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Bank of Scotland 15/11/2000

Pretty Good

Bank of Scotland I have been with the BOS for close on 30 years now. I was working in Scotland and found them so helpfull so I transfered my account to them and have stayed there sonce. Although I do have accounts with two English Banks my main account and Business Acounts are with BOS I have been unable to fault them, I still live in England and am able to speak to my local branch in Scotland when I need to (I am not just a number but a person) I have received a first class service, with only one fault over the years, which was corrected after a formaal complaint. I do hope that the servicesthat have been provided continue, however there has been a move to cutting out your local Manager, and dealing through Head Office,, I still insist on dealing with my Bank Manager and so far this works and I am able to. So BOS please do not slide down the slippery slope to lower levels of service, which leads to alienating the very customers that you are serving, and who pay your wages and bonuses.

Skoda Felicia 1.6 25/10/2000

Good Buy

Skoda Felicia 1.6 I purchased A Skoda Felicia 1.6 GLXi New in 1999, at the same time as I purchased our Octavia (See Report) The car has been an exceptional buy to date. Fuel consumption, acceleration, very good indeed. With Power Stearing, ABS, Air Bag, Etc , Etc, The car has come with tree years full warranty and services included, to date ( 1 Year and 11,000 happy miles) I have not spent a penny on it. Handles good, nippy, cant find a major problem. Poor point the inside plastic trim, damages very easily, I am not sure why, but it scuffs permently if knocked. Service Good Dealership leaves a lot to be desired, See my Octavia Report.

Dell Computer Corp. (Shop) 24/10/2000

Dell After Sales Service?

Dell Computer Corp. (Shop) I believe I am in a good position to comment on products and services, and after sales service. I am employed as a Procurement Manager for a company, with sole responsibility of procuring products and services. A Client of our company living in the USA purchased an 7500 Laptop from Dell, however on a business trip to UK, through "Bad Design" one of three small wire pin connecting the power supply to the laptop broke, A solder job?? No a refurbished board, price £250.00 + Vat Total £293.75. It has taken me a total of 8hours on the telephone and three days to transfer the "Tag Number" from USA to UK and a total of 11 yes 11 different operators between Ireland and England. Finely the laptop has been collected for repair, with a request for a further £75.00 as the price has been revised, I refused and maintaned I would only pay the quoted price, this has now been agreed., I still await the return to the client however we as a company will not purchase further equipment from Dell even though we currently use Dell PCs in our offices. One final thought? Have YOU ever tried the after sales & service telephone line? Try it it is an experience you will not forget.

Autohome 18/10/2000

Motor Breakdown Service

Autohome I have used this company for the past 12 years for our company fleet of cars and for my familys cars. Although an insurance company first introduced them to me, I have received one complaint from a member of my staff who has used the service, only staff saying how quickly and effciently there call was dealt with. I myself havehad a small number of occasions to use the service and each time I was less that 30 mins to be mobile again. As regards price I am only able to tell that I pay £62.50 per year all in, I do not want this report to sound like an advertisment because it is NOT, however I do believe when we receive good service it also should deserve praise. It is a National Company and the telephone number for enquires is 01604-232-334. I am in no way conected with the comany just a very satisfied customer for over 12 years.

Skoda Octavia 1.8 Hatchback 11/10/2000

A Good Buy

Skoda Octavia 1.8 Hatchback I like most people had reservations on buying a Skoda Octavia, however I liked the looks and it was great value for your money. When purchased, on the whole I have been very pleased with the car and have covered 30,0000 almost trouble free miles. The car was ordered and delivered promptly, with the delivery date at short notice, the car arrived on time and clean and well prepered. However the car was delivered with a fault, but Skoda where unable or un-willing to rectify the constant chatter from the rear of the car. Only when I paid an independant (RAC) to make a full report on the car,did Skoda agree to change the part. I found the dealer less than helpful, however Skoda UK did finaly refund me all expences involved, including the cost of car hire. I am in no way putting the Octavia down, it has since been faultless and a plesure to drive, but I do feel that for Skoda to carry on gaining market share, follow some advice. Bring some of your dealers into the 21st century, customers deserve to have a trouble free product, and if a fault is found it should be dealt with promptly. To summerize an excellent car, spoilt by after sales attitude to the customer.
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