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Korres Jasmine Shower Gel 23/07/2014


Korres Jasmine Shower Gel KORRES is a Greek family that have been making Natural Products since 1973, This is when as a young child aged 8, George Korres, the founder member used to play at his mothers pharmacy counter and mixed all different concoction and creams. He also made and displayed his inventions on a smaller pharmacy counter. Which he called his own. From there the family business just grew Not a lot has change since then apart from pharmaceuticals qualifications being gained HOPEFULLY. Now to get on with the review in hand. Korres JASMINE showergel. The bottle that the shower gel comes in is a bit of a let down as I had high hopes for up market products !! The bottle was just ordinary with a bit of Greek writing on, which at least showed they' remember their Greek heritage Totally Natural gives it self to being a tad posh in my eyes I had heard of Korres and knew that they were known for their family business making totally natural herbal remedies, skin care, make up, and suncare For men women and children. THE INGREDIENTS: Ingredients: Aqua / water / eau, sodium laureth sulfate, sodium cocoyl isethionate, cocamidopropyl betaine, coco-glucoside, glyceryl oleate, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, althaea ocinalis root extract, arginine, benzyl alcohol, castoryl maleate, citric acid, guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride, helichrysum arenarium flower extract,hexyl cinnamal, hydrolyzed wheat gluten, imidazolidinyl urea, lactic acid, linalool, parfum (fragrance), phenoxyethanol, ...

D&G The One Desire Eau de Parfum 23/07/2014

Dark Dramatic Definately Desirable

D&G The One Desire Eau de Parfum As soon as you see or hear D&G you just know it's going to be expensive. Luxurious and elegant but above all it will cost a lot of money !! True to form this D&G Parfum, does not let the brand down. THE PACKAGING simply by looking at the box, you just know that the Parfum is going to have a wonderfully sexy and sultry fragrance. It's an oblong black box, with desire scrolled across the front like a films stars signature in gold ink. Below that is the brand we all would love to be able to afford, DOLCE & GABBANA. THE BOTTLE Again sexy and sultry appearance to this very similar shaped as the box bottle but with a gold and black large flat square lid. Both the box and the bottle just scream EXPENSIVE ! I would also suggest that this is more of a night wear scent, out for drinks with friend or at a club in the evening. I think it the colour, black, sultry and mysterious. THE FRAGRANCE Totally vampish scent, after dark and in the shadows, slightly heavy in the air. Musky at the same time a little orientally floral. I really do love this. It smells like footballers wives are the only people who can afford to wear it. The advert for this Parfum is perfectly suited to the fragrance, the black bottle led on deep dark almost black rose petals. The following notes have been taken from the D&G website THE NOTES TOP Fresh top notes of mandarin, lychee and bergamot play softly against the sweet innocence of lily of the valley. HEART At the core of an intense heart is a trio ...

Samba Samba Red Eau de Toilette 23/07/2014

Shouldn't this Be In Drawer Hidden From Kids ???!!!!!

Samba Samba Red Eau de Toilette When I took my very first, very quick glance and saw this bottle of Samba Samba red, I genuinely thought it was a "toy" that would be much better in an adults bedroom ! Pleased to report, it is just a pretty bottle PHEW ! SAMBA SAMBA RED FOR WOMEN This is another of those cheap and cheerful day wear scents, pictured in my minds eye, I can see this being worn by a mid30s woman rather than a teenager. There is nothing really striking about the fragrance, at the same time there is nothing nasty. It's just ordinarily ordinary ! PACKAGING It's all very red, and very cheap looking, the reason for this is because it IS cheap. The box is a red box with a different shade of red written in red and red written in white ! THE BOTTLE The bottle is following the red theme, but the shape of it is wonderfully tactile. I honestly thought it was an adults toy when I saw it, even to the point where I was blushing !!!! On closer inspection it's red on dark red swirls forming a lovely shape that needs to be touched due to the shape. THE PERFUME I found this to be very powdery and floral, not over powering, but almost. It s not un pleasant and I wouldn't mind wearing it to work all day. I think it's abit too flowery to wear during the evening, and as I have already said I can see a 35 ish yr old wearing this and liking it. THE NOTES Jasmine Amber Sandalwood Tea rose THE COST I am taking the prices as they are at the time of writing this review. They vary massively: Fragrancex is ...

