of scents and I bought this one and it only cost a few pounds. I think that someone must have given it away because it was smelling terrible. It’s far too strong and it gets on your chest. I’m ashamed if I’ve sprayed this because you can’t get it off yourself and it won’t wash out your clothes and when I wore it to go for my glaucoma test at the surgery the Nurse said it was strong. She didn’t say it wasn’t nice but I felt like I had to apologise for the smell. I think you can also buy the perfume but this is just the toilet water. I cannot imagine why anyone would pay a lot of money for this scent at all. It smells like very ripened fruit in the bowl when the sun has been shining on it for a long time though the kitchen window or if I have left the bowl in the conservatory. It’s a very rich smell and I am sure I can smell plums and nectarines and blackberries and things like that but not in a nice way. They don’t smell like fresh fruit from the greengrocer, they smell like fruit that’s stood for too long and it’s started to turn. This can’t be a good smell for a scent. I think this is a very old fashioned sort of smell and it seems very heavy and it can make you cough if you breathe it in too much. You only need the littlest bit ...

Estee Lauder White Linen Eau de Parfum 21/10/2012

This is a lovely light and flowery perfume

Estee Lauder White Linen Eau de Parfum My daughter and me both use this lovely perfume from the makers Esteee Lauder and it is called White Linen. I like this perfume because it is very light and flowery and lovely and sweet, I find, and just the way I like my perfumes to be, it’s very ladylike. I don’t buy my own perfumes but I get them as presents. I think that when you get older that people run out of ideas about what they can buy you for presents and they tend to just buy you perfumes and toiletries ad things for the bath a lot but this is fine with me because I like things like this. My bottle is the medium sized one and I think this costs about £35 and you can get this in Boots the Chemist, I’ve seen it in there. The bottle is made of glass and it’s beveled but it’s still a plain looking bottle which is a bit of a shame because I tend to like perfume buttes to be nice and fancy because they look better on the dressing table. This is the perfume and not the toilet water so it’s the stronger one and it lass a long time on your skin. This scent is very flowery as soon as I spray it and I really like this. It reminds me of the allotment or the back garden in the summer and it doesn’t smell man made, it smells of natural cut flowers, I find. I can always smell lovely roses when I wear this scent and even violets and lilies. It s a lovely scent to be worn for during the day for going for a lovely walk in the park on a nice sunny day, for going to a show or for going out on a trip. It’s not a heavy smell at all ...

Chanel Allure Eau de Parfum 20/10/2012

This is quite nice I find, but it's not a favourite of mine

Chanel Allure Eau de Parfum I have some perfume from the makers called Chanel and the name of this perfume is Allure. This is the perfume and not the toilet water so it is quite strong. I think this is quite an expensive perfume though I generally prefer the cheaper ones because I always think it’s such a waste to spend a lot of money on a perfume. I’m not sure I appreciate all the smells there are because my sense of smell isn’t what it used to be. My very good friend bought this for me. I think this is more the sort of perfume for a younger woman or if you are going out on a nice night out with a young man. You could still wear it if you’re married though and not courting. This is quite a plain looking bottle but I still have the box which I put it inside to keep the sun off it. It’s not one of my prettier looking perfume bottles but the scent is nice enough, I find. I have nets up in the back bedroom though to keep the sun out so they don’t spoil. When you first spray this scent I think it smells quite fruity and a little bit like gin or vodka, I can definitely smell some alcohol in it but it’s mixed up with the fruity smell so it’s not so bad. When I’ve had it on for a bit I can also smell some lovely flowers such as roses and jasmines and strong lilies as well. Then the lovely vanilla smell happens and this is when the perfume smells at its best after it’s been on for a while. It’s not so good when you first spray it and I don’t care for it much for the first half an hour. I didn’t like it at all ...

