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Akumal Beach Resort, Mexico 18/07/2007


Akumal Beach Resort, Mexico I visited this resort just over 2 years ago and have got to say that it was the best holiday ive ever had. This is an all inclusive resort. Once you land in mexico and get through immigration and what not your about 1hr 30 mins away from this stunning resort. I found this was excellent as i did not once see or even hear a plane fly over, apart from 1 or 2 very light aircraft. On the journey down to Akumal you will pass stunning hotels and what can only be decribed as shanty towns. There is a a lot of poverty still in mexico but the people despite their poverty are happy and very helpful. Right on to the resort!!! When we arrived we drove down a long driveway that looked like we were going into the jungle, but once the tree's cleared we could see the entrance and the resort which was very nice. The staff at the resort were absolutely fantastic, as soon as we got off the coach we were welcomed by several staff and offered drinks (you need one after 14 hrs travelling) There are two parts of the resort, one part is the old part and sold as standard rooms, where as the other part is fairly new and sold as deluxe rooms. I would recomend the deluxe rooms as they are a lot newer and alot closer to the swimming pools and dining facilities. The rooms are clean and tiday and the linen and towels are changed everyday, we we even left towel animals on the end of our bed. The standard rooms are set a fair distance away from the swimming pools, but are set closer to ...

Xbox Live Arcade Unplugged Volume 1 (Xbox 360) 22/06/2007

Fun for the family

Xbox Live Arcade Unplugged Volume 1 (Xbox 360) When i purchased my xbox 360 3 weeks ago i was told my system came with 4 games. When i looked i had three games and something called Xbox live arcade unplugged. At first i just looked at the box and never even gave it another look until about a week ago. I must say that the variety of games on this disc is good, and can be enjoyed by the entire family. Another good thing about this product is the free 1 month xbox live gold membership that you get for free which is worth about 5 pounds on its own. This cd contains the legendary Bejewled 2, this is hours of fun, and can be very addictive. Basically you have to match up jewels to make space on the screen. There are secret games included in this game to keep you occupied for hours! Geometry wars looked a bit dull when i first started playing it, i couldnt really work out what i was doing because there was so much action on the screen, its a simple shoot em up game but once again VERY addictive.basically every game on this cd has a different theme, each one unique and each one highly enjoyable to play and addictive. My first thoughts were changed once i started playing these games and i find myself turning on the console and playing these games to relax rather than playing the more high paced action games. Im only giving this a satisfactory rating due to the way it was packed into a bundle deal as a game. I would never have gone out and bought it for myself but i am glad that i have it

Microsoft LifeCam VX-1000 22/06/2007


Microsoft LifeCam VX-1000 I recently purchased one of these fantastic web cams from pc world for the price of 14.99. I have got to say that this is a brilliant webcam for the money. I have been use to using an old logitech webcam which doesnt even compare to this. Not only has the camera got outstanding picture quality, the camera itself looks the part. It is very easy to set up, and is designed to be used with MSN instant messenger which makes this product a must have if your into chatting to your friends on MSN. The camera can either be sat on the desk or the base unclips and can be fitted to either an LCD monitor or the normal CRT (big backed) monitor. The built in microphone picks up sound perfectly. Once you have installed all the software and start to use the camera you will be happy to find fun extras that you can add to your online conversation, such as a slug crawling across the bottom of the screen, or a spider dropping from a web. I dont think you can get a better camera for the money and i would recommend this product to everyone, especially people who dont really want to spen 60 on a camera to talk to friends or family, as this camera has everything that you need ...

Samsung WS 32 Z 306 22/06/2007

Bag a bargain

Samsung WS 32 Z 306 I bought this tv nearly 1 year ago and im still very impressed with it. This Tv was excellent value for money at 399.99 for a 32\" widescreen slim line tele and a stand! Though an LCD tv is a lot thinner, this tv costs half as much and will fit in the same space due to the smaller tube in it. This tele looks smart and performs very well. You get a fantastic picture when you use digital tv such as freeview, sky, or virgin media. I cant comment on what the picture is like through a standard analogue aerial as i have never used one. For its looks and price alone i would totally recommend this TV. It is Very easy to use and set up, the menu is simple and easy to understand. This Tv has 2 scart sockets an svideo connector, and av in plugs. I have been using an xbox 360 on this tv and i dont think you could get much better unless you bought a HD tv.

Canon Smartbase MP360 22/06/2007


Canon Smartbase MP360 I recently purchased a Canon MP360 and i have got to say up to now i have been very impressed. The print quality for an inkjet printer is superb, and there are plenty of settings on the actual printer itself which you can change. This is very helpfull if you are not very good with using pc's. The only draw back that i can find with this printer is the life of the printer cartridges. When i first bought it i used Canon inks, then i decided that as they didnt last very long i might as well buy a cheaper brand online. Once again these didnt last very long so i went back to canon inks which are almost 3 times as much to buy, but the print quality remains the same regardless of whether you use branded or non branded inks. I would recomend this product, with out a doubt this is a brilliant piece of equipment. The scanner is superb, you can place a piece of paper in the scanner and print it without having to use your pc.

Fiat Grande Punto 22/06/2007

Poor show Fiat

Fiat Grande Punto I have had 2 grande punto\'s. The first one i had for 3 months then it failed an MOT for a faulty steering rack. This car was replaced like for like by the dealership in september 2006. Since then the replacement car has had 20 faults, including: Seat rails replaced: seat moved when braking Tape Deck A: showing on the dash cluster Door Lock: couldnt open the car from the inside Windscreen blower trim: warped Glove box: Mis-aligned Mileage flashing: Needed a software update Paintwork: has white spots under the black paint Non start: wouldnt start in the mornings Footwell trim: Hanging off Centre blowers: Broken from day one took 6 months for replacement The list goes on, and to date i still have problems with the car. I must say yes....the car does look nice but in my experience so far they are not very well built and they will depreciate very quickly. If you do have a problem with the car, you will find that fiat UK can be very un-helpful as i have first hand experience. I would suggest that people look around and not just buy the car on face value as i did. ...
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