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VTech Dora TV Globe Trotter 19/07/2009

my adventure with dora and boots

VTech Dora TV Globe Trotter My 4 yr old son got this toy for Christmas gift and he has liked it so far. He very quickly got to hang of the joystick. It's amazed to watch him pick out the countries and find the animals. Dora TV adventure globe is an interactive TV-connectable learning toy. PACKAGE - In the box you will find: the Dora TV adventure globe main unit, user's manual and one scart connector. On the toy you will find: continent key, Dora joystick, learn and explore key, adventure play key, explore and find key, answer key, repeat key, TV/off/play along switch, enter key and exit key. SET UP Here you got two choices: - Battery installation - you can insert batteries in the unit. Make sure that the unit is off and insert 4 "AA" batteries. - Ac adaptor - you can use a Vtech 9v---300mA / AC/DC adaptor. Make sure the unit is turn off and plug the power jack into the 9v DC socket at the back of the unit. CONNECTING THE DORA TV ADVENTURE GLOBE TO YOUR TV - connecting to a television - connect the Dora globe to your TV or monitor by plugging the colored cables on the unit into the matching color video and audio input jacks on your TV set. - Connecting to a VCR - if there is no video in and audio in terminal on your TV set, you can connect the globe to a VCR. Turn on your Dora TV adventure globe by turning the main selector switch to the TV position or the play along position. Turn of the unit at any time by turning the switch to the off position. If there is no input to the ...

VTech V-Smile Game - Dora the Explorer 19/07/2009


VTech V-Smile Game - Dora the Explorer Hello! My son has been watching Dora the Explore on TV for sometime now and he start to learn Spanish- just from watching TV. So my husband and I decide to buy him Dora fix-it adventure game for his v smile. On the beginning it was quiet hard for him to learn how to control the game but after while he got use to it. He really enjoys play this game and most often he try's to copy the words from the game in Spanish. *** THE GAME*** Dora's Fix-it Adventure: This game is base on Tico's air-car-boat-mobile! Tico invites Dora and boots for a ride on his new machine but before they can do that, they have to rebuild air-car-boat-machine. You have to help Dora to find the missing parts before Swiper the fox can swipe them. Before you going to put your game in the console turn the power of, put your game in the slot and turn power on. On the screen you will find welcome from Dora and main menu: ***Learning Adventure- after choice this mode you will be ask to choice easy or difficult mode and one or two players. Here you have to help Dora and boots to use the map to choice the way they will go to find Tico machine parts. - Colour Forest - here you have to help Dora and boots to find the steering wheel of Tico's air-car-boat-mobile which one land in the Colour Forest. You have to find them before Swiper can swipe it. Here you will find as well 6 mini games called : Broken Bridge where you have to help Dora and Boots to choose the colour piece that will fix the ...

Poisonous Plants 19/07/2009

Surrounded by danger

Poisonous Plants Hello! I’ve been growing all kinds of different varieties of fruits and vegetables for as I say nearly all my life. When I was a little girl I was always helping my mother in the back garden with all kind of jobs was needed doing. But since then many years pass, now I am a mother of two. And just about 5 years ago I got my own allotment. And just recently I took notice of poisonous plants to my mind. My neighbour from the allotment has little boy and he is always helping them in the allotment. And just recently I have spoken to my neighbour and she told me that her son has been very ill- he had a very bad diarrhea. And I ask her what cause it - she said the seed potato. Since that accident I have took more attention to a poisonous plants in my garden, but as I have been reading books about them I’ve find out that I can bee surrounded by poisonous plants in my own home. However, human’s death from plant poisonous in Great Brittan is low - the NCP records estimates that one or two people die each year. But what surprise me more that the record shows that about 5000 people a year become ill thought contact with those plants. However the treatment is available but often delayed because doctors are unaware of what poison was. If you suspected poisoning by those plants you should contact the medical assistance immediately and explain them what you were doing and what plants was-to get the help quicker. Bearing in mind that prevention is better then cure, infants and small ...

