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since 14/10/2003


Apex City of London Hotel, London 18/08/2006

At the Apex of the industry

Travelodge Birmingham Central, Birmingham 06/08/2006


Antec Performance One P180B 02/08/2006

Antec P180B PC Case

reveals yourself in 100 questions... 29/07/2006

Hundreds and Thousands

Thistle Euston, London 19/07/2006

Home, home on the train

Malmaison, Birmingham 15/06/2006

The house of Ill-Repute

Marketing 07/06/2006

£7k for a brain?? I'll take it!

Shuttle XPC SN95G5 V2 (SN95G5V2) 05/06/2006

A toaster? A PC? What?

City Inn, Birmingham 19/05/2006

City Inn - a hidden gem.

Sony Ericsson W900i 16/05/2006

The return of the Walkman

Microsoft K49-00005 11/02/2005

Doubles as a handy Surfboard!

Numark AXIS 8 Tabletop CD Player 24/01/2005

I can't fit vinyl in that!!!

TDK go blue Bluetooth USB Adaptor 15/01/2005

Bluetooth... Or long in the tooth?

Samsung SGH D500 12/01/2005

The little black dress of Mobile Phones

O2 29/12/2004

Better chance with a bottle in the ocean.

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