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JML Fresh Air Globe 18/01/2009

Fresh Air For All

JML Fresh Air Globe Good Value for money air purifier comes with good essences and good looking design. I say the design was good looking but it is a real fiddle to clean. But really it doesn't need cleaning just emptying and refilling each day. It provides a nice smell when you walk into the room however you get used to it after a while, It is good if you have kids because they like the modern look of it and its cool light show you can change the colours to stop on 1 rotate slow, rotate fast, or rotate medium. It is also good for teens who have smelly sports kits because it doesn't mask the Oder it gets rid of it. And you can see at the end of the day the water is a kind of grey-ish colour because of it catching the dust and/or smoke if you smoke. Quite a loud fan though.

Sony Ericsson W300i Walkman 17/01/2009

Sony Ericsson W300i

Sony Ericsson W300i Walkman Amazingly risiliant product. Where do Start it is a great costing product and is widely available at cheap prices, it has a great interface, Very robust almost as if it cant be broken great product to give to a young child as their first mobile. My child recently had his 10th birthday I think this is the appropriate age to give them a phone because they are starting to go out more and i think lots of parents will agree with me when I say they worry all the time and so do I about my son thats why i got him a cheap mobile phone so he could call me and tell him where he was. It helped that the phone had a good battery life and a certain toughness. You see my son has a reputation for damaging things as soon as he gets them. But incredibly it has survived up until now. Top Banana! ...

Birds Eye Potato waffles 23/04/2008

Birds Eye Potato waffles

Birds Eye Potato waffles They are ok but are a bit too plane if you no what I mean I always try to have salt or vinager without my kiddywinks seeing because i dont like them having things bad for there health you see but now back to the flavour they are a nice texture and not to overpowering. What they are good with: these waffles are good with baked beans, spaghetti hoops and eggs. Which also makes them taste less plain. they also have low salt and fat and are made by birds eye so they are guarenteed to be nice. I like them they are an alternative to high in fat chips and smileys and best of all can be grilled and oven cooked, meaning you will not have to cook them in fatty fat. I would advise you buy these for your kids if they are always eating chips.

Bassett's Jelly Babies Wobbly Lollies 23/04/2008

Bassett's Jelly Babies Wobbly Lollies

Bassett's Jelly Babies Wobbly Lollies The Ice lollies are very nice but cost at the most £2 I think that they are good value for money though because they contain I think at least 10 ice lollies. The packaging is also bright and colourful it would attract lots of publicity. The first time I saw them was when i was shopping with my kids they were pestering me as usual for something new so I just chucked them in the trolley radomly. When I got them home my kids helped them selves to them (as usual) and tried to convince me to try them but I thought they would be really horrible because I dont usually eat sweets or stuff like that but eventually they purswaded me to try a green one. But wow they were pretty nice and i was really amazed because they didnt actually look that nice it just goes to show dont judge a product by its label or look. here are some places you can buy it from:- 99p in tesco :Special offer £1.99 in sainsburys Overall extremely good tasting product if you like fruit flavour lollies try these you'll love them
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