Tomatoes 21/06/2009


Tomatoes Tomatoes - lycopersicon esculentum Tomatoes are normally red and round shape fruits but as the market for them still grow there different varieties, callous and shapes. The first tomato came from Eastern Mexico and they first been grown by Aztecs. The tomatoes spared all over the world after Spain made their great discoveries of America. And from about 18th century tomatoes has been eaten nearly all over the world. In Brittan first tomato has been grown by John Gerard. As I was reading I find out that the biggest tomato tree is growing inside the Walt Disney Resort’s in Lake Buena Vista and this is the biggest single tomato plant in the world and produce 32000 tomatoes. Tomatoes are very good for you, they are high in nutrients and containing high level of vitamin and as we all know they are low in calories. One tomato can contain: 5mg of calcium, 0.5mg of iron, 11mg of magnesium, 19.1mg of vitamin, and the list can go on and on. I enjoy to grow them and specially to eat them. When I was a little girl my mum had a greenhouse and she always grow own tomatoes. When I started my own family and move away from my mum’s I was buying tomatoes from shop. And I have to say that the shop ones are horrible - they don’t smell like my mums and taste different. So after a got sorted with my own plot I got myself a greenhouse and started to grown my own. It a great fun to grow them even my 6 old boy like to do them- starting them from tinny seed to a juicy crop. The tomato seeds ...

Cucumber 11/05/2009


Cucumber Cucumber- cucumus sativus Since I was a little girl my mom always was growing her own cucumbers. And they are so delicious, we are just pick them up and ate. Someone may say that cucumber is a just a cucumber but I will not agree to that. The cucumbers from the shop may taste same but you cannot replace the fresh smell of it. And it’s a great fun to grow them. As I notice in most supermarket and vegetable shops you only can find one kind of the cucumbers. I like to grow the little green ones and cucumbers called “lemon” -which look just like a lemon but taste like the cucumbers. They are easy to grow in the greenhouse or outdoor, and you do not need to grow many as just three plants should feed your family. You will find different kinds of the cucumber: *the frame (greenhouse) - this cucumber are most popular and they are sold in every shop. They are large, smooth skinned and quiet long. They are grown in the greenhouses as they need some protection from cold weather. They are grown as a climbing plant and they fruits can hand down. *ridge- those are not so popular and it’s quiet hard to find them in the shops as a fresh ones. They are short, knobby or spiny skin. They are normally grown in the ridges outdoor. They are mostly grown for pickling. *apple- those are novelty variety and as I say “I have not seen them in the shop yet“. They are round and pale, yellowish-white skin and good texture. Those can be grown in pots or boxes outside in a warm part of the ...

Iron Man (DVD) 24/04/2009

iron man

Iron Man (DVD) "Peace means having a bigger stick than the other guy." "Iron man” - it is a story about billionaire, industrialist and brilliant inventor Tony Stark (as Robert Downey Jr.)-Who is a chief of Stark’s Industries and main supplier of weapon for USA government? Careless style of Tony’s life is changed forever, when his convoy has been attack by rebels and Tony he has been kidnapped by them. Tony is wounded from missile and one piece of the missile has stack near his heart. Tony has been enforce to constructing very powerful weapon for Raze (as Faran Tahir), who is a leader of rebels. However, Tony do not care about demand of his kidnappers and uses his intellect and genius to construct Armour, which will keep him a life and it will help him to escape. After return to America he tries to come to order with his past and his is promising that now his firm Stark Industries will be developing in completely new direction. Despite contumacy Obadiah’s Stane (as Jeff Bridges), who is a right hand and one of chief of firm, and who has taken care of the firm over Tony’s absence. Now Tony is spending whole days and nights in his workshop, where is working on constructing advanced technologically Armour, which will assures him of superhuman power and it will protect him from any attacks. This film has been issued in original cinema format 2.40:1. And from the technical parts it is a real pearl. The picture is perfect with saturated colors. The sound is in three - dimensional and very ...