Revlon Charlie Pink Eau de Toilette 19/10/2012

THis Charlie is quite nice but it's not my favourite scent

Revlon Charlie Pink Eau de Toilette I have got a lovely little bottle of perfume called Charlie and this is the Pink one. There are other sorts of smells in this collection. I think Charlie has been around for quite a long time and it is by the makers called Revlon. This is a pleasant smell but it isn’t a favourite, I prefer the more flowery sorts and especially the lavender ones. This is more of a fresher smell, I find, though it’s still nice to use. This is a toilette water perfume and not the perfume stronger one which is meant to be heavier and last longer on the skin. My bottle is only little and I paid just under £6 for this size, which I thought was a fair price to pay. It comes in a pretty little pink box, I tend to like to keep the boxes for my perfumes, especially if they are pretty and it means that if I keep them inside the boxes, it keeps the sun out and stops them from turning. The bottle is made of glass and it has got a handy little sprayer on the top. This is a very light and sweet smelling perfume but it is more fruity than flowery, I find. I prefer a more flowery perfume because I think the flowery ones are more feminine and lady-like. This is lovely to wear for during the day if you are going out or on a trip out on the coach. I can smell oranges and lemons a bit when I first spray this perfume but then it changes and gets a different smell like musk. This is nice, I find. The only thing that’s not so good about this scent is that it doesn’t last very long at all and you have to keep ...

Woods of Windsor Lavender Eau de Toilette 18/10/2012

This is lovely, especially if you like lavender

Woods of Windsor Lavender Eau de Toilette I have a lovely bottle of lavender spray and it’s a toilette water and it is from the makers Woods of Windsor. This was a lovely present I received from the Friends of the Church and it came in a pretty box with lavender flowers on the front of it. This isn’t a cheap scent and I am happy that they chose this one because lavender is my favourite smell and I find it suits me. I have always liked lavender smells, even when I was a younger woman and I think they are timeless and can be worn at any age. My bottle is the 100ml size and these ones cost about £20 so they must have had a good collection. Mine is in a tall bottle which is made of glass and it has a little silver coloured top and the sprayer is underneath. I like to have a few squirts of this and it lasts me a long time after I’ve sprayed it. It’s quite strong smelling when it first goes on but it soon goes off to a more calm smell. People will comment tot me when I wear this lovely perfume and I also think it’s a lovely box to keep and this is why I didn’t throw the box out because I think the box is even more pretty than the bottle is. I think lavender is a lovely English smell and it reminds me of lovely country gardens in the summer time when the sun is shining. The makers have mixed the lavender up with other smells like musk so this is not too sweet a smell and it’s not just of flowers, I find. My daughter doesn’t care for this smell because she prefers something a bit more heavy though this is perfect for ...

Sarah Jessica Parker The Lovely Collection Twilight Eau de Parfum 17/10/2012

This is from the Lovely Collection and called twilight

Sarah Jessica Parker The Lovely Collection Twilight Eau de Parfum I have some perfume by the people who make the ‘LOVELY’ collection for the star of the American programme and it is called Twilight. The prefume is called Twilight, not the show. I don’t watch the programme myself but my daughter gave me this because she wasn’t so keen on the smell of it. I like it but I don’t wear it that much. It is in a lovely square shaped glass bottle and it says The Lovely Collection’ on the front of the square bit and then it says Twilight’ in bigger letters. When I got this it had a lovely pretty rounded cut out glass top but that fell off and I’ve never seen it. It rolled under one of the cupboards in the kitchen and then when they pulled out the washer it stuck bhind and I couldn’t reach it even with the swiffer stick and so it’s still there. It’s a shame because it set the bottle off lovely. The perfume is nice though. I don’t know why my daugter didn’t care for this scent because it’s a pretty smell and very womanly, I find. It is quite fresh and nice and flowery just the way I like scents to be. I wear this behind the ears and also on my wrists where this is the best places to put scents because they tend to last longer. This has a lovely flowery smelll when you first spray it but then it goes to a different type of smell I find after it’s been on for a bit. It smells rich after a while and this is hard to describe. It loses its flowery smell and it becomes a bit more like a nightime scent would smell. This would be a lovely scent to go to the ...

