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Hasbro U-Build Monopoly 14/04/2012

Monopoly dosn't build the game u build it!

Hasbro U-Build Monopoly MONOPOLY U-BUILD:INTRODUCTION:Over the previous 2 years Hasbro has created a new type of game which covers the classic games we used to play! U-Build is a newer version of all the games like Monopoly, Battleships and many more where you can build your own game using the hexagonal pieces and by clicking them together! You not only create the game but you also feel it is like the classic monopoly you play at home!MONOPOLY U-BUILD:Monopoly U-Build is a game where you can create the game yourself by fitting the hexagonal pieces together which range from property's to chance squares. Once the board has been made then you can change the rules as well as their are many other buildings in the game as well which you can put into the game as you desire. In this game as well you also have the classic items like the paper money and the houses but the characters are plastic and quite cheap and are not a resemblance of the pieces we used to have in Monopoly. You get the instruction booklet which is very good when you want to find out how to play this but also gives you ideas of what board you can have whether if it's the starter, classic or pro track! Below is how to play this game and a description of what the pieces are used for.THE PIECES:The Moving Characters: There are 6 characters but instead of the classic monopoly pieces you get some man made out of plastic which does not resemblance the Monopoly game fully The Paper Money: Classic money as usual with money ranging from 10k up to ...

Hasbro Monopoly City 13/04/2012

It's all fun and games until someone places a hotel on Mayfair!NOT!

Hasbro Monopoly City MONOPOLY CITY REVIEW:INTRODUCTION:Monopoly is one of the most used games in the world due to it's fun factor. Monopoly started in 1920 with a classic board game with regular pieces and a regular board and the classic houses and hotels to increase the rent when someone lands on your property. But recently more monopoly games have been created with different factors of the game. Like having a DVD monopoly or an electronic monopoly as well. Also the releases of the app Monopoly has been a great hit as well.MONOPOLY CITY:The new Monopoly City is a game with more buildings added in this to add an extra dimension to the game and especially the skyscrapers which could cost you a fortune if you land on that property! Included in the game is also an electronic device which can be used for auctions like a timer. This can stop all the arguments over just one property! Also when you want to build on the property's you must push the button to determine how many buildings you are allowed to build up to a maximum of 3 buildings so one is at a major disadvantage! Included in the buildings their is also bonuses and hazards which can damage you're property portfolio as well! And the rules have been changed as well as you can put more than 1 different type of building on a property and even if you have 1 property you can start building even if you haven't got the colour collection just yet!In the game as well their is many other types of pieces which you can use which include the builder's ... 12/04/2012

Geocaching Heaven!

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