Gucci Guilty Intense Homme Eau de Toilette 22/07/2014

Someone Has Bottled My Dream Man !

Gucci Guilty Intense Homme Eau de Toilette OH MY DAYS I JUST LOVE LOVE LOVE THE SMELL OF GUCCI GUILTY INTENSE. It's as if Gucci have got into my mind, figured out exactly how I want my Mr Right to smell and put that in a bottle just for me. To me it smells like everything my Mr Right would be, strong, masculine, protective and mine. All I have to do now is sniff him out !!!! THE PACKAGING The box alone is designed to look sexy and masculine, with the most part being a slight sheen black with silver Gucci trade mark on the front and the fragrance name near the bottom also silver but a lot smaller. The bottle is very similar to the solid shape of the box only it has rounded edges, giving the imagine of sexiness , and a small black lid on the top. The Gucci trade mark on the bottle puts me in mind of the batman bat, another masculine character. THE FRAGRANCE The intense fragrance of Gucci Guilty is immediately seductive and exotic. The aphrodisiac orange flower is one ingredient which is supposed to stimulate the mind and body of all that smell it. Another part to this love potion is neroli, a masculine fragrance, joined with patchouli to send most female senses into an uncontrollable spin. Other ingredients are Italian lemon, lavender and coriander. The over all fragrance is sort of dark musky and earthy, with a massive whiff of raw and pure male sexuality. Very hard to describe but the fragrance alone tantalises your head and your heart. It's described as coming from the floral fragrance family, but to me it's ...

Weleda Almond Soothing Facial Cream for Sensitive Skin 22/07/2014

Now That's Magic !

Weleda Almond Soothing Facial Cream for Sensitive Skin I have always suffered with very dry skin and eczema, and over the years have tried so many products and probably spent hundreds of pounds trying to get rid of it. I'm always willing to give anything a try cuz dry eczema facial skin just looks awful. My friend said ages ago I should try almond oil, but it wasn't until she mentioned it again the other day that I actually had a look for something containing almond oil that would be suitable for my dry skin. I got the ipad out and googled almond and soothing. Before long I had come across Weleda Almond Soothing Facial Cream. Not only that but on the Weleda website there's a whole range of almond products and they have won awards for best eczema range and several recommendations in different magazines. I ordered some soothing facial cream which I thought was a bit expensive at £12.95 for a 30ml tube, but if it actually works it would be worth every penny. I've been using the cream for just under a week now and the difference is really noticeable. I'm so pleased I've finally found something that works. The almond oil in the cream is a barrier and protects the skin, whilst at the same time it heals and strengthens the skin it's protecting. As it has been recommended to help dry skin I expected the cream to be really greasy and thick, but it actually light and not greasy at all. It rubs into the skin easily and quickly and leaves no residue behind. It's not perfumed so I don't smell all nutty all day, it smells clean. It can ...

Cacharel Amor Amor Eau de Toilette & Body Lotion 22/07/2014


Cacharel Amor Amor Eau de Toilette & Body Lotion I do enjoy the faith that some of these die hard perfumers put in to their fragrances ! AMOR AMOR is by no means an exception. Apparently this AMOR AMOR fragrance is a handy thing to wear if you are currently single and ready to mingle........ It fills the air around you with passion and the atmosphere just turns fully charged crackling electricity ! If that's the case I'm bathing in it before I go out at the weekend and I'm going to bag me a man !!!!! Failing that I could always sue the company when I'm still single Monday ;-D Anyway back to the job in hand. AMOR AMOR EAU DE TOILETTE & BODY LOTION GIFT SET THE BOX This lovely little duo comes in a very modern design looking box, the main body of the box being white, a red strip down left hand side with AMOR AMOR on and cacharel in red and floral lettering on the front. The way the box is designed I would say makes this gift set lean more towards a teenager. THE BOTTLE OF 50ML EAU DE TOILETTE The bottle itself is a deep and bright red, the sort of red a love heart is on Valentines Day, which obviously matches the perfume name and the description they use to explain the magic of this love potion (I wish it were so simple). The bottle does look like it's shaped to hold a mystical magical potion. It has a lovely shaped silver lid. THE TUBE OF 50ML HAND & BODY LOTION This just looks like a standard tube of hand cream, coloured the same deep love heart red as the bottle with AMOR AMOR on it, the lotion can't be as ...