Stihl 044C 16/10/2012

This has been a lovely chainsaw over the years

Stihl 044C I don’t use the chainsaw as much now as I used to do but I used it in the summer for cutting back the bigger branches of the tree that overhang the garden and block out the light, this is a terrible nuisance I find. My chainsaw is a Sthil model and it’s called a 044C, this was a second hand one I got from the free paper and my daughter took me to have a look at it and pick it up. This was many years ago in about the middle of the 1990’s and that is when I used to use it the most back then but I still use it now, I have to because of the trees. It’s very heavy though and very dangerous to use and if you are not used to using one then you must be very careful because if you are not used to them they can kick back at you. Mine takes petrol and gas and it has got the longer 20” blade and I used to have the smaller 14” bladed one from B&Q but this was never as good. I wear my steel toe cap boots that used to belong to my husband and it was him who first showed me how to use one of these when he was alive, and special safety trousers if I ever have to use this because you cannot be too careful of the dangers. It’s best to wear a mask as well because sometimes you can get a choking feeling from the wood dust and the petrol fumes. I don’t climb up high with it any more like I used to do because of a fear of falling off the ladders with it because it’s very heavy but I still use it so long as I can stand on the grass or the concrete where I am lower down I know I am safest, I ...

Samsung WB1000 15/10/2012

This is a lovely camera from Samsung

Samsung WB1000 This is a lovely little digital camera that I have and it is from the makers Samsung. This one cost me £129 and I got it from new and I bought this for myself because I was keep borrowing my son’s camera. Before I had this camera I had a Kodak Instamatic 125 that I have had for years. I still have that camera but it’s a very old model and I don’t think they can be bought any more mow and you have to pout in a film and then take it to the chemist to get developed. This is a digital camera and you don’t have to get any of the film developed at all and it is far easier and if I can use this then I think that anyone would be able to. This little camera is in silver and black and I think it looks lovely. It is not too small and not too large and it is easy for me to be able to use it though I just use it for very basic things such as taking pictures of my allotment and the vegetables I grow because I enter competitions. I am entering the pumpkin competition this year but its been a bad year for pumpkins because of al the wet weather we’ve had and then I auction the pumpkins off for charity. This camera’s size is 9.7cm x 2.1cm x 6.1cm. It is quite light and it weighs 160g which is about the size of two medium sized duck eggs. It has got 12.2 mega pixels which I am told is quite good. It has got a built in flash so you don’t have to put one of those little square flash bulbs on the top when it’s dark like I had to with my last camera and it focuses for me automatically, which is ...

Everything that starts with G ... 14/10/2012

My lovely little Gertie

Everything that starts with G ... I am writing today about my lovely little chicken who was called Gertrude but I used to call her Gertie and she has sadly passed away. Even though it has been a week and a half now I am still finding myself becoming upset about my loss and I fill up. She was with all my other chickens in my allotment and I had four of them in all and they all had their own different personalities. She was a White Suffolk chicken and the other two I have are Blue Hays chickens. Gertie’s friend was the other Light Suffolk and she is still with us and she was named Keith, but this was a name my granddaughter gave her, not me. Gertie wasn’t with us very long but she was such a lovely little chicken and she was very loving and she would come up to me more than the other girls and she would take the corn out of my hands and she would let me pick her up. She was henpecked by the other girls and she was always the bottom of the pile but I think this is why I got so attached to her and I even can say that I loved her and that might sound silly to some people to say that they loved a chicken but losing her last week has really affected me a lot and upset me greatly. She was such a lovely little hen and so bonny to look at until she went right downhill and she couldn’t be bothered to take care of herself any more and it was time to let her go. I wasn’t being fair on her and I was only keeping her alive for myself really and that was elfish of me. The vet more or less told me this the last time I took ...
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