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Fake Sound Of Progress, The - Lostprophets 15/02/2005

A Great Sound of Progress

Fake Sound Of Progress, The - Lostprophets Genre - Melodic Rock / Metal Tracks - 11 Length - 49:52 The Fake Sound of Progress was released in 2001 and never really got lostprophets the recognition that they deserved. Although Shinobi vs Dragonninja and The Fake Sound of Progress were big hits on mtv2 and Kerrang!, lostprophets never seemed to make it into the big league. The new album, Start Something, has made the welsh boys an international name now - so, if you have the new album and are going to buy the old one you might be quite suprised. The old album is very different and has not got the "radio style" tracks that Start Something has (such as Last Summer and Last Train Home), the album is much heavier and got a more raw feel. The design of the album is actually very artistic. It has a collage of all the band members with various drawings inside. The cd itself is just like any other cd you might find, it would only stand out on the shelves because of the tinted-blue casing. Also, some might be dissapointed not to find lyrics in the booklet. On with the music... 01 Shinobi Vs. Dragonninja - The first release from lostprophets was this song and it took a lot of people by suprise, making them wonder about this great new band. The main riff opens up the song with the whole band flooding in. The song itself is very addictive building up to a very heavy end, which I only wish would last a little longer. 9/10 02 The Fake Sound of Progress - The 2nd more melodic single off the same titled album. The bass, ...

Marshall MS 2 12/02/2005

The Marshall MS-2

Marshall MS 2 The Marshall MS-2 is the smallest amp I have ever seen and it can be taken anywhere to use as a practice amp. The MS-2 is so small I have had people ask me if it actually works and then be amazed when I plugged it in, it is so small you can attach it to your belt with the clip on the back! If you ever wanted an amp to carry around with you and practice with then this will be a good purchase. Even though the amp is so small it is actually quite loud. It would not be loud enough to practice with friends on 10 watt amps, but its enough to practice alone. One problem I experienced was when turning the volume up on the clean setting the sound becomes a bit distorted - the sound quality is so much better at the lower volume levels. The amp does actually have the Marshall sound, when comparing with larger amps I found the sound to be very alike. You will not get much variety out of this amp though, with only a tone control and distortion (on/off) you will be playing pretty much what the amp can produce (which I think sounds great). The amp does also have a headphone socket so you that you can play the guitar to yourself whereever you are. There is an option for a power pack or batteries (so when you are at home you do not need to drain millions of batteries to use it). Another point is that the MS-2 will drain batteries very quickly, just like the pedals and pretty much all Marshall equipment. All in all, the amp was definetly worth the £25 that I paid for it. It is ...

Marshall Guv´Nor Plus - GV-2 11/02/2005

The Marshall Guv'nor 2 - Distortion Pedal

Marshall Guv´Nor Plus - GV-2 When I went looking for a distortion pedal for my guitar and amp I instantly went for Marshall. Marshall have a great name for amps and I was hoping the same for the pedal. After trying the pedal out in the shop I handed over my £45 (which is very cheap for what this pedal can do!). -CONSTRUCTION- The Guv'nor 2 is built like a tank, it really can take a beating. This pedal is made from all metal (and no plastic, like other pedals) meaning it would be great to gig with - you could not break this if you tried! The dials are a little fiddly at times, especially if you have large hands like me, but it is not too much of a problem. -SOUND- The Guv'nor 2 can produce a variety of sounds and even comes with a booklet with a list of presets. You can play distorted blues, rock or even metal, if you really wanted to, all with a few changes on the dials! If you are aiming for a certain distorted sound then this pedal will be able to deliver. On the pedal you can change the Gain, Treble, Bass, Mid, Deep and volume controls. One problem I did encounter was trying to get the distortion the same volume as my clean sound, it was sometimes too quiet even though I had the volume on full on the pedal. -BAD POINTS- The pedal has got a few downers. I have had it for nearly 2 years now and the arrows on the dials have worn off, this is not too useful when I want to set a certain style. Also, I recommend buying a power pack for the pedal (you will have to pay extra for this) ...

Panasonic X70 11/02/2005

Panasonic X70

Panasonic X70 I got my panasonic X70 about a year ago now and I am very pleased with what it can do. The phone is extremely easy to use and where, with some phones, you do not know what button to press to even call someone, this makes it all very simple. I did not even need to consult the instruction manual once and could pretty much pick it up and go. The address book on this is great. You can store their name and then add mobile number, home phone, e-mail, websites etc. and not have multiple contacts for one person (like you do for some phones). The camera and amount of memory on this phone is good too. I have 250 photos on my phone at the moment and have only used 35% of the space! The camera is also of reasonable quality (on the phone, but no where near good enough to put onto the computer) although it is nearly impossible to take pictures in the dark, even with the photo light on. One bad thing is the games. I do not look for games when buying a phone but this is pretty dreadful. It only comes with one game and it frequently asks you to download new games for X amount of money or, when you set a score on a game, send your top score off. This can become quite annoying. The X70 has an organiser and the ability for 4 alarms, which I find very useful and use frequently. It also has other little features such as a calculator, the ability to make a contact card etc. This phone was a great purchase and it does everything I want it to do. The phone costed around £50, but that ...

Line 6 Spider 210 11/02/2005

The Line 6 Spider II 210

Line 6 Spider 210 Before I start I will have to aware you of this if you go to buy the amp, the instruction manual is terrible. It made no sense whatsoever and trying to follow it was...not even possible. I had to find out how to use this amp through messing around with it, although it did not take too long. The great thing about the Line 6 Spider II amp is that it comes with a free footswitch and 4 programmable channels - this is great if you need to switch from clean to distortion or put an effect on. The amp comes with 12 pre-made amp settings and 8 effects - Chorus, Flanger, Reverb, Delay (the usual). The range of sounds you can get out of this amp are amazing, suitable for any style. If you have ever thought of gigging, but need a really loud amp, this is the one for you. The amp is 120 watts and has two massive speakers (I can put the amp on 4 and quite happily drown out a drum kit). The amp is also constructed very well, the controls are made from metal and you would think the amp was made from bricks, its that strong. This amp is a good buy, it offers just about everything. Although the price can seem quite steep (I paid £275 for mine) at first you will soon realise it is worth the money. ...

Epiphone Special II Electric Guitar 11/02/2005

Cheap and Cheerful?

Epiphone Special II Electric Guitar When it comes to cheap guitars (the Epiphone Les Paul Special II being a mere £220) you often assume low quality to come with it. - this just is not the case here... -SOUND- This guitar sounds amazing no matter what style you want to play. It has an enormous range of capabilities: I can crank the gain up and churn out chunky rhythms or have high treble for ear-splitting solos (in a good way of course). The Les Paul really can do whatever you want it to, no restrictions on this guitar here. -CONSTRUCTION- This guitar can take huge hits. I remember a time when my strap broke causing my guitar to fall on concrete...I was scared to look at what might await me when I picked it up. I turned it over looking for dents and scratches only to find nothing. -PLAYABILITY- This guitar is amazingly easy to play, perfect for beginners to pros. Going from a strat to this, I felt like it was so much easier to play and caused a lot less strain on my fingers. Overall, great guitar at an even better price. ...
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