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Robin. Mixed martial arts and combat sports enthusiast. Love music and reading. I play guitar. Thats about it really.

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The Golden Fleece, York 01/11/2013

The golden fleece- welcoming, while still managing to be creepy!

The Golden Fleece, York The Golden Fleece pub, allegedly one of the most haunted pubs in Britain, and certainly one of the oldest. It was featured on Living TV's "Most haunted" and while that certainly isn't the greatest endorsement in the world, the Golden Fleece did not disappoint. After pre booking a room over the Halloween period, I arrived at the establishment not sure what to expect. My first impressions were excellent, the pub was cramped and relatively dark and while this doesn't sound appealing, I can assure you, that its perfect! After being shown to our room, (St Catherine's room) and told a few scary stories to build the atmosphere, we were given a key to the front door, which resembled something out of Bram Stokers Dracula, and were left to it. While nothing overtly paranormal or ghostly happened during my stay, the overall atmosphere more than made up for this, twisted wooden beams and uneven floors making you feel as if you really were living in the 1600s, while the bar offered a great selection of reasonably priced drinks, perfect to calm anyone who is easily spooked out! Despite this, I feel that the food was something of a let down, not tasting like you would expect it to from such a place. But the atmosphere more than made up for this. A beautifully spooky visit, definitely one for budding ghost hunters and history buffs.

Ultimate Fighting Championship - The Ultimate Fighter (Digi Pack) (DVD) 30/10/2013

Ultimate fighter 1. Important to MMA, but not flawless

Ultimate Fighting Championship - The Ultimate Fighter (Digi Pack) (DVD) The Ultimate fighter is a reality TV show where contestants must live in a house, compete in challenges and fight each other, with their ultimate goal being a six-figure contract in the UFC, the largest and most famous mixed martial arts promotion in the world. This season consisted of 16 fighters, all in the light heavyweight and middleweigh divisions, and in terms of the talent pool, remains one of the most stacked seasons of the Ultimate fighter. In fact, most of the fighters on this season are still active in the UFC today, from Forrest Griffin to Diego "Nightmare" Sanchez, there is sure to be some familiar faces. Being the first series however, I feel that there are some teething troubles. For example, in the initial stages of the competition, fighters are eliminated based on whether their team won that weeks "team challenge" and who their coach (either Randy Couture or Chuck Liddell) deemed had performed the poorest that week. In my opinion, this is somewhat unfair, as a number of fighters on the show did get to showcase their abilities in the octagon and it seemed as if their time may have been cut prematurely short. Despite this, it is generally enjoyable viewing, watching the stresses of intense training is inspirational for any Mixed martial arts hopeful, and the tension and rivalry between Chris Leben and Josh Koshcheck makes for interesting viewing. Although I feel that this may not be as strong as some of the later series, the overally quality is excellent, ...

Smiths - Smiths (The) 28/10/2013

The Smiths- British music that simply can't be bettered.

Smiths - Smiths (The) Track listing #one "Reel around the fountain" #two "You've got everything now" #three "Miserable lie" #four "Pretty girls make graves" #five "The hand that rocks the cradle" #six "Still ill" #seven "Hand in glove" #eight "What difference does it make?" #nine "I dont owe you anything" #ten "Suffer little children" For me this album simply sums up every angst filled young man and woman living in the dreary north of England. Morrissey's insightful, tragic, and somehow brilliantly funny lyrics perfectly accompanied by the twang of Johnny Marr's unmistakeable guitar sound make for a simply blissful musical experience. For me, it would be hard to pick standout tracks in an album of this calibre. However, "What difference does it make?" with its driving and catchy guitar riff and lyrics that are all to easy to relate to would have to be one of them. Also worth noting is "Suffer little children" which takes the most tragic of subjects, and manages to paint a beautiful picture that stirs and raises emotions, a bleak sonic landscape. Quality listening for any true music fan. ...

Everlast Leather Boxing Gloves 28/10/2013

Everlast boxing gloves, classic brand, doesn't disappoint!

Everlast Leather Boxing Gloves Whether you're a fan of Mike Tyson, or Ricky Hatton these sleek leather boxing gloves will cater to your needs in the local boxing gym. As an avid martial arts fan and former boxer myself, I am very selective about the equipment I use, and am always sceptical of reasonably priced goods. These were a pleasant surprise. These gloves offer a snug and comfortable fit around the hand, giving protection to both the knuckles and helping to protect the wrist from the all too common strains it can suffer while boxing! Whether you're hitting the speed ball or the heavy bag, these will suit your needs! The one drawback in my opinion, is that due to their light weight, they do not offer suitable sparring protection, and would probably leave your partners wanting you to wear thicker gloves!
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