Benetton B.United Jeans for Her 21/07/2014

Great Not Over The Top Everyday Fragrance

Benetton B.United Jeans for Her This Benetton B.United Jeans for Her fragrance was first launch in 2007, and at the same time Jeans for Him fragrance was launched, then the romantic idea was that when Her met Him, not only would they fall in love and live happily ever after, their perfumes would merge together beautifully and they would smell stunning. Never know it to happen but it's a cute little story ! I really like this fragrance, a good way to describe it is cheap and cheerful. At around £5 for 30ml, it cheap enough to wear everyday, it last for a reasonable amount of time too. The bottle is a clear glass bottle with a gold lid and a pink symbol representing females on it. The box is made to look as if it is actually made from denim jeans. The design of the packaging and the fragrance itself would lead me to believe this would be more suited to younger females rather than older. It's a very fresh clean light floral scent. Very pleasant as an everyday spray Notes: Top notes of tangerine, basil, redcurrant, vine peach and lazer aldehydes. Middle notes of jasmine, cyclamen, narcissus and hyacinth. Base notes of sandalwood, grey amber and musk. At the time of writing this review fragrance direct are selling 30ml for £2.99 + p&p Amazon are selling it for approximately £9

Tefal GC701D40 21/07/2014

A Tad More Than Your Average Toasted Sarnie Maker

Tefal GC701D40 This is yet another gift I purchased for my son to take to University with him to ensure he eats ok. By now he probably has a better equipped student crash pad, than most families have kitchens ! I bought this Optigrill initially because I thought my son would spend all day every day attending lectures, rushing home and study into the night surviving on a bag of crisps that's the only food he'd had time to eat but with this Optigrill taking pride of place in the shared kitchen, he could eat something nutritious and quick every day..... WRONG ! I really don't think it had ever been used until he bought it home during Easter telling me that he has no use for it so it was a gift for me. (Obviously forgetting that it was me that actually bought it !) Anyway, since having it at home I have made use of it several times, and for the first time ever, thanks to one of the 6 automatic program's on the Optigrill, I have managed to cook steak exactly how I want it. Medium rare and succulent full of flavour and juicy. It looked very professional with the griddle marks on it. The LED display shows you exactly what's going on within the Optigrill by showing different coloured lights for different grades of cooking. Yellow light = cooked rare Orange = cooked medium Red = well done As well as the colour changing the grill beeps at every stage so you know exactly where along in the cooking process you are. Obviously other foods can be cooked on it using one of the 6 program's. Most other ...

Issey Miyake L'eau D'issey Absolue Eau de Parfum 21/07/2014

Suductively Alluring Liquid Gold

Issey Miyake L'eau D'issey Absolue Eau de Parfum This is not a perfume that I had heard of up until recently, when my friends and I were getting dolled up for a girls night out, sharing a bottle of wine at my house and a friend had a bottle of this Absolue in her bag. I pinch a squirt of it as we went out of my front door and have loved it ever since. I haven't actually owned my own bottle as yet because it's quite pricey. I do pinch a squirt of my friends at every given opportunity though ! The Absolue Eau de Parfum was released in January 2013 as a limited edition perfume for that year which could explain the price tag being rather high. It was created by an apparently well know perfumer Olivier Cresp. PACKAGING The box is a gold colour tall oblong shape, with the label cleverly positioned on a corner, as if there has been a deliberate mistake which draws your eye to it rather than the box fade into the background. This makes it stand out from other 'ordinary' boxes that may be on the shelves around it in a shop. Inside the box is the bottle of perfume which really is beautiful and honest. Luxurious in itself. It's cone shaped with the larger end being the bottom of the bottle, tapering up to the almost pointed top, where a pretty fabulous gold coloured lid crowns the glass containing what looks like translucent liquid gold. Around the bottom of the bottle the name is written barely visible. FRAGRANCE NOTES Top notes. Freesia. Lotus Heart notes. Night blooming jasmine. Provençal honey. Tuberose Base notes. ...