VTech Bobs Mobile Phone 16/04/2009

Bob's mobile

VTech Bobs Mobile Phone Hello! My son has been great fan of bob the builder for quiet sometime. But as time goes - he is 6 now- he grow up from some of his baby toys. And just few days ago I have cleared his bedroom from his old and baby toys. And there was quiet some of them and in good condition so I thought that I will take them to the charity shop. But as I was packing them his younger sister was sort of helping me. As I was putting the toys in the bag she was taking them out. And she has find bob mobile phone and started to play with it. So I can say that I have clear my boy bedroom to his sister bedroom. And I just clean it up with only few toys going to the charity shop. Since them my little girl is waking the phone and saying: ‘bob on the phone’. I do like vetch toys but my kids love them. the toy The phone is shape of bob the builder - with yellow hard hat, orange and yellow check shirt, square blue body and brown shoes. On the body you will find quiet few buttons: dizzy, Wendy, scoop, pilchard, muck, and numbers from 0 to 9, on/off button, hash button and sliding mode button. The 2 AA batteries go in the back. When you will press the ‘on’ button you will hear bobs music and bob will say:’ hello team let’s get started’. Then you can choose what mode you want to play: numbers, music or question. When you press ‘off’ button bob will say ‘goodbye’. In the numbers mode - if you press any of the numbers buttons marked from 0 to 9 bob will tell you which number you have ...

Melons 09/04/2009

grow your own melons

Melons Melons (cucurbitaceous) The melons are lovely and refreshing and juicy on the hot summer days. And what is the best that you don’t have to go to shop to by them but just step outside your door step and pick them from your garden. My kids enjoyed to just to go to ours allotment and seed their seeds and watch them to grow. And when the melons are ready they love to pick them up and eat. Most of the time they will say: ‘they smell nice and they are so juicy’. They are easy to grow if you can provide them right conditions. The melons are normally grown in temperate climates but they require similar conditions to cucumbers. Probably you will find out that the melons what you will grow will be little different then in the shop- probably they will be little bit smaller and vary in shape. But doesn’t worry about that they will still taste the same or even better. soil and site If you will be growing melons outdoors the best side for them will be very sunny and they will need to be grown in cold frames or under cloches. But if you will be growing them in your greenhouse will give you better and earlier crop. The soil should be well drained fertile loam. Make sure that you will prepare the soil one month before planting. And to do so fill your bed with well rotted garden compost (the best is paddock manure) and turn over the soil. They do not like acid soils so it will better if you can test the soil and add lime as necessary at least six weeks before ...

Beetroot 15/03/2009

Grown your own beetroot

Beetroot Beetroot - beta vulgaris Beetroot is normally round and red root vegetable but there are some varieties what are different shapes and colour. The first beetroot came from the coast of Mediterranean Sea but the botanist can not determine if that was domestic or wild grown. The earliest notes comes from Mesopotamia in BC which determine it was grow as a domestic vegetable. Beetroot is very good for you because is reach in carbohydrates, protein and its got high levels of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients. And hasn’t got any cholesterol. One beet can contain : 1.6g of protein, 0.17g of fat ( that’s hardly nothing),9.6 of carbohydrate, 6.7g of sugar, 16mg of calcium, 0.8mg of iron, 4.9mg of vitamin C and the list can go on and on… The beetroot is grown from the seeds and they are very easy to obtain from any garden centre or supermarket- I’m buying mine from Wilkinson and they never let me down and only cost 49 pens.. There is quiet long list of different varieties of beet and they normally classified in three categories: Long : Cheltenham green-top, Long blood red ,Formanova Round : Detroit, Detroit new globe, Regala, Detroit little ball, Boltardy, Boltardy mono-seeded, Ruby queen, Globe, early bunch, Avon early, Dwergina Novelty : Burpes golden, snowhite, golden beet, Klein how to grow them Beet is a fairly straightforward vegetable to raise and one which has long been popular. It has so many uses in the kitchen that you are never likely to waste any ...

