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Star Trek 2 - The Wrath Of Khan (DVD) 08/08/2002

Not so cold dish

Star Trek 2 - The Wrath Of Khan (DVD) Non-fans might think me crazy for rating a 20-year-old Star Trek film (1982) so highly. Some fans of the show would agree and do place “The Wrath of Khan” all-time number one film of the series. For me, it is simply (with the exception of perhaps First Contact) the most exciting, colourful and rewarding instalment yet. This has great deal to do with the title villain. Khan (played by Ricardo Montalban in gloriously satisfying fashion) is simply “the” definitive Star Trek nemesis and his pursuit of vengeance against Kirk and crew leads us through one of the most exhilarating cat and mouse battles in the history of the franchise. History (Original TV series one episode “Space Seed”) During the first season episode of the original series entitled “Space Seed”, Kirk and crew come across a late 20th century space ship – the SS Botany Bay (An obvious reference to the Australian colony that was once a popular convict destination). Onboard they find a group of cryogenically frozen humans who they then revive from their frozen suspension. These people are lead by Khan Noonien Singh -a genetically engineered conquistador who, with his similarly genetically engineered followers, once controlled an “Empire” on Earth during the period known as the “Eugenics wars” but was eventually overthrown and banished aboard this vessel (In the year 1996!). Once revived, it doesn’t take Khan’s inherent megalomania to surface and he unleashes a plot to take over the Enterprise and then seek ...

Star Trek 7 - Generations (DVD) 21/07/2002

The Best Of Both Worlds

Star Trek 7 - Generations (DVD) “Generations” is a film a lot of fans were waiting for, including myself. The prospect of both Enterprise crews on screen at the same time provoked much anticipation. What we actually got was watered down somewhat with only three of the original cast present: Scotty (James Doohan), Checkov (Walter Koenig) and, of course, Kirk (William Shatner). Notably absent are Leonard Nimoy and Deforrest Kelly, and with only William Shatner getting any real screen time, you kind of feel cheated by this. Does this matter much though? Kirk is the only "original" cast member who serves any purpose driving the film's contrived plot and this is primarily a “Next Generation” film anyway. The original crew got a more than adequate send-off in the previous film and so ultimately this didn’t bother me that much. As I mentioned, the contrived plot (OK, the plot HAS to be manufactured in some way to allow the two generations to meet…I won’t mention it again!) revolves around a mysterious energy distortion called the “Nexus” which travels the Universe in a repeating fashion similar to a comet orbiting a solar system. The Nexus is a “doorway” to another dimension where you can live out your “dream” existence and time has no meaning (An interesting concept as it only has a meaning to us in the “real” world because we “make it so” in order to quantify and order our own lives!). Thus you get the drift already about how the two Captains from years apart can possibly meet! Basically, whilst on a ...

Star Trek 9 - Insurrection (DVD) 20/07/2002

Set anticipations to stun

Star Trek 9 - Insurrection (DVD) A softer, more episodic (99 minutes) offering from the cast and crew of Star Trek, Insurrection (The ninth film in the series) is a small disappointment at first glance. This tale about the peaceful race known as the Ba'ku and their planet of eternal youth, which is under threat, initially pails in comparison somewhat next to the excellent First Contact. However, part of the beauty of Star Trek has always been in the diversity of its stories and characters and although, in my opinion, this is one of the weaker entries in the series, it is nevertheless entertaining. The story itself has a broader appeal to non-Trekers and offers the viewer the Star Trek equivalent of the "feel good factor" by its conclusion. The film's scope is best described as a moral argument rather than a full-blown "Insurrection" - but I guess the latter works better as a film title. The basic plot involves the afore mentioned peaceful race: the Ba’ku, who are seemingly in their technological infancy, sort of pre-industrial humanoids, who live on a remote planet deep in a region of inhospitable space known as “The Briar patch”. The Federation have a hidden “duck blind” on the planet from which they are observing this race –purely for anthropological research (or so we are lead to initially believe). The mission is a joint venture lead by a Starfleet Admiral (Dougherty - played by Anthony Zerbe) and a race known as the Son’a. Assisting them is our old android friend Data (Brent Spiner) who, at the ...

Star Trek 8 - First Contact (DVD) 19/07/2002

Top Trek

Star Trek 8 - First Contact (DVD) Firstly it must be said that First Contact (The eighth film in the series) rates amongst the best of all the Star Trek films, certainly the best outing from the "Next Generation" cast so far (Hopes are high for the forth coming tenth entry “Nemesis” though). The crew of the Enterprise faces up to the threat of the evil Borg, a cybernetic race hell-bent on "assimilating" all in their path, in this thrilling adventure. The crew of the Next Generation were introduced to the Borg in a season 2 episode of the TV series “Q Who?”, way back in 1989 when the omnipotent entity “Q” hurled the Enterprise light years away from our own Galaxy. They were an instant hit with the fans of the show as they represented the most interesting adversary for the Federation since the infamous “Klingons”. The Borg are a cybernetic race (Biological life forms enhanced by technological implants) that work together and operate as a single mind (“The Collective”) making them a formidable foe as they use their combined knowledge to adapt quickly to enemy weapons and strategies. They roam the Galaxy looking for new species to absorb into “The Collective”, making them stronger with each assimilation and believe that this is the only way to achieve their goal of attaining “perfection”. The premise of the film is fairly straightforward: The Borg have tried, and failed, to “assimilate” Earth previously (Again, in the TV series season 3/4 two part cliff-hanger “The Best of Both Worlds”) and want another ...
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