Burton's Foods Burtons Daily Fish 'n' Chips 21/07/2014


Burton's Foods Burtons Daily Fish 'n' Chips When I first saw these beautiful, wondrous, salt and vinegar flavoured bags full of my childhood memories I seriously almost could not contain my excitement. Buttons Daily Fish 'n' Chips............ Where did you hide for all those years, never mind, you're back now and I have a feeling you will be staying this time. Yes I am a child from the 1980s, and aside from David Bowie poster shopping, back in around 1983, aged 13yrs old, my Saturday mornings were spent catching the bus to town, once there first stop Superdrug to buy my Burtons. Nowhere else sold them, only Superdrug. This was followed by a wander round the shops looking at stuff we couldn't really afford, druelling over the latest David Bowie stuff in Woolies. Always without fail calling back in Superdrug to stock up on enough Burtons to supposedly last the week, before finally getting the bus home and demolishing most of my weeks supply before I disembark !!! Yes seeing you again my little beauties was indeed an emotional moment !!!!!! They looked exactly like they had all those years ago, I just hoped the gods of Burtons or who ever had decided to take them away back in the day, hadn't messed with the flavour. Just like the 80s the packets were designed to look like newspaper, because back then the country was far more open minded and less 'health & safety' and real fish and chips from the local chippy used to get wrapped in real newspaper. So some clever person thought up the idea of wrapping pretend fish n ...

Should Parents Limit Their Kids Time Playing Video Games? 21/07/2014

My Game Geek Son Now At Uni Studying IT Technology

Should Parents Limit Their Kids Time Playing Video Games? When I saw that this was the topic for the current issue, I new I had to tell anyone who would be interested to know about my now 21yr son who is studying IT and computer game programming at Uni. Brief History. When I was 21 my husband of 18 months committed suicide, leaving me with a 3 yr old and a 6 month old baby and totally devastated. It is really hard for me to admit but I devoted all my time to my eldest child and more or less ignored the baby apart from basic care. This pattern continued on as my kids started to grow up. They were both well looked after, but the oldest had 90% of my time as I felt it was him that had lost his dad! the youngest hadn't been old enough to know his dad. Don't get me wrong I absolutely adored both of my kids, but felt rightly or wrongly, that my eldest needed me more. As the years rolled by, with all of my attention focused on my oldest child, my youngest one started playing games using a game system. I think the first system we had was Nintendo 64, then each time a new console came out we got that ect ect. My eldest child was more into bmx and competing, so needed me to take him here there and everywhere, whilst my youngest was happy sat in his room playing games on his own. When my eldest son went to comprehensive school he was constantly in trouble for ignoring everything the teachers said, not working, walking out of class, just generally being a pain. I spent so much time at the school trying to work with the teachers and get to ...

Transformers Age of Extinction (DVD) 20/07/2014

Not A Typical Rom Com !!!!!!!

Transformers Age of Extinction (DVD) Let me start by admitting that watching metal robots transform and fight is not really my cup of tea, but as a mum to a 13yr old boy who had done well in his end of term exams, I was willing to endure I mean try to enjoy the much looked forward to movie. So off we went to Cineworld in Swindon, paid their extortionate entry fees of £7.10 for myself an adult & £5.60 for my son, sat down and got comfy ready to watch. Apparently, this is film number 4 in the Transformers franchise. I haven't seen 1 2 or 3 so I don't know if they all link up and lead from one to the next. All I know I was watching a film and trying to keep an open mind and make all the right noises, ooohs and ahhhhs in the appropriate place ! As we sat with bated breath, my son tried to explain that in Transformers 3 Dark of The Moon there was an attack on Chicago by Transformers who had turned bad and he had read that this latest film was after that attack so there could be some revenge attacks. Well at least I think that's what he was trying to explain. He did say that there were all new actors in this film as some of the old ones had been killed off. Brilliant....... Revenge attacks........ Robots............ Autobots............. Decepticons .......supremacy on Planet Earth....... This was gonna be loud and feel twice as long as it actually is !!!!!!! It's starts....... Four years after the Chicago attack (Transformers 3) when many humans lost their lives but the Earth was saved, all ...

