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Crusader Kings (PC) 05/08/2010

Another Paradox classic

Crusader Kings (PC) Hello sire. This outstanding game is set between the years of the great invasion of 1066 to 1453. You have to guide your family/ dynasty through years of war, plague and hardship to become the most powerful family of all Christendom. The map of the world is just that -the known world of medieval times, north Africa, Europe and Scandinavia. The game is huge - completely open ended so its up to yourself how you determine what you think is success - my personal favourite - although i have yet to acheive - is to complete the conquest of England as the Welsh - very hard indeed. You can conquer land in several ways - the easiest is through convincing and leaning on your inferior neighbours to become your vassals - independant states but under your overall command. You can inherit land - which makes those marriage proposals and acceptance much more difficult. The most satisfying way is to gain the land through conquest - remember those vassals - request them to march at your side to create an unstoppable army. The game being as it is will only really appeal with those who like medieval hardcore games. The game can go for hours without anything happening apart from you building your infrastructure - especially if you chose a really small country to begin with. There is no tutorial so it is very hard to pick up and play - but if your used to other Paradox games you know the way to go

Archos Gmini 400 20GB 04/08/2010

Archos wins over Apple

Archos Gmini 400 20GB I have had my archos for about 5 years now, given to me by my grandad for a christmas present - and it is still going strong. It has been dropped more times than i can remember and still works. This overshadows the I-Pod touch that i bought about 2 years ago which broke after about 6 months. It is quite a heavy piece of kit, but still quite small and compact - you can put it in your shirt pocket but you know its there, haha. 20GB of storage has been more than enough for me, it holds my photos and my music collection, and can even be used as an external storage device if you need to transfer a large file from one computer to another. I have used it in my Uni days as a dictaphone, the microphone quality is brilliant and the play back is just as good. If you need to increase the size of the built in hard drive there is an option to do this with another card - very easy to do. I would definitely recommend this piece of technology to anybody interested in purchasing an MP4 player as it is extremely reliable and easy to use

Rome: Total War (PC) 04/08/2010

Another Total War gem

Rome: Total War (PC) The total war series of games are perhaps the best strategy games on the planet. From my first taste which was Medieval Total War through to the Medival Total War 2, these games are fantastic. My favourite out of the lot has to be Rome Total War due to the chance of emulating the great Roman Empire as one of three families, or trying to create your own superpower with another country such as Carthage, Greece or even Gaul - which is T - ough. Combined in this gold edition is also Alexander. This is an excellent off set to the main game, with excellent narration by the familiar voice of Brian Blessed. The tutorials set the scene brilliantly, paving the way for you how to use Alexanders unit to perfection during the upcoming battles of the scenario. Now move onto the main scenario, taking over Persia, and your armies are outnumbered all of the time - leading you back to the tactics learned in the tutorials. One of the trickiest things is the time limit - as Alexander conquered Persia before his death, the game reflects this by giving you a set timeframe to complete the game - expect many re-runs to see how you can complete

Sony VAIO NW Series VGN-NW24JG 04/08/2010

Sony Vaio goes Very bad

Sony VAIO NW Series VGN-NW24JG Where should i start with this laptop??? I bought it in October 2009 and has worked like a charm. Really quick to load up, wireless connectivity is quite strong so i can sit downstairs and the signal strength is very good. Plays all the games that i have bought such as Rome Total War and Football Manager. It had 2gb of music on the hard drive - all of my music collection digitally recorded. It aslo had our wedding and honeymoon pics saved on it. However, three weeks ago i opened up the lid to turn it on when i was greeted with the fact that it doesnt recognise my operating system, grrrrrr. Luckily i registered the laptop when i got it and have a 2 year manufacturing waranty on it, but i have still lost my honeymoon photos as the other things i have backed up. Note to self when it returns back up everything!!!

Hearts of Iron 2: Doomsday (PC) 04/08/2010

Excellent game from Paradox

Hearts of Iron 2: Doomsday (PC) Absolutely fantastic game. You have the chance to start in 1933, before the countdown to World War 2 (Reoccupation of the Rhineland). You can take over just about any country you can imagine; lead Brazil to a powerhouse status of the southern hemisphere, or lead Germany through the war making the same decisions along the way, or picking your own path. What is great about this game is the ability to research different technological advancements, from your land forces, air forces or naval forces. This will lead you to make many difficult decisions that could have an impact later on in your game. For example, Germany doesnt really need a Navy, but if you research Naval bombers then these can offset your lack of a Navy, but these will get slaugthered against the RAF over the channel etc, so you need to research into escort fighters to protect these bombers etc etc. The pace of the game can be slowed down whilst your at war, to go really fast when your waiting to go to war :-) All in all an excellent game, highly recommended strategy involved

Vango TBS Equinox 350 Tunnel Tent 04/08/2010


Vango TBS Equinox 350 Tunnel Tent Like many other people I bought this tent because I wanted a quality weekend tent for two people but with that little extra room and with a bit of storage but small enough to pitch quickly on my own - I was not disappointed! The quality is great and the internal storage fantastic. The sleeping is great and has enough space for a double air bed with enough room for personal belongings. Pitching is a very easy taking about 5 mins to erect with two adults, and taking it down is just as easy. The porch area may prove draughty and sometimes feels like there is a few pegs needed at the front but no where to put them but this is a storage area after all - as long as its dry im ok with it, haha. The pack size is brilliant, even has velcro guy line tidies and weighs next to nothing!

