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The Foot Fist Way (DVD) 21/01/2009

Danny McBride is KING!

The Foot Fist Way (DVD) When I hear that Will Ferrell and Adam McKay have got their hands on something, it has my full attention. This movie is no exception. I love Danny McBride, and you can thank the Foot Fist Way for bringing him to us. Although there are really no "stars" in here, each member of the cast completely hold their own. The Movie: Danny McBride plays an over the top Tai Kwan Do instructor. It basically just plays through his everyday, but his delivery of the lines is what sells it. Mary Jane Bostic plays his adulterous wife, Suzie Simmons. The chemistry between them isn't incredible, but their scenes always prove to be hilarious. Also check the special features for a alternate ending. If you're looking for a movie that is funny without warning, then The Foot Fist Way is gonna be right up your alley. ...

Grand Theft Parsons (DVD) 21/01/2009

Must have for Gram Parsons fans

Grand Theft Parsons (DVD) If you are in any way a fan of Gram Parsons, this movie is a must-see. Although it isn't 100% factual, it is based on a story that's outcome is something you would see in a movie. Story: Gram Parsons was the most promising and influential artist of the late 60's and early 70's; playing in such bands as The International Submarine Band, Flying Burrito Brothers, and the Byrds. Although a great musician, like many, he was an avid drug user. He and his friends would go to the Joshua Tree Monument and have parties and participate in drug use. So naturally, that's where he told his friend Phil Kaufman he wanted his ashes scattered. This is where the movie picks up. With Johnny Knoxville playing Phil Kaufman, the movie depicts the events that supposedly took place after Parson's death. My Thoughts: It is truly a funny movie, as long as you know that it is BASED off of a true story. And this true story has been told and told and glamorized into a legend. I'm a huge fan of Parsons, and could watch this movie over and over again. Very funny. If you're not a Gram Parsons fan, you will still enjoy this movie. I would suggest renting it though instead of purchasing it. ...

The Wrestler (DVD) 21/01/2009

Rourke is back, and better than ever!

The Wrestler (DVD) Talk about being blindsided! I was really iffy about this movie; it wasn't on my "top to watch" list. Then one evening I got bored and watched it. INCREDIBLE! That's they only word I can't find to sum it up. It is pure drama. The Wrestler takes you into the life of a once great athlete, and shows you what happens when the corporations are done with him. From a botched family life to health problems; this movie has it all. Mickey Rourke shows that he still has what it takes, even with a long hiatus. I was worried that he wouldn't be able to pull it off, but the Barfly star absolutely nailed it. A super personal movie for him and it shows. I will make sure to watch anything he does in the future! ...
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