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Thank you for all your comments and ratings ! Spring-finlly time for my allotment! yeeeeeee

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VTech Dora TV Globe Trotter 19/07/2009

my adventure with dora and boots

VTech V-Smile Game - Dora the Explorer 19/07/2009


Poisonous Plants 19/07/2009

Surrounded by danger

Poisonous Plants Hello! I’ve been growing all kinds of different varieties of fruits and vegetables for as I say nearly all my life. When I was a little girl I was always helping my mother in the back garden with all kind of jobs was needed doing. But since then many years pass, now I am a mother of two. And just about 5 years ago I got my own allotment. And just recently I took notice of poisonous plants to my mind. My neighbour from the allotment has little boy and he is always helping them in the allotment. And just recently I have spoken to my neighbour and she told me that her son has been very ill- he had a very bad diarrhea. And I ask her what cause it - she said the seed potato. Since that accident I have took more attention to a poisonous plants in my garden, but as I have been reading books about them I’ve find out that I can bee surrounded by poisonous plants in my own home. However, human’s death from plant poisonous in Great Brittan is low - the NCP records estimates that one or two people die each year. But what surprise me more that the record shows that about 5000 people a year become ill thought contact with those plants. However the treatment is available but often delayed because doctors are unaware of what poison was. If you suspected poisoning by those plants you should contact the medical assistance immediately and explain them what you were doing and what plants was-to get the help quicker. Bearing in mind that prevention is better then cure, infants and small ...

Tomatoes 21/06/2009


Cucumber 11/05/2009


Iron Man (DVD) 24/04/2009

iron man

Iron Man (DVD) "Peace means having a bigger stick than the other guy." "Iron man” - it is a story about billionaire, industrialist and brilliant inventor Tony Stark (as Robert Downey Jr.)-Who is a chief of Stark’s Industries and main supplier of weapon for USA government? Careless style of Tony’s life is changed forever, when his convoy has been attack by rebels and Tony he has been kidnapped by them. Tony is wounded from missile and one piece of the missile has stack near his heart. Tony has been enforce to constructing very powerful weapon for Raze (as Faran Tahir), who is a leader of rebels. However, Tony do not care about demand of his kidnappers and uses his intellect and genius to construct Armour, which will keep him a life and it will help him to escape. After return to America he tries to come to order with his past and his is promising that now his firm Stark Industries will be developing in completely new direction. Despite contumacy Obadiah’s Stane (as Jeff Bridges), who is a right hand and one of chief of firm, and who has taken care of the firm over Tony’s absence. Now Tony is spending whole days and nights in his workshop, where is working on constructing advanced technologically Armour, which will assures him of superhuman power and it will protect him from any attacks. This film has been issued in original cinema format 2.40:1. And from the technical parts it is a real pearl. The picture is perfect with saturated colors. The sound is in three - dimensional and very ...

VTech Bobs Mobile Phone 16/04/2009

Bob's mobile

VTech Bobs Mobile Phone Hello! My son has been great fan of bob the builder for quiet sometime. But as time goes - he is 6 now- he grow up from some of his baby toys. And just few days ago I have cleared his bedroom from his old and baby toys. And there was quiet some of them and in good condition so I thought that I will take them to the charity shop. But as I was packing them his younger sister was sort of helping me. As I was putting the toys in the bag she was taking them out. And she has find bob mobile phone and started to play with it. So I can say that I have clear my boy bedroom to his sister bedroom. And I just clean it up with only few toys going to the charity shop. Since them my little girl is waking the phone and saying: ‘bob on the phone’. I do like vetch toys but my kids love them. the toy The phone is shape of bob the builder - with yellow hard hat, orange and yellow check shirt, square blue body and brown shoes. On the body you will find quiet few buttons: dizzy, Wendy, scoop, pilchard, muck, and numbers from 0 to 9, on/off button, hash button and sliding mode button. The 2 AA batteries go in the back. When you will press the ‘on’ button you will hear bobs music and bob will say:’ hello team let’s get started’. Then you can choose what mode you want to play: numbers, music or question. When you press ‘off’ button bob will say ‘goodbye’. In the numbers mode - if you press any of the numbers buttons marked from 0 to 9 bob will tell you which number you have ...

Melons 09/04/2009

grow your own melons

Beetroot 15/03/2009

Grown your own beetroot

Tomy Thomas the Tank Engine 04/03/2009


Rhubarb 01/03/2009

rown your own rhubarb

Carrots 20/02/2009

growing your carrots

VTech V.Smile Learning Game: Disney's Cinderella "Cinderella's Magic Wishes" 15/02/2009

dream can come true

Tomy Thomas the Tank Engine Megasketcher 12/02/2009

Drawing adwenture with Thomas

VTech Turn and Learn Driver 08/02/2009

drive on

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