Tomy Thomas the Tank Engine 04/03/2009


Tomy Thomas the Tank Engine A very warm welcome to all Thomas friends!!! I've got a little boy age 5, who is very fascinated by Thomas the tanks engine and all his friends (made by Tommy). ***********How it started. ********** About 4 years ago my husband and me was visiting my husband nephew. They have some Thomas toys for sale (and if I remember right it was Thomas medium set and some trains). Therefore, we sad why not and we did. In addition, since that day my son is just mad on anything to do with Thomas the tank engine and his friends. He plays with toys, ride Thomas bike, and scooter, wears only Thomas cloths, eats from Thomas plate with Thomas knife, fork and spoon. But the biggest adventure with Thomas for our family is to spend our holidays around steam railway where Thomas visits (what normal cold "days out with Thomas the tank engine and his friends"). The big train collection: *************** ********TRAINS*************** ********** 1. *Thomas the tank engine* -It is a small blue tank engine with number one on it. He has six small wheels, a short stumpy funnel, a short stumpy boiler and dome. He shunts coaches for big engines and he has own branch line. In the box you will find - Thomas with Annie and Callable. 2. * Edward* - It is an old tender engine. He is blue with number two on it. He is kind to trucks and coaches, which he almost never bumps. He has four small wheels and four big ones. The engine comes with tender, carriage and troublesome truck. 3. *Henry* - green ...

Rhubarb 01/03/2009

rown your own rhubarb

Rhubarb Rhubarb- rheum rhaponticum The red or green stalks of rhubarb are a welcome treat in early spring, well before there is any fruit in the garden and while fruit in the shops is still expensive. The season for rhubarb is a long one, from mid spring until late summer. Originally a native of Siberia, rhubarb is a hardy, frost resistant, long lived plant. Because it will survive in poor conditions it is often treated as the poor relation of the garden, left to grow without proper care in a weedy, overgrown patch of ground. Although it will survive such treatment, rhubarb grown in this way not crop well. Select the site for planting with care, thoroughly prepare the ground and cultivate the plant properly and it return you will enjoy years of good harvests. But you have to remember never eat the poisonous leaves as the oxalic acid they contain can be fatal. Choose a sunny site, sheltered from north and east winds and one where the plants can remain undisturbed for several years. Avoid low-lying ground liable to hold frost. Rhubarb will not crop early on a frosty site and late frosts will turn the leaves brown and rot the steams. Because rhubarb is a greedy feeder, do not site it too near trees or hedgerows where it will be competing for food and moisture. Nor should you plant it near fruit trees, because and chemical sprays you use on them will have a harmful effect on the rhubarb. Although rhubarb will grow in any ordinary garden soil, it prefers a slightly acid, deep, ...

Carrots 20/02/2009

growing your carrots

Carrots Carrots are one of the easiest vegetable crops to grow, provided the soil has been well prepared. They are rich in in calcium, phosphorus and vitamin A. Carrots can be classified in two different ways: by shape or by the time of cropping. Shapes can be basically divided into three different groups, the short kind, which are round or stumpy-rooted; the medium length type, more or less sausage-shape or with a cylindrical tapering root; and the log rooted, tapering type. Long carrots can reach 3? in length, and should really only be attempted if you have near perfect growing conditions; otherwise, it is best to stick to intermediate or early varieties. Carrots are basically cropped in two ways. Early, quick-growing crops are pulled when quite small and either used raw in salads or cooked. Those can be grown under glass or in the open. Their taste and texture when young are considered by many to be superior to fully mature carrots crops; they are sweeter and more tender then main crops. The larger carrots, sown later in the year and pulled for winter storage, tent to be slightly tougher in texture and less flavourful. Most people think of all carrots as orange, but in the wild carrot from which garden types were developed has a white taproot, and in Europe purple, white and pale yellow varieties of carrots are grown. Because of their high sugar content, carrots are cultivated for sugar production as well as for use as a vegetable, and for distilling ...