Nokia 5230 03/08/2010

Nokia 5230 - The Powerhouse

Nokia 5230 Only just got this as part of a deal with Peugeot. Absolutely fantastic phone. Built in GPS system, but the best thing about it is the ability to access the internet especially facebook - just like those posh I Phone haha. Very easy to set up and once set up very easy to use. Fun to play around on, texting can be done with the touch screen number plate like the old mobile phones, or if you turn the device onto its side then a full layout of a Qwerty keyboard is graphically shown - now you dont need to keep clicking on a number waiting for it to cycle to the letter you want. The internet access can be quite slow at times but this is down to my network. I have set up the GPS and the maps are very similar to those on Google, you can have it as a birds eye view or slighty angled. This has got me out of a few situations where i got slightly lost visiting me cousins new house - well worth a purchase if you are looking for a simple alternative to the I Phone

New Europe - Michael Palin 03/08/2010

Palin does it again

New Europe - Michael Palin Absolutely love the way Michael Palin writes his books. Not only is his as honest as possible about the situations that he finds himself in, but also his comedy back ground creeps in on many occassions. Michael Palin starts this journey in Slovenia and makes his way through many of the now old Eastern Bloc countries. He takes along with him his trusted camera crew and other helpers that make the journey go with as few problems as possible, but it is these problems, along with Michaels way of writing about these that make the book so enjoyable. He has had leeches stuck to his chest to purify his blood, a bush hat adorned on his head in a ritual ceremony as well as walking through a toilet factory, all to keep his readers entertained yet educated of the world that many will not know or tread. Palin is as truthful as can be about the areas he visits - whether it be a poor or rich area he does get involved with everything thrown his way. Bring on the next...

Football Manager 2010 (PC) 03/08/2010

Best football manager game ever - Football Manager 2010

Football Manager 2010 (PC) Quite simply the best football manager game going. You can take control of your favourite team in the world and either take it to the next level, maintain its current position or get sacked trying. The best thing about this game is the actual ability to have a career in the footballing world. You can start off at a small club, take it far into cup football, do good in the league or simply avoiding relegation and your reputation grows. The bigger the reputation the better the club you can go for. You wont be able to swap Walsall football club for Liverpool FC in the matter of a few seasons, you may have to move abroad to get a smaller team and continue building your reputation up. Keeping control of finances, squad harmony and relationships with other managers help with your reputation. Scouting players in your current league will help you when you move to a foreign club - can you find the next Lionel Messi and take him with you to your new team??? Which path will you take for greatness???

Peugeot 1007 Sport 1.6 2-Tronic 03/08/2010

Sliding Doors - You are joking Peugeot 1007

Peugeot 1007 Sport 1.6 2-Tronic Decent size car, nice size engine, with cool electronic doors. Imagine pulling into a tight car parking space where there is not room to open a door, people pointing and laughing at you coz you would need to reverse and find another space. However, press a button inside and the doors open along the body of the car, allowing you to leave - cool or what. Also think about this, your running to your car because it is driving down with rain, get within 20 metres of the 1007, press the button on the fob and watch the door open ready for you to jump in out of the rain - magic. Suitable size for a single child family but not much bigger due to the quite cramped rear seating arrangement - however, the good news with these seats is that they can be individually adjusted as they are not a singe unit like most vehicles. Quite easy to fit one car seat in for the first year of your child and more than enough room for a booster seat thereafter. Overall a decent car with magic doors.

Peugeot 107 1.0 03/08/2010

107 Heaven

Peugeot 107 1.0 Well, what can I say about the Peugeot 107? I believe it is so good I have just drove away a 10 plate, black three door Urban - being my 3rd Peugeot 107 purchased in 5 years. I do get some funny looks mind, as I am a 6ft 3" male driving in a small car. However, don't let the size fool you, it is very spacious inside, made even better when going on camping trips with the back seats that can be lowered as a whole unit or individually in two parts, turning the carrying capacity of the 107 into a little truck. Its cheap to run to, a full tank of petrol costs about £40 and this usually gets me around 400 miles of motoring, so think £1 = 10 miles - which is brill I think. Add on top of that the cost of the road tax = £20 a year - the reminder doesn't even give you a choice to purchase 6 months - but lets face it, who needs that at less than £2 a month. Finally, because it is in one of the lowest insurance bands, to insure it fully comp isn't gonna set you back a lot each month either. All in all a truly wonderful car capped by its economical savings in these hard times - a must purchase.
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