Davidoff The Game Eau de Toilette 19/07/2014

Fantastic man sized and man shaped bottle/poker chips

Davidoff The Game Eau de Toilette This is supposedly what a undeterred winner in life smells like........ MANLY MUSKY AND MYSTERIOUS !!!!! For a very reasonable price, I truly think it's worth turning the man in your life into a winner, or at least giving him the scent of one ! I would definitely say this is more of an evening fragrance as it is quite heavy, without being overpowering. Lasts very well, all evening on my dancing sweaty winning partner ! It smells rather more expensive than the actual price, and with it's winning attributes it's supposed to exude confidence in a James Bond on the rocks kinda way ! The man that dares to wear the game must be prepared to play the game of life and never fail.............GGGGRRRRRRRRRR !!!! Rather a lot of promise from a perfume for a male !!! ;-) The following have been taken from the Davidoff website : Top Notes: Gin and Juniper Berries Middle Notes: Iris and Precious Woods Base notes: Ebony Wood Although the official notes state that gin and juniper berries are involved, the fragrance does not smell like a night of cocktails !!! It really is a quite nice heavy woody 'I AM MAN HEAR ME ROAR!' Fragrance. The Bottle : I love this bottle. It is thick heavy glass tinted black but still transparent, made to resemble poker chips. The poker chips of a winner. If this bottle could talk it would simply growl a manly noise !!!! At the time of writing this review amazon are selling 60ml for £25 which is a bargain in my opinion as it smells far more ...

Lacoste Eau De Lacoste L.12.12 Bleu Eau de Toilette 19/07/2014

A Tad Polo Pretentious ?!!!!

Lacoste Eau De Lacoste L.12.12 Bleu Eau de Toilette Lacoste Eau De Lacoste L.12.12 is the latest range of men's smells from Lacoste obviously. It has been name the Lacoste Poloshirt In A Fragrance Collection, (laundered Poloshirt one would hope!) The whole collection consists of NOIR ROUGE VERT BLANC BLEU I want to talk about BLEU EAU DE TOILETTE. THE BOTTLE As the name should almost certainly give you a clue the bottle is blue and is supposed to somehow mimic the shape of a typical Lacoste Polo Shirt, which in a very loose basic way it does. This simple shape is made to look more expensive by the edging of texture around the outside edge up to the lid. All this comes in a simply stated blue box with LACOSTE written on it and a picture of the famous croc. The blue colour given to the packaging is a lovely aqua marine blue, which cleverly links the intended fragrance aquatic and fresh and to me active. THE FRAGRANCE This is where I come unstuck is describing the fragrance. I will write down what the Lacoste website states that the fragrance notes are, and follow it with my own personal description. TOP NOTE Pink grapefruit Crushed leaves Watery fruits HEART NOTE Clary sage Orange flower Pure air accord BASE NOTE Verviers Suede Cedar wood Georgywood To all of the perfume or aftershave consumer that know there onions will totally understand what the 'notes' are, but to me, I don't understand them (I do know they are the ingredients), I do however know what smells I appreciate. This aftershave or Eau de toilette is ...

Breville VTT343 18/07/2014

A Toaster That Toasts To Crunchy Perfection !

Breville VTT343 If there is such a thing as a sexy toaster, then it just has to be this Breville VTT343. It's black and stainless steel sleek and stylish design would be a welcome addition to most modern kitchens. It also possesses the clean lines and simple to use knobs which light up blue when in use. No messing around ! Due to it being such a powerful little thing, 1100 watts of toasting power, it's also very quick to brown your toast from barely warm to darkest dark. No more hanging around waiting 10 mins for your half done slice to pop up ready for you to run to work school or wherever. Another excellent quality is the ability to toast different widths of bread so no more stuck wedges that need squeezing out whilst throwing crumbs everywhere but trying not to electrocute yourself. It can also be set to defrost your slice before toasting, reheat it if it's popped up before you are ready to eat it. As if that's not enough you can also stop it half way through toasting !! As with most toasters this has a removable tray where the crumbs collect making it easier to empty, this tray is so easy to remove and empty, there is literally no mess. The little lever on the side of the toaster near to the control panel allows you to lever the toast high enough so that toast removal without burning the tips of your fingers is a guarantee. Another safety feature is the non slip feet which almost grips the worktop allowing no slid whatsoever. The electric cord length that is not needed can be ...
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