VTech V.Smile Learning Game: Disney's Cinderella "Cinderella's Magic Wishes" 15/02/2009

dream can come true

VTech V.Smile Learning Game: Disney's Cinderella "Cinderella's Magic Wishes" Hi! I now that my son likes playing his vsmile games- his is 6 now and still he has this same enthusiasm as just few years ago. And for last few years I?ve been helping and watching him playing I decide I will buy game just for a girls as I got 2 year old girl. Or as my husband would say for me. So went on the internet to look for one and I got it from eBay nearly for peanuts. The game arrive just few days ago. As to my surprise my son went for it and he don?t mind that was a Cinderella but actually he was happy about this game. As he say to latter he has got a Cinderella week in school. So it was a good fun for him. THE GAME As all vsmile games the packet is a lot bigger then actually the game cartage. When the game is in your console you will find a main Manu: Learning adventure where you can play an adventure game with Cinderella and her friends. Learning zone where you can play 4 separate games. Option where you can turn the music on or off, and choose between limited and unlimited chances to play the game. Once you have selected the Learning Adventure mode, you can choose between ?Adventure Play? or ?Quick Play.? You can also see your score on this screen. In adventure play you can help Cinderella make her dreams come true by plating the game in story order, in the quick play you can play the games in any order you choose. Learning adventure games: Princess checklist - here you can help her check off everything on the list, so she can become a true ...

Tomy Thomas the Tank Engine Megasketcher 12/02/2009

Drawing adwenture with Thomas

Tomy Thomas the Tank Engine Megasketcher HELLO AGAIN THOMAS THE TANK FRIENDS!!!! About three years ago I and my husband bought for my son just a classic version of mega sketcher. We thought that will be something to in courage him to start draw a pictures. And in fact that was a good idea because he never been interesting making any pictures. On the beginning he did not take any notice of if and it's been lying in the corner of his bedroom for weeks and then suddenly he pick it up. He starts to make funny shapes. But as time pas and he becomes hue fan of Thomas the tank - he asks us to buy him a Thomas the tank mega sketcher and so we did. And that was it. He was straight to it. He often comes to me and shows me his pictures of Thomas and his friends and asks me who is on the picture. THOMAS MEGASKETCHER This mega sketcher is molded to look like Thomas the Tank Engine himself. It is a magnetic drawing board in shape and color of Thomas the tank engine. And it's not very heavy so your toddler can lift it up easy. In the middle you will find a gray plastic surface to draw. It comes with a yellow pen with thick and thin writing points. In the bottom of the drawing board you will find as well two little holes with two engine stamps -Thomas and Percy. These stamps are in yellow color. The eraser is located on the right side of the board and is decorated with a picture of Harold the helicopter. In the top right corner you will find a yellow track roller. Two "stampers", one featuring Thomas and one ...

VTech Turn and Learn Driver 08/02/2009

drive on

VTech Turn and Learn Driver Hi! This toy come from one of our car boot trips. As most of time if I see a nice looking toy there I will always buy for my kids as it a bargain. When we bought it , it hasn't have any batteries in it. So when we got home I put in it the batteries. And the toy was working! My 10 months old daughter like it . She likes to travel in car so it was a good toy for her to play in it and pretend that she is driving a car. As she always goes broom broom… This toy is not so big , it can fit perfectly on my daughter knees in a car seat. And she can play comfortably. THE TOY The base is in white colour , on the left and side you will find blue mirror and three yellow buttons with a radio, police car and petrol pump pictures, in the middle there is blue steering wheel with red horn, on the each side of the steering wheel you can find left/right lights which ones flash in yellow colour, on the right side you will find a traffic lights , green gear shifter, and ignition -on/ off key. In the back you will find volume control button. When you turn the toy on you will hear toot toot , then engine star and the voice will say hold on tight lets go driving and the song will follow: let go driving on the road can you find you letters , can you find a pictures a b c one two three all a board…. When your child spin the rollers to line up different vehicle and animal combination and depending on the picture it will hear letters, shapes, colours and animal names. When three of the same ...
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